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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming season of the Islam series, including political and political topics like religion and politics. They also touch on the history of Islam and its impact on political positions and beliefs. The speakers stress the importance of obeying leaders and following laws and regulations, as well as the need for leaders to be strong and strong in order to achieve their goals. They also mention the history of the halifa and the need for leadership, including the downfall of the visa system and the confusion surrounding leadership in the United States.
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alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah I should have said sad now Mohammed Anwar the early he was so happy he married. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala most merciful moleskines La Ilaha Illa who none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa tada the one the only the Almighty, we belong to Him and to Him do we return to ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept from us this walk of Juma evident that we do to put Baraka in our lives in our children's lives to protect us from the fitna of this dunya. May this Juma be an explanation for our sins of last week and a light for the week to come. And we send our greetings and salutations to our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his wives to his perfect and pure family, to his Sahaba. And to all those who follow his soon until the

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end of time, may we be on that sooner, I mean, will hamdulillah handle after a few weeks of

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being on a break, we had some wonderful guest speakers here.

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And hamdulillah we'd like to start a series, another series as we do as soon as Majid varano Islam we like to do things in series. And we know there are a number of series what could we do? Hi season is coming up and make sure that all those people going on hydrated, like sip from them and grant them a safe journey. We will also announce this towards the end that we have a course that will be running on Hajj, we can call so everyone's invited to learn about the Hajj. But something which is very topical, something which is on the minds of most people locally and globally, is that of politics, that of the elections? Should we vote? Shouldn't we vote? Who do we vote for? amongst the

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few people that we have here in the mosque? I'm sure you have. Some will say we cannot vote as Muslims, or some which say we have to vote as Muslims. And some will say that if you vote, you can't vote for such a party. And some say you must vote for a different party. It is a divisive area, in our belief, it is an area that has caused lots of conflict, not just recently, not just what we see in South Africa, in the global sphere, it even caused conflict in the past. Even the greatest of people, the Sahaba differed at times politically, and these differences resulted in conflict. So insha Allah in the series, we'd like to discuss and touch on some of the broad issues with regards

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to this area. How do we select the leader? Who is the most should we have a leader? can we can we go without a leader? Why don't we have halifa? When did the issue of a caliphate stop? Is there califa? Currently, should we give our pledge to him? Should we all go to Syria and give our pledge to the halifa? over the so called halifa? us in a Muslim minority? Should we make hegira to a new Muslim country? Is it haram for us to live here? And if we live here, how do we live and interact? In share? All of these are very big, big questions, questions bigger than you know that no one scholar can answer these things. And it's highly controversial, but we try our best to add just some

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guidance, just some direction. And Allah subhanaw taala bless us in this. So it's a very complicated area. And whenever I enter into a controversial topic, as we've done in the past, we ask Allah for guidance, and I asked you upfront to if you disagree with anything with me, please speak to me. We can discuss our This is the way of the scholars that when new evidence comes to light, they change their opinions. Imam Shafi had a whole new method, method and a new method. He changed his opinion, once he encountered different scholars and different ways of thinking. And this requires deep and extensive study. And not we can't do justice in this few, Juma foodbuzz. But let's go back. And it

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starts with history was my safe place history the past, we can't change the past. We can only talk about the past. So let's talk about history. And I want to show you how controversial this area is, how difficult it is, for us to find common ground with regards to politics in Islam, political differences, it really is the beginning. And it was the spark of our sectarian differences that we have today. When I say sectarian, we know unfortunately, within Islam, we have six we have groups. One thing the other one is caffeine, going to the extent where one group kills the other group, and we see this very, very much happening in the Middle East in Syria, where you have a group calling

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others for bombing, even though you know willing to even bomb soldiers are going to be so solemn monessen spoke about them a week or two ago, a group that today we call them ISIS terrorists, they go back to a much broader type of thinking called the hard edge. We'll talk about them in a little bit. And we have the concept of how it to the other side. Also people that have resulted in bloodshed for sunol Jamal, the Shia, these two groups and sunol Jamal these three groups, probably the biggest sectarian lines, folklore

