Yaser Birjas – Isha Khatirah 2012 01 29

Yaser Birjas
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100 another of galantamine, so a lot of you know, whether it was it was a statement from Amanda and Amanda Nomura, Mo la Dahlia puffy, Bobby, Emily would add it to

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the chapter and obligation officials to show kindness to the subjects. But I wanted to highlight avianna market mdsr rhodiola is similar to Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam and mammon. And then yesterday he elaborated on your mood to your Mahmoud, who have oshun lira yet in in Harlem allamani in New Jersey.

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It's a very dangerous thing for the officials of the method Milan

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visa, Samuel Columbus, hi, Karla. avala, philos panna cotta appoints anyone of the slaves and a service as a ruler, or officially over a people. And he dies when he when he is still a harsh one, which means his treasures. He's been cheating, not being honest, he being dishonest to his people. Allah subhanho wa Taala shall forbid him from entering and Jen.

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You guys understand how dangerous that is. So being an opposition leadership, it's not a it's not a privilege as much as a huge responsibility.

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But more the responsibility comes also authority and power.

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And that's why it's sometimes it's rewarding. But the warmer the last panel water, of course, is a very strong. So for those who've been important, these official positions, remember

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that you cannot just do things and get away with this a lot in the Muslim world. Our last pass subhanho wa Taala took revenge to the people from these tiles. And look at the situation in Libya, the man in Libya long Stein was so much arrogance as he was dealing with his people, his people the entire world. And on top of that with the Father, and the Son of the prophets of Allah said, I'm claiming himself to have Mashallah guidance better than the guidance of the foreigner he created his own Green Book. And also the use to talk about it for an aroma center Malik Mohammed, and there is no need for him to repeat the words called Allah, He will just say Hola, hola. So these the words,

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after rolling for over 30 years, look our last panel to prevent for the people to download from the tyrants. Look at the example of an Egypt in Tunisia in these places. And I remember when this happened, and I told you my feeling about that situation. I said yes, one even though as people were celebrating, well I almost cried. I almost cried when I saw this man, you know, being so humiliated, and and killed in that disgraceful situation and position.

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And it reminds me a lot of celebrating my

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holiday significant people will be how significant they will become our significant significant people will become a This will be our last panel.

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They're so precious, so valuable. But once they discover Allah subhanho wa Taala to that level, they become so insignificant analyzer Look how he humiliated those people. They didn't take any heed an example from from from

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one of those people, they wanted to see some real example. Allah showed them during their lifetime. Some of these studies like in you know, what happened in Romania during the end of the communist era. It didn't take care of that either. The recent one was an error off and other places and so on. But they didn't take any heed of that until the last parameter and may have an example to other people. Now that again, that shows that when those people that been not honest, there will be a complete dishonest for their own people. They misuse the power that Allah Subhana Allah has put in their hands that entrusted them anyway. That's how Allah subhana wa tada endo masala. For us we take

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the shallow data an example of this if Allah ever chose us for a position like this, he himself salatu wa salam said that Allah will help you. Any man sir at Masada? Amata whoever asked to be in a position of leadership himself is looking for

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holy abide Habana Allah subhana wa tada will live in while living on his own to

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try it on his own and deal with it on his own. Well, I can if he was chosen for that position, or in

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a loss of Kannada system if they'd been chosen for that position. So you guys have been chosen for this position. So I'm going to allow you and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to give you tofield and to give you guidance, that indiscriminate and shallow data without that which is best for them in their life, and also from those people part of your responsibility towards

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them is to make sure that they're always or shall altaira do the right thing. And if you ever see anything that is good, you need to go to them. By the way, that was an amazing time.

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And if you have say something good, they haven't done yet, you're going to tell them by the way, this is a good opportunity. Why don't you just call Franklin Sharma. If you have seen him do something wrong, you just tell them you know what I wish that we could inshallah reconsider that decision. So let's talk about a shout out if they're interested, they need your help, they need your assistance. They don't need your complaining. They don't need your whining.

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They need honest criticism and real in a genuine Nazi half of the people who are really valued this agenda and the contribution to this community and of course, on top of all of this, they need your help.

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It's not just to give them that advice as much as being part of achieving it and implemented this is Charlotte data. And I want to handle Allah blessed us with a very small committee relatively, but Mashallah any very handler of them in any protected very close to each of them and Allah subhanho wa Taala increase the blessings upon us and Allah subhanho wa Taala again, make this community any example for others in this area, and everyone has been in love with Donna. Any question

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if one of the sisters wants us to contribute the $3,000 who should you contact?

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She wants to donate $1,000 she wants to contribute $2,000 to batara

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contact Michelle Jacqueline is here and the sister wants to contact him he's going to be outside of Shannon love data.

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So there's your mom, sister

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want to embarrassed ask questions now.

