Adnan Rajeh – Islamic Core Value #19 Refusal of Oppression

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history of the Prophet Muhammad's message about sticking to actions of worship, which is a fundamental part of Islam. The message is rooted in the core of Islam, and the speaker emphasizes that everyone should be willing to stick to their actions and not be punished for their actions. The message is not only a statement of intentions, but also a core belief.
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year we remain Muslim visa hey he said and say and marketed near certain other Allahu Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah wa salam, ala bother to fill her g k gelatin in a year. Brothers and sisters today's hadith is narrated is an authentic is a narrative in the collection of Muslim with an authentic chain of narration as well as the fourth highest in those series of short, a hadith that one can, can memorize and benefit out of it also, it's also a short, short, but

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always the highest of the product ideas. So to sum, the ones that are short, or the most condensed in terms of meaning, don't be deceived by by it's only by the number, the four or five number of words that hadith continues, but it's always like that the shortest, the more condensed meaning you can you find in it. So the Prophet Allah has sought to solve this how you says, linguist, like an English translation, that

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an act of worship or

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sticking to acts of worship, in the time of calamity, how is equal in reward to

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doing an immigration to him to the Prophet Allah Hassan.

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So you you that's basically what it means.

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So the just on the face of it, it's it's plain and understandable. It's that's the thing when when, when things are hard, and you stick to your actual force ship, of course, there's a lot of reward in it equal to actually to, to integrate into it and go to the profit out of his son. Now let's dissect the Hadith a little bit and see why number one, the act of worship, sometimes when when you see anybody it means of course act of worship, right? But then a lot of people only think of Salatin see on these things, but in reality, I would like to think that, that only it's the acts but also what leads to it. Knowledge and intention, everything that comes around it. So sticking to those things.

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Also, number one, number two, why did the Prophet Allah have sought some say? It's like an immigration to me. Why is that?

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Every time you find yourself in a situation, where the only one who's doing something that is related to the Prophet, either his thoughts or some in terms of like, practicing his Sunnah that is not, that's been kind of like,

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left behind, or you are as if you're, you are giving life to the Prophet out of his sight. That's exactly what it is. So when you when you find yourself in a situation where there's, there's really not and we all have, we all lived actually the situation where when it's a mess around you. There's lack of fundamentals, there's lack of there's things that make sense, and people don't take it as making it makes sense. But people don't accept it that way. People are killed, you don't even know why people are, there's a lot of things that don't make sense. But when you when you when you look at them in terms of in terms of our teachings, it's that's the right thing to do, right? But then

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only few people practice them. So this hadith is trying to tell you that in these times, of calamity, in times of chaos, sticking to your fundamentals to what's right, is basically the right thing to do. Don't be deceived by those who actually who who do the wrong thing when it's when when they have to right, stick into the secret to be truthful is when everyone around you is lying. This hadith is what this Hadees is telling you, sticking to being honest, when everyone is deceitful around you. That's what not only Salah that you go in the practice of prayer when no one's doing it. That's only I believe the surface of it is what leads to it's all the ethical aspect of our

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religion, that that also it goes under the big umbrella of a body. So it's it's you know how when, while everyone is doing it, this hadith is actually contradicting that to the fundamental core of it, that none does. Everyone does. It doesn't mean that you have to do it if it's against what you've been taught. The the what the very famous poet says Walmart and Isla Mina has yet in the Velodrome, way to wear in Russia that winter when Russia did Razia to our show that I'm only from this tribe, whatever they do, I do with them, they do the right thing. And I'm sticking to that. And they is the wrong thing that I'm sticking to that in Islam. No, we don't do that. Goals do not

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justify the means at all. The means have to be compatible with our teachings. And that's why you get the reward of someone who did Hijra to the profit ideas.

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So I hope this was a benefit. Yeah, to everyone was Lehman visa and Macedonia. Certainly all the Allahu Taala and

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More work on labor to fee Alhaji kgr tiene la sallahu wa spanic Allahumma barik ala

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