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In Islam, and it arose out of political differences. These people the group splits, they broke away from the majority because of political issues. They weren't debating about. Is this food halal? or haram? Must we put our hands on our chest to below our navel? Must we make cool notes for Witter, or fragile Salah or not, that wasn't the reason they fought about. They fought about politics, to the point where they hated each other so much that they said, you become copied, that if you vote for this party, and you support this leader, then you are covered. And that's, this is what happened in the past. And today it continues 1000, almost 1400 years later, and we see the midst of the amazing

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Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Somalia, and it goes on and on and on, because of politics, and even here and a minority that we are a small percentage in this country, that is not a Muslim country, we find tension and disagreement amongst ourselves. And we hope that it never ever reaches the level of bloodshed.

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internationally. The Muslim issue, the Muslim, the issue of Muslims, and Islam, is a hot topic. We see countries like America and England and Europe, in the West, in particular, moving towards a more. Not the word conservative isn't the correct word, but a more inward looking view to keep out something What is that thing? They're looking to keep out? Really by and large Islam? The elites, why did England break away from the rest of Europe? Why are Americans supporting a candidate who is speaking a very strong literally a very, very harsh tone? Why? To keep them isolated from what from Muslims? Basically, Islam is really the issue that even non Muslims and they politics is being

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influenced by. And we know that if just for a international perspective, a few years ago, we had something called the Arab Spring, many of the strong dictators not saying strong in a good sense, I'm saying that authoritarian dictators in the Middle East, they were toppled one after the other, what is replaced that it's debatable whether it's good or bad. So many times many of those countries when to form Islamic democratic governments, like the Muslim Brotherhood like Hamas, and the result of that we can debate whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, whether Islam and politics should be separated. Can we find unity? This is all part of that greater political discussion. For us. We also

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know here, do we choose between a party whose politics and policies is contrary to Islam? Can I vote for such a party even though it's better for me as a Muslim? Or do we? Does it make me happier to vote for a party that allows abortions and homosexuality? Does it make me Catholic to vote for a party that is run less corruptly lists correctly? But is pro Israel? Do we support a party that speaks for social justice? But that social justice is not within the lines of Islam? communism? This goes against Islamic policies, does that make McAfee? Can I vote for them? Can I support them? Can I give my oath of allegiance? These are the kind of big questions that we need to we need to discuss.

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From a historical background, I want you to also have an idea of where we are

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1300 years, almost one and a half millennia, this Alma has been stood, it stood the test of time, it's been through almost anything that you can throw at it. It seemed the great days with Islam, at strong and good leaders, and Islam set the benchmark for humanity. And it had times when Muslims were only nice, and we are in a new age. So if we look at the basically, and this is a very, very rough division of the history of Islam. And this doesn't even add up to 1400 1300 give or take a few decades DMV, but our history can be divided in these six or seven categories. The first stock, the first

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era of Islamic leadership, was the greatest 23 years of humanity under the leadership of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. I mean and that's the easiest thing when Allah gives you a newbie who's also a leader, like nobody Sulayman like nobody would well hamdulillah you don't have to ask any questions some Anwar and we're and we obey, that everything is why everything is from Allah. It is Allah directing the oma. And we know that's why Islam, the strength of Islam, is still built on that foundation of 23 years of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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40 years would often be so solemn Islam into the age 40, a 40 year period known as the period of the hula Rashid in the rightly guided caliphs, because maybe some said, Follow my sooner and the sooner of the rightly guided caliphs, successes, rulers off to me so we ask who

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Are these rightly guided rulers 1300 years, we had so many rulers and leaders who fits that category. And we say only full, full Sahaba or five, and maybe a sixth individual, which we'll talk about next week in sha Allah fits in that, that category of a rightly guided caliphs. People who were such great leaders, that really they were a reflection of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. And of course, we all know them abubaker and Omar and a man in La La Jolla, and, and interesting to note, no matter what people say, and we'll end our discussion on the rightly guided caliphs, that just something to think about 1300 years later, the lands and the areas where Islam entered into

