Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P24 245C Tafsir Al-Mumin 4-9

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Allah subhanaw taala says, mad not Yuja de Loup he disputes he does not dispute.

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In what fee I Atilla he concerning besides of Allah, the verses of Allah INLA except who Alladhina CAFO those who disbelieve, no one argues about the verses of Allah debates the verses of Allah, except for those who deny you JD from G doll, what does G dial mean? Dial is argument for the purpose of winning, meaning the entire goal over here is to defeat the other group in that discussion. So a person doesn't really care about what's right and what's wrong. The purpose is to win. This is G dial and g then fee I Atilla concerning the verses of Allah. What does this mean? debating the verses of Allah in order to deny them how that for example, one idea is brought to

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counter another idea. One idea is brought to show that it contradicts another idea.

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And what's the objective over here?

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To believe in the Quran to further understand the Quran? No to find faults in the Quran, to reject the Quran, it is to deny the Huck

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This is the objective in total CalFire 56 Allah says Were you ready to lead in a Kaffir ruble darkly? Li You the Hebrew Bill Huck, those who deny they argue they debate through falsehood. They do doodle build battle why lead Hebrew Bill Hawk in order to reject the truth? So my Yuja, the Luffy I Atilla he ill Alladhina Cafaro this behavior is of who those who deny meaning believers do not do this. What do Believers do? They submit? What do they say? They say? Munna Bhai kilometer in the Rabina they say we believe in it in all of it. All of this is from Allah. So even if it appears to me that one ayah apparently it goes against one another Ioss then there is a problem and my

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understanding not that there's a problem in the Quran because the Quran is from WHO? Allah Xizor alim. So now you daddy Luffy ayat Allah He Illa Allah Dena Cafaro phallus or not your Roca it deceive you young Rocha, rain rah rah, rah to deceive guru we have done all these words before so follow your Roca. Let it not deceive you what should not deceive you Dr. Lupo home their movement. They're going to and fro. Phil, beloved in the city's beloved is a pawn of ballot and what is Ballard mean? City? So Layyah Rocchetta Kaluga, whom Phil beloved, the elope of Lamba. The unknown is the constant.

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Turning about always from the same root, always the heart because does the heart stay the same? Does it? No way. It's amazing how within 30 minutes we will have you know those moments when we're feeling so emotional. And then after a few minutes, it's different, isn't it? One moment, we're falling asleep, we're bored. In another moment we're in at another level. This is the reality of our heart. So to connect, they're constantly going back and forth, meaning they're constant travel in the cities, it should not deceive you who's of those who deny of those who do Gee doll in the Ayat of Allah. They go around freely within towns and then from one town to the other. Insecurity. They

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are welcome everywhere. They have the resources, the money to travel freely. They have so many friends and so many connections. They can go wherever they want whenever they want, even though they deny Allah's idea, yes. So don't be deceived by this. Meaning their freedom in this world should not make you think that their actions are correct.

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Their freedom in this world, their wealthiness their friends, their friendships, their security, their safety, in this world should not make you think that they are upon the truth. No. They are upon falsehood because they are doing Vidal with the Ayat of Allah, they are denying the verses of Allah. You see, this is primarily concerning the people of Makkah, because on the one hand

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and they were denying the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, whenever you would recite the Quran and verses of, for example, the hereafter were mentioned or some punishment were mentioned they would say bring the punishment. When is the our going to be? Right? Whenever a story of maybe a previous prophet was mentioned, they would say, well Musa was given this in this miracle, where's your miracle? This is all G dial. Why would they do this in order to reject but at the same time, the same people are traveling to the north and the south in the winter in the summer and coming back home with so much, you know, profits, trade profits, the traveling safely, they're coming home with

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so much money and here the Muslims terrified, constantly under attack. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not even safe in the city of Makkah,

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isn't it? La oxime will be handled Ballard were under Hello, be handled Ballard. He wasn't even safe in the city of Makkah. It's amazing. So then it might appear that those who are safe are upon the truth and those who are in danger must be doing something wrong. No, not necessarily.

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So we are reminded over here to not get deceived by the appearance.

