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Al-Isra 11-22 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 11-12

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Are the English language in Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim?

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lesson number 142. pseudo Islam is number 11 to 22.

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Why are the real insano

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and man supplicates bichette ready for evil? Dora who bill Heidi, as he supplicates for good,

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the human being supplicates for evil, just as he supplicates for good, what kind of insane or a jeweler and man is ever history?

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Whether insano the other than I? Well, the human being the inside, and remember inside over here is any incense, generally, this is what people do. That he makes the art he prays for who, for himself, or for his family, when when he's angry, or because of his ignorance, or when he's fed up, when he has completely disappeared when he has given up hope. What does he pray for bichette for the evil, because no person would pray for evil. When he's using his mind

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when he is in his senses, a person would pray for evil, when he is not using his mind when he is overcome by anger, when he is overcome by feelings of revenge, or impatience, intolerance, when he thinks he cannot handle it anymore.

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Either insanity, viciously. And how does a person pray for evil

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in two ways, first of all, directly,

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that he literally prays. Like, for example, when a person is at too much, when he thinks that his life has become very difficult, he begins to pray, or Allah describes me to die, give me that

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or cause my family to die. I don't like this person anymore. Make them die, give them death. This is what praying for evil directly.

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Secondly, he prays how indirectly how that a person asks for something, he prays for something without knowing that in reality, there is sugar in it. And he prays for it continuously, constantly without knowing its reality.

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Like, for example, a woman wants to get married to a particular man, and she keeps praying or law, please get me married to him constantly, constantly without knowing that if she were to get married to him, there would be more shelter for her, then there would be height.

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So a young girl in San ob Shirley Dora, who bill Heidi, meaning just as he should be praying for good, he prays for evil. And what's the reason behind that? Why does he pray for evil for himself? Because we're cannon insano. Because the human being is or a jeweler one who is very hasty, or Judas from their own letters, I am Jean lamb, from the word original. And original is to hurry to be hasty to desire something before it's due time.

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Like, for example, if you bake something in the oven, it should take 40 minutes for that cake to bake. But what do you do after 30 minutes, you keep opening the door, and you keep putting the fork in. This is what originally wanting that something should happen before it's due time. And I do for rule one who is very, very hasty. One who is very impatient, one who wants things to be done before their due time.

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This is the reality of human beings.

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In this verse, the psychology of man has been presented. And what is that? What kind of insane are jhula that people are very hasty. They want that if they're suffering from a problem, it should be taken away immediately.

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And if something good is to come their way, it should come immediately. People do not want to wait. They do not like to wait.

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And this is something that is a part of human psychology. This is only natural in human beings.

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How do we learn that we learn from a narration even her band has reported it and some have declared it to be so he even that one of them are his Salaam. When he was created when his body was made, and his soul was breathed into him. It entered his body from his head downwards. So that soul came into his body from where from the head. So first of all, his head came alive. And then gradually the rest of his body came alive all the way up to his feet.

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When it reads his brain, it has said that he sneezed. And he said, 100 Allah, and Allah subhanaw taala said, may your Lord have mercy on you or other.

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When it reached his eyes, he opened up. And when it reached his body and limbs, he started to look at them in wonder. And he wanted to get up before it reached his feet. But he could not because only a part of his body had room in it. So he said, Oh, Lord, make it happen before night comes meaning I want to see myself I want to see who I am. As soon as he had just some abilities, he wanted to see himself immediately. He didn't want to wait until a long time he wanted that the soul should be breathed into his feet very quickly as well. So, we see that this desire of wanting things quickly, this is innate, this is a part of human beings, it is in the face of human beings. And this can be

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used in the positive sense and it can also be used in the negative sense.

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Remember, everything that Allah subhanaw taala has given to people it can be used in both ways, in the positive way and also in the negative way.

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For example, how can you use this ability in a positive way

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that a person quickly performs at to righteousness,

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he does not delay in performing the Salah, he does not delay in memorizing some parts of the Quran, he does not delay in giving sadaqa he does not delay in worshipping Allah subhanaw taala.

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It can be used positively.

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But unfortunately, many people they use this ability negatively

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or can insano a jeweler and how does he use this quality negatively? An example of that is mentioned in this ayah that a person begins to pray for chef.

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A person begins to pray for evil for himself.

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And there could be various reasons behind that. Sometimes impatience, sometimes stubbornness, sometimes frustration, there could be various reasons. We learned that from the previous nations who was the first nation

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the people of New Zealand to whom the first messenger was sent. What do they do? Even they prayed for punishment? What kind of insane are Judah because whenever a Prophet came, he warned the people if you don't believe I fear for you the punishment of a terrible day.

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So what are the people say? They hastened the punishment out of stubbornness.

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We learned in solitude i 32 anuja noho Khadija deltona excerpta Jelena 13 lB materi. Dona in conterminous. oddity.

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and elsewhere in the Quran as well. We have learned about many prophets from whom there are people demanded the punishment. Even the people of Makkah in Serato, and fire is 32. What do we learn?

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They said, What if all Allahumma in Canada who will help mean or indeed for unclear Elena hijo de Mina summer, a week to be urban early?

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They also prayed for punishment. And many times, people, they also pray for life. For example, a person will pray that Oh Allah, if I'm really doing wrong, punishment, show me.

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Why is it that when I don't pray, nothing happens?

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Why is it that when I disobey my parents, nothing happens. It's as if a person is demanding the punishment from a loss.

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If a person is going through a little bit of suffering, for example, His hand is hurting, what does he want to do? Get rid of that hand?

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He does not want to wait it out.

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Many times in illness that you're going through a pain that you're suffering in your body. What does that mean? That there is something wrong in your body? Isn't it Oh, and you have to wait it out. But we cannot bear the pain. We are history. And what do we want to do? The stars do extra strength data, not in our mounts and get over with it. That's not the solution.

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It's not the solution. Because temporarily, you will love the pain. But in the long run, you're not going to fix your body. You're not helping yourself, you're harming yourself.

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So what is required from us is sub patience. Because this life is a test. Everything that you're going through is a test. If it's not this one, it will be another one.

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Sometimes we start something like for example, you start doing the course it becomes difficult to say I can't do it, forget it, leave it.

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Well, the thing is, if you're not going through this test, you will definitely go through another test in your life. It's either this or that now choose

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What is it that you want to do, that will get you better reward more reward in the hereafter.

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So what is demanded from us is subvert and constancy, perseverance, some are some some determination, because when a person has determination, then what happens, no matter what difficulty he faces, he is able to bear it, he is able to go through it.

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We learned that we are not allowed to pray for that unless there is a great test to even to a person's faith.

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And even in that situation, a person should not pray that Allah give me that because I feel that my Eman is in danger. No, how should we pray the prophets of Allah Subhana Allah Mohini mechanicville hayata

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keep me alive as long as my life is good for me. What's the word funny, either candidate will fatter clearly and give me that when you know that death is good for me.

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Similarly, a person should not pray against his children, against his well against his wife against her husband, against her house. A person should not do that. Why?

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Because the prophets or a lot of them said do not pray against yourselves or your wealth. For that might go inside with the time when Allah answers the prayers.

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You never know if a dorada Jamaica at a time. At the same time, Allah subhanaw taala accepts that the US and euro dollar will be accepted against yourself.

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So we need to be patient. We need to have some solid summarization. Because without this, you cannot go through life. Without determination a person cannot accomplish anything in life. Anything at all,

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from the most smallest of things to the most biggest things to the most insignificant things for the most significant things you cannot accomplish anything without solving.

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And instead of praying against ourselves, what should we do? pray to Allah subhanaw taala for ourselves. Because if you think about it, when you're going through a difficulty when you're in pain, you can either make the law against yourself or you can make the law for yourself, isn't it so? Now you're in so much pain you're in so much, you know difficulty anywhere that you will make it will come from your heart.

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So why not seize the opportunity to pray for yourself asking for Allah's help.

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So again, use that ability in a positive way to help yourself to bring benefit yourself.

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Once you're under Laila, when the hell a attain, and we have made the night and the day to science, do signs of what of Allah subhanaw taala is in his wisdom, his power,

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and his consideration for his creation, when you're under Laila, when the Hara is saying,

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from Helena, so we erased I had a lady the sign of the night mahana from the real letters meme her Well, my one and motto is to erase something and completely remove its traces as well. nothing of it is left behind. You can never tell that it was there before.

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mahana Mio to completely erase and remove the traces. nothing of it is left. So my whole net is delayed. What is the sign of the night? It refers to the night itself. Because Allah subhanaw taala says, well, you're under Laila when nada I think we have made the night and the day two signs. So we erase the sign of the night meaning the night The night is erased, how

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that it's dark mokona meaning the night is dark, there is no light in it. Why so that you can rest in it.

