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The presence of older people in the area, the spread of Islam among Muslims, and the use of deadly drugs to kill people are discussed as reasons for the Prophet's actions. The history of the Muslim population and the root of the message of Islam is highlighted, including the belief that procrastination is due to actions and emotions and the root of hesitation and procrastination. The negative impact of procrastination on individuals, including arrogance and hardening of hearts, is emphasized, and action is suggested as a solution to avoid future negative consequences.

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in Alhamdulillah nonmetal who understand you know what I still throw when are older below him in theory and fusina women say Dr Molina mejor de La Villa mobila Woman yodel fella heard yella, Bushido La ilaha illallah wa the hula Cherie color wash I don't know Muhammad Abdul Hora solo Yeah, you know tequila Hapa to quality hola tomato Illa one to Muslim on your NAS otaku Docomo lady holla Coco Minassian Wahida or Hello Permin Huzzah. Jaha. Well, that's amin humeri. Jalan cathedra on one is a what type hola hola de Luna de he will or ham in Allahu Cana La Cumbre diva Yeah, you hola Dina. I'm gonna talk Hola Hola. Hola Colin city don't use local microphylla calm the Nova calm or

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minute a la hora Sula, forgot Pfizer frozen Alima and my bad. The inner circle Hadith the kalam Allah wa hadal. Have you heard of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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Sharon Maury more data to her Hakuna Matata team vida que la vida Altium Bella Coola Bala in Vietnam.

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Towards the end of the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the ninth year of allegedly.

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Islam had spread all over the Arabian Peninsula.

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And fundamentally there were two major world superpowers that bordered the Raven in the Arabian Peninsula. From the northeast, we have the Persians and their allies and lock me up on the last minute.

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And then in the northwest, we had the Byzantine Roman Empire and their

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client states.

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The Senate of a Sunni Yun and these are Christians.

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So for the longest time these two superpowers viewed the Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula and even before Islam, as a bunch of ragtag barbarians were

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Living in the desert that no one cares about, they even bother to conquered.

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But in but in during this time period towards the end of the Life The Process Salem while they were in Medina, the Romans started paying attention and noticing that the Muslims were potentially becoming at threat. So there were strong rumors circulating, as the caravans would go up north and come back to to Mecca and then come right down through all the way to Yemen. There were rumors, strong rumors, and suspicion that the Romans, the Byzantine Romans, were ready to attack the prompts and sell them and the Muslims. So the prophets of salaam prepared a large army to confront them

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not only to make a military statement, but as well as a political statement.

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So the Prophet SAW Selim usually would not announce his intentions to where he would go on military expeditions in order to keep it a secret. But this time, the francisella made it very clear.

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And so the hypocrites obviously gave their excuses and they said,

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we can't make it we have excuses, we have responsibilities, we have families that we have to take care of, and the list goes on.

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And there were people that actually had genuine reasons that they could not go and they would come to the US asylum, and they would be they would be crying.

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As the days would go by these companions of the Muslim would

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get their money in order their camo, they arrived, their supplies their weapons in order.

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And there were three companions, Cobb, them Malik, and as well as he'll even omega

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and also Murata been robbed here.

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Now, these three companions have the capability to go, like from the story that we read, in the hadith of Cabot Malik, he talks about himself and he says, he describes himself as never having to camels at once. So he had the means to go and he would look at his garden and the date palms and the fruits were getting right and it was time for harvest and he was enjoying the the fruits of his labor. And everyday as he watched the people get ready. He would say to himself, I will get ready tomorrow sofa

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I will get ready tomorrow, I'll catch up, I'll do it. I have the ability to I just just need to apply myself and I'll get ready.

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until it became too late.

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Until the pasta Salam

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and the expedition they left to go to to book all the way to the North.

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And the hypocrites came up with lots of excuses. Latin Pharaoh fill her Don't go, it's going to be so hot in the summer. And Allah responded to them. Well, now to Johanna, a Shahara. Say that Johanna is harder. And they also came up with other excuses, who are you to fight against the Romans, they will destroy you, you will become prisoners of war.

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And you're going to leave all of this behind and get killed for nothing. Now, Caleb was not a hypocrite. But he had the problem of procrastination until the left and he was still telling himself there one day ahead of me, I'll catch up. I don't get there.

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Until it was too late. The pastor salon was there. The Roman army never showed up. So it was technically a victory for the Muslims. The President was there for about 20 days. And so he was gone for multiple, multiple weeks. And by the time he came back, the hypocrites again came to apologize and give their excuses. But this time Cobb and his three companions, they came to us to sell him and they admitted that their mistake was procrastination. They had no excuses whatsoever.