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Now we see over here that some people they do dabble in the Ayat of Allah. Right? They deny Allah's ayat they debate concerning them. But remember when they do that, they do it on the basis of ignorance and misunderstanding. Because there is no contradiction in the book of Allah, there is nothing that is false in the book of Allah. In total Hajj is number three. Allah says Wamena Nassima Yuja, the roofie Allah He believed here Illman

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amongst people is he who argues concerning Allah without any knowledge. We learned that even harder, Rahim Allah, great scholar, once he was going somewhere, and he came across a non Muslim man. And that man was in a very miserable condition. very miserable, and even Hjelm Masha, Allah, Allah had blessed him with a lot of money. So he was wearing beautiful clothes. And here's this non Muslim man who is in a very miserable condition. So this non Muslim man, he said to Abraham, your Prophet said, that the world is a prison for the believer.

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The world is a prison for the believer, and a garden for the disbeliever. But look at you and look at me.

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You understand what he was saying? That if it's supposed to be a prison for you, how come your state is better than mine? He's doing Vidal over here. He's trying to disprove the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. All right. So even harder, he said, that your condition right now is better than what it will be later.

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This is still Janna for you compared to what will happen later. You understand? So that man, he understood and he accepted Islam? He accepted Islam. So anyway, what we learned from this is, and many other incidents also, that anytime somebody tries to find a fault within the book of Allah,

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then it's not the book of Allah, which is wrong. The fault is here in our understanding.

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You had a question?

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Yes, go ahead.

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Like, a lot of catalysts last year, why?

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Exactly. Generally, also, we think that how can Muslims all over the world no matter where we go, they're suffering in one way or another? Right. So then this hadith makes it clear at dunya sigil? Not me. Anyway. So what's the message of this ayah Allah has sent this Kitab this Kitab is perfect. And those who try to refute this Kitab who try to find faults in this Kitab no matter how successful they may be in worldly terms, do not get deceived by their intellectual arguments and their logic and their analyses. Don't get deceived by their freedom in this world. If despite rejecting Allah Aya, they are fine in this life. Remember, that this enjoyment is little in surah Allah Imran is 196

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We are taught layer one naka takanobu Medina kufr roof will be led metallic Khalil it is Mata on Pauline it is temporary very little enjoyment because look at history because the that it denied Coppola home before them. Oh, my notion that people have no one observable and

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In the various groups the various factions member the him after them as ARB is a plural of his. And we have done this word earlier meant by zap over here is that after no hallucination there were so many people, so many groups that denied their prophets, so many that there are too many to list here. Suffice to say

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Isn't that so? I mean, we have learned in the Quran about so many different nations and they are only a fraction of how many there were in reality so Canada koggala home como no one will preserve woman birdie him. And what happened? Were her mud. And it intended her me mean Hum hum is to think deeply about something it is to plan. Basically, hum is also to worry to worry, when you're worried about something do you think always thinking about what you're worried about? Isn't it? So it is to be worried to think deeply to plan when something is very important to a person so he's just thinking about it. This is him. So wahama intended Kulu Oh, Martin, every nation below SULI him with

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their messenger, what is it that they intended and planned and plotted? Lea hoo hoo, that they should seize Him, sees him as and kill him or harm him or imprison him? Every denying Nishan planned and plotted against their profit in order to harm their profit.

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Did they? Certainly they did. They tried killing their profits. Right? The people of sure I already histogram for example, they decided to kill him. Even the people of Makkah, then they tried to kill the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they had this whole plan, that everybody was going to go out at night, you know, surround his house. And when he comes out at night to go to the masjid to pray, together, they will attack him, right. And these people were from different tribes. So then the family of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the battle Hashim in particular, they wouldn't be able to take revenge. So they would have to take blood money. And then wish the king said we have so much

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money to give, we can easily give it this was a whole plot. So Mohammed Kulu, Omar, timbira, selenium, Leah, who and what else did they do? What Giada? Do they alter disputed Bill battling through falsehood? They used falsehood, false arguments, not facts, to argue with their prophets. What was the objective liyu the halo so that they would refute they would invalidate be through it through what through their false arguments through the battle? What would they invalidate a haka the truth? Leo the halo dial her blood, the hub, which is to slip and it How old is to make someone slip?

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So found this it held is to disprove someone, refute them in an argument invalidate them. So they have no basis left? Right? You refuted their proof. So now they have no proof, they have no argument they have lost the argument. So the previous nations, they Jagga Lubell, Beltane they disputed through falsehood, meaning they used false arguments in order to lead him to be Hill help in order to invalidate the truth.

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Meaning they didn't really have facts.

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They didn't. They used falsehood to refute the truth. Let me give you an example. For our own. What did he do

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in order to refute Musala his salon when Musar Islam came to his court and told him that Allah is the One who has sent me, right, the rub of aalameen Right, but bousema What will also warm Albania, Homer, and so on and so forth. He described Allah subhanaw taala. What did fit around do?

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Yes, when Musa alayhis salam showed the miracles, for outside it is magic. Right? When all the magicians were defeated, what did he say? It's all blot. This is all a scheme. In fact, he's your teacher. He's your leader. Right? Musa listen I'm just telling you about Allah subhanaw taala for our own says, Yah ha man Oh ha man build a fort for me. Let me go up to the skies and see where exactly is the god of Musa. I want to see him. I have heard that he's above. So let me go up and see. Now all of this mockery and false accusations, right judging Musala isms intentions, blaming him, accusing him of some conspiracy that you have come here to topple my throne over, right? You've

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come here to take over our great society. All of these false accusations. Did they have any basis to them? It was all battery. It was all false. But he used it in order to

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To deny the truth, but what happened? What was the result for a husband whom, so I sees them all for K for Canary kabhi. So how was My penalty, meaning it was terrible. So in this ayah, the prophets of Allah Islam is reassured that the messengers who came before their nations also denied they plotted, they tried to invalidate the truth they use many ways to refute their profits. But what happened at the end? Victory was for who for the prophets of Allah, so do not feel weak, be strong? What are their Lika and thus, meaning because of such persistent and blatant disbelief on the part of these people? What happened? Who got Kalamata Arabic, how it was justified? Kalamata robic, the word of

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your Lord, meaning the word of punishment, the Decree of Punishment against who? Allah Alladhina Cafaro against those people who denied what was that decree, what was that Calima that unknown us harbor now that they would be of the Companions of the Fire? Because Allah is offered to them, he is bobbin job, Allah sent messengers, but these people persisted on their denial. So what happened? Allah is should either he is severe in penalty,

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and Lavina those who yell me Luna, they carry a lot of OSHA, the throne, woman and those who, hula who are around it, meaning those who are around the throne. So firstly, the carriers of the throne. And secondly, those who are around the throne, which throne, the real throne, the best thrown out of sheer Majeed out of sheer Alim out shouldn't cut in the arch of Allah, the Exalted, which is the largest creation of Allah, and who are those that carry the eyelash, and who are those that are around the Arsh? It is the angels. The angels, and these angels are known as the hammer letter are the carriers of the Throne of Allah. And some scholars, they also refer to these angels as Al

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Karoubi Yun, Al Karoubi Yun, it's not mentioned in Hadith, but some scholars have referred to these mighty angels as Al Karoubi Yun because these angels they are the nearest angels to Allah. In total Hakka is number 17 We learn where Miller autoshop Baker FOCA, whom yo Wilma, even femenina on the Day of Judgment, eight angels will carry the Throne of Allah and those angels that are around it, meaning those who are doing follow up. Those who are worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Around the throne, these angels who are there? What do they do? Allah says you sub before gonna be hamdulillah be him. They do this be with the praise of their Lord. They exalt they declare the perfection of

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Allah because that's the meaning of the spear to declare perfection. But how do they do that? By mentioning the praise of their Lord. So they exalt Allah constantly continuously by mentioning his most perfect attributes, they say Subhan Allah he will be handy he and other words of this be and hummed. So if these angels are busy, constantly glorifying and praising their Lord, will we not do so?

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The quality of those who are nearest to Allah is that they glorify and praise Allah. So if we want to be amongst those who are close to Allah, near Allah, then we also have to do this be and that need of Allah, the Exalted and to look firstly, that ayah 30. Allah says, for any stuck burrow for Lavina, in the Arabic You said, Behold, Allah Who belatedly when the hurry while hilarious if these people are arrogant, that no big deal, those servants who are near your Lord, they glorify Him by night and by day and they do not get tired. So what do these angels do you serve behind or behind the robbing him? And when you may know NaVi, and they also believe in Him, believe in who these

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angels believe in Allah. Well, of course, they should believe in Allah. After all, they're the carriers of his throne. They are nearest to him. They're around his throne. Why wouldn't they believe? But why is this mentioned? You see, believing doesn't just mean believing in the existence of something

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you understand?

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believing in Allah doesn't just mean believing that Allah exists because even if bliss knows that Allah exists,

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but his knowledge does not qualify as Iman. You understand?

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believing in Allah means knowing that Allah is true, His Word is true. His decree is true. His promise is true. His reward is true. The punishment that he is threatened with is true. His judgment, his command is true. And so what should I do? If I believe that he is true, and everything he has decided is true, and everything he has decreed is true, and everything that he is judged as true, meaning it has helped? It is absolutely correct.

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It is definitely going to happen. Then what does that mean? What should I do submit and surrender? I should submit and surrender.

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I should do what my Lord wants me to do. I should show servitude to him. So Eman is not just does the it is not just to confirm the truthfulness of something. But it is also Obul it is also acceptance, it is also Iran. It is also submission, surrender. So these angels, they believe in Him. They believe in Allah. They have faith in their Lord, they trust their Lord, they know him to be true. They know that His promises, his warnings are true, nothing is in vain. So then what do they do? While you're still Futuna? And they seek forgiveness, these angels, they seek forgiveness from who from Allah, for who for their sins, interest, don't sin, because they don't have that choice.

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Then who is it that they seek forgiveness for? Lin Lavina Amano for those people who have believed?

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Allah is laughing at them. And the angels that are nearest to Allah, they your stove, your ordinary Lavina Armano. They seek forgiveness for people who believe

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they intercede for the believers. What do they say? They say Robina or our Lord was Sirota. You have encompassed Ghomeshi in every single thing. Ramadan in mercy, meaning everything is encompassed by Your Mercy, there is nothing except that it has been touched by Your mercy.

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Everything has been affected by Your Mercy, where a man and also knowledge meaning there is nothing that escapes your knowledge, everything is within your knowledge,

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fell fit, therefore forgive meaning since you are the most merciful, and you are all knowing of the imperfections and the mistakes of your servants, but you are also most Merciful. Fellow fit, therefore forgive, forgive who lil Lavina taboo for those people who have repented. For those servants of yours who have repented to you who feel bad about what they have done. They are abandoning their sins and they're taking steps towards you, or Allah forgive them

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Daboo those who have obeyed you, those who have brought good change in themselves, whatever also be like a taboo in the bar to follow. So on the one hand, they have repented, on the other hand, now they follow your way, meaning the way that you have legislated

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the commands that you have given. So in other words, they obey you forgive them, Oh Allah, working him and save them, protect them from other builder him from the punishment of *. Save them from that punishment. Why do they say this? Because they know that their lord is true. They know that His promises are true. What do we see in this aisle? What a great fortune Eman and Amal Salah is what a great treasure faith is. And good deeds are.

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Because when a person has Eman, then we see that from the largest creatures of Allah subhanaw taala to the smallest creatures of Allah, this entire creation, what is it doing? It is praying for the person who has email because these angels the hominid Talaash what kind of angels are they? We learn in a hadith this isn't a Buddha with the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that I have been allowed to tell you about one of Allah's angels who bears the throne.

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meaning one of the bears of the throne one of the carriers of the throne. I've been told to describe him to you. And what is that description, that the distance between the love of his ear and his shoulder. So you know where you wear your earring? Typically, that's the lobe of your ear, to your shoulder. This distance is a journey of 700 years.

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This is the size

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of that angel.

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This mighty creature, huge, massive creature.

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What does he get in return from the believer? What does he care from the believer who's living all the way on planet Earth? What's he going to get in return? Why is he doing this? Why is he making dua to Allah and not just one angel, but all of the carriers of the throne and all of the angels that surround because they care for those who have Iman, they love those who have Iman in Allah.

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And this is why they make dua for those who have Iman, what dua in particular, that Oh ALLAH forgive them, forgive them their sins, accept their repentance.

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Then we learn in Hadith about even the fish in the sea and the ants in their holes, such tiny creatures, they make the offer who for those who are involved with beneficial knowledge.

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So from the biggest creatures to the smallest creatures, what are they doing, making dua for those who have Iman, Eman is a great fortune. It's a great treasure. It's a great favor from Allah. You see, we ask people to make dua pray for me, pray for me remember me in your doors. But we see that if a person is true in his Iman, then it's the angels that are closest to Allah that will make dua for him. Then the angels will befriend him, the angels will care about him.

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In a hadith we learn that the carriers of the throne the hamlet Roush are eight and they respond to one another in a beautiful soft voice. Meaning they take turns in praising and glorifying Allah. Four of them say Subhana Allah will be handicapped. Allah Hill mica barder ill Mika. Perfect Are you and all praise is for you for your hand. Your tolerance. Isla at mica bother ill mica after your knowledge, meaning you know the sins that your servants commit, still, you are Haleem you are so tolerant that you don't punish them immediately. Subhana will be handicapped. And then the other four angels they respond They Say Subhan aka will be handicapped. Allah if wicker bar The Quadra,

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glory be to you. And praise be to you for the fact that you pardon after you have ability, meaning you have the ability to punish your servants but still, you pardon them. So the angels they take turns, they're glorifying Allah, and at the same time they're praising Allah and at the same time they're seeking forgiveness for the believers, because they believe in Allah and the people who believe in Allah, what's common between them. Belief is Iman and real Iman is something that builds a connection, of sincerity of well wishing of concern of genuine love. True Eman develops love and friendship. So one wants good for the other. Even if he gets nothing in return.

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Even if he gets nothing in return, this is what Iman does to a person. Why would the angels pray for people? What do they get in return? Nothing. But it's the fact that the believers of Imam because of which the angels are making dua, instead of Muhammad is 19. Also we learn the Prophet saw a lot is that it was instructed was thoughtfully them because while in movement, Nina will move minute, seek forgiveness for your sins and also for the sins of the believing men and believing women seek forgiveness for them because they have Eman in total dakara is 126 We learn about Ibrahim Arnaiz syndrome, with Karla Ibrahim Robbie Jarrell Heather better than Armenian was Allahu Minetta Marathi

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Man am and Amin whom Billa he will Yomi

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even Ibrahima is Sarah made dua for those who believe. So this is what Eman does it develops real love. It develops real friendship

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Even though the two have never met each other, even though the two never benefit from each other, but it's the Eman you see the heat. It unites us. It unites us. It keeps us together belief in Allah, it unites us. So the angels they say, follow them, limb Medina taboo, whatever also be like walking him either build your him and save them from the punishment of *. Rob banner, or our Lord will adore him home and also admit them being the angels. They make this vow also that Oh ALLAH admit these believing servants of Yours were Jana to the name in the Gardens of Eternity, which gardens allottee wa the home that which you have promised them. You have promised them that for

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their Iman and for their MO Salah you will admit them into Jana. Again. We see the angels are interceding. They are requesting for the believers even though the believers never really submitted that application to the angels. You understand that angels are so close to Allah you carry the Throne of Allah, can you make dua for me? No.

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This is the thing right? You make Allah the center of your love and the love in the creation will come itself.

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You know that hadith that when Allah loves a servant, that Allah called Gibreel and Allah tells him, I love the servant you love him too. So Gibreel loves him. And then Gibreel announces amongst the rest of the angels, Allah loves him. I love him you love him too.

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So this is what happens.

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This is why the person who loves Allah, truly and Allah loves him is the richest person a lot Ben our other Him whom Jannetty are the nene Lottie walk the home, admit them into Jana, you have promised them, woman and also those who meaning also admit those people in Jannah, which people in Jana saleha man Salah, the one who was righteous men about him from among their fathers was YG him and their spouses were the RIA team and their children, fathers, spouses and children of who are those who believe of those who have repented.

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In other words, join them with their families in Jannah. In Nikka, until our Xyzal Hakeem indeed you or Allah alone, or Aziz Almighty, Hakeem, always, these angels pray for the believers, but they also pray for the families of these believers. Because when you truly love and respect somebody,

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then you honor their family also.

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You honor their family also, you honor those whom they love, also.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:12

And if

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we claim to love somebody,

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but we have immense hatred or dislike for those who are closest to them, maybe their mother, or their father, or their brother, or their sister, then there's a problem in that love.

00:33:32 --> 00:33:42

You understand? Because many times a person will claim Oh, you know what, I just love my husband. I love him so much that I just don't like it when he sits with his mother or when he sits with his sister. That's not love.

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I'm sorry to say that's not love. Because if you love him, you've got to love his mother, because he loves his mother. You understand what I'm saying?

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Real love is that when you love somebody, you love those who are attached to them also. And this is why the angels make dua for the believers, but not just the believers, the righteous of their families also, that keep them together. unite them in Jannah

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unite them in Jannah you see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam did he love Khadija Delano? Definitely he did? So much so that when Khadija Lauren had passed away, whenever he would slaughter an animal, he would send the meat to who? Khadija Lauren has friends,

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her friends,

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when her sister would come the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would you know you could see the surprise or the happiness on his face because he would remind him of Khadija all day long. Then we see that the Sahaba would go to visit ohm Amon. Why? Because I'm Amen. She looked after the Prophet sallallahu sunnah when he was young.

