How Much Is Too Much For Night Prayers

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“How much is too much for night prayers?” Riyad-us-Saliheen. Vol.1 #146

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Rama Rama,

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Rama Rama Rama Rama Kala early Savio Salama Steven kurata mama. So I'm not gonna ask you to can raise your hands right now say but how many of us here put so much effort to wake up to nuclear mala and raise your hands?

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If you do to hedge that's the question right many people they ask how much should I do to hedge in order for me to count among those whom Allah subhanaw taala called l carnitine. Alpha me those who always look to Malaysia antigen, how much should I do to get into that category? And then the other question is, how much is considered too much? Like a sister She asked because my husband keeps complaining like you do too much.

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You know, so why don't you wake up and pray with her? Yeah, it has to go to work. Right. So the other excuses So how much is too much when it comes to doing tahajjud anti MLM let's hear from the prophets that a lot of them and they bucola casado

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in a moderation worship. And so they allow

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the kalimna bu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and mesquida for either have done them do them by necessity. He said one day the prophets of Allah, Allah, he came out and he came into the masjid. And then he saw there was he noticed there was a rope stretching between two pillars of the Muslim image in this post and there's another one

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Next to it and there is a rope that was touching in between.

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and then the purposes of like was wondering

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what is this rope? Follow how the designer, et cetera.

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So he was told this is a natural, his wife.

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And when during her piano and her job, she begins to feel tired, she will grab on it for support

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exceeds the train close to this rope. And as she prays to head down to Malachi stands for long hours. When she feels weak, she was to the robe so she can continue standing was she finishing her sizes?

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What do you guys think of this app? Isn't that an amazing act of devotion?

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Or is it excessive?

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Who will judge the Prophet sallallahu Sallam here? So the Prophet when he heard that a lot of us probably today if you sell tell them that they would say, Masha Allah?

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This is amazing. I wish I can be like that. No, no, no.

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Because even the prophets, Allah subhanaw taala will

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take it off.

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Take that robe off. This is not right. A Casa de la selon, hadoken, nashotah, et cetera and Europa, he said sallallahu wasallam. And try this Oh, you should offer your Salah so long as you can, as you feel like it will handle up the energy.

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And then when you feel tired, you should go to sleep.

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Get some rest. Remember the headings we discussed before the three men who came to the house the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and one of them he asked about the river and then they told how much he worship later you know he's forgiven doesn't have to do much. One of them vowed to pray every single night.

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Similar to the professor Sam he answered that question or that claim by saying well Anna was only when I pray and it takes some risk.

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So the question we get from this head is right now how much is too much? The private answer this as long as you can, as long as you can withstand it if you get tired, get some rest.

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So should you feel guilty that if you pray to God and you feel now tired, should I just you know make it shorter or not? No.

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The point is not to torture yourself. Remember in our Deen not about you know putting yourself too into hardship to get the reward? No. It's doing the ibadah in the easiest way possible. But if you had to go through hardship in the process of doing it that you need to show patience like fast and

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some people when they fast what do they do deliberately? They don't eat the food. Why? Because they want to feel hungry

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no yeah Ramadan fasting has nothing to do with you getting hungry

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has to do with you being spiritual at the moment. So putting yourself to torture is not okay. You can do that. As a man of

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the prophets Allah Sam so this man is going to come with us later inshallah. Man was standing in the sun, standing in the sun and remained quiet so he asked what's wrong with him? toliara sola this man he vowed to fast

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and evolved to remain standing all day in the sun and not talking to anybody for them.

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And the proper like, is that serious? Is it No.

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order him to sit down in the shade, sit down in the shade, let him talk and he can continue faster.

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Like it's not needed. A lot doesn't need you to torture yourself to get that last panel. Similar to when it comes to camera how much is too much. If you put yourself to excessive hardship, and becomes painful, then that's too much. But pray and preamble a certain level of hardship and working out from sweet sleeping right and sweet dreams. Is that easy or difficult? or difficult? Is it impossible?

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No, come on.

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That's not impossible.

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Is it difficult Of course it's difficult, but it's not impossible. So therefore you're going to have to extra effort to wake up so you can make your advantage. Is that clear? Even though there is a level of degree of hardship or is variable. Don't put yourself to hardship just for the sake of getting reward. Now if you can offer the burden, the easiest way to do it and then inshallah if there's any hardship just endure that for the sake of Allah just one last thing I want to mention that you might hear stories from some people Mashallah some a lot of brothers and sister with good hearts and good intentions. They read stories, they read stories in books, written by Allah and so

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they read the alums name edition, Mashallah credible source, right? And they read all the stories, the stories that don't have any chain of narrators, anything like that about Allah and saw the hand stories that would make you just like, wow, this is unbelievable. And a lot of people do believe this stuff.

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really, and it's so excited like you want

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To show me the meaning of devotion for this Allah, and this is one of the great automa He says, you know, one day this Adam was seen in Mecca during the Hajj the entire night, the entire night he was doing the whole night, however he prayed to Raka in which he finished the entire Quran.

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So half of the Quran and the first rocker and the other half of the second record, so far it's okay. But here's the bizarre story comes in. Because in the first tracker, he was standing on his right foot

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and the second rocker he was standing on his left foot

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and he was mentioned mentioned so with a lot of passionate about one of the great dilemma and I'm just like

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I said, Okay, so what do you say what he told me is that he goes you see I'm telling you is Marshall devoted argument.

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I said you're telling me that this island this Imam is moqtada

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he's gonna tell me right now he's an innovator. He was outcome says who's better which worship is better? The Prophet says worship or this is worship. So of course the purposes of worship. Okay, has the purpose of ever done that? goes no, but you know, I said, Don't say but as the professors have ever done that there's no sense that don't tell me someone can outdo the seven acts of worship. That's blast in our accept, we'll accept that. So when someone brings you stories like these, make sure to verify the source before you know kind of like, start spreading it and sharing it on your WhatsApp groups and emails and all that stuff and so on. Make sure it's credible. And something

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legit Voila. And a question before the question, just another announcement actually, don't forget Saturday, Sunday inshallah. Sunday we are going to be praying silicon surgery at the North Lake Park at 615 in sha Allah Allah, we have a potluck

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so bring your breakfast with you Charlotte, Allah to the park we have a lot of financial a lot of games, you can actually

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assign we need actually people to sign up for the breakfast. So if you guys don't mind, leaving shallow gala, sign up for the unsolved club and also for the breakfast inshallah, your question for them.

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Compare there is no enough time for Dr. Molina.

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Yeah, so yeah, I mean, our situation, the whole concept of hardships are relative, right? Because back in the days, people didn't have electricity. So when they live, they live the normal hours of the day. By matter of time, they're already getting ready to sleep. So after a shower, they go to sleep right away, they spend the whole night sleeping and then wake up sometimes in the middle. That's another ibadah and they wake up professional refreshed. In our situation, our day begins after

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because everything before that was done just for

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my time starts right now. So you watch movies, because sometimes on vines, or other stuff nonsense and so on, and then eventually you end up you know, after midnight and so there's not enough time for

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this is a problem. And then we say I can't work at 4pm

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all the time they were supposed to be doing Pamela you wasted your time with something else. So make sure you organize your night and the more in the proper way inshallah

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Yeah, well, I mean, for all the people who are now used to sort of Eva that, that might not quite become the part of the sooner, but some of it, let's say, for example, in the Quran, they did once or in particular, every time before or after, or something like that, and so on. I mean, in general, generally speaking, no, for under stress, you know, it's a virtue. It's the best virtue the worst, they could actually do something different. So if it's a matter of Quran, that's fine. But if you ask her, this, ask her, why don't you read another suitor with it?

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Then, you know, just know that you don't have to. You don't have to convince.

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You did your part that said

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that she heard someone said this. So she followed the law. Yes.

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So if you do if you woke up 30 minutes before fudger, and you do terracotta? Because the answer is yes, of course. Absolutely. If you couldn't do 200 before you go before you wake up before actually pledge your time.

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Make sure to do it before you go to sleep. That also counts as the 100 You must say, but it's too early to you this time back in the day they didn't have electricity even after a shower was difficult to stay awake.

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So the challenge to wake up before fudger probably was easier for them. For us, it's the opposite.

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For them, their biggest challenge was staying after Russia staying awake after Russia, because it was much easier

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for us is completely the opposite. It's staying and going to bed early. That is a problem. And that's what we have in hard time. I can afford circumcision.

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