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And so the punishment was that Allah subhanaw taala told Mohamed Salah Salem that these three because they turned their backs on the Muslim community in a time of need because of their procrastination, for no real reason

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that the community would shun them for an unspecified period of time.

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And it continued for 50 days.

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Until Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the verse in surah. Toda while I said Atilla you know holy fool, as for the three who stayed behind at the Dakota, Lake Malawi, Morocco, but without Allah, him and for the home. Well, the new Allah mal Jimena, Allah Illa Allah until they couldn't handle it more because they were wracked with guilt.

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And they realize that there is no fleeing from Allah except to Allah so Allah for

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gave them 50 days, no one spoke to them of silent treatment.

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Brothers and sisters, this story teaches us about the dangers of the sweep or procrastination, and procrastination. According to psychologists, like Dr. Fuchsia spheroid, she describes it as a form of voluntary.

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Like you voluntarily refused to do something, even though you know you have to do it.

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And so it is completely

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a form of harmful delay.

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And procrastination. A lot of people think that procrastination is because we're lazy or because we have bad time management, or so on and so forth, because of perfectionism. And these are all actual symptoms of procrastination. And so the real reason behind why we procrastinate from doing what it is, whether it is to learn Arabic, whether it is to memorize more Quran, or we now have the money and we can go to Hajj, but we're still delaying for no obvious reason is the root of it is because of negative emotions. You don't want to deal with this task because of some inconvenience, maybe it's a bad experience, maybe it's difficult, maybe you're afraid of failure, and maybe, maybe maybe

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it's some negative emotion. So what you do is you cope by avoiding it and doing something else instead. And so you keep putting it off until the deadline comes to close. And you end up missing it, and it makes it worse.

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But it's just as you look at the entire message of Islam. The entire message of Islam is rooted in submitting your

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egos and your desires. The promises LM tells us that Jana is surrounded by the things that we dislike.

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It's difficult to get in for a family, it is difficult to do all these acts of Riba and that's why Islam means to submit oneself to Ellis town to Allah. It's not easy.

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That's why the pastor Selim Says law you know, I had to come to Guha, tada. I will imagine today, none of you have truly believed until you make your whims and desires

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compliant to whatever the purpose of sending them has brought.

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Brothers and sisters,

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we put off these things that we need to do because we know it's difficult. We have some negative feelings or emotions. And so we do the things that are easy and enjoyable.

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So brothers and sisters

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you look at the story of use of Allah himself said that when his brothers conspired to kill him.

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They were jealous that their father was giving so much attention to yourself. So what did they say? In order to put

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some sort of in order to make themselves feel better about the sin that they were going to do? They decided to procrastinate their Toba instead of stopping the sin that they're going to do. What does Allah say in the Quran? Book too awkward to use of?

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Or with Rahu Orban. Yeah, Lulu can watch who I become.

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What's the Kunal mean daddy, Bonin Sally,

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kill yourself or expel him to another far faraway land. That was their plot.

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And you're an hour father will now be able to dedicate his time just like he won't see him anymore so he won't be preoccupied and then he will pay attention to us. And what did they say while they were plotting their brother's death? What did they say? What cool known him by the Parliament, sorry, hey. And after that, you will be amongst the righteous, we will ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for forgiveness. How many of us men and sisters have said to ourselves in sha Allah, you know when I'm 40? sha Allah when I'm 16 sha Allah repent to Allah Subhana Allah.

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How do you know you will live that long? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us Yes, it was found to Allah to keep us on the straight path of Allah subhanaw

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah.

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Sometimes we procrastinate because we've created shape on has created this false dichotomy in our heads of absolutes.

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Let's say for example, someone is not praying.

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And they're also committing major sins.

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So instead of stopping these things in an organic one by one slowly but surely they will. Shaitan will come to them and say,

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Why do you even need to pray?

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Pray later, you're doing so many other sins right now.

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You pray in the next minute, you're going to the bar and clubbing, you are a hypocrite.

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So shaitan comes and uses this idea that you need to be perfect, in order to delay you from enacting little changes a little bit by little bit. And so when people make these big promises, and they say, oh, you know, I'm when I get to this age, I'm going to do this and this and this. And this. Psychologists, they say that people say these things.

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Because they want to be seen by other people. As

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if I only applied myself, it's not that I can't do it. And that's what people tell themselves, Oh, no, no, I can do it. I can do it. It's just that I haven't gotten the resource I haven't gotten around to it. And so they lie to themselves about what they about the reason for this.