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That sign of the night has also been understood as the moon because the moon is the visible sign during the night when you look up at the sky during the night. What do you see?

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The moon and what's the sign of the day? The sun. So the sign of the night meeting the moon Allah, Allah says mahana we erase it out

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that the moon is not constantly full throughout the course of the month

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isn't it's a it's a crescent at the beginning. It gradually grows until it becomes a full moon and then what happens? It begins to decrease it begins to reduce again until it eventually completely goes away and then you see it again.

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So mohana we erase the sign of the night.

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And this is the reason why the moon is not full throughout the month.

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It is in the sky but it's not visible.

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Once you're on

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And we have made I have in a hurry, the sign of the day mobile certain visible illuminating, giving light giving vision. What is the sign of the day? First of all the day itself. The day itself is mobile Silla

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meaning it's visible, as opposed to the night which is dark, nothing can be seen in it. The day on the other hand, is bright, you can see everything becomes visible.

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it refers to the sun. The sun is the sign of the day. And it is mobile. Sarah, what is Mozilla? I mean? Mozilla is from the newsletters bath salt raw. And Mozilla is one that is visible, one that is bright. And secondly, mcsa is also understood as one that gives visibility.

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One that enables the other to see.

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So if you take the meaning of it in the house, as the day that moves around would mean it's visible,

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as opposed to the night which is dark. And if you take it out as the sun then the sun is move zero meaning it gives visibility.

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It gives you the ability to see, it's light is bright, it shines for it. The light spreads everywhere. And if you contrast this to the sign of the night, which is the moon, the moon does have light but it is not such that it illuminates everything, isn't it?

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There is light in the sky with the moon, but it's not such that it will illuminate everything as opposed to the sun. Why is it like this? Why is the last panel tailor made these two systems for the night and the day? The doctor who so that you're able to seek follow Mila become the bounty of your Lord, what does a father refer to?

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First of all material castle, that you're able to earn your livelihood, you're able to go to work, you're able to, you know, get your food, you're able to earn different things, favela, Morocco.

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And secondly, fuddled also refers to that of the Hereafter,

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that during the day you can perform certain tasks, certain good deeds that will bring you reward, and during the night you can perform other tasks that will bring you more reward. Because if you think about it, if the 24 hours were constantly

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day, that's it constantly, right? Then would you get the opportunity to perform the Hadoop to perform the night pray? Would it be possible would there be any concept of that, you know, right. Similarly, if there was constantly night, would there be any concept of fudger? Would there be any concept of a golden Saba and Edgardo masa?

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No. So, when Allah subhanaw taala has set the system, that there is a night and there is a day and there is such a big contrast and they keep coming and going with this you're able to perform various types of good deeds, which is a fuddle from your Lord.

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If this was not the case, then your life would be boring, monotonous, no excitement, nothing different, nothing new.

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One eternal answer that you can know another reason behind setting this night and day is so that you can know are the see Nina the number of the years will hisab and the reckoning

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the number of years how that with the sun. And with the moon you determine the number of both

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solar years as well as the lunar years. Well, his app and the reckoning were a synonym gives the meaning of years and his app gives the meaning of the further breakdown of the further division of the Year in two months, in today's into weeks into hours and so on and so forth.

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And if there was no sun, if there was no Ayah to nap, then how would you have this concept of hours of the day or how would you have without the moon this concept of a month.

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So this system, Allah subhanaw taala has said Lita, Allah more other than Nina well,

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and with these, you can also know the appointed times for Salah when to fast, when to go for Hajj when to perform various acts of worship. If there was no moon and no lunar calendar, then there wouldn't be a certain time when people would perform Hajj there wouldn't be a month dedicated to fasting. There wouldn't be the first and days of the ledger where the actions that are performed are most beloved to our last presenter. So all of this is so that you can tell time and you can also take advantage of the various opportunities

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What can I say in everything for so now we have explained it of solar in detail.

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So in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned, do science, what are they, the night and the day, the moon and the sun.

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And both of them are completely opposite one is dark, and the other is bright.

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One enables you to sleep, and other enables you to get up and do your work.

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And with this contrast with this difference, you're able to accomplish so much.

