Yaser Birjas – Wednesday Halaqa 2013 05 01

Yaser Birjas
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100 a lot of galantamine, so de la Salaam Baraka novena Mohammed parlor earlier Sabha cinema, the cinema theater Monica. Do you guys remember the the Hajj journey you've been to maybe once or twice or 10 times, I don't know how many times you've been to Hajj. But I'm sure every time you've been there, you had some experiences that would make it just like an outstanding experience. Can anyone share with us their experience with hedge? If you remember something if something you'd like to remember from your HUD journey, besides the bad service that you got from the travel agency, something something that outstanding what would it be? Anyone wants to show with a Sunday

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the site of Aqaba, the moment you get there, the cyber Kava specifically at the first time it was your first time going for Hajj or Umrah that site by itself is different is an amazing thing. What else?

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What else do you guys remember from the hedges? Are onra

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Touch touching the Blackstone? Did you do that? How was it for so thrilling right? Going through the waves of people just to get there? How long do you think that it's gonna be impossible mission. But Allah bless you and you are able to do that. It's an amazing thing. What is so sad as many people they go to HUD frequently, they will remember many times, but then they never remember or they never actually they never get to keep these memories they don't really taste or savor the sweetness of that experience. I remember one time I was

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in general had season was the end the size of the minimum or Germanotta minimum. So I was walking there, suddenly someone stops me a group of people group or they stop me guys Mashallah. They're all they looked into limitary is perhaps maybe close to the late 30s. So they stopped me and they asked me a simple question said chef said chef chef said yeah, they go, tell us where should we start from mean you don't have you know, in minute when you go in for a museum or art. You have to do the three the three pillars. The first one, the medium, and then the the major one. So Ron was done Cobra. So they said Which way should we start from this one first? The other one first. And then I told them

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no, you start from the from the minor one. What is the first one over here all the way to the end? So one of them told them they said you see I told you guys and then he turned to me and he said to me said chef, I have been to Hajj eight times already eight times. However every time I'll come back I still forget where to start from

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hitter was joke he was he thought it was funny really. Which was funny for them. They laughed at it for me almost cried.

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said you come to hedge every year eight times already. You still cannot even put together words to start from would come to Rama Jamaat What is your mind when you do your Hajj? What does that exactly mean? It means the Hajj for many people became just this mechanical journey you come you want to finish as quick as possible with least expensive as possible, with less effort possible and just get away with that. That's what they want. When I first went there for my first hedge, I remember my first hedge coming to Medina as a student over there. So Marshall, one of the students, students, one of the senior students, he said, Guys, wait with me, I'll take you Charlotte, Allah with me. For

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us. It's a free ride Bismillah we'll do that. But little we know that the man unfortunately would be delaying us so much that we had to leave at the end of Yom Yom teruah, which is the eighth day of Hajj, the first day of Hajj, basically. So we waited all the way until the end of the day. And then when we drove from Medina to Mecca, it takes about five hours just to get to the border of Mecca, and then you leave your car by the time you get in there just basically it's a long, long journey. So we finished our ombre right before before surgery of arafa. And then we went to do the monastic he was supposed to be our guide, and everything was designed to do is cutting corners, which means

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let's do the shortcut here. Now you don't have to do this. This is not legit. This is not fun. You don't have to do this, you can skip that you can and then we finish the hedge in the least time possible. And it was about time to live. So for us first time. Hi, Jennifer, when we are about to leave, that's it. So we're done. He goes to our handler, we're done. And I'm gonna have a level of code What happened? You don't even taste the hedge at all. So remember that when we talk to chef Shanklin dolla dolla, he gave us this advice about unfortunately, how many people when it comes to hedge they try to let the people do you know, this kind of short, take shortcuts and try to cut

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corners with the monastic so that you could do it again with least effort and least time and instead imagine had valid instead of doing it with a son, and with excellence that you savor the sweetness of every single month ago Vanessa could have no they want them to do it as quick as possible. Get over with it and just go back home. That was the last time I went to this brother. And since then we've been going to 100 100

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on our own and even we walk the monastic from out of town was Delhi film was delivered to me in a minute even all the way to Mecca, just walking with the people and enjoy a better one, one month at a time. So when it comes to hygiene, it's very important crucial that instead of just looking at the least effort possible to perform over there, you need to do you need to think of the perfect way of doing it. I'm not I'm not even asked you to put extra effort or to put yourself to torture or to fatigue when you perform the better know what you need to do is when you do it, you do it with the sun and with perfection. Tonight inshallah Lodi will be talking about a throttle hedge. palmolive

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Rahim Allah Allah who the author says guitar with *. Well as Rory he will follow either he will either be one with Allah. This is the book or the chapter on al Hajj, the secrets of Al Hajj, the virtues of the Hajj and the etiquettes and so on. But embodiment oral hygiene Yep, Dabba Toba Tierra del Madonna. In preparation for Hajj when you want to go to Hajj, you should start by repentant to Allah subhanho wa Taala what are the medallion meaning you give back the hope of the event? So he mentioned two things you Toba repentance and that is help localize the region that you see is forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada by observing the hook the rights of Allah upon you, seeking

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you know, pardon and forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal and then radula Madonna, you also observe the rights of the people. Roger Madonna means to pay back your debts, not necessarily financial debts. Also the moral debts if you had any problem with anyone if you have any debt, you owe someone a favor or an apology or anything like that, that you should pay it back before you go to hedge colocado. Dune and you pay all your financial debts well enough about the liquidity mental Jamuna FOCA, Dr. Rajan, and you prepare the sustenance for those whom you're responsible for until you come back. Back in the days when people will want people they want to go to Hajj, sometimes it will be

