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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of leadership and the negative impact of being a leader on one's personal and professional life. They stress the importance of following strict rules and not giving orders, as well as the use of "ivigence" in Arabic language and French language. They also mention the history and use of words like "has" and "hasn't" in English and French, as well as the use of "has" and "hasn't" in French.
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remember no data in the valley immutable data

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want to say hi to masataka gra monaci ambition. But if dtra him was naughty Masada him what

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he said or obligation of the officials to show kindness to the subjects I mentioned, some of these communications are upon these officials. And here I mean by that those people have been assigned responsibility over other people, whether it's a major responsibility, a major executive position, or a minor role. If you've been assigned to take care of other people affairs, then you become an official.

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And you are responsible for Allah subhanho wa Taala over these people, and whether you deny it or live instead of the last panel data, or hold you accountable for that. So here now after he spoke about many of these different other matters, by staying away from the ignorant, not responded ignorant, and when are you allowed to be angry, if you see a last panel data limits have been violated, and then forgiveness for the people that did it wrong to you, and so on. Now, you bring in a very important issue, if you are an official person, someone who has jurisdiction over specific area departments, group of people and so on. That means you have an executive power that has been

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given to you by virtue of receiving that position. Now, regardless how people receive your position, whether through election, or through selection, any way that you did arrange that for that position, we assume people in leadership to take responsibility. And because they take responsibility where the responsibility comes power as well, they have the power to take this make decisions take action. So now that you are official and official, you have the power to make decisions, sometimes use, let's say reasonable force in any way that is possible in order to make things happen, or prevent things, bad things from happening. So he's now given that advice. For those who have been given that

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power and authority. How far should you go with that? And how much responsibility should really assume and observe when they're given this position? So for Karla

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tala was from Jenna Hakka, lemon interocular,

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and be kind and humble to the believers who follow him. That's the first instruction. That's a brilliant stuff. Because usually when I think of a leader, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a leader?

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Can you tell me when I say the word leader, when it comes to your mind

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basically always comes from negative negative aspects of that position. Whether a tyrant or maybe someone who's, you know, just taken advantage of his position, whatever negativity that we have. And somehow that seems to be something and the human nature, he would have been worded on him a lot and that is near fulfilled. Sure. He says in Arabic poetry in nanosphere, NASA De Lima warrior.

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In half of the people, once you become an official position, you get the hostility of half the population, as if you are just unsure.

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Which means when if you're just unfair, you by virtue of taking a position, you get again 50% hostility from that the other 50% allow Mr. malla be with you. intellectually, that's natural. Because these are people that have this sensitivity from this position. So here's now he's reminding the leaders he's reminding officials he's reminding anyone who has been given authority was Jenna

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minute that you lower and the Arabic language it may lower your wings, it doesn't mean anything in English. But here it means be kind and be humble to those for those of you who follow you to the to the believers who fall so being the leader doesn't mean that you it's all about giving commands and orders. No, it's it's about leading people towards success in any way that is needed and shall not depart a katana. Even if it requires that you go all the way down to that level, the level of the population, so you can pull them up with you. And instead of you know, you just go Hi in your position is that just asking people to catch up with you? Next he says in Nala Yamato gladly,

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Vanessa What is it? Oh corba when Anil fascia he will mean curry will Bobby yellow comb La La Quinta calm. Lots of hot assassin is barely alive enjoys Aladdin which means

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Justice, Alon Joyce justice. And when Omar says Aladdin he did not He did not say anything surrounding.

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Why? Because justice is one there is no really need to explain what justice is. We all know what justice is. And the law says in a lot more of Bill added, he says the justice, the Arabic language, and in the Arabic language we use, and with that with a word like added, for example, other that means it's only one thing.

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It's only one thing. So don't say well, there's a difference between being just what Muslims versus non Muslims who say that homemade is different right now. It's difference between you know, being just with a with a believer versus atheist, for example. Yeah, well, it's okay. Because there's the ability for atheists. To be fair with them. I wasn't allowed comes to justice, Justice in the law, Allah subhana wa, tada transcends all these values.

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It's above all these values, even if it was against yourself, and your soul Katara one exam, and lost power also enjoys an exam. And that's when you perform your duties. You perform them in perfect maths. So even when you perform justice, you make sure to do it. Perfect.

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Don't do 99.99% by Justice, because if you have done anything 99 point 99% it's not complete yet. You guys realize that.

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You know how to get irritated when you ask your children to clean the table after they eat. So they remove all the plates and the cups and everything. And they don't wipe the table off to keep it clean. You come back and says Why did you do this? So what I've done my job? No, you haven't done.

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So when it comes to justice, perfection, and Dean's that's what it means to be just unfair and everything when you deal with people with perfect good data, shallow thought every time.