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during the time of Satan, Abu Bakr and Omar and with man led along till today, those those lands are the heart of Islam. When Islam into those lands through them, it stayed there until now, no other califa had a profound a bigger impact than them. And this is why we are called they're called rightly guided caliphs. They were the most powerful men on Earth, get the love like earlier, they were earlier. And Allah guided the directions, Allah guided the actions until today, this is this is what we aspire to be like, normal men did extraordinary things.

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Then whether we agree with it or not, and orlimar have discussed this issue. And we spoke about during the time of Shia Islam, that Islam went. And there was internal Civil War, towards the end of the time of the rightly guided caliphs. And this is when six began to form.

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The first group that emerged as more layers in was discussing was a group called bahaar. Each one of these bodies is going to, they use politics as a reason to display someone caffeine. If you differ with me politically, then I don't only attack your political views, I attack your belief as a Muslim. And today we hear the same rhetoric. If you are a supporter of the government, then we can blow you up. If you are a teacher in a school that is a government run, then you are guilty by association, we blow you up. This is exactly what's happening. So how can you blow up a market full of people, children? No, all of them are preferred, because they differ with us politically, they

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don't support us. And we use this kind of rhetoric even amongst us if you vote for a certain party. You are careful. I say that there are two key words you should never use. One which is bad and one which is extremely, extremely bad.

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Don't label anyone carefully. Even if the man worships and he bows to an idol. That's not for you to say he's careful. We can say brother to bow before anyone besides Allah, is tantamount can be decreed as conferred by Allah. It is liable for Kufa by Allah. We don't know what's in your heart. Maybe you blind maybe you never knew. But even if you see a man worshipping an idol, the sky is full of shit.

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Now people say if you vote, you take a certain box, you're careful

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that if you buy a certain product, you're careful. You know, which way are you throwing the lines here? His wife is haram for him. His children are illegitimate, Xena, they can't inherit from him, we should actually execute him according to certain views. spamela This is not the concern of a Muslim, Allah subhanho wa Taala is not going to ask you and kiama how many people did you declare coffee? Let me reward you that is an ask how many people did you bring into Islam? The difference the opposite. So the average This is the first group to emerge. And the first group to start calling others to fire. And it was on based on what basis as I said, they didn't call them to fire because

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you ate from a certain, you know, you had a different method, or you had different views with regards to kind of make tawassul or not. They didn't differ with regards to debate. they differed on politics. That is the first area of differences in this. And it began when a man even in time of an obese asylum. He was a Muslim, quote unquote. And he went to the prophets of Salaam and he snobby so Salim distributed the spoils of war. And the man said, Oh, Mohamed, be just an fibia just ruler. So this was his will to use Panama if I am not famous, and I am not just then who is just off to me, who is going to be a fair ruler. And the man walked off, he was angry. And that resulted from this

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man. And from his thinking, a group will emerge known as the average, because they challenge the leadership and authority. They believe that they are better. And anyone who differs with them in the mind, you're careful. And this is the same group that went on and said, Oh, man, you are the man and Who's the man, the man who married two daughters of Nabisco seller, the man will not be solicited. If I had a third year of man, she would have been your wife as well. The man who embraced Islam of the earliest of the earliest webisodes Salaam, City of

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The Shahada, the one who's going to Agenda how many Hadith? Nevelson said, Earth man has secured his place in more than one time. When he bought the well for the people of Medina, when he extended most of the number we, he bought his place in general, in the Battle of the book, The battle that was difficult and they needed financing or growth as well. And abundance in the earth man after today, Allah is ready for giving you a sense, the future sins are less forgiving. This man, this group of how average never met nobody so seldom, they believe that they were better Muslims than him. They said you are not ruling according to the book of Allah. And it's so they are with me about when they

