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What did you want to be one of them and make sure that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala put you among those selected people, very special people of the Quran as we call them. Adam Qurani Wakasa as the prophets as I mentioned, the special group of people that Allah Subhan has chosen for the preservation of the Quran and the mentors of the book of Allah azza wa jal mela Mecca some of them have been Ilm. And so what do I do with the Quran? A few things I recommend number one, memorize the Quran. Men from cover to cover

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and I know as I'm saying this right now here on the hook but I'm looking at some people's faces just like what you're talking about. Maybe you're talking about the guy behind me a member in front of you next to me. Why not you? Why not you? The other day a father came to me Masha Allah may Allah bless him bless all our parents are Bill Alameen says My child is about to become mashallah four years old and five years old. And they want their child to become harmful is what is the best way to do to start work on making my child have I said are you have on yourself?

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Because no, but I said Well start with yourself.

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But it's gonna take a while for us exactly. By the time your child at the age where they recognize, they see the culture of the Quran was established at home, you and your wife, you have siblings, you've established a culture of the recitation of the Quran already, they see you busy with it.

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Because no matter how much you try, if your child doesn't see that you yourself engage with the Quran, why do I have to put effort in this no matter how much you try to convince your child that the Quran is important, you have to learn how to read you have to memorize it, but then ever seen the other man holder must have read the Quran or listened to the champions of the Quran at home if you don't see that, why would you tell won't even be engaged in this thing, you don't value it as much. So if you would like to have that then start from today. And Wallahi there is no early time or late to too late for me when it comes to the memorization of the Quran. So try to put your effort to

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memorize the Quran in your lifetime. If you couldn't, then at least as much as you can, as much as you can, you know, interesting thing I heard from one of the

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paella speakers talking about how COVID exposed all adults when it comes to how much they know of the Quran.

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Because when parents are leaving their family at home, their kids start saying to the to the parents that like that's the only sort of you know,

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you repeat the same thing for the past two years.

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So the least of it is you could really have some Quran when you lead community when you lead your family when you lead you know Subhanallah at least you have enough of the Quran. When it comes to memorization of the Quran, I want just at least make a commitment. Commitment. Every single year I have a new addition to my left of the Quran every single year. Whether it's a page, a surah, a juice, whatever there is make commitment that every single year I have memorized something new from the Quran.

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Don't let the next Ramadan come with the exact same amount of Quran that you have been reciting or reading or memorize for the past few years every single year have something additional insha Allah Allah and I hope by that commitment by the next Ramadan, you will surprise yourself. You can surprise yourself no matter what how old you are, how much you could either attend from the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters when it comes to the Quran, we've learned that from Hadith and the visa and the DA and the water we keep saying Allahu Allah Muhammad Johanna with a condom and Amanda Cena We ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah we say Allah I Limni men whom are Johanna

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help us learn what we don't know of it. What we have missed your Allah help us learn that we're the cameraman Hamada Sina and well we forgot your Allah we asked you to help us remember that return that back again. So make an effort that next Ramadan in sha Allah Anna I have added more to what I've memorized already. So in sha Allah, Allah start from today but Nila Yasuda number two, when it comes to how to deal with the Quran. Maybe he said, Look, I don't think I can do this every single day in terms of memorization. Maybe I can do once a week, once a month, put some effort in memorizing an ayah our Surah May Allah bless you. But then number two is you to have at least every

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single day tilava of the Quran, breathing, just reading how much it doesn't matter. Because Allah subhana wa has put Baraka in the recitation of the Quran in the letters, as the Prophet SAW submission, the Hadith when it comes to the reward for the sudden the Quran, Karla sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lockwood Alif Lam Meem have I won't say that, you know Alif Lam Meem is one letter no Elif is a letter lamb was a letter means a letter and for every letter you're gonna get 10 110 100 That's enough incentive Wallahi that's enough incentive because by the time you finish a page, Tabata Quran how much reward you've gained in one page in one Jews Subhanallah imagine doing that regularly,

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every single day. Read something from the Quran, and specifically for our young brothers and sisters, those who have a very busy life, whether in school or profession,