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one way ticket, they go they never come back. And even sometimes they go they never even reach there. They die on the way imagine people they used to go from from modern day Spain, which is an endless when they go to Hajj. It takes them an entire year to go back and forth an entire year to go back and forth today, Mashallah. A few hours and you're in Jeddah. It's luxury today. So that's why he says you have to prepare sustenance enough for the people that you leave behind. You're responsible for your family, your children, your parents, anybody that you're responsible financially for you need to leave with them enough wealth and money that they that keeps them

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surviving throughout the entire journey. It's not like you save your money for your hedge and then when you leave you see I leave you with a loss so that alone will take care of you No, that's not fair. That's not fair. That's not not appropriate at all. By the way I'll do my endoluminal if there are any Amana any trust in your hand you need to give it back to the people before they depart a new leaf was this heavy metal metal Hello my key here is a heavy what would you even talk to you was those which means you take with you accompany with you in your hand metal metal halide from the halaal provision halaal was and money Merrick fee the hobby or jewelry enough to take you hedge and

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bring you back safe home. So your money should be to take you there and bring you back again mineralia top tier without being too stingy meaning you're not gonna be holding your money so much that you will at some point, you will feel that you're gonna need to beg the people when you're staying in Mecca, Allah Virginia Makino Houma will toss off is that enough sustenance that will make it easy for you to have enough sustenance on the road that you buy and you enjoy the journey. What if they will Pokhara and also you would have even enough an excess worth that you shared with the poor.

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So you have enough for herself and also to share with the poor con was does have miles miles lipo kashiwagi, well, Mr. Vollmer, it will make holla he says when you leave, take with you what you need to fix yourself basically for your grooming. And I mentioned specifically specifically as to what like

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basically taking your vote for the general hygiene in general, whether it's your mouth, mouthwash,

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toothbrush and everything that you need for that, while most and also taking a calm wolmar are freely to carry with you and bra which is basically the mirror will make hella anything like that used for beautification or this for basically a color for them is to teach your eyes and that means whatever you need to maintain a good hygiene throughout the entire journey. Remember, some of them they would go one or two months on the road on the desert, so they need to clean themselves. Today again and hamdulillah we don't have to suffer that much. Even if you go by bus, it will take you maybe a few days, from somewhere close to this

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area close to the Arabian Peninsula, US river in America, you fly 16 hours, maybe more or less to Jeddah and from there then you're already in Mecca. It's not a long journey. So these things, if you need them, carry them with you. If you don't, you can buy them from there. But you need to maintain yourself very well. Paula was Saddam Hussein kubla halogen says very good that you give charity before you leave charity so that you remind people of the good deeds, the last thing you do is good deed, and also hoping that this charity will protect you from Masada. So there's another the spiritual in terms of authenticity that are sadaqa given charity will protect people against the the

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pitfalls of the road, which means the problems that might happen on the road. So give some charity called our electoral failure, a little Hammadi column, I read an email a woman calling work with you. And if you're going to be hiring anybody, which means when you hire a travel agent, or when you hire a car or a taxi or a bus, then you need to show them exactly how much you will carry everything that you're carrying with you.

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You know, sometimes when you travel somewhere, and people they ask you basically and you tell them that I want to carry this much with me. But we have an assumption of how much that would be like a bag or a small, let's say something that you hold in your hand. But when they bring it when they bring it to you. It's so huge. It's too much. And therefore he says it's fair that you show the people how much exactly you're going to be carrying. You don't hide anything and you don't stop things that makes it actually too heavy. Holly Walker, Colorado, Nevada he brings an example how a llama used to be so careful even to disclose everything that they're going to be carrying with them.

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While Colorado lived in Mubarak. A man told me Mubarak Rahim Allah Allah, humanely. Howdy Roca illa funa. Can you please carry this letter for me give it to volunteer and muck around the road somewhere on the road to just carry a letter. It was just a simple letter of character to someone with the jacket locker. So basically, the Imam told him to him Hello dada dada had dental hangman. He said basically, wait until I asked the carrier means the one even though you can see that this is not going to add any weight right? You could just stop it in your in your in your cloud and you're done with that. But that just did juara the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala even to that extent,

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that Listen, I don't want to take any extra thing with me without letting the man know what I'm carrying with me when I go to Hajj or Umrah, coddle him Allah, Allah, wa embellies belly and the ultimate sort of feel can slowly hand my husband in high domain analogy. If you're going to be traveling on that journey, the way you care for what to take what you take with you in terms of food and sustenance. You also need to care for the company that's going to be going with you. The ultimate sort of fear consolidation, look for a good companion who's righteous my husband and hire someone who loves her so much moraine and Allah will assist you achieving the good things during the

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Hajj in NASA, that girl, if you forget he will remind you when that Khurana and if you remember he will assist with en la casa through sub Bara and when things get extremely extremely difficult, he will assist you to become patient. He will help you to become more persevere in patience. This is the type of company you need to look for when you travel for Hajj. I know many people when they come with comes to Hajj they asked me says which travel agency should I go with? I said I don't know about travel agencies but what really matters the most is who's going with you.