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The question is about Salah if someone saw part of the hour that's supposed to be covered in Salah was let's say expose for instance a man he was wearing a little bit you know short

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t shirt. So when they bend for you, they might expose some of the bad part of the problem. One of the sisters when she goes to the job to dump into the prostitute and the baby clothes, the hijab her hair comes out for example what do you do in this case? In this case we should cover it quickly and salon and you continue you continue with your song but if this continues from the beginning to the end or is going to be continuing the same thing ever look whenever you do the selection well

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the reason I'm saying it's okay if the hour was basically

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revealed accidentally and Salah that can be covered and continue with the salon. If the prophets of Allah valuable seller, he commanded the ladies he commanded the lady and there's a law behind the JAMA behind the men, that women he said that when men not raise their heads from the salute until they make sure the men already up fully up. Why because back then the men didn't have the luxury that Mashallah you guys have two or three layers of clothes back then they barely have one piece. One some of them they had to wrap their waist with it and they have nothing underneath nothing above that. They would have one piece from the shoulders go all the way down to their knees and then

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nothing underneath. So when they're next to Jude, somehow they might expose their our that did not invalidate Ursula that's one thing. The other example when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said what was it doesn't break the law because when the prophet SAW said one day, he started his salon and suddenly he took his shoes or slippers off put them on the side. That's a habit and the same thing. So when he finished he turned around and look at them. He was what did you take the shoes of course, we started doing that. So I thought there was something new so I

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eventually told them no in that way Nana jabril came to me and informed me that I had some images on my shoes, so I had to take them off. He did not stop the salon did not break us a lot while inside he just fixed the problem. I mean took the shoes off and resumed the song. So if someone shirt was on top

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started quickly and continued with our PSA, if that happens again, never wear that shirt again. Because eventually it's not going to help you fix your song. And I hope that for the brothers in general to make sure that when they come to us a lot

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then you have a shirt that is long enough to cover your our that when you go to class, you don't have to battle with it. A lot. No, no, take Franco seca position like people who run the election like the most common general elections, this this reconsider seeking a position is back people are electing on the elections format is that someone who's pursuing Yani disposition, the way it is done in America, as you can see that they're spending $750 million just on campaigning, so they can win a position in which they can waste another few billion dollars afterwards. That's how the political system also were unfortunately.

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Yeah, I'm not, I'm not actually going to be speaking about that position. But in the massage area, when you have people nominate some people, and they asked them to take this position, or maybe they would say we are going to open positions a solid one for us, by nomination is good. Which means people that choose number of people to do for these positions, and then you go to a consultant and then listen, people who have chosen to be nominated for this position or the largest roundabout. And they will say, you know what, yeah, that's fine. They should be fine. Because they did not pursue it themselves. First, they be selected by the people now they kind of compete to three people to be

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selected by the genome, but I hope this is okay shall not and there's nothing wrong with that. Well, ah, but my concern if you allow these

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candidates to start campaigning in the midst,

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if I become the president of the Missouri inshallah, I'm gonna have enough trash cans everywhere. I'm gonna provide you with more parking spots. I think that would be too much to do that.

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He was killed by his own people.

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Islamic law is a crime because no one has the right to take the law in his hand. Yes, he was a tyrant. He was this. You can put labels as much as you want on. But that does no justification whatsoever for any individual or any group to take the law in their hand just to take revenge for all the atrocities committed against one law.

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So you finish the salon, and you realize later that you didn't have to do when you did.

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Okay, as the salon time or the expired, your salon is okay.

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But a lot of salon time is still there. You still can make sure you need to do this all again one more time. So for example, you just finished a shower right now. Then you realize almost how to use the bathroom at home I didn't make you realize that you didn't make although when you finished the bathroom and listen, we still have time for a shot. So you need to remember to redo your song. But if you remember that tomorrow morning, he says Hi, I think I pretty sure last time was

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too late. So I started the Sharla atomic Spark. And when you did it, you did it in a circumstances that are permissible to perform a song

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which is the forgetfulness in that position removes the liability Charla although some forefathers say it doesn't die, but it's actually the sin of nanny for not paying Salah with the right conditions. But the Bible says still the law

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motherfucker under

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the second sentence should be fine. Another example once

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they were arguing about the table they were arguing about

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because it was cloudy one time among themselves. They were an expedition. So each one of them prayed in a specific direction. They didn't pray together. They prayed different directions based on the assumption of

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them when they finished. They put lines before they actually they went to sleep, they put lines. And when they woke up, they are some of them. They practice their own direction. So when they went to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he just validated what they did it because the Salah was done on different time, and according to the circumstances of that dark time with a performance alarm. That didn't work. So they did not

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know. Yes.

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assuming that's because he was arrested already in the process of fighting

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against Yeah.

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The circumstance of that

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And President as president, he was killed after he was captured. No, that's not allowed for them to kill him or to, to execute him without being tried or without being created, provide given to the authority. They don't have an authority to do to make that executive position decision to execute.

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But if he was killed in combat, that's different.

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So that's why we said what we what they have done Islamic illegal is considered actually a crime or law.

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So although he was

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a good name,

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I wouldn't say it was killed as much.

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But he definitely was killed in the wrong way.

