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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The RBD (the book of the beast) and the shadowing are related, and the shadowing is related to the shadowing of the world. A former worshiper named Zale Meria was found to be a halifa and eventually recognized as a halifa, causing people to attack him and make him kiss the Blackstone. Later, a former member of the Islamist movement was found to be a lobby member and given a box of booklets to test his answers, and he was given a box of booklets to choose from. The importance of forgiveness and apologizing for past mistakes is emphasized, and a quiz is played to test answers. The segment ends with a statement about forgiveness and a new booklet called Hot Back.
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was a big Marine, my beloved brothers and sister Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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How's it going?

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fasting so okay yeah

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I always come to the for the quiz I see Mashallah you know when the right time is to come

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inshallah all of us I mean all of us

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Mashallah we continue with our this our lecture series on the heroes of Islam. We spoke about boys Academy, we spoke with Hassan albasini. Today inshallah we gave an intro to him last night. We say that this man, what a lineage he had, what a pedigree he had. His grandfather was the last of the rightly guided caliphs.

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And his grandfather on his mother's side was the last emperor of Persia, and his great grandfather was Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Who are we who are we talking about?

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Ali's a lobby Denali, the son of porcine Ali, the son of Imam Hussain rhodiola, and whom the only surviving Son of God a lot of a sudden got the alarm. So he's actually the son of Hussein, the son of Satan, ie, who was married to Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam What a pity he had. And as for his mother, when the Muslim Ummah expanded and conquered the Persian Empire, the emperor of Persia is the last of them. He he, he was killed, he was killed, and his daughters were taken as prisoner. But instead of putting them and subjugating them to slavery, I mean, what we need to learn, he asked them, three of the daughters of the emperor of Persia, choose any of the men

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of Medina, who would you like as a husband, and one of them Salafi, she chose Hussein or the Alon, the grandson of Nevelson, hey Burnaby, the man that that little boy who was so beloved to NaVi salsa lamb, who they said that he couldn't resist kissing him. Whenever he was on the luck of NaVi so solemn, that'd be so some had to kiss him, and he resembled the profits or send them so she married him. So he married the daughter of the last Persian Emperor, and they conceived a child and she died Not long after giving birth to this boy, Ali, or the Alon, so Hussein named his son of the his father of the Alon Ali's enlivening he was he was born 3536, after the after the profits after the

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digital prophets of Salaam. And he was born in a time of his grandfather being the halifa. And it said that say nalley rhodiola. And he lived two years and he enjoyed his grandson, who was also early for these two years. And they said the two of them, you know, they had a special bond, the grandfather and the grandson, and he would like to grow up to resemble his grandfather say, nalli, or the Alon. He is regarded by the Shia as the fourth Imam in the line of Shia in the in the shear line, not to get too technical. Yeah, and to go deep of a tangent, but we said that, we answered no Gemma, we don't believe in the concept of empowerment. We don't believe that there are people that

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link us to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Rather, each and every one of us have a special bond with Allah that when we raise our hands, we don't need to intercede with anyone besides Allah subhanaw taala there is no nebby awali or crummock ancestor or Wali, anyone between us and Allah, everyone, each and every one of us, even the worst of us when he raises his hands. Allah subhanho wa Taala answers that do our insha Allah. He was given the nickname as we said his name is not Zane lava Dean, but he's known as a lab Dean, why? Zayn means the beautification of the most beautiful of the RBD, the ones who worship so he is the jewel or the most beautiful of all worshipers. And he's called Eman

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Sajid, the amount of those who make sujood Why? Because of the level of his worship, the kind of worship that he used to do, and this is a man and we look at his life. He had the world basically at his feet. He was he had the lineage he had the title, he could have been the halifa. But he lived in a time when the government was in the hands of the Romanians, and they were oppressive and tyrannical, and he saw his father. He saw his father as one person standing up against oppression, and he was present at Karbala. We all know what happened to Karbala. It's the place where Imam Hussain or the Alon was martyred. Imam Hussain was martyred and not just Imam Hussain, but every

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male patient even a six month old baby at Karbala, all the males were killed. But on that day

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I chose for it to be such that c'est la vie Dean and he was about 21 years old at Karbala. He was seriously ill. He was passing in and out of consciousness, and he was in the tank with the ladies. So when the fighting broke out, and the men of debate were killed, he he survived. And he's actually he was about to be killed when he's on Xena. Sometimes we don't know that. As an aside, they had sisters from Fatima. They had sisters from Fatima Xena, boo, these will complete granddaughters of the prophets of Salaam, Xena, the daughter of Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed Salam. So this is the nerissa lambs, granddaughter, she was raised in Liberia. I remember his mother passed away when he

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was basically not even a year old. So he's on Xena but he's him. And he was also very fond of his uncle Hassan. So he was present at Karbala, and he was too ill to fight even though he did his best to stand up and he took a stick and he was unable to walk. And Allah subhanho wa Taala caused him that he would be spayed. 72 members of his family were killed his father, his brothers, all his brothers, his uncles, his cousins, all of them killed on one day. And he was the only surviving member of 100, white male member of elevate, I mean him and his family that the ladies were taken by chains to yazeed, the halifa at the time, and then eventually he was released and sent to Medina.