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wanted to when they were about to kill him just before they killed him. He asked on what basis do you kill me, and he had the Quran in his hand. And they said on the basis of that book, we're going to kill you. And they killed and they assassinated a North man. There's a group of outage politics. And this is the first split in oma, which later on they will continue they would assassinate, say nalli. And they would divide and break the oma. And as a result of them other six like Shiism emerged politics. So then we add, after the age of the whole of our rashidun, with 100 years of a dynasty in Islam, when from a caliphate from people who, and we'll talk about how did how did the

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visa system elect a successor? Today, the question is, who should I vote as my leader? That's the question, What do I look at? What does Islam give me a framework? Who should be the halifa? Should we have halifa? How did the Sahaba elect if we're looking for a difference? Let's go back to them. What did they do? We'll talk about how they were selected as leaders of the Sahaba were elected off to the days of the whole affair, a dynasty a monarchy, we prefer when he died, his eldest son became the next in line. And we say that this is not some kind of law, and not ideal. Islam never mentioned the kingship or dynasty and if any family should have had a dynasty to be the family of Mohammed

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Salim, and Allah chose it that such that he should not have any sense analysis in the Quran. Mohammed is not the father of any of the males for amongst you. Why, why is that? Let's say that so that we don't have an elite family dynasty we worship a bloodline. We don't worship personalities, we worship Allah subhanaw taala This is what the why Allah Subhana Allah did not have his mercy and oma

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allowed the sons of narcissism to pass away if people worship the grandson of Nagisa Salah, what about the son of Mohammed Salah? Can you imagine what we will do that made him like a Navy? Well, God, we're here to be loved. So we had omega dynasty at the time, some good, some bad. Some of the great leaders of Islamic history was in this time and some of the worst of them as well. We went into Spain, we went into China under this dynasty, they were really ruling and dominating the world for good and bad. And that dynasty got overthrown through a popular Revolution, the people that rose up, and they basically killed the entire halifa his family, because they went to extremes in luxury.

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They lived in opulence, they lived in Texas, and the people rose up. The halifa became a bit of a dictator. And the people who rose up and basically killed the family of the halifa. And a new dynasty came in the abbacy dynasty, and they withdrew 500 years.

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The abasi dynasty did not rule as centrally as the Omega dynasty, the Omega dynasty concentrated power in the hands. The army was loyal to them. The governors were appointed by them, they removed and they chose the governors as they wanted. The above seats were more during much of the rain. during most of the rain. They were a more a figurehead, like you have the Queen of England. She doesn't make real qualitative decisions. They are the ministers that make the decision making the baskets at some point where like that, that's why in the time you had Salatin who was really managing much of the oma, but it was halifa. Just in name in Baghdad, there was a halifa just in

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status is the halifa. And he said I endorse you as being the hypertext of the oma or the chief Prime Minister of the oma. But the family of the Khalifa stood out of actual power and was more than just the the figurehead, and then it was destroyed in one of the greatest calamities and catastrophes in eastern Islam. We'll talk about that hopefully tomorrow or next week, inshallah, when a time came when Islam, Muslims believed piano was upon them, they believe the Juju Juju appeared and the entire Muslim Ummah was on the verge of collapse. One last Muslim state survived, and at least some states survived this calamity, the Tata invasion, but they destroyed the abasi dynasty. And for a period,

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we didn't really have a halifa that different areas ruled themselves and we had other we had groups calling to be the halifa individually. And so the Ottoman Empire the Turkish Empire consolidated power, and they took the mantle of honey

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And they were recognized as the halifa of the oma and SubhanAllah. This was this means something whether they were good or bad, that's for lots of data to judge, but just having a figurehead just having somebody that the oma can look at and say, This man is responsible for the affairs of the Muslim Ummah, to such an extent that we here in South Africa 1000s and 1000s of kilometres away from Turkey, never a colony of Turkey, when the Muslims had Muslims Panama couldn't agree on crayfish and how many records to make and