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You can be going with the with the cheapest travel agency, but the company is the most righteous. You could go with the most luxurious five, seven stars even if possible. Seven Stars you know travel agency to go with hedge but the company there is so spoiled that they will they will ruin your experience when it comes to hedge. So it's very crucial that when you go there you care you care for the company that will be going with you even Allah subhana wa tada speaking about Hajj, what it says upon was Allah Carla what is overdue, you need to look for sustenance. And then he said we're finding

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a taqwa. And the best sustenance you carry with you is righteousness. And that's exactly the same thing. That would you look for agencies and for people to travel with. Look for those who are righteous, this is the best criteria for the best travel agency. So if they have Mashallah students of knowledge, if they have people who are really into the Hajj experience more than just going for this as religious tourism. It's not just religious tourism. It's actually it's indeed a life changing experience. When you go there with that intention, you will enjoy the most part of him Allah will you metal roof aka la masala home coloca. The company is every group should should assign

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an immediate for themselves. Let's see when you go when you go together, you're going to be living in one room. They will assign a group for you in that room. For instance, if you are six people, seven people 10 people it doesn't matter how many, at least you should assign someone to become like the amount of the

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Or the group? What's the purpose of that? He said first of all you look for the one who has a son whom coloca The one who is best in manners, the one who is best in manners. What one will us have and the one who will be would be best in dealings with the communist companions mean someone who's very nice gentle serving the people. We're in we're in lemme TJ, let me Why do we need an Emil for these groups? They are not.

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Because people they have different opinions for Tata Motors. And because of these different opinions, they will never agree on anything. They will never maintain their affairs properly. While me if you happen to be the amidah was assigned for this group. She's either immediate or Republican. You should be nice and gentle with your companions. One another if you masala him, and you look after their their needs, not your need, there needs. One year Jelena who will call it alarm you make yourself shelter, protection from anything that might happen to them during that journey called William Bell masahito table column. for you as a traveler what you should be looking for today he

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will call on you look for the best speech. Allah subhanho wa Taala says about the Hajaj fell out of the water for suka. What have you done with Hajj there should be no Fatah Allah for suka Raja level hydrolysis, which is the best explicit speech, like what happens between a husband and wife for instance, what are for suka means cussing, the words and all this stuff and so on. While I didn't know argumentation during the Hajj, so as a traveler, you should have the good speech and it starts from the time when you start preparing for Hajj. Many people that think that they need to do need to keep their mouth busy, basically and clean from this kind of conversation when they go there. And

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they put Madhava Sora so here at the airport that said they go from Chicago airport to from New York, for example. They they are going to get extremely, extremely frustrated start yelling and screaming and fighting and and because why we're still doing go, we're not on the road yet. Well, once you have the intention, you already started your journey. Not necessarily physically, but at least you made the intention you already right now on our journey on that journey for Hajj. So watch what you say, Carla, William by the massage retrieval column, so you watch what you say you make it beautiful what you say, well, Tom, you also need to, to feed the people. You know, in this culture,

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it's hardly people that shared food together, right? But in some other cultures, they share even the same sandwich. Yeah, even even here in this culture. If you want to share a sandwich, what do you do? You you basically do it from the bottom. And then some cultures No, the same sandwich goes around people they bite from the same spot is not hygenic. But for them, they want to share the higher together. The point is the man says Rahim Allah, if you have food, and you're going to be opening a bag of food for example, when everybody else is watching, make sure to share. And you if you're the person who's gonna be taken from that bag, take it easy on them.

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Many they open the bag out of generosity, don't be so mean to them and grab everything that is in there. And then eventually end up with nothing. melora reward them for being generous. That doesn't mean to be mean to them. So you'd be considerate as well for the people for people's generosity.

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Well, hello, my husband and one of your duties as a traveler is to show the best of luck and the best manners fall for in a Sephora you have the Joker File button. Because a surfer journey when you go on a journey and travel you're the hero Have you heard Joker File button it exposes the hidden secrets. That's what it means. And by the way, that's why in the Arabic language, a journey or travel is called what suffer in the Arabic language they say Soumya suffered who suffer on the N who used to unmad in a rigid travel or journey was called suffer because it exposes the the genuine any qualities and characteristics of people and that's why in the morning when that when the sun when

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the sun about about rise becomes so bright. What do we call this in the Arabic language? And it's far basically it's when the sun exposes everything in the light of the sun exposes everything and even when a woman basically takes her hijab of the Arabic language called word as to fool because it's exposing basically any what was supposed to be covered. So a suffer also called suffer a travel called suffer because it discloses this hidden secrets of the people. You would see people around you you will deal with them on daily basis, but you would never know their genuine qualities until you travel with them.

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That's when you realize how genuine they are color him hola woman Kenneth is suffering lady who are Madonna to Dodger he has an alcoholic Corona Phil heathery as an indica, he said because when you see

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Someone on a journey. And he is he treats people with best manners. Because we know that when you're traveling and yes Remember, we talked about the way of traveling on camels and the desert when it's hot, and there are so many dangers on the road. So people they get so bored they travel for a very all day and they barely just past few miles. For them it's long, long journey it's really boring. So just basically people they just lose patience sometimes. He said if someone on such conditions like these still maintain patient and they always maintain good luck and good manners, he said Rahim Allah Allahu taala. For inner who for in who cannot will have a photocopy this person in residency

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will have will definitely have best better as love even if they maintain good manners on the journey. They will definitely maintain better manners when the resident and when they're around you. So he says Rahim Allah, Allah be that person. When you go on a journey, people are going to see the reality of who that person is. So better show the people the best of luck and your manners. Follow him Hello, Donna. Welcome. And they said

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and he said to him Hola, hola, de la vaca.

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Either Athena either Athena Alhaji Mohammed ohada or avacado suffer Fela Shu cofece Allah. He said Rahim Allah, if you hear the people praising someone, if you hear people praising someone, while Lutz in residency, and also he's also being praised on a journey means both people who dealt with him, they praise this person, him or her. Paula ferrata, show Kofi Salah, I have no doubt that this person is righteous.

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So if you got the testimony, the good testimony of people who are traveling with you and people living with you, that means this is a good sign of righteousness. And so basically when you travel with people, you're showing the genuine manners and Allah caramba who knew what the alpha who was one of them who came in, you should always bid farewell for those whom you live in behind. While we sat at home, you asked them to make draft for your safety on the road, whereas Raja hobo craniotomies this is something specific for them they used to recommend for people to travel early Thursday. So live Thursday, early in the morning, while you're still a lot female, will you suddenly

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feel Manzini hirakata in your cabin regimen and you also pray to rock at home before you leave? So the last thing you do is wash bin the last panel was was Allahu Allah and he basically like you put your money and your your family as a minor in that in that locality. Basically, you tell the people to take care of your family in your absence. Was that a middle aged Rita well as Carl Murata and the horrible human misery Remember to recite that car the prescribed car on a journey traveled on a journey when you leave home when you feel some dangers in the road. Will futile cool be here one azula when you ride when you come down here Matura terrifica theory middelkoop humanistic Alhaji you

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can find him You can find them. He says in the book that in books that speaks about rites of passage, work at Alico Jamia monastic. You also remember the car and the drama that you need to mention. And for all the rites of passage, whether it's from what our remit was say, while cofeb Alpha when you stand for alpha, why did Allah come in, etc, yet if you have in my document of God, so everything related to hatch, remember to resize these drawers and of course when Adam and etickets were kulu Delica mostofa equitable filco at half lunak if you want to return these things, just go to the go back to the books of here he now moves on to the secrets and the etiquettes of a

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headcollar first loan, Phil, will Barton it will be one shot at lateral hedge. This is now a chapter on the actual secrets of a hedge actual secrets of a hedge lm and the hula will suit it Allah subhanho wa Taala beloved God will inherently liquidmetal you cannot reach the loss of Hannah horchata Unless Unless he says God will ensure it doesn't matter unless you free yourself completely to servitude subhana wa tada completely. No Association whatsoever no other intention should be there other than serving Allah and Allah Allah. Many people when they go to Hajj they go with multiple intentions. There is nothing wrong with that. But the more the more you purify your

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intentions for Hajj, the more beneficial that you

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You will be come to you and you will be for you. Since then you will not reach Allah subhanho wa Taala purely unless you free your intentions and yourself completely from anything, but the surface service utilization. So when you're going for Hajj, why exactly are you going for Hajj? Are you going just to do the obligation that Allah has made upon you? Is that your intention? Are you going there because you want to respond to the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala to go and worship him there. Are you going to Hajj because you've never been to Mecca? You want to go and see Mecca? Or are you going there? Because you want to worship Allah Subhana Allah da, are you going to go to

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Makkah because you're going to go and enjoy the shopping spree that many people talk about when they go to Mecca? Or are you going for whatever other intention so the more pure the intention, the pure intention, the better it is, the more you will enjoy that experience. But if you associate with that intention, other things even had intentions, then that would lessen the sweetness to you. Seven, the sweetness of that of that journey called wakad kind of boundary and fairy Luna filthy, barely tolerable in civil law. You know, monks, they used to go and live in mountains, not necessarily Muslims, even non Muslims, when they want to go on worship, what do they do? They go and they take

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these serve their service in solitude, and seclusion. They even they spot I've seen some some examples like an a Buddhist monks, in some of these very high and lofty summits in the mountains. We cannot even reach them. There are no stairs to their caves, they have to dangle them with ropes,

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so that they make sure there is no escape. It's like they imprisoned themselves deliberately, for the sake of their worship. He says some people they do that, hoping that they will have this beautiful connection and spiritual experience with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Ravani illuma but Allah subhana wa tada made Hajj, the example for us. Instead of going into mountains like Liza, you cut yourself off completely. Instead, you go for hedge, but when you go to hedge you'd be going with millions of people. But still in your heart, you're alone and only alone because you're the last panel metallic you can we you can you can be intermingled with these waves of people, but you will still live with a loss of power and only with a large surgeon. And we have seen people like that, you know you traveled with that group, but they always on their own. Some people they like to socialize and hedge. So what they do they just spend hours and hours having tea

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and coffee and talking and some people have alarmist and I've seen with some people playing cards

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will lie for people playing cards and hedge.

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Yeah, and somehow they drove on they flew and they paid all this money to come to this experience, only to kill their time just playing cards. It was so shameful. Other people that sit down socializing around hookah, shisha, but here is saying that this is your this is your opportunity to be in seclusion with Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, physically you might be surrounded by millions and 1000s of people, but inside your heart, you will realize though that and only with Allah subhanho wa Taala con feminine Adam and with Cora, some of these etiquettes that we should be should we should observe an akuna hollein * him into gelatin, Tasha Luca algo de Federico Hama, that you free

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yourself when you go to Hajj from any trade or any business that might kind of divide your heart between doing your Eva and caring for other people. So you have so many people to go to Hajj and they have intentions with them, they can carry stuff to sell things to buy, they want to go shopping, they want to make deals and so on. Again, it's not haram to have these intentions when you go to Hajj. But it will definitely lessen the experience and the sweetness of that experience. Call him Allah. For the HTML Allah Allah tala. You have to gather yourself and your heart only to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. One year Guna Ashoka now he's being specific etiquettes he said you should

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expose yourself to become a shatta Alba which means you become disheveled. The hair is not calm. Whatever means dusty, rotten, not tidy, you don't look tidy. When you travel around mystic Philomena, Xena, it's not the time to dress the best and put the best perfume that you have. Now keep in mind as well, that they travel on camels. And they walk all the all day and all night in the desert. So eventually the different they're going to have to look like that for you. Now, if you're going to be flying for 16 hours or 13 or 16 hours, it doesn't mean that it's deliberately don't take a shower for a week before the travel. Of course not we don't say that. But if it happened if it

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happened when you went in your home that you were exposed to some of these difficulties. He recommends that you don't go and take a shower right away. Why

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That's specifically when you're instead of Trump, specifically, when you are instead of Trump, they take the dollar amount they promote this, based on the our last panel data when speaking about the Hajaj at the end of their journey, he says, Somalia omalu neuron. Leo trefethen means that let them let them end, a tougher award. A tougher theme is basically when you become dusty and become any dirty and sweaty and so on. This is the end of that. Now you're going to take a shower, dress up and go and makeup off around the Kaaba that's basically on the day, when people they finish their stay in an alpha, and they come to and they come to Mecca. So he says, that's when you need to take a

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shower, clean yourself and so on. Because the last panel that he wants to see you in such a condition, humble condition for the sake of realizing that condition will make everybody equal before the last surgeon, you know, when you hedge specifically after a lot of people walk, you cannot tell who's rich and who's poor. Because then you can who's not, you can tell that because they're all dusty. They're all tired or exhausted, they're all sleepy, they're all hungry, they all just want to walk and so on. So you cannot differentiate between these people. today because we have the luxury of buses and cars and cabs and so on, people can make these shortcuts. So instead of

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traveling the under foot or maybe take hours to get there, they can make it in half an hour. And so pilots it's easy thing. Again, that doesn't mean to expose yourself to the fitna when you're hudge but if you had to go through some difficulties, you need to be patient. And remember that you're doing this for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala call him Allah. William Billy penyet agenda ruku. Well, Molly iluminado. Now which is better, this is the this is statement he says you should avoid you should avoid any taken arise. Basically, you should avoid riding while on your journey in between the monastic from Mecca to alpha Thomas elephants on should avoid riding as much as you can,

00:31:59 --> 00:32:09

unless you have an excuse. Come unless them sequela zamyla such as someone who cannot sit down on the back of a camel for in Namibia. Salalah Salam hijjah, Allah Helton was

00:32:10 --> 00:32:48

the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he took that journey for Hajj. And he wasn't he did not use a luxurious and he settled solar system underneath him when he was writing on his camera. So it was kind of a rough ride for a sort of law, he sort of thought the law was around money. But the question that I asked at this point is which is better for you? Is it better to ride if you can, or to walk that is better for you? So what do you guys think? If you want to travel from America, the day is over right now, it's sunset, so you need to march all the way to Missouri for right now. So when you go from Delphi, you're talking about almost 2 million people in an instant, they all want

00:32:48 --> 00:32:59

to go there. That's going to take a while before we get there, whether you're writing or even you're walking. So which is more virtuous in terms of reward, riding, or walking too much telephone.

00:33:01 --> 00:33:02

Walking, why would you say that?

00:33:04 --> 00:33:15

What have you walk and you become extremely, extremely tired and exhausted, that you could not even think you could not even remember, like, all what you're thinking about as well. I want to go to sleep.

00:33:17 --> 00:33:23

So in this case, you lost the data, right? All what's in your mind right now is just getting to that destination.

00:33:24 --> 00:33:27

So what do you say riding for walking?

00:33:30 --> 00:33:32

Right and walking. But

00:33:33 --> 00:33:34

ladies, what do you think which is better for you?

00:33:36 --> 00:33:37

How it depends.

00:33:44 --> 00:34:16

So depends on you. It depends on you. If you're strong, if you're healthy, and you have 100 the capacity and the ability to walk, they said and better for you to walk. That's according to the statement of the amount of Mr. loudhailer. But if you are not in the best condition. And most likely, most likely, if you're going to walk, you're going to get extremely tired, exhausted, maybe hungry, or even get lost perhaps on the way you don't know your way there too much data. If you get afraid to to suffer one of these then better for you to write

00:34:17 --> 00:34:55

even Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam when he was making the law for the father Salatu law he was allamani when he was making the law he was actually writing on his camera. And also the law has said Allah said as he was making his tail off, he didn't go at some point when you make an offer that as he was leaving, he didn't go straight to a hydrant so to the Blackstone to touch it to this hand Salalah or to Kishan actually he had his his staff with him in his hand and as he approaches that huddle, so he sometimes would touch it with the with the staff. Then he kissed that staff and then moves on without off and why he did Why did he do that for to make it easy on the people. So that he

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

would tell the people do you have the option if you can do this, do it. If you cannot

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

Then you can walk. And it doesn't mean that walking there it would become more virtuous. Again, it depends on your circumstances. If you can handle walking, then do it. But if you cannot better for you to sit down in a more comfortable ride, and just make your liquor focus in Nevada, that would be much better for you than walking and then completely lose your energy and you will not be able to make it for the next day. Remember that so it's not about walking or riding as much as what is better for the river than shallow data when you're there during the Hajj. Follow him Allah, Allah He said in the last Raja Lacan in the prophets of Assam said, in Allah azza wa jal, you bet he will

00:35:38 --> 00:36:01

have al Monica that Allah subhanho wa Taala will show the angels these servants will show off about these in the servants to the angels. For anybody look at my servants. I Tony shorter than obrah they can disheveled dusty men couldn't live gentlemen, they came from all walks of life and all paths on this earth. Music came from all over the globe.

00:36:02 --> 00:36:13

And in Canada for too long last panel will tell the angels up my witnesses that I have forgiven them their sense. I forgive them their sense. That's the last final for another novena Jamia

00:36:15 --> 00:36:16

Allah Allah.

00:36:17 --> 00:36:24

Allah subhana wa tada made this house, Allah azza wa jal made this house which is the Kaaba men that are the means.

00:36:25 --> 00:37:12

Give it a very high status. Among the for the for the people for the believers. Wakata facility manager at the big insert of demand Alice's panatela Jana LaHood, capital beta, Rama dm and the nurse. So Allah made this house and cupboard elevated hot on the sacred house alarm at the sacred house. So lots of panels that elevated the status of this house, Karla Obama and Allah give this place Tallinn which means people don't need to glorify this house. Why not Saba who Moxon Nevada, and Allah assigned this house mark to the Nevada he it's a destination for her servants to come for the journey and also the face when they make the Salah wa Jalla. how Allah who haram Allah and he

00:37:12 --> 00:37:33

made the surrounding territories like sanctuary, because it has specific rules and laws. If you remember one time when we talked about the Hajj and the Haram around the Kaaba means you're not allowed to cut the trees. You're not allowed to kill the animals there. You're not allowed to do many things. So there are specific etiquette that needs to be observed in the area surrounding Kaaba in Mecca.

00:37:34 --> 00:38:01

What are the militia and he was Jonathan Karl Madani allatheena and he said he made alpha, just like my dad is like the quarter surrounding acaba. So Kava is the center. And out of it, it's a distant place from from from from the center of Mecca. So just like Santa, it's like the entire quarter end where people they gather surrounding this house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then he said then what alum and equally What?

00:38:03 --> 00:38:05

killer to a doctor, wherever

00:38:06 --> 00:38:45

there is a reminder in every single aspect of Hajj every single practice of the practices of Hajj for those who would like to remember and get that munition femen Dallek and you mentioned now quickly, another decorator realizzati Zara. Remember when you go and you start searching for food and sustenance and money to take with you remember to remember that these that you will carry with you to the alpha. What is the provision that you'll take them with you to the hereafter minimal amount for your good deeds? Well, yeah, Heather and takuna Madhu Fassett amenorrhea it was Summa ferratas hula tonfa. Make sure that you did that you carry with you the provision you carry with you

00:38:45 --> 00:39:12

to the Hereafter is not ruin. It's not contaminated with showing off and just bragging about what you do because when when you take these things with you, they won't benefit you. And they give an example. Cut the arm roughly below the F sudo feola. Managers suffer when they used to travel I want you to imagine you have a long journey for almost two months let's say to get to Mecca. What type of food do you think these people will be carrying with them? What type of food you think they will be cutting

00:39:13 --> 00:39:50

dried food they will be carrying dried food. Imagine people when they travel they take with them vegetables, how long would it last them on the road? nothing for them but what lost nothing, maybe one or two days and the rest of it was what would the heat and when you stuffed it in bags and you kept with you it's not going to last long. If you take with you fresh dates, next day will be ruined. That's it. So they had to carry with them the hardest and some that dry that last long. He mentioned he said you're a man you're good these that are contaminated with real wood showing off and bragging about them and so on just like this food that would not last long with you. So you have

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

to carry with you the deeds that will will stay along with you on the journey. And on the side notes follow just on the side note any one of the interesting things is that Zubaydah

00:40:00 --> 00:40:11

She's was the mother of the whole affair of Dunlop bus and that that when she used to take a journey from that dad all the way to Mecca, she she was at some point at some point

00:40:12 --> 00:40:54

she wanted to bring water to the people of Mecca for the Hajaj so they built an amazing amazing and water system cannot system that that carries the water from outside Mecca all the way to the city. Until today, the remains of this of this water fountain young and water canal still exist in Mecca, they still called Enza VEDA, it's outside the outskirts in that area. And the water is carried through this specific system that goes through the gravity all the way to the city of Mecca. So that the mother of the whole effort like saying like the mother Queenie of the whole affair, when she used to travel from Baghdad all the way to Mecca, she would carry with her fresh, fresh cuisine.

00:40:55 --> 00:41:02

How's that? How do you think they will do that? She would always take with her fresh vegetables and fresh herbs and all that stuff. You know how

00:41:04 --> 00:41:44

they will have specific camels, specific camels carrying with them. These containers that will carry basically on import, planting all these kind of vegetables, like lettuce for example or parsley and and whatever it is that needs to fix the food, fresh food, she will be carrying, they will be carrying that for her on the road to Mecca. Now that was a seven star journey or traveling any ticket no one had that today, it's for us we laugh at it because we are really serious, you're going to do this. for them. That was the most luxurious experience that on our own on a long journey like this, you will still carry with you fresh food doesn't have to be dry food. And again remember from

00:41:44 --> 00:42:15

that mica, it will take them many weeks to get so definitely for a woman who was used to luxury life in in the palace, it would be very hard journey so that to make it easy and simple for her. So today as we go to Hajj Villa we live we live here and the journeys we take experiences much more luxurious than the kings of those times. Then the whole of our of that time. And we are just like royalties when you go to Hajj these days. Still when people are served food, not to their taste. They complain.

