The History Of Muslims Belief In Allah S Names And Attributes Part 2

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We now come to the era of 150 after Asia to 234 after Hitler, now in this time between 150 to 234 phase four main sex survive at this time, right they were the coverage, then the Shia then instead of the other year, the Korea were destroyed as we know the only criteria were destroyed and they became absorbed into a new set called the martyrs ILA that was set up by wassup na, who was a student of Alaska bus fleet. So the Marcus Isla replaced the potter here. And then of course, the merger continued. So in this era, between 150 to 234, there was no more to Kataria, but the other three continued at the pottery was absorbed into the market as he left. So the four sets that

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continued into this time, the four main ones was the Hawaii bridge, the Shia, the mortar Zilla and the Moto G. So what actually happened is that the she took on the views of the anthropomorphism of attributes of a man and the testator took on the statements of the poverty against other and a part of the belief of the Japanese regarding Allah attributes, whilst the jaipuria were a people who, who said that everything is forced upon us, which was the stage statement of, of Jacqueline Durham, the jury entered into the morcha and other sets. So I know this is a bit confusing, I'm going really quickly about this. But really, it's just you know, I'm trying to cram hours of lecture Harris

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theology, of course, inherits geology into this a single hour, so please be patient with me inshallah, let me go a little bit more inshallah. So in the year 150 200, to 234 octahedral was a time in which one main sect became prominent, but one main deviant set became prominent other than under Allison nojima, which was this main Debian prominent set. This was the Martha's in the Tesla where a group that were the philosophers, the fukuhara philosophers, we call them the four core philosophers because they were a group of scholars that became deviant by delving into Greek philosophy. So they went head headfirst into Greek philosophy. They translated the books of

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Aristotle and Plato, and they consider them to be the great teacher. Many of them became disbelievers until they even some of them even said that our solar system was a liar. Such as such such as the extreme philosophers like even Sina abbyson, as we know, was a disbeliever. On the other hand, for example, others amongst them did not go to the extent of saying the solar system was a liar, but they said, statements which are tantamount to disbelief. So some of the statements of the martyrs letter they said was that they said that the Quran was created, some of them said, that the ability of Allah subhana wa Taala, for example, the abilities were allowed to create, to sustain, to

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cherish to nourish, to forgive, to have mercy, etc, all of this will come to an end, right? So when it comes to an end, that no one nothing in this dunya and existence will have the ability, and this is based upon the Aristotle, Aristotle, Italian philosophy, that

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that everything will come to an end, anything that had a beginning must have an end. According to them, the abilities of Allah subhanho wa Taala must have an end as well. And this is from the deviance of the Mattila that they took from the deviance of the philosophers. They also rejected the mirror the miracles of the prophets. So they said that no, it's not possible for there to be any miracles. And so they they disbelief in all the miracles or sola, sola and all the miracles and such as a splitting of the morn or have the stones that the praise Rasulullah says sell them or the food that praise our solar system, or the Baraka in the hands of the solar in the sweat of the solar

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system, all of these things that is believed, also that is believed in other right, they took on the belief of Kataria and remember we said that we were annexed into democracy let the other day believes. And so therefore they were Korea in their matters of Eman in the matters of other so they believe that there is nothing called but also they were at they used to say that Allah is the one who pushes the first domino and once the first domino is pushed that everything happens on its own. So they resemble all the actions that are happening around the world like the domino effect, right and the only one who push the first domino is Allah so once he is the one push the first domino that

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everything is taking on its own and this is the Martha's in there also, of course, we're we're influenced by the Hawaii bridge in their belief. So the martela were a group that said that Allah subhanho wa Taala, that when I'm sorry, when someone commits a major sin, He is neither a believer nor a disbeliever. But he is from a position in between, in between, but he is in the hereafter from those people who are destroyed, who is a disbeliever in hereafter. These were the the morphisms Now we know that the martyrs Allah, they convinced one of the believers at that time, the halifa of

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of the Muslim Ummah,

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at that time by the name of mamoun, who ruled from the year 198, after Hitler to the year 218, after Hitler for about 20 years, he ruled he convinced my mom to make the belief of the martyrs in the main beliefs across the Muslim Empire. So what my mom did is that He punished the Muslim scholars, he tested them, he killed some of them, he He punished others, he imprisoned others. And so in this era between 150 after his right to 234, after his trip, was a time of tremendous trials and tribulations upon the Muslim Ummah, upon after the tsunami, and very few scholars were able to maintain their position of their composure, and from them amongst them was the humble Ramallah, who