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Your life whatever that is. It is extremely important to have connection with the Quran. A survey came few years back in regards to the Muslims who will go to school and college and and get busy with life and sign. What is the number one thing that held these people firm on the ground in terms of their Eman and their faith? And they said the most common thing they say one of the most common things they always had the two things. Number one they had a secret rabada something private they do between them and Allah subhana whatever no one knows about it, whether they give in charity given Dawa or wake up at night or fast Mondays and Thursday, something secretive between them and Allah

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subhanho wa Taala they do for everybody the act of worship. The second thing, which is the most common thing among all these young people they said was actually that they had a connection with the Quran on daily basis in different forms, reviewing listening, reading, in different forms, they always had a connection with the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. So my dear brothers and sisters, make sure that you put the Quran as part of your life, part of your life in terms of reciting it because even the prophets of Allah Salam was given the order to recite the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says God, in order to enable the robbery nobility Lydia Hara Maha he says Subhana wa sallahu

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wa sallam actually to the prophets of Allah Salah and says, in the moment I've been ordered, the professor is saying in here, an amateur bodybuilder to worship the Lord of the Stone which is Mecca, Allah Muhammad and he made sacred subhanaw taala what hopefully che Everything belongs to him Subhana wa Tada. Well over two and a quarter million Muslim in I've been given the order under command to submit myself to Allah subhanho wa Taala one at low on Quran and have been ordered to recite the Quran.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given the order to recite the Quran which was regularly

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then we need to do that

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on daily basis. No excuse hamdulillah right now you don't worry about holding the most half in your hand because you can have it in your pocket.

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Grab your phone out, you have many apps for the Quran, use them.

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Use them. You can have a connection with the Quran every single day. Insha Allah Baraka with Allah, what is the best time to recite the Quran Allah Allah they said there are different times after fajr you know, wherever it's convenient for you. But no doubt the best time to read the Quran is at night. At night, specifically before Fajr This is the best time if you would like to have that really profound connection with Allah subhana wa with the words of Allah azza wa jal, then dedicate some of those late night hours or minutes right before Fajr wake up half an hour before Fajr and dedicate that for the Quran. And see the change that will happen in your personal life. See tourism.

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We live in artificial lifestyle, staying up after a shower for a long time for two, three hours until past midnight. That's not natural.

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That's not natural, really.

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So therefore Everything is messed up for us. But imagine if you can read asleep early and wake up before Fajr so you can have an hour with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala this profound connection with the book of Allah as the origin and you might say well I'm not a you know, good reciter doesn't matter at what level you are. And how do you think the best of Allah Salah he said call Allah the Quran Quran Allah Who am I who don't be him I suffer the caramel Bharara the one who receives the Quran professionally. And so Marshall eloquently, Mustafa Al Kurama Barra they will be raised in the ranks of the angels and that sense Kavala, the Accra Khurana and the data of EU our

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Sharkoon ally and the one who decides and keep stumbling and you know and falling short from pronouncing it properly. is called the hula giran have two words, one for every letter and one for trying.

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So there is no there is no loss with come to the in the book of Allah subhanaw taala and trying out vanilla soda. The third thing if I couldn't memorize, if I didn't have this much, maybe acts of the Quran regularly reading it, then don't miss the opportunity to listen to the Quran. Listen to the Quran. This is one of the Ibadah that we're missing. Honestly, sometimes we'll use the Quran as a background in our you know, multitasking works at home. We do that and may Allah subhana accept that from a surah Bananaman but the best form of listen to the Quran is when you sit down purposely just to listen to the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala maybe I don't speak Arabic I don't understand

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Arabic Then while you're listening to it, if you know why listen to it, you can check the translation and see for yourself. You can see that on a video where the Arabic and English or our whatever language that comes out on the text, do that and reflect listen. You see, the Prophet saw some one time came to Abdullah Mr. Trudeau, the ultra nwaba For call the Quran Al Quran.