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And this is really when the story begins. When we speak about superheroes, and we think a superhero is somebody that stands out, that is that is all the eyes on them. This man wanted and tried and aspire to be the opposite, that the world looked at him with all that this is the last remaining male descendant of Mohammed Salah seldom people looked at him, and people honored him and praise them in a way above his navel. And people looked at him to be a pawn in political feuds and fights. Remember, there were many people that wanted to rebel against the government. And he was the perfect candidate that they look to influence. But he did his best to stay out of politics to avoid to avoid

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living a glamorous life and prefer the rather to excel in worship. That's why he's called Zale Aberdeen. He didn't aspire to be a great politician. He didn't aspire to be a famous Island. Rather, he aspired to be the perfect worship. And so we decided the verses were to focus on when Allah says, We're about to rock man, the worshipers of Allah. And Allah gives a description. What is an attribute a worship of Allah, like, what does he do? How is he and look at the way Allah describes him? And it says, if the owner made this man, purely for that sake, he lived in Medina, amongst her been amongst Sahaba. And they said, This man excelled the best in terms of worship. When Allah says

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that a bad man, they walk on the earth with humility, this man had the highest of status, the highest of titles, yet they would find him sitting in the class in the masjid, and the one giving the lesson was slaves, so many slaves of Sahaba, when they became freed, they learned from the Sahaba masters and when they became freed, they became teachers. And some people said, Subhana, Allah, you, the great grandson of Mohammed Salim is Sitting at the feet of a slave. And he said, Yes, I go get him, wherever it might be. When you used to walk in the markets, people would naturally given preference, you come first in the line, you're the grandson of the prophets are

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seldom, and he would dislike this very much. He wouldn't want people to look at him, and to honor him and to praise him and he tried his best to be as obscure as possible. And many incidences in his life, speak to this, that he tried and avoided the politics of the time. And he kept a good relationship with the halifa. Even though the hollyford at that time oppressed him. They took away his family, they took away his titles, they took away his wealth, and you'd be summoned back and forth. By the halifa when people in his status became known, and people started to praise him, the halifa would summon him in chains to Damascus. And he would always obey the halifa with humility and

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respect. He never disobeyed the halifa and he didn't incite others. He told people don't rise up on my account, don't fight and rebel, live peacefully. This is how he decided to live his life is called amount of surge Ed, because of the way he made suit, they would say when he was introduced, he really had that quality with a world became forgotten. And to show this point once he was making tattooed Sala and his house caught fire, and people are dying out of the house, and he was unaware that his house was burning. So again, the true story of this man, and he says Panama he was so engrossed in the worship of Allah, that he didn't realize what it was like that the house was

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To show you the honor and the status of this man had the eba the when you're in the presence of somebody greets you automatically feel his presence. He showed up

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malloc was the halifa and he was a powerful halifa. And we'll talk about this in Shaolin coming days, the children of Abdul Malik. He, they be they were at the zenith of the Muslim Empire. In the time the Muslim Empire stretched from Spain, to China. They were the most powerful people on earth. And he Sham was the halifa. And once he went for Hajj with his gods and his entourage, and they say it's upon Allah, you know, when the emperor of Persia Cynthia's representative to Medina, and this was when the Muslim started to invade the Persian Empire, they sent a delegation to meet this man, Bob was invading the Persian Empire and is in ways your leader Omar, and I said that guy sleeping

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under the three that's almost nobody, God's no one to watch his back. But obviously, when the halifa has changed, they have to defend themselves from their own people even on Hajj. So he shall meet up the medic, he came to Hajj with his gods. And he said, I want to kiss the Blackstone. And his Gods tried to force away from the Hajaj and they refused. And the gods said there's nothing we can do. We are made, meaning the Dharma is too big. You have to wait until the crowd subsides. So he said, okay, bow erect for me a heist, I can remember I want to sit down to watch the people and I'll wait and then I'll kiss the Blackstone. And while we were sitting there, a man comes into the huddle,

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also performing hedge and the people see him and they start to give away the split out and they make a way for him to kiss the Blackstone. And it is the Blackstone and he leaves. And Amir says Who is that man? And they say Don't you know that is a lava Denali, Xin Labine. This is the great grandson of the prophets of Salaam, and a poet was pleasingly for us, the famous poet, and he wrote a poem, a long poem about this event. And he says, How can you not know who this man is? When the stones of Makkah and the people of Mecca know who this man is? They can't you see the news coming out of this man. And obviously, when the halifa heard this poem, is very upset. You arrested the poet here, his

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domains didn't play, right. So he arrested the poet, and then lobbying himself to go to Hollywood and intercede and say do I mean, I'm not trying to usurp your power, and we know you are the best and you are the king and you are the leader, and I am your servant, and I'm your subject, release this poet, and he paid his ransom to let him go.

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The Forbidden subscene liability and he was wrong. Throughout his life, he was around, he was cheated and he was abused. And he bore that with patients. He never complained, even though he felt the sadness 20 years of the Karbala Imagine seeing 72 of your people, you know, family pass all your brothers, your father, your uncle's or passing away, he would still cry. And his family would say, Have you not, you know, have you not really, you know, gotten to grips with Karbala, and his subhana wa nebia coupe. He had 12 sons and he lost one of them. And he was so sad. He cried out of blight and he became blind. I lost 72 members of my family. So you know, pardon me if I'm so sad about it.

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But like subiaco What did he say? a school bus he was Neela I only complained to Allah, I don't complain to you or to anyone. I don't show my displeasure to anybody but to Allah subhanho wa Taala. I complain and I'm sad and I cry. And once again, he didn't like to give sermons and he didn't like to be in the public eye, but chose obscurity. I would rather be outside of fitness away. I didn't want preferential treatment. He didn't want people to see what he did. You know, if he was a superhero, you'd be the Invisible Man. And what he did that no one could see, that's what he excelled in. And Allah made it such that his good deeds became apparent after he passed away. There

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was a much that he did a good that no one really knew people thought he was just aloof and was to himself. But so behind a lot a lot of the good that he did became a parent of the pastor it became known that Mohammed evil Osama bin Zayed z the adopted son of the prophets of Salaam, he sent Osama had a son Muhammad. And obviously they were very close. zaidan, Hassan and Hussein they were like relatives. And so he was a lie, but he was close with Mohammed they have similar age when it comes to Mohammed. Mohammed is crying and he's like some destroyed. What's wrong? He said, I'm in debt, how much data you can see over 10,000 dinars. Yesterday, we said the mental hospital bursary, I'm a

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wealthy man, I have 8000 dinars. Mohammed says I'm in debt by 10,000 dinars like the almasi we don't know how you could have been in such big debt at that time. Maybe had four wives and each one got a credit card and well hamdulillah each one must spend equally welcome that he and

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his family used to things in Aberdeen was a stingy man because he didn't show off and he didn't spend lavishly yet he had wealth. Obviously he inherited from all his relatives that passed away and being led by people constantly you know, giving things even though he didn't want those things. But in times like this, he spent and he said I'll pay off your debt Mohammed thing

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1000 deer hunters like a fortune. Also in Medina, there was a mystery in Medina, the poor people noticed that there was a man that would come at night, and you cover his face, and you'd bring food to them every night on his back. And they would call him that the man who brings food on his back, and he refused to expose himself. No one knew who he was. Only once a librarian passed away, did this thing stop and realize that this was a librarian, that at night he would give to the poor. And that's when people started calling him by these names, not in his lifetime, and he never wanted those titles. And so behind Allah, at that time, also, it became apparent when people sought to

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curse the Sahaba, in the name of Satan alley in the name of debate, and the few public statements he made, the few public statements he made, what we know of him, is to either pardon those who wronged him, or to praise the Sahaba one of the things he said, a man cursed him really badly and insulted him and his family. And he said, you know, brother, if what you say is true about me, I ask Allah to forgive me. And if what you say is wrong, can I forgive you and may Allah Subhana, Allah forgive you, that before you would emancipate the slave and he would love to emancipate slaves, in fact, he heard the Hadith once, that whoever sets a slave free, Allah will set an equal part portion of your

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body free from the fire of Jannah. When you read this Hadith, the first thing he did is he freed his most expensive slave. And before he would free a slave, he would say, you know, these are all the things you did wrong. These are all the things that you did against me. And I bear witness that I forgive them, if you will forgive me, or whatever I did, I was your master, I might have done something wrong. So you forgive me and I forgive you. This was a man who was really oppressed to the limit. It he never once spoke out against suppresses it, never defame them, or curse them publicly. And Rather, he chose the path of forbearance. And as I said, he has a famous statement, when people

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asked him, What do you say about Abu Bakr and Omar says, finally, what can I say about them? Haven't you heard all the Hadith all those stories that Mohammed Salam went here, and who was with him Abu Bakr was with him, and Oman was with him. Then when the visa Salam said, when people said, Do you really you know, speak about stories about animals talking and angels and fairytales, so that basically says, I believe these things and I know Abu Bakr and Omar also believed this even though he didn't ask them so they maybe didn't said just like they were like that all three together in life. Look how Allah kept them together in this professor Salah Abu Bakr and Omar, they lying next

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to one another, how can I say anything against them that these are the best of people? So this is who's a lobby Dean was and he chose as those is and we look at the sort of recon read it Allah says that the eval Rahman the true worshippers Allah are those they walk on the earth gently. And when people insult them in the jungle, speak to them, how do they respond? Salama, may peace be upon you. That's all they say. And they spend the night in sujood. This is man Mr. Musashi Dean. And when the evil speech, they pass by honorably and when they spend the spend, moderately, this is exactly the life of Zayn lobby Dean, but he excelled. He refused to be a political figure, and he refused to be

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in the limelight. But he chose his relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore when the Allah mentioned at the time, the Sahaba and the tabbing, that if the person who excelled in a citizen and worship, it was a librarian who did the most, some Allah subhanaw taala grant us to follow in our own personal life, you can be a superhero if you fix your relationship with Allah as well, and also grant us that tofik inshallah. I mean, so, getting to our quiz, as I said, last night, that you had the booklet is anybody who didn't get the book, the quiz booklet

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is they can we just hand up a few booklets for for for the quiz. just handed something the opposite, please.

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is there's a box of booklets. So for those of you who did, who did receive, the booklet is a card that you've received. Now you can still answer the question if you know the answer. You will have questions on the board each night on the screen each night. And you answer the question and we take back the answer tonight. So you don't have a chance to go back to your booklet and check the answer. You should know the answer by now. And we will inshallah as normal per week we're going to have a weekly draw to give a spotlight or to give prizes and we'll try and keep an eye out for those who answer correctly inshallah The one who wins the league, right the league in the masjid inshallah,

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you will receive the special prizes shala so the first question and the question is always on the card just like the answer or the pins.

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Can we know can we can we pass the pins up so they can answer now muffles just is always these you know, issues with

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We do something for the first time. Can you pass the pins out, please? Okay, the pins are going around

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the pins, just only a few. Okay, so

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the first question, you have to swallow the three liters, you only have to remember three liters, right? It's either ABCD and E like three questions, only three letters, remember them, and you can write them down. As we leave the match it depends on a so if you call it remember those three letters alomst. And then I don't know what what also said is a DA for memory. I will give you that to read as well. inshallah, question number one, the Christian say, that Jesus easily select was Salam is the son of Allah, who did the Jews claim to be the son of a last panel.

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Was it a Musa? Was it be Aziz was it was it was a de Harun. Remember, keep it to yourself? Just remember, remember that answer.

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But inshallah remember that also, what later it is. Right? We all can we move on to the next question. All right. Okay. Number two, who is the angel that is the warden of Johanna the gate or the guardian of Jana who is the chief in Johanna is it gibreel is it Malik Is it your own is it Mikael? Robin is definitely there, but is he

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right. So, alright. So, remember the latest year later, I have a second later. Question three from what are the jinki hated and all these all these questions are in the booklet from what Arjun created he created a from fire B from light see from smoke or D from clay.

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Alright, so you remember the questions and the answers. Answer on your card at the back there will be pins, answer them and give it you know, put it in the box tonight inshallah there'll be a prize for you in sha Allah vain just before we conclude Alhamdulillah I'm very fortunate. This is my price. I've got the first copy of 2016 polka treats and I got complimentary copy copy, but my wife got a complimentary copy of the book athletes and

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what it is of course I'll coffee with the coffee which is our the substitute to the companion, the companion and Alhamdulillah it's a nice hot hot back this year. So inshallah it's going to be available for sale from Friday and the 15th and it will be at the masjid if you have a Juma then we will have copies available. The Mashallah Shaheed fun is the cover centerfold

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right after the Allah and please support in sha Allah and you'll find some beneficial articles in there and some delicious savories in there.

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Even tomorrow evening with eclipses you can get the pre pre release first to get it hot off the press. So please inshallah tomorrow if you would like to purchase a copy, please purchase a copy in sha Allah does not love sugar so much subtle law said number

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