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was then thereafter known as the listener. Why was he known that because he remained steadfast, even despite all the arguments of democracy against him. Of course, after after my mom passed away, then

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then the other later, Felipe has also carried on the disbelief until the year 234. In which year, the the halifa, that to court at that time will have the Rila abolished the statements of democracy that did not agree with them or Tesla and will have good luck with that. The sooner Jamal regained the prominence and the Tesla were forever destroyed after that, the remnants must have stayed, but then they were totally, they were heavily destroyed, they heavily hurt after that point. And they and they simply did not arise as a strong force after that. But in this time, between 150 after Hitler up until 234, after hatred, the martyrs continued on publishing lots of books, lots of stuff

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in the School of Sierra and others, they publish a lot of stuff. And this is why the Islamic inheritance that we have today, there's a lot of books out there that are still upon the deviant beliefs of democracy.

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So, we come now to the, to the second last stage, if not the last stage, and this is from the year 234, after Hydra, and to 324 after he left, right, which is towards the end of the 400 years that I said, that I would speak about so 234 after Hydra, until the year 324, after Hydra, in this year, two main personalities arose, right, two main personalities, right, who are these two main personalities? Well, one was up to lead the site in color of the love the size and color, who gave rise to a group known as the Columbia. So Abdullah the second color, he was a man who negated any intentional action and attribute of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he said, anything which Allah is

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already known for, our love will ask you to withdraw who will love it. For example, He is the first the last, the ever loving the ever living the existence, etc. These attributes that he associated and he gave to Allah Zoltan, but then what he said was anything that is new, anything that happens, but Allah will all of these attributes cannot be associated to Allah azza wa jal because they are new. And because he said that to say that these attributes belong to Allah would be resembling him to Allah to creation. And as a result of this indicated, all the all the sefa esperia of Allah subhanho wa Taala, or all the intentional action that attributes Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, this

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man, Abdullah, the size of the Khaled influenced another scholar of Tesla by the name of Abu Hassan Ali, and another scholar, Abu Hassan he was, was sharing it, and he was particularly in Africa. And and he and he and he influenced.

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He was influenced by Eben colabs views. Later on, Abdullah, Abu Hassan actually left the views of the martyrs Allah and went against the views of the Mattila and two points of views of the lab. So he became really the calabi acleda. Then thereafter, the third level that I will have some actually took was that he left the views the Tesla which was his first level first stage of first stage in his life. The second stage, he took the views of a lot, and then he left that as well. And then lastly, he came upon that Peter have a maladaptive personality. So I will have some actually recovered.

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from him, the multiple ashari is attributed to because his views thereafter became known as the views of the of the genre, really the views of the shadow away from this from stage number two, which were the views of the color. So in reality, that's the genre the challenges that exist in our time these days are actually the beliefs that have been pulled up. So we will in sha Allah, when Allah gives me time and ability, I will discuss in the future in detail about the views a bit cooler.

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And how these are the precise views of, of the genre and the genre, therefore to count the views in love and they are really the lobbies, rather than rather than the actual things because at the end of the day, I would have to actually write Mullah before he passed away. He said that I leave all of this and I take on the views of Rahim Allah, and this is well known in his book which is published from

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Allah, Alibaba. And in his book, of course, he went against all his previous views that he used to say. So therefore the shioda cannot be attributed trouble, especially really it is.

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The other personality that came on in this time was a name but that was a man by the name of Mohammed. Mohammed bin Khurram al Sistani, Mohammed bin Carmel city study, and he gave rise to a group known as a karamea. He was a group he was a person that said that Allah subhanho wa Taala has a physical body. So he used to attribute to Allah subhanho wa Taala physical body. And then he also used to say that Allah subhana wa Taala becomes the door of an action after he does it not before. So before he before Allah speaks, he cannot be said that he is a speaker, or before he comes, cannot be he cannot be said he's the one that comes. Before he goes, he cannot be said that he's the one

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that goes but only after he does so. In the same way. Therefore, he reason why he did. And based on all of this, of course, it necessitates that, that that he believed that Quran is created in the same way we'll have the Abdullah decided the globe his view also necessitates that the Quran is created as well, which is something which the oma has complete agreement against it. But brothers and sisters Islam as you can see, it's a bit complex. But however, it's extremely interesting to learn about the history of the sex and how they arose and the deviance that came about in the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his attributes, and I hope that inshallah you will take the time to