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when to keep eat and all that the British you know, pull their hair out and said just phoned the Ottomans to send an Imam ear for them to teach him. Right. So they seem to the halifa sits upon Allah. Okay, you've got a Muslim community, you want us to send an email. So they sent Mr. Abubakar Effendi. Right. The fact that the Khalifa felt that they some some kind of responsibility I have on the Muslims throughout the world, it means something today we don't even have that after World War One, the Ottoman Empire was dissolved it became a secular state. And you might ask what happened to Turkey, I was going to Turkey on another day. And all of a sudden there was a coup and what's going

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on? Turkey. Just as a side note here, after World War One, Turkey before World War One Turkey was the basically the figure of Islamic Ummah, the halifa of Islam was the it was still named just the name, the Islamic empire, the Ottoman Islamic empire, stole a name based on Islamic principles, what actually happened is different. But when they lost world war one, a secular government which looked to separate completely Islam and religion, to make it a western country, Western ideals. And when that happened, it became a secular country for a long time. And the masses of Turkey, were not happy with that. So they elected what we call an Islamist, a political party based on Islamic principles,

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about 10 years ago, and that political party has done a lot to reform Turkey, and take away the power of secular, the secular army and the army try to reclaim that power and obviously lost and that's basically what's going on in Turkey. So this distinction between Muslim parties in a democracy is democracy, even in line with Islam. If the Muslim

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Ummah, for example, they win the elections, while they win the elections on democracy and say, Now we banned democracy, and we put the halifa in charge is that what's going to happen? So this is the tension between a political party within the democratic system, and that's what's happening in Turkey. So we living in a very unique time, brothers and sisters, a time without the halifa a time when the Muslim direction is, you know, it's very unsure. Where do we fit in? for us as minorities, we have our own discussion, but the Muslim Ummah, by and large is in need of leadership, not a leader, but in the needs of leadership. That's what we need.

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On a lower level, and obviously, on the greater level. How do we choose a leader? That's the question, how do we choose a leader? Firstly, the number one principle with regards to leadership, a last put in the Quran, Allah has emphasized Muslims need to be structured in terms of having a leader and having followers. The structure is not in Islam. Islam does not view a structure that everyone is free to do as they want. No, there is an authority and is a leader that represents that authority. And he implements the laws of Allah and everyone submits and follows that if you look at our our sada which is a symbol of that you have an Imam. Even if the Imam makes a mistake, you

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follow the Imam in that mistake, you rectify and you say Subhana Allah, and he should rectify it, but you follow him even in that mistake. A lot of views that the Muslims are united behind a leader in our structures in our social structures. The family is united behind the head of household, in a business, the employees are united behind the man placed in charge. That's how Allah views how things should be done. And Allah says in the Quran, oh, you will believe it Allah obey Allah and obey Allah to suit and obey the messenger and those in authority from among you, those who are placed in authority, not just political authority, any form of authority. If this man is your boss,

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your superior, you obey that leadership, so long as it's not in contrary to Allah subhanaw taala then if you quite a lot about anything, so let's say yes, you will disagree with your husband, with the chairman with your boss with the amine with the halifa you will disagree and if you debate or disagree with anything to do with a lawyer or a suit, they refer the matter back to a law meaning the Quran and the law suits asylum The sooner then go back to the Quran and the Sunnah to find an answer, but you haven't Allah says First, you need to obey.

