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Do I Have To Wash My Long Thick Hair During Ghusl

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Episode Notes

Performing ghusl is an important part of staying pure in our deen. For the people who have long thick hair, it can be tough at times to wash their hair fully. Is there an exception in this matter for them? Or does the long thick hair have to be washed fully when performing ghusl? Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers the question.

Episode Transcript

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Long thick hair. Do I need to wash it fully Julian Wilson

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ahem de la salatu salam ala rasulillah

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this question regard to someone have long hair, thick, long, thick hair, do they need to wash it fully Judah Golson, I really am not a human like greed that washing the hair dirty also out of Geneva or after finishing your menses or your new fast

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you must make you must make the water reach to the root of your hair. So basically, you wash your head. This is something everybody agreed upon. But if your hair to stick or wrong, or you have dreads, for example, in this case, what you should do, you will have some of the scars that have been damaged. In the movie, the hanabi, the majority of the Nabila and the shafia said you have to wash your whole entire body, but you have the HANA fees. And somehow somebody said, No, you don't have to you just wash basically your head and the extra hair that you have or the long hair or the dreads, you don't have to fully wash it because when we set them out of the law and this is

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authentic, and nobody's also let me give her permission not to undo her braids when she washed herself from the job. And even in the visa some of them said that in relation to her her finishing her period, her height.

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So in this case, you don't have to undo your grades or your draft because you can't really do it unless you cut it. But you basically wash your your head and make sure that the water go all over your hair and that will should be sufficient in shallow water.