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learn with me about this, inshallah, it is extremely interesting. And once you study it and learn about it, you're very clear, but all the different groups that came about now, I want to end this webinar by mentioning to you some of the some of the reasons why people went to

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why the different sects became deviant, regarding Allah subhanaw taala, his names and attributes, right? Why did they go? Why did they become deviant? Regarding? Regarding appeal? Well, first of all, the first problem was extremism. And this is, of course, the same problem that we find these days. When, when, when, when people want to blow themselves up, and they want to cause vigilante violence. This is the level of extremism that we are finding, but this level of extremism existed in our oma during that time, so we can see the extremes of the shear the way to extremes and loving it. And so they said what they said about early coverage went to the extremes and hating it. rhodiola

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No, and they did what they did, and they killed muslimeen. And they, they they

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they sacrifice their faith in order to sacrifice the lives of Muslim men in order to live up to their faith, the deviant faith and all of this because extremism, one of them extremely loving somebody, the other one extremely hating somebody, whereas the sooner Rasulullah saw Salah, he said an authentic Howdy. He said when you love someone that love someone to add to a level, and when you hate someone that hates someone to a level, for indeed there may be there may come a time when you have reason to dislike him and there may come a time when you have reason to love him. Meaning that when you hate someone, then don't hate him with your heart and your soul and your guts. And everyone

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you know, someone says I hate that man, I really hate him. No, don't hate him that much hate him to a level. And when you love someone that loves him to a level as well, because it may be the one day you will find a cause to not have that much love. And one day you may find a cost to not have that much hate as well. So this is the middle part of the profit. Some taught us not the level of extremism, like that of the whole adage. The second reason was that they refuted a bidder with another bidder. Did you notice how they refuted an innovation with another innovation like it? So for example, when the coverage came up, and they said that anyone who does a major sin is a

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disbeliever, what did the mortgagee do they went the opposite? They said no, anyone who doesn't seem it will never ever hurt them, it will never hurt them doesn't matter was a major sin or a minor sin. In fact, they even went to the level of say any action has no effect on demand. So therefore according to them, according to them, the level of Eman of me and you and that rosewood as a seller and that have have the biggest sinner and that of the that have around and shaitana all the same. So this is the Moto G and different levels of the Moto G of course existed and they were the ones who refuted the bid out of Hawaii to their own innovation. Then the Marta, Xena, we find the Martin

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Zilla also refuted the innovation of the average, which is to say that anyone who does a major is seen as a disbeliever and the bidder of the merger which is to say that action is not part of the man by saying no, we are going to take the middle path. What did this

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They said that we're going to take the middle path don't use Islam as a religion, the middle path. So we're going to take a religion a middle path. So what did they say? We're gonna say anyone who doesn't make a sin is neither a believer nor a disbeliever is a position between the two. What a ridiculous statement when oma has never ever heard of something like this ever. So, whereas what is the Islamic position on this Islamic position is that someone who does a sin is a sinner until he repents, and Allah forgives him, someone who has a major sin as a major sinner until you repent and the story, okay, it is neither disbelief neither neither at the level of disbelief that the word say

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nor is it to a level of the topology of the let's say they doesn't affect the human at all. Another example is of worship those who resemble Allah to creation, they refuted the beta of the of the hundreds of one who negated attributes from Allah, they went to the opposite. What did they do? They said that no, all of unless attributes are like our attributes. So we establish every attribute from and when Allah says he has a hand, that means his hand is like our head. So they were the mashup they have they were the anthropomorphise. And they went to the other extreme. And then look at the example of the Japanese, the Japanese, were a group that went against the podria when the cordonnier

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said that there is no other the Japanese went to the opposite. They said no, everything is back copper, everything's wet other everything, there is no free will at all. So can you see how the refuel nepeta with another beta? The third way, in which the reason why they people deviated in Akita was because of external influences external people have you noticed how the Hsiao for example, where where were deviated because of a man, a Jewish man who wanted to destroy Islam, and he came into into into Islam and, and failed Islam. And then he went and destroyed Islam by claiming it to be a prophet of God. That is a delivery server the same way. Same thing about Kataria. They also