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And you give the health of the Kenyan kid 100 factually, with a new curriculum, and here for Miss complete things. And in fact Sham, which means all kinds of

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corrupted acts or mischief, while mooncup which is basically again, all these deeds that are considered

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illegal and unlawful or prohibited and involving transgression, which is the opposite to justice.

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Because when you're not just you become a transgressor

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with all what this court actually means, so our last panel that is admonition that you follow these rules, so he mentioned that and then he mentioned the lottery, which I gave a whole football on the subject so I'm just gonna read for your show as a reminder in the last part as a matter of

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Baku masala right. He said that I heard the messenger of a loss and all of you are arriving he used the word Ryan which was translated as guardians. But in the Arabic language, the word Ryan means Shepherd,

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or a pastor or kulu mizunara yet, and each and every one of you will be responsible and will be questioned about the aim which means the flock. And then he gave it to us.

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Mr. Moran was on Android he says the ruler is Ryan is also Shepherd is Guardian, and he is responsible for the subjects. When the word amendment the language of the provinces and comes usually is for the actual for the higher leadership. In this case, the highest executive position in the state called Raja Raja and the former owner right and the man is also considered god they're responsible for his family was one more Arturo etouffee Beatty zodia was all out.

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And the woman is also Ryan. She's responsible for also have household while hardy Meranti, Marisa unit, even the servant Brian is Shepherd is responsible. He is Guardian over the money and the wealth. And the expenses are done in the house color what could come right over sooner, right and the property and set an h1 and each and every one of you is responsible design is a guardian and you're responsible for EU affairs or whatever Actually, that's under you. euro authority. So even if you are a student, you might be given a project and you become a team member or the team leader. Suddenly you become one and you're responsible for them as well. If you're at war, and you've been

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assigned to have a meeting or leader group and suddenly become Ryan, whatever you do, keep that in your mind. This is not just

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it's in everything. But again I'm now Rahim Allah is bringing this

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issue to remind the leaders and officials if Allah subhanho wa Taala tried them for being an acquisition, may Allah be with them and make their job easy and provide them with guidance that they become just unfair with those people who are under their authority. Will law without any question?

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Yes, you're just excited and solid and diverse.

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Yes, so I want to clarify.

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We decided in Salah

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police academy agenda

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and what I like to manage the angels to prostrate for him. They all did except for for a police. Emily's Can he was from the gym. For for safarnama he disobeyed our last panel. Why did he disobey?

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Because he had choice.

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That's the first thing we need to know. He had choice because the angels they're not given any choices. Lots of answers about angels Leia Suna Lama Amato

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that they never disobey Allah subhana wa Aranda fulfill every command is given to them so if I'm not tell them to do something they will do no question but here we have one among the among the angels were not prostrate. That was because he was from the gym and the gym, they have choice. So he made his analogy. He made his analogy basically he thought that it's not for me it's for the angels.

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I'm coming to them. Yeah, coming to them. So please, when he was among the end just because of his status, the status is so high because of his knowledge his understanding and so on. So he thought when the command was given to the angels to prostrate Hey for god yeah, that's for the NGO is not for me.

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And when a Lhasa manager frustrated

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he said he made the comparison analogy it says color halftone

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when you create from file and he's made of out of dirt

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which means

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there's no comparison

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and that is the first sin ever committed after the creation of other money so you know what is it is your mom you know what do you call this?

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No it's not

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it's racism it's racism

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the first racist waterjet on

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his own dirt on fire and that came down with us on earth alarm Stan

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he's White is dark is this is that is all these kind of things alarms that we go and we classify ourselves based on color, language, ethnicity blood all that stuff along with that so again, so the point here please was from the gym and the gentleman from fire that's why when he said

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I was going from five so who is the shaper shaitan is actually is a category among the gin the gin is just like the generic name for all those who create form five then you have the shape con shaytaan is also a degree or a degree among the gym. And those are considered the most corrupted and the most the most mysterious among the gender culture out there is also afraid and afraid is also from the gym in the sort of dilemma or three terminology in one of mansion he said so and so is also another category of agenda because the gym just like human beings, they come in different different colors.

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Of course, absolutely. They take different shapes. They do take different shapes they also procreate as a matter of fact, the last panel that is the same color

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or you take him and his offspring as your as your only your friends and your allies. So he mentioned the re yetter offspring descendants. So here's the sentence that means he broke with the appropriate and the appropriate law. Now we take the shape of

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that. Not all of them don't know all the not all the gems, not all the gem can take the shape of animals. The gin does alarmism sort of sort of tangent, he says that could not arise Takeda which means we come in different types and different categories and different lines. Some of them are small, so not major, some of them are evil, some of them are good. Some of them they can turn into shapes and others some of them are super fast, like in the sort of Salima one of them. He says if you give me until you finish, I'll bring it to the other. He said you know what, I'll bring it up for even a plane.

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So you just got to find them. So they have different knowledge, different skills, you know, they're different things will are not

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interesting story of 19