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He said your Salah

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you want me to recite for you when it was revealed to you called in new Hebrew and a smart home and really I love to hear it from someone else. So Abdullah has also decided from Surah Nisa, and the Prophet saw some was listening quietly. By the time he reached the I O Allah subhanaw taala says for K for a dynamic Kulu Murthy

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Be sure he was in Africa Allah Allah Shahida when Allah signs was sent to the Prophet Salah Salem so how will it be? Will we bring a witness from every faith community and bring your own Muhammad as a witness on these people against these people? Yours your people, the prophets of Assam told Abdullah Mossad Hassan has spoken enough

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so Abdullah has a look at the Prophet Salah Salem. Further I now have to define he was crying. So Allah Allah was crying

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crying from what the reminder

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when you just listen purposely try to understand and make make meaningful you know connection with the Quran Allah subhana wa Allah would soften your heart. May Allah soften our hearts are open for the Quran. But we need to make that effort to listen purposely for the Quran not just put it as a background when we visit do other things. Number four, my dear brothers and sisters, to learn the meaning of the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala not just listen but learn the meaning of the words of Allah azza wa jal ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says Kitab Anza. Now hola como Barak, this book will reveal to you it's a blessing book mobile for purpose, let them borrow it, so that they might

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reflect on the verses of the ayat when it does occur all above and those who have reason can reflect on it. So it's extremely important for us to really raise the level of our intellect when we leave the books of Allah subhana wa doors of Allah azza wa jal and Imam Imam Ben Judah Tabia Rahim Allah anima festal. He says call in Nila Agia Wilma Yatra al Khurana wala Mia and I'm Willa, can you further let the altar Dobby karate said I'm surprised how people expect that they will enjoy the sweetness of the Quran just by reciting it without knowing the meaning of it.

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So I need to learn whether to speak Arabic or not. You're going to have to learn the meaning of the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for those who understand the Arabic VTF See, those who don't read translation, get that connection with the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. And finally, when it comes to the Quran, and by the way, when it comes to learning the Quran, the words of the Quran, I'm not asking right now to understand you know, the whole Surah basically, if you can just remember the meaning of one word at a time for a commitment every day I want to I want to learn a new word from the Quran, or every few days one new word from the Quran. By next Ramadan and sha Allah Allah when

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you stand behind the imam for the tarawih you will surprise yourself how much you will enjoy what you're listening. Just make that commitment, one word from the Quran a day and write it down in your journal. So you can connect with it in sha Allah with a worker with a regular basis finally, to do and work upon the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's not sufficient that we memorize, we decide we listen, try to understand what's the purpose of all of us. The purpose of all of this is what was revealed four, to use it in your life to become your life. That's the meaning of the Quran as Allah subhana wa Tada when he spoke about the believers, he says God Valentina, I'm an OBE, those who

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believed in Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was zero, and they supported him one of sorrow and they gave him aid, whatever unknown and they follow that light that was given to him that was revealed to the Prophet Allah Allah the dilemma hula

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those are who are truly successful mela maker some of them are blind I mean, a colocado that was tough for Allah the mighty welcome. Well, sir, must have universal flow in order for all right.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa Salam o Baraka Unum Hamedan. While earlier Sahil seldom at the Sleeman Kathira mama bad about Allah my dear brothers and sisters, even if you couldn't do any of these things, even if you're not able to accomplish any of these things, whether you cannot memorize the Quran, read the Quran, listen to the Quran, teach it. Try to practice the Quran. The least you could do is you love the Quran, and the people of the Quran.

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If you just can plan that love for the Quran and your heart and love the people of the world of the Quran, I hope by the baraka of love in the Quran and the people the Quran, you will be associated with them on the Day of Judgment. As a prophet Salah Salem mentioned the Hadith, he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when a man came to him kala rasool Allah azza wa jal

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someone who was not so much so in work and good deeds, but love the righteous ones, you herbicides, well I'm I'm gonna be Eminem, I love the righteous man, the good people, but I can do what they do. And so some call original mama and everybody will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment with those whom they love.

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So if your love this for the Quran and the people of the Quran, I hope on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana wa Taala will bring you in the ranks of the people of the Quran, Allah Who Melinda and Fana when finally my alumna in Antalya Lima Hakeem Allahumma at info Sana Taqwa was Atlanta. Hiromasa calm and WM Hola Hola. Hola. In de la Malagueta Soluna Allenby, yo yo London Ambulance Allah Allah wa salam with a slimmer Allahumma salli wa Salam o baraka and of Unum Hamedan Juan earlier CIBJO Jemaine what are the LA who man hola Farah Russia you know we record Walmart

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mono alley one sort of sabotage mine around Debian vs dilemma Dean Welcome to Salah

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brothers forge