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took their deviances from a man by the name of Sosa who took it from from lavida NASA, who was the magician that ultimately that that had actually tried to do black magic or pseudo SSL. So all of these deviances were well not the full thing. So this shows therefore that the external influences the external personalities had a big influence in the oma The fourth thing. Reason why these people are different and deviated, was because they use Apple over Apple over knuckle means what meaning that they use their intellect and they put the intellect which can change your time. Today, you feel something is right tomorrow, you don't feel that thing is right. Today, you are less wise tomorrow,

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you might be more wise, today, you are 30 years old, you think something is good. At that same thing. 40 years later, when you're 4010 years later may not seem as good as it does to you now, even though your uncle and your intelligence and in logic can change over time. These people used to give prominence to their uncle at the logic and the sense over nothing over that which is not an instant. So because of this, they also went to extremes. And this was another example of the deviance. And the fifth example and the fifth reason why people deviated from that PETA of other sunol jamaa was because of Greek philosophy, right? Because of Greek philosophy in large numbers, the books of the

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Greeks were being translated into Arabic. And people felt this inferiority complex in the height of the excellence of the Greek philosophy, they felt intellectually starved, and as a result, they thrive, they rushed into it and they engulf it all at the age at all at the start of thinking and talking with it, until they left the Quran and Sunnah which was too simple for them, which was too

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basic for them. And they delve into Greek philosophy until it ate their minds and ate their intelligence and corrupted their thinking. And this is precisely what happened with the Mata Zilla that went into deviances because of their extreme extreme looking into two week philosophy, my brothers, my sisters,

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for listening to this webinar, and I'm sure that you will realize that after all of this and all these deviances with Allah subhanho wa Taala preserve you and me Alhamdulillah How beautiful is a part of Allison, so novel Gemma, those who hold an incident that do not leave it those who love the Quran and Sunnah and follow it, those who simply resigned themselves to the intelligence of the of Allah subhanho wa Taala and data Rasulullah says Allah is truly the right way. And we're not saying that you don't have to use your mind. But truly the right mind is the mind that that agrees with the court and the sooner the wrong mind is the mind the discipline. And if we cannot make ourselves

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understand something about Islam, then we must wait and be patient and we must try, I will must struggle and ask Allah azza wa jal it is not where we have to reject something of the dean simply because our our human intellect cannot comprehend. Let us be of those people who say submit our apana to those who say, Oh Allah, we believe and we obey. We're saying this

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Regarding a matter of the unseen, which is the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala It is a matter of the unseen and this is why we cannot use a logic regarding it because the unseen world is something which we cannot logically understand or comprehend. However, like for example, can you comprehend the soul? You have a soul inside your body, but you cannot even comprehend the soul? Can you comprehend the shaitan flowing in your blood? You cannot comprehend that if you cannot comprehend these matters of the unseen What about the matters of Allah as these attributes and his other and Eman? How would you be able to comprehend all of these sort of things Indeed, the true

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guidance is in is in following that of

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in resigning oneself to the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala database messenger So, my brothers, my sisters Islam, I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to to to benefit you all and preserve you all from all of these deviances inshallah tada I will be in the law be carrying on more of this discussion. In my course on the on the King of kings, I hope that we added a lot of luggage to the opera tunity to attend it, where I will go into lots of detail regarding our last names and attributes regarding the history of deviance in Akita, regarding Muslim belief in updata, regarding golden principles of last names, attributes regarding each of Alice's attributes, and its evidences, and the statements

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that people say about them and how they are wrong. And it's about also a long look at how to build our event by by thinking about last names, attributes, the reason why we're talking about all of these deviances is so that we know to stay away from that not that we may just simply learn that rather, a person cannot know life until he knows darkness, he cannot auto hate entrepreneurship. And this is why we cannot truly know what is the appeal of others nojima regarding our last names and attributes, until we also know what is the deviance that happened regarding all Muslims attributes in the course inshallah I'll take them in far greater detail. I hope that you're all able to attend

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with the lab. And for all my brothers and sisters who are listening in on the webinar. Allah subhanho wa Taala preserve you all I hope a lot gives me the wealth and the health and the time, we are able to visit you all very soon in your cities to teach you this beautiful knowledge which Allah subhanho wa Taala has most graciously shared with me. I wish my teachers have taught me that last panel with Allah preserve you all until I see you all in the course or at another event near you all. I hope that you find more opportunities to gain this knowledge. Until then Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh