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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the 200 series Surah Yaseen and how it is a series of letters and symbols. The first page is a series of letters and symbols, and the second page is a recitation of Surah Yaseen. The goal is to practice and stay focused on the series.
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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah brothers and sisters, welcome to Quranic reading circles for Surah Yaseen in sha Allah. Today, we're going to be focusing on the 200 series speed, which is us looking over some basic rules of Tajweed. I noticed from the last page, it was a little overwhelming, but in the beginning, I do need to go through some particulars. Today, we're going to try our best to read through it, and you are going to pause and follow along to the best of your ability. It's not the tone that you're trying to reproduce. It's the flow of the letters. It's the respect to each and every letter and where it came from. Let's start again with apples. Apples application. Try the word

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Uzu be love he mean, I'll show you on your Raji. Good. Let's start from the beginning. What Mally

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goo do.

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The fell Barani were Ely he to Georgia rune. Again, please make sure that you notice I'm spending time on the lam one Miley

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boo do levy fell ball Ronnie we're Eli e two Georgia rune for PA Ra.

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The next hire at the he do the

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stealthy do Meilin do knee he Lee had an

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LI had an E you read the new ra e you read the new ra ma No. be boring. be boring bring the lemon below really love to Nyan Nisha Fatah to whom che

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come back to the word chiffon shefa i to whom che che l to Allah Yong ki Zun ki Zune Voon in knee either laffy wall Lolita Mubi in me is Luffy Borla learning Moby

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in me

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to be all be comb first rune

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the ladder holy Jen

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online les Delco me lampoon

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online les Dell phone me I love Mudan

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Bhima LaFell Ali B was Jhala ne Meenal Moke on me in

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now as you can tell it's straightforward beam Wall fell on only

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be one job I Lani mean more on me in

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Isla Mia he Mubarak de he now we're stopping here just so you can go back and say Mubarak de he Mian Julian the mean as

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mean as

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you are ma goon

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Z really mean

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now let's take a quick look here say min Jun din, May, June June the meanness

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Ah you are ma

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xili in ink start with the word ink in Ghana II love slowly had

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he that then where he that

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either home or me do haul me dude, try pause, see if I can get a

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chance to go back and listen to that again. Now we're gonna go I have number 30 Here we're focusing on the RD E and D O so yeah has all done I love

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the I love I love

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the RE re Rebbe Maya the hem Mir was Assouline eel Lukka newbie he is

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Z goon

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eel can no be he Yes. Z ood and LM yellow cam like now Barbara Lau home

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LM yellow gum. Like now all the lounge room Mina Rooney let's go back for a second Can you hear Baba? Baba? All the left home mean? Rooney and now whom? II lay him lie orgy rune. Iron number 31 Allah Mia Hello

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luck now Barbara Lau whom Mina Rooney and now whom?

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And now whom? II lay him lie your G or rude and now I don't want you to say La him and stop liar June, but I want to hear the meme committed to ELA him love your G rune. I number 32 What ink again anytime noon Sukwon followed by Caf we're going to make the ink sound so what ng co Lu

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Jermy role lead de na more Boru don't finish blowing the HA. More war room. Can you catch that on video? Can you hear that? It's not just maroon it's more more more more rune try your best try your best in sha Allah. What yeah young too low who moved? Oh boy. Me that.

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Now made that to Sue's me what? To love humo

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my tattoo may meter to blow through it. Yay in

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iron number 33 What am I on to learn whom all our wool meter to yay

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what why'd you mean her hub?

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mean her habour give me the difference between the HA and the HA the spice. So say mean

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I have done firm in who yeah Kulu Moon say Maya what I am to learn whom all our Mater to yay nah ha. What a while Gina Amin her haben Furman who yet Kulu and I are number 34. What John Luffy heard John 19 mean he knew Nabi Wofford Jelena Wofford, Jo Nafi Hi Meenal you, Leah Kulu me

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Summary he wants me to add him Furla school rune Lea Kulu come to the top. Leah Kulu. Mele summary he

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Camila who was former Army lead who ad him fella yesh guru

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lezzy hollow coil as well. Jiang Kula mean

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Subhana Lavy I want you to commit to the Lambson Suba

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lezzy hollow coil as Why don't call

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Mima to be to do I mean foresee him warming ma Allah Ya Allah Moon and the word to be to let your lips vibrate together say to be to to

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be to lips kind of just touch to be to

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do it mean fusi him Why me ma Lai la moon the last day of the page what I am to learn who Moulay Lunas left who mean who

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mean who's not how often either? Whom? moly Moon mean?

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Hoon? Nah, ha. So I want you to make the distinction here. Say mean who's

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off either who's um, move Lee Moon.

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The last time that we're reading what am I on tune low who Moulay Lunas Lau who mean Hoon? Nah, ha Oh, for either whom I'm more Lee Moon.

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This completes the 200 series, we're reading the third page, or in this case, it would be the next page that you're following on. So it's a third page of Surah Yaseen. I'm hoping that you're keeping along you're reading along with it, you're pausing, I did my best and tried to make the sounds as clear as quick as they could be. These recordings should never replace a live teacher but should be a means for you to get some good practice so that when you do start reading with a real teacher, in sha Allah, a less virtual teacher, then inshallah your recitation will be that much closer to the way it was revealed in sha Allah. Please remember that you need to practice and stay focused. And

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may Allah subhanaw taala make you an advocate of Quranic literacy. Just like Lachlan was said Mr. Aiken Warahmatullah