00:42:17 --> 00:42:28

And they just whenever you ask about the Hajj like I remember one time I asked a group of people when they came back from Hajj Subhana. Allah, the moment I said, so how was your hedge? This is terrible.

00:42:30 --> 00:42:43

And the moment I heard the word terrible, I realize what they mean by that. So tell me about the food. Immediately they start complaining about the food about accommodation about this about that. I said it seems that you didn't you did not see the cover, but it was done.

00:42:44 --> 00:43:03

And he was stunned by that question. I said some halala when your mind and your heart gets busy with these things, it will distort and blur the image of the cover and the beauty of this of the journey. He said he thought about it simply because you know what? I think you're right, Susan generally to get to enjoy the experience.

00:43:04 --> 00:43:24

And eventually he vowed to go hard again and he did it many years, a few years after that. But the point is some people some people when they think about this journey, side things not the essence of the journey itself. It just blurs the image of of Hajj and the experiences of Don't ruin your experience because of these side things called Rahim Allah.

00:43:25 --> 00:43:45

Baraka wattana, Who woulda coulda, woulda, coulda, shoulda, Turkey, la Cava, Kirby Delica Hello, gentlemen, adonia when you leave your home, and you start going through the hardships of Hajj, even at the airport, when you go there, you find yours, you think yourself, you're the first person to be there, only to find a long line in front of you.

00:43:46 --> 00:44:27

And you'd be standing there for hours waiting for your turn. And then those people come on the side because they paid higher. They have martial law, special treatment, they don't stand in lines, they go straight to the counter. And people start basically throwing these fits and angers why and this, the yelling and fighting and again they start ruining their hedge experience even before they step into on the airplane or even into Mecca. So keep keep that in your mind that when you go to hedge, it starts from the moment you make that intention your preparation for head starts there. So keep that the intention shallow pure until you come back home being the law surgeon says this should be

00:44:27 --> 00:44:35

it should remind you about the difficulties you will be suffering when you die you live this world and immediate loss of Hannah Montana Ella McCarthy Amati wondering

00:44:36 --> 00:44:59

if these things are difficult to imagine when you meet your lots of panel data, the difficulties that we have to go through before we get into agenda salon and agenda. And he mentioned after that woman Danica Pena Dr. Khurana remember the time when you you put your arm on what the Gerudo human fear but you take off your clothes, and you put these two simple pieces for men and women

00:45:00 --> 00:45:41

clothes for women as one remember that too This is reminds you what the Kevin reminds you with the Kevin Can America no the shroud we will shout you put you into the grave. One was elkaar bahala z in Makati de la dunya says you know when you meet your Lord, regardless how how fancy clothes you put on how expensive the suit that you put on when you go to work, when you stand before Allah subhana wa Tada, you will be wearing nothing. So you're going to be looking differently before the last surgeon. And that's the meaning of it. When you live when you go to Hajj set about how you dress, it's actually about how you prepare yourself spiritually for that journey. So you remove all the all

00:45:41 --> 00:45:48

the signs that makes you different from others. You're all equal before the last panel and that is the essence of wedding whatever sort of from

00:45:50 --> 00:46:33

failure started with LBT Jabba Allahu taala when you sell a baker lahoma Bay in the service, oh my lord, then remember that you're saying this because a law called upon you to come whereas in finance he will hedge and proclaim the hedge among the people. While your Judo qaboun always hope for acceptance well yada yada and also you need to see that this will be rejected work Adela Kayla was a there was a little harem, young buddy and your jewel m&m alcova that when you arrive to the harem, they're in Mecca. What do you hear? What do you need to have in your mind? Is you hoping that Allah subhana wa Taala will protect you from from the punishment and from the torment from the other just

00:46:33 --> 00:46:38

like you seeking now shelter with Allah subhanaw taala they're reminding yourself when you stand before the last panel,

00:46:40 --> 00:47:00

I would like to be protected in with you. So when when Yeshua Allah, Cora, and you always feel that you will not be among those who will be closest to the last panel data, or among those who are not going to be benefiting from the data from the current means from the good data that you bring with you. Lyra Anatolian belly an akuna Raja

00:47:01 --> 00:47:46

but when you stand before Allah subhana wa Tada. always remind yourself with being hopeful, then be regretful hopeful because you hope that allows the panel to forgive you. Still you remember what you've done but always have hope in a loss forgiveness, the NL Karana I mean generosity there. It's abundant. Huck was a marine and the right of the visitor the right of the guest is protected Alice pinata will maintain that will take care of that for you will demand will Mr. de la de and the protection the protection of the asylum basically of the refugee in this case will not be will not be wasted. Allah subhana wa tada will give them asylum and give them protection. He then moves on to

00:47:46 --> 00:48:14

speak about the beauty of an atom when you see it first time and then he speak also about cyber and so forth Mandala era and then your visit Medina he will be talking about this in shallow water khattala but this will be our discussion next week in shallow as soon as we move on speaking about that beautiful experience and then we will share some stories from the Salah hain and how they enjoy the Riba when they made their Hajj and their journey to Allah subhanho wa Taala what Allahu taala any questions, Emma?

