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Come to a lot of Vladimir sell a lot of Salaam Alaikum Hamlet.

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on the other side of

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the Barbie Emily will actually

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have officials to show kindness to their subjects follow Ivana Chateau de la tarde. symetra Rasulullah sallallahu whatever said on the outside Look at her. She was speaking about her as soon as he was here when I heard him speaking those words called Allahumma Manwani am an embryo Matthew Shay and Sasha Kala him feshbach a woman money I mean amblyomma t shirt and photocopy him for me.

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Here's how I shot a lot. And she said, I heard the Messenger of Allah so a lot of sort of making this law in my house. He said, Bala, treat harshly those who rule over my own mouth harshness, and to gently those who rule over my own mouth, with journalists are all Muslim. So anyone what even amblyomma Disha. He said, not just ruling anyone who has become you know, an official, or at least became any kind of government affairs governing the first of the Muslims in any way. And he made it easy for them all make things easy for him. And anyone who has been put in a position to rule over this former government, their affairs, and he was harsh, and he made things difficult for them or

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Allah make things difficult for him in his life. So that's why I'm in a position of an Imam. I hope I Mashallah Take it easy on you.

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If not, let me know Please, I'm in big trouble because of this headache right now. And if someone of you has been put in a position to take over the oma, whether you've been assigned to lead an Islamic school, or maybe lead to halaqa, or even let, let's say take care of weekend school, or even the imara. And under the leadership of this community, this also applies to all of you.

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One day you're going to be assigned to to lead an ad hoc committee. The committee wants your expertise and doing some let's say, I do business with a community, let's say networking in the magazine and so forth. And you have a team with you.

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There are psychology about leadership. Once you become the head of a team somehow somehow you feel the authority. And it's really intoxicating. It is Yeah, people just remember when Tamia Rahim Allah tala is in a secretary.

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Can alma socrata home? Basically the intoxication that that people they feel and they get out of taken position of leadership is greater than the intoxication. Why? Because he said that intoxication of wine people, they would come to wake up from it somehow. But intoxication of government, government and leadership and rule or basically the rules, it's not easy to wake up from. That's why like the Muslim and Arab countries and you have Mashallah presidents who rule for life.

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Imagine you have a republic that is run by, you know, elected officials and these elected officials, they run for life, Mashallah. Yeah, they have been running for the past 30 years. And the whole population wasn't supported them all these years to Barack Obama, imagine if they were kings? How would they do longstaff I think there was a better way of a lie, because they know that their terror is not going to come to an end on Saturday anyway. But so they try to make things better for the people. But somehow this is like that, that as you see, they just try to make things difficult for the last panel with the admin things terrible that maybe they enjoy temporary any luxury. And even

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in countries like in Pakistan, for example, every time someone rules, and they become the president for a few years, then after the top of them they will remove a few years later they start pursuing them or they go after them to go send them to jail. And then they come up from Georgia roll again. And then they put it back to jail.

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humiliation, it's it's any divine intervention in these in these cases from our last panel. So if our last panel that ever tried and tested you by becoming a leader or ruler, or even in any position, to take care of the affairs of the Muslim Ummah, remember that it's an authority. It's a responsibility. And if you take things make things easy for the oma in the way that is the last panel data is not making things easy in your own way, in the way that the last panel will allow and make things easier to deal with the land is dirty on the app. And if you make things difficult, don't expect the last panel out of the scope. If you think you're getting away with Indonesia, only

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Allah knows how the end will be. And if not in the dunya you still have the last panel with that. So now let's make it easy for you. And Allah subhana wa tada help our lives indiscriminately to make things easier for us. So the last panel that made it easy for them

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any questions?

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Mashallah, what is Korea?