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On Amon was very close to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so even

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After the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died, they would go and visit her because they loved her, because of their love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so something similar here, the angels asked, Oh Allah bring the believers with their families together in Jannah so that they may find delight in one another in neighboring dwellings. They may enjoy happiness together.

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Intro to 221 Allah says well Lavina Amano What about home the Reatta? Home be Iman al How can I be him the RIA to him? Why am I a Letna home enamelling Himanshi culinary in Bhima cassava Rahim, the message of the ayah same, those who are righteous and their children, their families are all to the same, then they will be together in Jannah. So the angels make the store they say working him and Oh ALLAH P him, save them, protect them from what a say ye add from the evils plural of the word say here. And what does this mean? Evil does an evil things bad deeds, protect them from committing bad deeds, save them. Don't let them fall into error. And so he it also means consequences of their

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deeds, evil consequences of their deeds, protect them. Woman and whoever, ducky you save from a say ye ad from the evil consequences over here a car is evil consequences meaning punishment. Yo Ma even on that day, which day, the day of judgment. If a person is saved from punishment on the Day of Judgment, then Faqad the Rahim then certainly Oh Allah, you have given him mercy. You have shown mercy to that servant.

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If a person is punished on the Day of Judgment, that he has been deprived of Allah's mercy, and if a person is forgiven, saved from punishment on that day, then he has truly received Allah's mercy with their Lika who will foes around them and that is definitely the great success that is the great attainment because from an Zorzi here and now what other people Janita Faqad is the one who has saved from hellfire admitted into Jana than that person is successful.

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Maria Matthew jadie Luffy

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in Medina Castle

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upon Nobu in

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combat alone

00:37:43 --> 00:37:43

ash Zaboo

00:37:45 --> 00:37:46

balancing will

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be also really

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what will be malby you the shape will be he'll have

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to moon okay

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all workers Nikka Ponte Kearney metronome because

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none of

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us lady in a afternoon and loud shall woman How will you set the phone and be hung there won't be any more you mean own Abby while you're still Fiona

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banner was

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your work matters

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so feeling lazy what turbos

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engine to

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want to harming

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you more as watching you want to be thinking

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hacky happy, wealthy, he was saying the

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woman that this young man

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fell into whether he can more

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so then who are the real friends of believers? Hmm. Angels in Alladhina Kaltura buena Allah so Mr. Como that unnecessarily he will Mala Iike to Allah the half who Allah Zano will up she will be the Jannetty Lottie quantum to our dorm national only. Oh come Phil higher to dunya waffle.

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So don't say I have no friends. Okay,

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strive to improve your Eman and increase in your righteousness and be glad you've got the best friends. You've got the best friends you're not alone.

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So much so that in a hadith we learned that when a Muslim prays for his brother in his absence, the angel says Amin and may you have the same, you make dua for others. Well, I pray that you have this good thing. This is how much angels love believers.

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Sounds like them. Sometimes when we see someone is like rashes or scholars. So like, as you said, we're running to ask them for making dua for has already been messaging WhatsApp. So it's not that mean, now you're running after angels or angels, please make the work for me. You don't need to run after angels and ask them. Because if you have strong women in jail, we'll make it work for you and your family. So it's not all in jail, please make the work. Exactly.

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Yes, go ahead.

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You just mentioned that if you love your husband, it's natural to love the families opposite also vice versa. Also, my own daughter's mother in law. She loves her so much. She announces it. She says many times. This is the wife of my son, I love her. And now in return, my own daughter loves them more than me.

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She said I'm happy in my laws. I want to live there. I want to live My in law, because my mother in law. She's so good. Michelle,

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a good lesson for everybody here that you know whether we are in the position of being daughter in law or a mother in law or any other relationship, you love somebody love those whom they love as well. You wanted to do something?

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To the husband, you hate the people who loves your husband, I don't know why it's, or sometimes it's also the opposite. I mean, as long as the child is young, right? Somebody loves your child. You're so happy somebody loves my child. And what happens when a woman becomes a mother in law. The daughter in law comes in it's as if she's an enemy. So regardless of who we are in a relationship, as a mother or as a daughter, whoever we are. It's just an important lesson for us that if we claim to truly love someone, when we must love those whom they love

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