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And if life was constantly the same, then you would never get these opportunities.

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If you think of it, what is the connection of this idea with the previous idea

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that human beings are hasty, they want that if they're going through a problem, it should end immediately. And if they're going through good times, it should never come to an end.

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But what do we learn that there is a set time for everything

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where the night has come, it will only depart when it is meant to depart. And once the day has begun, it will eventually be over.

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And there is a wisdom behind that. Just as there is a wisdom behind the coming of the night and the day, there is a wisdom behind the problems that come in our lives. They're coming to teach us a lesson. Just imagine if your life was free of any problems, any challenges, then what would happen?

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Would you know what someone is? How would you know what sugar is? Would you know what controlling yourself is? Would you know what generosity is? Would you know what helping other people means? You wouldn't have any idea about all of these things. And if you didn't get these opportunities, and how would you earn reward, how

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it would be impossible.

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It would be very difficult. So there is a reason behind everything that happens in life. Everything that happens, it will happen at its right time, it will not depart before its time.

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Good, as well as evil,

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difficult times as well as good times.

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If you think about it, if the day was constant,

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sometimes the summer when the days are very long, aren't you waiting for the sun to set? Aren't you waiting for the night to come? Why? So that you can go to sleep so that you can pray and go to sleep, so that you can get up the next morning, you're exhausted, you can't do anything, even if you stay awake, you're unable to do any work. So similarly, if we were given good times, if we were given blessings all the time, if no problems came in our lives and what would happen, we'd get bored of them. We'd get tired of them.

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So there is a reason behind every problem that comes in our lives. Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us something

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in every person's life, there is a day and there is also a night.

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And we saw that in solitude, that nothing in life remains constant. It changes. If it's the day right now, tomorrow, it'll be night. If it's the night right now, tomorrow, it'll be dead. So don't give up hope. Don't be or do have some sub have some determination

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and wait for the day to come. Wait for the sun to rise.

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And remember, we learned introducer that as a night darkens, then what does that mean? The day is going to come very soon.

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Similarly, when the difficulty increases, then you should know that relief is going to come very soon.

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We see that nothing in life remains constant, where an individual is going through good times, nations are also going through good times

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where an individual suffers problems. Nations also suffer problems that people were in Dark Ages, and then their game, the light, the prophets are about a certain game. So life is about constant changes.

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When you're going through a particular situation in your life, don't think that that is the only thing in your life.

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There are also other things that are going on.

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So make sure you keep doing what you're supposed to do. Don't focus on that problem, because that will change.

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And right now what is being seen your work your deeds, your actions, your behavior.

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For example, when the night comes, you think oh my god, okay, now it's nighttime, I can't do anything. Because I want you do you say that? No, you keep doing your work, isn't it? So? Similarly, when the day comes, you say oh my god the day has come night I just have to go and look at the day to just do that. No, you do so many things. life continues with the changing of events.

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With the changing of the scene with the changing of the situation. Similarly, when you're going through a problem, don't make that a stop. Don't let that stop your life. Don't let that put a halt to your activities to your work. life continues by, for example, many times that happens with girls that once they become pregnant, they think that their life has come to a stop. Now they cannot do anything. Now they cannot go to school, and they cannot do their homework and they have the license to stay away from everything. Why I'm expecting

00:25:35--> 00:26:14

here is the fact is that when you're expecting, you're doing everything else, you're still cooking, you're still eating, you're still shopping, you're still walking, you're still talking Hamdulillah, you're fine. We think that pregnancy is a disease, it's an illness, it's not an illness. Similarly, we think that other situations in our lives, they are so big there because then we cannot do anything else. No, it's just a phase. This will continue. When You're Expecting doesn't mean you don't pay salary anymore. No, you have to pray, isn't it? So? Similarly, when you're going through anything in your life, your activities, your work should not come to a halt? It should not come to a

00:26:14--> 00:26:22

stop. Yes, it does become challenging. It does become difficult. But in that challenge is your test.

00:26:24--> 00:26:47

In that difficulty is your test that what do you do now? What do you do? Do you still continue? Or do you become impatient and you begin praying for shout for yourself? You begin demanding short for yourself. So in every situation we were being tested, whenever you're going through anything in life, remember, this is just the day or this is just the night

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and with the coming of the night and the day life has not stopped work does not stop. Similarly, my work should also not stop. My hope should also not decline,

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