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Now? Is it okay for you to have preference towards Muslims? So for example, if you have a job opening,

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is that allowed in the system? If it's allowed in the system, then that's fine. Equal Opportunity. That's the case that I know. But they asked you when it's we'd have job openings. For example, if you know anyone who knows how to do these things, bring them to us. So you know, our Muslim friend, you know, and you know, that he's, he's good at this stuff, random, and that's fine, as long as the system allows that. But if you know there is somebody else was more applicable for that position and more experts in the field and you go after someone who was less, that becomes a piano because they asked you to become the experts. They didn't ask you to be the expert Muslim.

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So that becomes actually a if they allow you to choose, then yes, you have a preference of Allah.

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That's in general, the power of authorities in general. Once you are in a position of authority. Everybody else under your leadership is like a subject in Milan.

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Somebody passed away.

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know, if someone passed away and they did not perform hajj, they left money behind their money, or their kids obligated to perform Hajj on their behalf? The answer is yes, absolutely. Yes. They're obligated to perform Hajj. And if the day left money, sufficient to sponsor someone, whether it's your child, his child, or someone else, then they should actually sponsor and someone to perform Hajj for them, provided that the person who goes to Hajj on their behalf should have already done their hygiene for themselves.

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You don't send someone who never been to Hajj before know someone who already been to Hajj so they can perform Hajj on their behalf, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he was approached by someone and asked him that is actually his father. His mother passed away and didn't go to Hajj. So last part of the prophets lesson said that they don't lie about the debts that are due to last Panama are more water to be paid first. There is that belongs to the last panel and this case, the hedge is one of the debts that needs to be paid,

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doesn't have to be done immediately next year right away. The sooner the better.

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Doesn't have to be the person, the person who does the act on their behalf. As this person has to be a child, descendant of that person, he doesn't have to be the son of that person.

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It doesn't matter. Even if the person who did not go to Hajj, had opportunities to go on, they never took the opportunities to go. The Hajj is considered larger than wasa it's actually an expanded obligation. You had an opportunity to do it anytime during your lifetime. No one knows when that will end. So it ended, you know, unexpectedly, which is always an expert in this regard.

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Yes. Are they going to be any sort of liable for delay hatches that extend liability is there a delay at a time when it becomes hard and difficult for them to hurt effect, for example, someone become 10, nine years old, and they're not sure they left 1000s of dollars, not even millions of dollars every month, this person won't be held liable for that? Because Allah has given you the money that the worlds and the health when you were younger, now that you became 90 years old, you never been to hatch. That's that's a different thing. law now.

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How about women, Barbara is also obligation to act on behalf of the deceased. Some of them are those who actually say it's an obligation as equal to hatch. They say yes, you should do that. Because Allah subhanaw taala says uncertain about what a tomb will have Joel mattarella and fulfill al Hajj Under Armour. So for this they say an ombre also an obligation to be performed like equal to attach the haritha Marisa la ceramica beloved

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Boolean is Tamara thumbs and he said I've had luminous Natale Sabina had you didn't mention armor with that. And at our Mr. last panel,

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debate the minister

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to perform height for those who can perform that method therefore come to those who say Ramadan is included they considered aamra a minor hatch so when Allah says what am I doing I'm Robert Allah Allah NASA hedge invaded perform hygiene and obligation upon them. They say armor is also included. A lot. I believe that armor is not magic. But it's definitely it is highly recommended that a person what do you go

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Even if you go for the first time in your lifetime, maybe while you're there and shallow data just to be on the safe side, even

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if he performed so fast, you don't have to do a number on their behalf. So what's the habit of

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not ordering for this? I personally believe that when you go to long run one journey, it comes from day one.

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Yeah, and you know, some people they go home or from here from America, and in one visit, they do 10,000 homes.

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Every time they finished off that particular karmic science on and they go back to autonomy, they do another intention, they come back again and then back, keep going the entire day. 1015 cameras in one visit? A lot of this is inappropriate. That wasn't the some of the profits of a lot of that.