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leadership, those who are placed in authority about you, if you believe in Allah, and the last thing, a condition of your belief, if you believe in on the last day, and this is better, and very good for you in the future, one day, as I say one day without any leadership is worse than 1000 years of dictatorship. One day of complete anarchy, chaos is worse than having a bad leader. And as Muslims, the fact that we have no halifa is a symbol of our weakness, maybe some circumstances and this is why the Muslim under the Sahaba Obadiah Masami disease, we gave our beta our pledge to Allah messenger, to hear and obey our leaders, while active and otherwise in times of ease and in times of

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difficulty, even if we were deprived, our rights, our shade, and not to dispute this matter of leadership, with its rightful people, that when the leadership is decided and determined, and someone is placed in authority, even if we don't get our rights, we hear and we obey,

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even if the husband and we take this to maybe a level that we can understand, even if the husband is not being the best husband, he is, that woman can't just go and leave as she wants her husband, the children are unconscious, leave the parents as they want, even if the parents are wrong, you still obey in goodness, so long as is not in opposition to Allah. Now visa Sallam said on his farewell Hajj, one of the final advices he gave the Almighty said,

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obey your leaders, even if a slave was appointed over you. Even if it's someone you believe you're better than someone that you think you deserve, better obey Him. And He rules you with a laws book, they LISTEN to Him and OBEY Him. Don't go out against the leader, they will be in a visa Salam tells us about the time we living in, they will be leaders who will not be laid by sooner and will not adopt my ways. They will be among the men who will have hearts of devils in the bodies of human so bad leaders that will be shouting. And we can see them on CNN and BBC if you want to see what these people are. Right? And nobody says the same. So the Sahaba so the Sahaba Sierra sort of know what

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should we do if we live in a time? If I happen to live in that time? Maybe so so look at his advice, he said, You will listen to the Amiga, and carry out his orders. Even if he flogs your backs and he takes your wealth, you should listen to Him and OBEY Him, so long as you're not instructed to disobey Allah subhanaw taala. The concept of obedience to the leader is paramount in Islam. And I know we come from a time of revolutionaries, many of you here who who are rebels, right and hamdullah, good, you've won your fight. But this is the doctrine of Islam, that we have a leader. We haven't discussed it, who should be the leader, that's still to come in Sharla. But once we have a

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leader, and I said not just don't think of it only as the halifa think of it as your committees. So the majority 51% or whatever it is elected a chairman elected a boss, you obey and you lead and you follow that boss, you don't work against him. Yes, you need to speak to him and advise him in ways are wrong. And if he's a good leader, he will do his best He will make mistakes, but you'll be open to learn and change. But even if you have a bad one to go out and rebel results in worse than that, we see what's happening insidious pantalon

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which children are dying as the height of evil, because we have fighting over leadership?

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Who should be the leader of the Muslims who is entitled to be a halifa? Very simple. You any one of you, any one of you Yeah, inshallah can be candidates to be the halifa you should be a Muslim. He should be a moral character, not an open fossick not someone who commits immorality openly. And he must have the qualifications of leadership. These are the only three areas and this is a fourth category that we should be male or female. This is the area of discussion. But we're talking about if it's only about the halifa, then yes, but as for ministers, government officials, Deputy califa It includes everybody. It includes everybody even age, lineage, color, race, * doesn't matter in

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those things, so long as you have the character and you have the ability. How were the leaders chosen in the time of the visa asylum in the time of the time of the whole offer?

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So in the time of the time of the Hoda photoshooting, the rightly guided caliphs, how was Abu Bakar chosen and how we'll say normally chosen to say North Madison it How would they choose

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Nagisa sallam, he did not give explicit guidance as to a successor. And the hollyford really means the successor, the one who is the when the main guy isn't the the second in command. That's what the word halifa means the one who follows after the one before really the only man that has that war, the title of polyfest aboubaker because he is the follower, the successor of Hamas asylum. Everyone else is basically the army

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Meaning the meaning of the leaders, but they took the title as halifa because they no bucket at the title of halifa

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Nagisa Sallam did not explicitly say abubaker you need to be the halifa or Sonali, you need to be the hollywell Roma or the Alon, but he hinted, and why he didn't do this. Some Allah would say, why didn't they be so? So let me just say, I will work with you, the halifa and your family and OPM has already finished or say that you qualify and your family leave until the end of time. Why didn't you do this? to show us when a visa Salah many times people would ask him a question. And he would say if I give you an answer, it becomes binding, it becomes law. And that law will not be you will not be able to uphold that law. So he leaves it open for the oma to decide.