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And so they would rather be seen as lacking effort than be seen as judges inept, incapable.

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And you look at the heat of the first sentence versus some encapsulates this meeting so well, in this hadith, in which he says, Can you swim and Dan and if so, why mula Lee, my battle note, the wise person is the one who holds himself accountable and does good deeds for the benefit of the next life. After his death. Well, charges

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the inept person, the one who is unable to

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man at Vannessa hoo, ha ha. He follows his desires. What happened now Allah Allah, he'll Imani and then he has all these hopes. In sha Allah, Allah will forgive. In sha Allah, Allah Allah for Rahim. And over time we become some people become arrogant. What do they tell themselves? They've already numbed themselves to this and so they actually will say things more worse, and they will say like, well, you know, Allah understands my situation. And that's what they tell themselves. Hola Hola Rahim, which is true, let's go for the Rahim. But not for those people who keep delaying. You look at the greatest impact that procrastination has and that is arrogance and hardening of hearts. Look

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at your own. What does Allah say about him? What Yahoo did was stay Karna Karnataka and Fuschl home lol Manuel Lula. They knew in their hearts but they rejected the truth. From New Allah's found out it was he knew that he was supposed to submit, but their hearts knew deep down what statement or statement was on bull Manarola out of volume, oppression and arrogance. And look what happened to brown.

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Brothers and sisters,

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some of the effects of procrastination is that shaitan makes us think that we have a lot of time

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from the famous Hadith of the Prophet Salam

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shaitan comes at night, and he discourages you from getting up and praying thermally a lot of people think that this hadith is talking about Federer is actually talking about the AMOLED. And so he will tie three knots over the person. And what does shaitan say?

00:18:23--> 00:18:31

I like her laid on believe you have a very long night, go to sleep.

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And he will say it every time he ties is not over you he'll say you have a very long night go to sleep. So you think yes, I have time.

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But then sisters, you look at what the Quran tells us and warns us about this. obliviousness to time

00:18:53--> 00:18:56

on the Day of Judgment look at the disbelievers

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either Jha

00:18:59--> 00:19:09

Mode to Color of Bill Jiun. Lee mellow Saleh and female correct color until the disbeliever until death comes to them what will they say?

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And when death comes to them, Oh Allah returned us back

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so that they can believe so they can do good deeds loudly.

00:19:20--> 00:19:23

And perhaps I will do good deeds, the matter of

00:19:24--> 00:19:30

the things that I've left behind the things that I didn't do. No, it will not be allowed. And even for the believers.

00:19:31--> 00:19:49

Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us one fecal minmetals up now combing cuddly and yet ya know, to fire cooler a curtain in urging creep for Assad Dakwah, Camila solid, even the believer they will say, Oh Allah delay death for me so that I may give charity so that I will be amongst the righteous.

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And so that's why brothers and sisters, the solution to this procrastination that we have

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is to do

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When you see something good you do it immediately. That's why when the companion said, Yeah, Yara Salah What is the greatest deed that the most beloved to Allah subhanaw taala. He said, to do your Salah on time.

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And I want to close off

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by reminding you the opposite, in which the prophets Allah Salam tells us in a hadith, he describes the hypocrite when it comes to the Salah, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us. He says kill Kosala Tomonaga Philip till plus Allah to Manasa Tilka Salah to Manasa that is the way of how the hypocrite prays. That is the way how the hypocrite prays, that is the way how the hypocrite prays yet Julissa Yoruba shrimps had either can at Vayner garnish shaitan calm for Nakara urban life Allah Illa Allah

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so here the person said I'm talking about the person and salata Lhasa, he sits there and he watches the time like we do at work. Oh, we still have 30 minutes 20 minutes 10 minutes. He's watching the sun watching the time until it is right about to becoming like coming to Missouri. What does he do? He goes and he picks for Pepsi I need like a bird like in other words, it's a metaphor for the person makes a such a so quick that he barely touches the ground so fast just to get it done with well I have put Hola Hola. Hola. He does not mention hola except very, very little. The pastor said lamb says take advantage of five before five. Your youth before your old age, your health before

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your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before your preoccupation and your life before death in Allahu Malaita Huzzah. Lunarlon maybe you will Adina ominous Allah alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad kama Zuleta like Rahim Allah Allah Ibrahim AMITA Majeed barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali Ibrahim Al Al Ibrahim informado Majeed Salah