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So what do you need to do that in this case, just do one home and the rest of your time do

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keep them up? Unless you have multiple visits different in the Arabian Peninsula for example. You first arrived to Jeddah so you're going to go home and then you come back to stay engine then you want to make Amita Medina then on the way back from Medina, that's another journey. Go ahead. It's okay. You finished again America, you went back again to gender and gender for some time. And then now right before you leave, for example, so you know, what are we gonna do and

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then you just go back to Mecca. And then you know, so this isn't so right. But in one single day you do these miraculous

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rewards for the

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the rewards or the loss of

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a lot of the receivable or not. And I'm optimistic that the last part is most generous. But if the AMA was an obligation or another someone just given up

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you know, becomes an obligation to fulfill now

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that's different if you live in Mecca you can do as many times as you want

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Yeah, that's because you're local in this regard. But those will come from from other places they need to do it for him and he banned people from doing multiple cameras in one journey. He said you do it in multiple journeys otherwise if you just allow people to do it one journey they will just come one visit during our lifetime and they will come back again tomorrow that's what I was concerned that was his concern. He said I don't want you that the house to be empty for visitors otherwise people they come one time they make a lifetime homeless and they never come back

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sir again fasting obligatory fasting Yes, ever This is dies they left let's say a few days from Amazon. Or they they had cafaro expiation for some they do some fasting yes someone needs to do the fasting on their behalf that's also

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a woman said that her mother she left a few actually days the province of Law Center that she should fast on their behalf

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but not optional fast let's say Monday 930 you cannot do that on their behalf but if they left obligatory fast you make them the only made it

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I mean, I'm not gonna say mandatory but that's an important quality

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and if the father died he left us because he was ill in the month of Ramadan and never was ever able to recover to do them and then you haven't picked up far they should fast these days you have to borrow quality being cheerful to parents. What are the chances I'm not going to fast if you want to deal with fast for himself? Yeah, but he was ill he couldn't do that. So you can however you cannot fast on behalf of some man who did not want to fast at all. Let's say a mother for example. She always told her daughter Why don't you fast?

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fast I'm still too young for this when I get older on Sunday night so they never fast our business. And then last part that I

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decided to take their life at that age accident wherever they died early, according to their standard saying early when they were young so the five six years never fast another Ramadan Can you fast Ramadan on their behalf in this case? The answer is no. Too late for this Allah says what laser insanity lomasa every exam shall face what they've already earned what they have done for themselves.

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Last question,

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again is the same thing I'm not gonna say there is no point in doing these multiple numbers. But I'm of the opinion according to

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tradition and the performance of the Prophet. Some of us learn not to do multiple almost everyone journeys. Those who say you can do multiple longer than the majority they cite heritage

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Some time when she was going to hedge with the profits of a lot of sellers prior to starting here,

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she had her period stuff. So she kind of felt you know, when when they were the purposes and said, Okay, that's fine, don't go off right now just do the Hajj rituals besides Allah. And then when you're done you can make a talk afterwards inshallah. So when she became pure from her period, she did help off on the way out. The she said, jasola as they were marching right now, to go back to back home to Medina. She said, Yeah, so everybody is gonna be going home with Hajin drama, and want me to leave home we just had no, I have to do I need to do an ombre. So the process of some color brother says, Man, come over, take your sister.

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So what do you understand once the pottery is basically fine, let them out. Okay. But it wasn't to establish Jani a whole room on the street. That's an understanding of this.

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But other forefathers understand that differently. They say it was a precedent

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on which we can make any comparisons and allergies and also the US. So you can extend that everybody else will lie. And I would say if you're going to make an investment this case, you have to limit that two years to the same circumstances.

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It's not like for someone who comes healthy and wealthy Mashallah. And they do one number. And then they keep doing just like I said, almost back and forth back and forth. 10 1520 times, in terms of reward meant a lot of boredom. I can't say anything about them in terms of retention and Huntelaar additions to the shallow data. But in terms of you know, soon, is that the practice of the Prophet Can that be something good to do? I would say you know, you'd rather to do one hour per journey and the rest of your time spinning and making the law around the calculate the professor will do. Because if this was okay, they probably would have done it actually multiple times himself, but he

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never did that sort of line was

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one last thing last night when we announced

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the partition actually called me