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But he indicated

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if we look at who he indicated, without a doubt, he indicated abubaker has been halifa. And the Sahaba came to the same conclusions not for us to discuss we if we come to a different conclusion. So what you can't change the past. The Sahaba didn't know who should be the halifa. They had a system of Shura, and so they chose abubaker adeola. What happened maybe so someone passed away.

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So Allah, the Muslims didn't even believe this was possible. He was there one day, and it didn't occur to them. No companion actually thought the day will come when the Beatles song would be gone. Every problem we had, we just went to him and he solved the problems for us. Now he's gone. We know that a number of the Alon got onto the member and he was shouting, I dare anyone to say is dead. I'll kill you. The cinema was so logical and so strong, a personality was shattered. cinnabar comes to the masjid and he finds the body of Nabisco Salaam in his daughter's house, I shall have the one who says a prophet passes away in the place. He loves the best and he passed away in the observation

00:31:44 --> 00:32:21

of the line. And he said that a lot sooner Berger said Allah will not live near me so solemn tastes diff twice, you will never have to go Allah will not even be so cillum suffered the pain. The pangs of death, and alone would never allow an obese person to suffer Christ. So he was the one that came to the conclusion. That obese was my possibility. And he gave that speech that whoever worships Allah that Allah is a loving believer worship the visa Salaam, the Mohammed was passed away. And this realization came and said I have the Quran. Right? This is from the Quran. that Muhammad is only a man the woman prophets before you and they died. Are you going to turn away so in all

00:32:21 --> 00:32:28

motherhood this ayah he collapsed and he says even though I never heard that I have before. So what happened next?

00:32:29 --> 00:32:41

The people of Medina remember the in Medina, Medina does not belong to the people of Mecca. abubaker and Omar enough man and Omar and Eddie and Ayesha all of the rhodiola and regiment in the from Mecca.

00:32:42 --> 00:33:24

And they only about 100 people, the city belongs to Medina. So the naturally after the death of visa Salaam, the Buddha's of Medina got together and they said, Well, now that the prophets have passed away, leadership goes back to us. The people of marketing go back to Makkah, they only in Medina was the visa service in Medina. And we only gave our city as leadership to them because the Resource Center was the leader. But now our city correct. Only 10 years ago now visa Salah was ours, our city. So when a broker and owner of the Elena heard that this meeting was happening, they they were told that there's a meeting happening, you should know they are when they went to that meeting, they

00:33:24 --> 00:34:01

listened to the views of the people of Medina. And it This was when smile can imagine the decision they made. They could have split the river. They could have said you go to Makkah, you have your leader in Medina, we have our leader in Yemen, you have your leader, we don't have a simple halifa we carry on with that. So say, Omar said I want you to get up and speak. And then eventually Nabokov grabbed my hand and told me sit down Don't say anything, and only say no, I'm not good at this power was a normal. And then abubaker got up and he gave a speech as they normally say. A worker said everything I wanted to say just he said it better, reminding the people of Medina the position and

00:34:01 --> 00:34:40

the place and reminding them that nobody so said that this matter of leadership, the Qureshi priority in it. So then Abu Bakar said choose between Omar and another great Sahabi Abu Zubaydah. La Jara, he was the chair of the templum agenda. He said choose one of these two meant to be your halifa. So say no one got up and said I will never ever be a califa of a people who abubaker is part of that people why now vehcile sanlam appointed aboubaker to the busara when he was too ill to be the saga. We see if you look at who should be the Imam, the person who should be the Imam is the man of authority. Number one, if you come to a man's house, even if you're the Grand Mufti of the dunya,

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

if he's the authority in that house, the man the head of the household, he has more right to leave the solid in you even if you are the Grand Mufti, even if he can't even barely decide sort of idea. If the Amir halifa was here, he would lead to salah and so the fact that nobody so Salaam totobobo could you lead the Salah when I'm not able to do so was clear

