Honesty In Regards To Wealth

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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the history and success of a buyer's story, including a woman who sold her land to a woman who had a son and refused to give her money. The speakers stress the importance of honesty and contentment in building successful community, as well as the significance of honesty and community in achieving fairness. They also touch on the use of gold to trace past events and suggest congratulating family members on finding their wealth. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of past events and not to regret them.
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hamdulillah Malala means that Allah wa salam Volcana Vienna Muhammad Ali or Sahaba Selim the Steven kathira. My My bad. Tonight we have an interesting story in this hadith. Maybe some of you specifically those who are right now teenagers or young, younger adults, you've seen that story in a cartoon, Islamic cartoon. So let's see if you guys can recognize that story shall have data or not, is Hadith number 1826. Syria the Saudi hand in the book of elemental Rottweil Mullah book of miscellaneous a hadith of significant values. Kadima menorah him Allah Allah, one Abu Hurayrah Radi Allahu Anhu Anand Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uno con estado Raja Rama Rajan Antara so what are

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the latest datalocker of Yakata he geraten fear that a man bought a piece of land from another man and the buyer found a jar filled with gold in that land.

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For Karla Lovelady serrulata hood the hammock in Namur stereochemical Arla what I'm actually the hub so the buyer he told the seller is it take your gold as I bought only the land from you and not the goal

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but then now call Wirkkala Deerhoof in NEMA vertical outdoor mafia, the owner of the land origin owner of the land he goes look I sold you everything so the land and all words in the land it belongs to you

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in the my vertical auto mafia Fattah hakama Iranian neither one of them accepted that

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the buyer it says nope that's not my goal yours take it and the seller he says come on man I sold you every it's your handle your fortune keep it and now they're arguing who should keep the gold who should take the call.

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Can you find some others today? Gemma

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Would you ever find some others today? I hope so. I hope so. Because that's just the decency of people and House of how honest they are honesty what is the prophets are some is telling us and in this hadith at least remember no probably may be referring to today. It has Hala sometimes unfortunately this honesty is missing and is lost in our in our time. So he brings this example for converter How can I learn so they were told hey go to this man in this village he will be a good man to to judge between you further hakama further Hello. So they want to that man for Karla Rita Hakima Elaine, the man whom they chose as a judge he said to them con Allah Kuma well you guys have kids.

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You have kids for Karla did the Hager Allah Kuma wallet. Carla had the money hula one said I have a boy. The other ones I have a girl. So the man says can't find haven't get married and given that goal for the spend on it.

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Yeah, your boy your girl, get them married, give them the gold and given that money to live off that money. And that's exactly what they did. And hey, they're all Bukhari Muslim Subhanallah that story actually was made into a movie. I don't know if you guys are kids, if you remember that movie, that cartoon from maybe about 15 plus years ago. It's called the

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algebra. The job. Anyone wants that and that Islamic cartoon.

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You guys, you missed a lot.

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You must be this new generation.

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But yeah, so it's come from this hadith as a matter of that story, which comes from this hadith. And as you can see, the prophets of Assam is showing us and this hadith that the honesty of the people and the decency of the people, how can we find this? How can we rebuild that today? Allah homestand requires a lot of energy, a lot of honesty, really to get to that level. And most importantly, is actually contentment

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requires from you to be content with what you have contented with who you are, trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala is everything instead of you know, being greedy. We live in a time and that's something that I hope in our community, we can build again in sha Allah azza wa jal, what's missing from our community, our societies. You see, we live in a society that promotes individualism, everything is about you about intrapreneurship and was intrapreneurship doesn't mean in the in the, in the positive way. No be intrapreneurs Okay. Hamdulillah. But that shouldn't entail that you become so much independent of your interpersonal relationships with people.

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Like we need to be 100 successful individuals, but within also successful community, as one family, and that's the thing that we miss. In our communities, you have so many handle individual success stories, so many of them, whether be it somebody handler in the professional field, somewhere intrapreneurship business, or even, you know, teaching revenge just being a successful student and individual martial law and even if you're successful Hamdulillah you wanna die and so for sometimes, we have all these individual success story, but it's

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so hard to put them together in a way to feel one one bond and one family. And that's the thing that we need to do. So if somebody for example, let's say, made a mistake with you, you're willing to forgive. Because you know, you love them for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, and we're willing to forego this, for example, mistaken or that should be fine.

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You'll find something. It's not about a, you know, finders keepers. No, it's not about that. It's basically Hey, who this belongs to, I want to make sure it goes to the right person, for example, we care for other people, much more than we care for ourselves. That's the moral of that story over here. That this really builds people build community with families, is that you care for other people more than what you care for yourself. So that honesty May Allah subhanho wa Taala give it to us or brighten it that we see we find contentment in our heart in Allah subhanho wa Taala this by the provide a point of sale Brian Amin and we always find from ourselves to be to be fair, and also

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to judge between people with cost and with justice. When fairness is shallow Donna will load data and a question in your mind

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no one asked the most important question about the sorry.

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Let me just ask a question on their behalf. Someone might ask says they live happily ever after.

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Allahu Ana.

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If it wasn't the before that would have kids getting mad.

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Why do you have to make it difficult? Yeah.

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By the way, before I get to answer your question, if that matters, it matters. Validate Gemma ism is Annika valid.

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I mean, the man said hey, you have a boy you have a girl getting married this Mala getting the money? Did you even ask the boy who wants to marry this girl?

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Did you ask the girl she wants to marry this boy? Did you ask them the questions? So just like hey Bismillah what do we call this marriage amount?

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Arranged marriage and so hamdulillah we're used to that. Right? So there's no problem with this inshallah. Actually, the Hadith doesn't necessarily say that the the boy and the girl that married against their wealth didn't say that. They just like they told the parents Hey, why don't you get your kids man get married. And hopefully inshallah you can benefit from that whilst together as as one big family right now, with endless being Emma's altogether and hamdulillah so that's okay, now, what if these kids didn't get married? What do we do with the gold?

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Who's this gold who was willing to in that situation?

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Originally right now actually, if that gold can be traced anything, if it can be traced with a deed or with a will or testimony or somebody to testify to belong to the original owner, the seller there it goes to them.

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But if the seller didn't know about it, there is no way you can trace that gold to them to his family. It just exists in my family's land. Since when God only knows right, it belongs to the buyer.

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Even if the buyer dug that gold the day after they seal the deal and there is they sign the contract it is still considered this Aloha now

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how old the boy and the girl were where that time

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all the after get married. Let me just put this old enough to get married if that's what you're concerned about. Now, when we say boy naked women yeah to kind of like younger younger but keep in mind back then. They used to get mad early. When I say early means once they hit puberty because they're married now

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this would happen now I didn't say that happened Mecca Medina it happened the Prophet was mentioned this as a story that happens in the past but not you know during this time, a lot

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of noise is

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there what

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absolutely the case if something

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yeah, yeah.

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Very good point. Let's say the Hadith tells us that this man he disclosed that he found that gold but what if you buy a land and the next day you find masala treasure down there and you didn't disclose it to the seller? Do you? Can you keep it for yourself? Once again, if that if that wealth can be traced to the original seller? Then you let them know about it. Okay, listen, I found that a treasure box that has your initials or your family's name on it or something like that, then it belongs to them. But if if there is not nothing to trace it back to them, which means basically let's say it's an old goal.

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From the Romans time for example it's yours enjoy it Allah Annika lava 100

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cerametallic rahmatullah wa barakato

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make sure to congratulate