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I would, I would not wish any, any good for him to be honest with you for the atrocities and the coup for that he always exposed the Muslim woman to Lone Star, but he's otherwise

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positive politics on the negative side, but even in the Sahaba. They were leaders and politics. And

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so what do you say? Like what are those positive side of the politics?

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of the prophet SAW some as a politician? But when I use the politician here, unfortunately, it always comes whether the culture of here What do you say about politics? It always comes with a negative connotation. But politics is part of our Deen There is no doubt about even our enemies. They have actually been books written on us, yes.

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Which means illegal politics, how to, which is how to run the affairs of the oma and the leadership and so forth. So we don't have we don't have anything against it. As a principle, of course, and as

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a way of dealing and leading people. But sometimes the way the process of selecting the leadership and how the political game as Ron does, I think that might have some issues.

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So it's not all negative. Now, segue back to the question Rami just asked about the, the covering of the origin

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of these words, the prophet was we can supply that he took his shoes, was there a precedence we could pray with your shoes on? This was before the advocates were defined. So when the prophet SAW so he took his shoes off as he was making salad, that doesn't mean that is a precedence the first time or actually that is the standard. The standard at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is to pray whatever you choose.

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However, however, his master was furnished with titles

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that's why they used to pay with shoes on and he recommended for us to pay without shoes on in the circumstances, of course.

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But at home so a lot of Salomon even sometimes in them as he would order Ayesha, he said, Now we need a formula.

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The formula is basic like apparel, not camera camera, is one formula is just like a prayer. So when you used to pray on the prayer rug, so a lot of them he would not wear shoes on I show on time, she said that she

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she woke up at nine and she missed the prophet SAW some of this place. This is bad, she wasn't you didn't find and so she starts crawling in the darkness of the room looking for him.

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And as she was looking for him, her hand, grabbed his foot, so a lot of Salah when he was in a position. So she said I grabbed his foot Salam Salman was in a certain position, and he was mega mega specific gland that she mentioned. So that means when he was at home, he also didn't wear his shoes on. So he was making a song. So it depends on circumstances. So I would say if we pray outdoors, for instance, and in a park, keep your shoes on. If you pray in a public place, that is usually not necessary. You don't have to take the shoes off the normal circumstances, you can still keep your shoes on have your makeup salon shallow. And that's even preferable if you've been

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training it and

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specific to the congregation of men and women,

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with their example are setting where the women will be the women in terms of relationship and I'd like a q&a session. q&a session. For example, Professor Alexa, well, here's the thing in the message, first of all in the message

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the women used to have of course the back walls, and then the front rows provide that most women if not all of them, after the Salah is done. While the men are still doing their test. They will be leaving.

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That's what I should have pointed out to women usually when this is over, so they live quickly before the men start moving out. mozzafiato

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They cover themselves up. And so it's not like you're the first one that is just standing there or sitting there chilling and just Converse, Converse and socializing. They don't do that, they would leave right away.

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At some point, they're complained that men keep congregating the doors like we do here sometimes, as usual, we finished our false alarms are standing out there, and I'm talking. So they complain to the profit solar cell and that you know that they need some extra privacy. And so the prophets of Allah said, and he designated one door for them, called double Nisa, the gate of women until this day, that game is still in Medina, in this so called web server is no longer used by women. Because now it's part of the men's section, the front section, but it's still called *. So there was some consideration for the privacy for women. When it comes to the rules that were not all the

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prophets of Allah Salam used to give these rules and women would win the it would have been especially location, whether they would be one of the men for salon Juma, for example. Or

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they would ask the Prophet Solomon for a private session, like an ADA smelly the second I'm sorry of Yolanda. And she was the envoy of women.

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And she was asking the Prophet about, you know,

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men have taken you over basically, we don't have any access to you anymore. So far, I don't know, man, he gave them one day special form. It says this day you gather in someone's house, I'll come to you. I'll give you a half. So he will not have. So if we have a q&a session, how are we going to do that? It misses an

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hour an hour and say anything different than what would it be usually the men in the front and woman in the back here and themselves? We're gonna split it

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back and forth.

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one interpretation or explanation that was that at the time?

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Well, Moosa, last panel told him this law like him a lot. And

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so that was a tradition of baseline. When they worship they take the shoes off the supposedly do that.

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Okay, so

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yeah, so how do you consult

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the seconds again, the circumstances in the massala, in the in the houses of worship, that's perhaps the synagogues and churches. That's perhaps what they used to take the shoes off. But for us, we said, just keep your shoes on and domestic. Again, on the circumstances where the temple was, was furnished with

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even McEvoy even, it wasn't until 1950s. And 60s,

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when they when they put the marble in the men, the men caught on the car until the late 1950s and 60s even there was furnished with dirt and pebble you have new, perhaps I've seen these pictures, where people will be making a walk around the cover and wearing their shoes. So that is normal today, you can do that. And when you come in, you have to take the shoes off. So I would say depends on the circumstance in this world.

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Way, too, but that doesn't mean we have to be well, I wouldn't say that because the circumstances were not the same.

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And if this place was furnished with purple or or marble, or even actually concrete, I would say you know, keep your shoes on law.

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