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

As the successor was, so the leadership of Medina and Saint Omer, they chose aboubaker a democratic process democratically, they chose Cena Abu Bakr as the leader, and a worker of the Alon, his Khalifa, he, we can't go into his, it's late even, we can't go into his days as halifa and he restored the moment is about to collapse, then say now, then, when Abu Bakar was dying, he did a different method of choosing a leader. He explicitly appointed he said, I appoint Omar as my successor. And no one could debate because no matter his position was quite clear that he was from day one at the right hand side of say, no bucket of the Alon, every decision the senior banker made,

00:35:39 --> 00:35:46

he checked in with three nominees What do you think? And he overturned his decisions if say, Norman had a better choice. When say Norman was about to die.

00:35:48 --> 00:36:29

What did he do? He selected candidates, the six best candidates. He said there tended to be some promise, Jenna teammates main, which now becomes your agenda. There were seven of them. And he chose six of that seven, one of them was a family member v. So just to be free of any corruption charges, he made his own family member disqualified him. And he said, You six, you decide amongst yourselves, you 60 side, another semi democratic process, the 60 sided amongst themselves, and they chose a North man. And then when say North man was killed, Satan alley took mental took leadership, when there was none that wants to stand up. No one wanted to be the halifa. So Satan alley came in at the

00:36:29 --> 00:37:07

time is a different form of leadership lacks a lot of detail, we didn't have a true leader. So the man stands up and the morale is behind him. So these are the different ways in which leadership was chosen, and then it became a dynasty. So today, inshallah we will conclude with this, but we will discuss in coming weeks, how should we choose a leader and in the context of our time, who should be the leader, and how do we obey that leader? And as a minority, we can't have a Muslim president inshallah we might one day and we don't have policies in terms of Islam, what do we do and who do we vote for? We'll discuss that in coming weeks in sha Allah be vanilla, in

00:37:08 --> 00:37:15

just a few announcements. A few announcements, which are one, the number of Great Courses happening

00:37:16 --> 00:37:54

next week, next weekend in sha Allah, we have a very famous scholar Hamza Georges, this man is a revert. And then he started excelling. In one of these, his field of expertise is using logic to debate with atheists. atheism is the religion of that's growing in the world today, free atheism free secularism. You don't have to submit to anyone you're free to do as you want. This is really the religion that we should fear about for our kids. And you go to university and this is what you get exposed to. So this man, Hamza Georgia says debated with some of the best atheists. In fact, if you guys were at UCT, you might know of a very famous atheist jock. Right? There was a debate that

00:37:54 --> 00:38:12

was scheduled between Hamza and jock for Thursday, when you heard Hamza was coming, he said, I pulled out of the debate, right? So this man is a very well known guy. He's coming to give our course called our power next week at UCT next weekend, and he's having a free lecture on atheism Thursday evening at Pdn building a new city as well.

00:38:13 --> 00:38:49

At the time we live in every single one of us are ambassadors of Islam, to counter what we see on the TV, they will look at us our non Muslim friends and neighbors. How do we give our how do we give Islam over responsibility to everybody? So that's next weekend inshallah. And the weekend after that first weekend of August inshallah, we have a two day all inclusive high schools video with our high schools, and you have to go to Hajj on Monday, come to this two day course. It gives you the a two seat of hygiene sha Allah, and if you don't, if you haven't gotten hygiene you're planning in May Allah grant you to go and hide soon. It's a pillar of Islam. One of the that's a good way of showing

00:38:49 --> 00:39:11

my Nia for Hajj is to come to learn about Hajj, so please inshallah come for that course. It will discuss all the features you need and all other issues in sha Allah the first weekend of August for more information for the high schools you can speak to our CEO of the of the Salah, you can email me with [email protected] you can email me as with our power, I think there's a poster on the back. You can take the details from the

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announcement. Just Allah Hi, sola. satana Mohammed

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amin Salam aleikum, WA

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