00:48:22 --> 00:48:22


00:48:31 --> 00:48:48

the question is about the amount of himolla Tara says I was talking about mental model halali may agree that when you live too hard you have to carry with you to handle the world that is from a huddle source basically, the question is, what does that exactly mean? The remedy explained that in detail and books have

00:48:50 --> 00:49:24

meaning in terms of fifth perspective, let's say if a person works in a in a company that is that that deals with halal and haram that means your income might not 100% be pure, right? So shall I go to Hajj? Or do I need to wait four more years to purify my wealth in a certain you know, certain way certain business to generate halal fun and then go out to the hedge will say no, just go ahead, you will still be accepted. Hard, you will be accepted in terms of obligation. But in terms of reward and the essence of that journey, that's a different story.

00:49:25 --> 00:49:40

And if someone even takes her on and in order mestalla who Hello? possible, Martha, Martha. If someone steals money, only to go to Hajj. The intention is good, but the source of wealth is wrong. Right? Would that have to be accepted?

00:49:41 --> 00:49:59

And the remedy arguing the point I know that for us it says are you serious? Someone's gonna still go to Hajj. Why not some people might do that. Maybe they don't think that they're stealing. But the act they've done, you know, to get that money was some sort of, you know, contract stealing. So the hedge the hedge itself will be will be an invalid

00:50:00 --> 00:50:06

But in terms of COBOL, and in terms of any reward that's what Allah Subhana harmattan Voila.

00:50:08 --> 00:50:09


00:50:15 --> 00:50:18

When you go to Hajj, should you carry with you cash or credit card?

00:50:23 --> 00:50:24


00:50:27 --> 00:50:32

what could cause work or their agenda? You know, the best thing you can do with your golden coins? Yeah.

00:50:34 --> 00:51:12

No, of course not. It's like, don't worry about when we talk about desert and I'm talking about makers like there's not it's not desert anymore. Actually. maccha unfortunately, right now, it's just like, it's a tourist area. Really. When you go there, you step out of the harem. It's all malls and shopping malls and the bank branches and restaurants and people they go to Mecca, some people they go to Mecca just for the experience. And you see that you really you see that on Facebook, usually on Instagram right now. People they go to her just to take pictures and post them on Facebook. Or I'm doing talk right now. Or I'm doing ramen jamara right now. It looks awesome. The

00:51:12 --> 00:51:49

view from here is unbelievable and so on. Yeah, he just focused on rural Nevada. I know you're in Mecca. 100 Mela bliss is like Alaska, just focus in Nevada at this moment at this time, so don't worry about that the money will be okay inshallah. Whatever you carry with you, it's fine. Now, I don't recommend that you go to too much capital. And don't carry cash. If you can take any tourist checks with you where you can cash them there. It's better for you than taking so much cash that might you might lose it. Because even though the Hajj is a is an opportunity for spiritual journey, unfortunately, there are so many people that go there for the money for that opportunity to learn

00:51:49 --> 00:52:01

and to make money off of a judge whether by cheating on somebody like organized really organized crimes. They go on they steal the hijab, so be careful. Milan Yes.

00:52:16 --> 00:52:47

So the question is if you want to have 100 the first time so you got the credit for the hatch handler was pure was nice was only for Hajj. Can I go right now this time for Hajj I go for Hajj and for fun at the same time. I want to go for Hajj and do shopping. I want to go for Hajj I want to see that big clock tower that they built in Mecca. I want to take a picture with that thing, which unfortunately really just ruined the sight of the Kaaba with the nanny people right now instead of looking at the campus in Mashallah they look at the tower and they go Wow, that's awesome.

00:52:48 --> 00:53:33

Well, I it's so sad along with Stan and I remember even that that the the big tower, I forgot the what they call it the cardinal project abroad or something like that. When they build these, these towers next to the home, it was the highest building on that area. And people they were saying, Wow, this is unbelievably so high. Now that builder if you look at the picture compared to this, this huge building, and that was and casting so much shadow on the Kaaba ruins the beautiful scenery of the home. Now you have this huge and a monstrous building, which really looks out of place. Unfortunately, it really looks out of place that just took the beauty of the harm over their metal

00:53:33 --> 00:54:11

as part of forgive them for that. And for their good intentions. May Allah reward him for that. But it really really just ruined the atmosphere for so many people who would go there to enjoy the blessings of being on the cover. So if you want to go next time for Hajj with other intention again, inshallah Tada. There is nothing wrong with that even Allah subhanho wa Taala speaking about the seasons out of parallel data, laser laser, laser comm Jonathan and Rebecca, he says on arafa, laser alikum Jonah uninterruptable for the amount of income there is no harm, there is no harm on you there is not there is no sin, on you. Tap that will follow mirrabooka when you seek the blessings

00:54:11 --> 00:54:28

from Allah Subhana Allah that the blessings here meaning the money, then trade and business, and then he said VEDA for tomorrow, and then when you're done for moto fun, you move on to modelica then do so and so. So he began by reminding people it's helpful to go there with the intention of trading and doing business. There's nothing wrong with that.

00:54:30 --> 00:54:33

But just like we said, the more and the the more.

00:54:35 --> 00:54:59

The intention is purely solely for the last panel what are the more rewarding the experience will be now? Well ah Kershaw next week, but in the last version, we will be continuing a throttle hedge shalonda and mentioned a few stories from the sort of side of him Allah and how they themselves benefited from that particular beautiful journey. Also, I would like to remind all of you and show that this coming Friday, meaning the day after tomorrow,

00:55:00 --> 00:55:19

In the last village and between Europe and Asia, we will have in our fundraising dinner here at the masjid so I'd like to invite each and every one of you and including the brothers and sisters who are watching. You can join us inshallah for the fundraising gala as well again between Naga Venetia, this coming Friday May 3 in sha Allah, Allah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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