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hamdulillah Vladimir sola sola can be an uncommon Mr.

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Nava. It's good to be back home handler Blimey, what do you guys? Zack Manasa was about a nine days. So it felt like one year, a little more than that.

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But we traveled a lot when you travel, you see people, you see communities, massage it activities, programs and you experience other things, makes you appreciate what you have in your community so much.

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And also, on top of that it brings experience to the field, handle a lot of bombing after Friday night, this past Friday, the Friday before that, when I get the football over here, so

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I was supposed to fly to Houston by myself, and then fly back on Saturday. And so we can take the family with me on Sunday morning to fly to California for the other problem. So there are two problems. One is Saturday, which was actually actually a three on Friday night, there is a problem with mass in Houston. I was supposed to report on the panel. Then Saturday was m fest 2011 one in Houston, that was on Saturday, and the other one also NFS 2011 that the one was in California in Anaheim, California. It's a one day set one day conference which are handled a phone with a lot of interesting speeches and programs. And it's open Of course for the public. So for the one full day

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program monitor with Emma says too much to attend all these lectures. But well, I was really really impressed somehow at the attendance of the Muslims. It's really really amazing to see how much the Muslims value knowledge and the various kind of activities specifically in time they're supposed to be spending it with the family

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when you have school off, and the family would like to go in on holidays, vacation and so on. And they choose their vacation to be around and around knowledge. So So Friday night that was after Juma supposed to fly. So on the way to the airport holiday messed up my reservation. So I call the company and they say we don't see your reservation anywhere I have it in my lap I have it on my phone but they don't have it on their system eventually got messed up a little bit so by the time I get there it's already gone. So by the time they want to book me to the next flight because of the busy schedule will take maybe two hours at the airport. My family was with me in the van said okay

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no one so set a wedding the airport you want to use them

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well we don't have to use them.

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I just have to take the families you know what we'll go We'll take the family Bismillah we drove back home in the back I'm just straight to use them for hours right? So we gotta use them and handle I was there right before the actual panel starts about half an hour just changed, got ready and then went down to the panel participate in our program which was really an amazing experience to see all these people at the beginning of a program the following day was emphasized among them and fest 2011 in Houston Mashallah. It was a sold out a product, I was really proud, particularly with a very large community. Because I did not expect that many families to come and drive four hours to attend

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the program in Houston. We have these 15 families friend in the morning that Mashallah, Everywhere I go, somebody said, awesome hammer, you're here, Mashallah. And see their kids running around.

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So about 16 families, they drove from Houston from here from Valley Ranch, Mashallah, all the way down to the center in this province. And I hope that those guys actually had enjoyed the

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handle of me. So make sure to convey that message. And these those who did not come to the program, so that next time they don't miss it a shallow handle. Then after when we were done, we drove straight. After the program was over. I drove with the family back again, from Houston to Dallas for hours, and it was raining pourrons power. And I thought we're gonna build it. Because we will find next day early in the morning on Sunday. So I flew along by me and was around is often volunteer to travel to the airport early in the morning who had come up before fettered in helping families.

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So it flew to California to come again to that program from the early in the morning, the full day and it was also very impressive. I thought Houston, the marshal did an amazing job, which they did. So if you have seen how amazing neuesten program was, you need to see the the volunteers of Anaheim in California, what they've done actually

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was very impressive Marshal as well. The speeches were very unique majority of the speakers have handed over from another destructors and they were just delivering specific

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speeches for particular programs or particular themes and topics, and inshallah they're going to be any online soon visualizer for you to enjoy and to listen to them. But what I really learned from this whole experience is I just was wondering that the more that coming from someone they were coming from Seattle people they drove

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The one in Houston, people they drove as far as New Jersey. They came to Houston from New Jersey people. They came from Florida. I met people from Florida. I know that because they're my students. They came from Florida. People that came from Canada, people they thought they drove from,

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from Columbus, Ohio, the girl actually called me when he came here. I said, I'm going to the airport right now, he arrived here in this message at three o'clock. So the more that you're trying to hit to the airport to Charlotte, but then you can continue with his family. And they have two children, two infants, not even toddlers and infants. They drove from Columbus, Ohio, all the way down to Houston. Just attend this problem. I thought that was impressive. But then you see how the first one in that conference, we had a group of brothers Mashallah who drove from Minneapolis, Minnesota, all the way down to Houston just to attend this program. So you see when you see those people and just

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really good impressed, then you go to California, you see people coming from Arizona, from Seattle from from very far away Even I saw people come in from Chicago

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from Chicago because doesn't that program one day program in California. So when you see that you remember Harrington that is a lot of sellers and sellers that are eaten, you're trying to feed him and so at a lower level, we

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will likely there is nothing you can reward these people with other than this Harrington and bisola salon, whoever takes a path,

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a path of seeking knowledge if you take undertake a journey, you take this path, let's say for the sake of see if the knowledge sir had a lot to do. Gentlemen, Allah subhana wa tada will make a path easy to them that are genuine, easy for them.

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For the path that they have undertaken to come to this allopathic treatment, just attend this program, a lot of pain for them a path, it will be easy for them to agenda tonight.

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And then when you see this, this people young and adult men and women children, Mashallah, and Jani youth and older ages, while they're all sitting there, and they're listening, you feel so proud of the Muslim,

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we are the amount of rain and then envelope, which means that we're supposed to be the home of knowledge. And if we don't need to take knowledge seriously, if we don't really take that journey for it, then we miss we miss a lot of, of the meaning and the value of Satan or we almost think of knowledge that needs to come easy to us, like having it you know, online at the end under your you know the tip of your finger, or come to the machine to help us provided for you. But the value of knowledge is greater when you travel.

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That's why

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they become great when am I because of that, because of the gym.

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If you don't take a journey to learn, you will never become a true student of knowledge. You become someone who has information. But a true student of knowledge will appreciate and knowledge you're not going to be able to get to that level unless you undertake the journey to receive knowledge. So if no other handler is available, who has great handle on Blimey, for instance, take a journey shala from one place to at least and this community from one message to the let's do it this way. Let's get the habit and make knowledge as part of our family culture. Don't make this something for yourself for your family. There is for example, a program is going to take place in Portland. We

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just make that family shopping trips and we go we take the kids and their family to go and attend.

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We another program happening in Blaine is happening in Richardson somewhere else you just take the family and go and attend that prom. It was just one lecture. You hear chef XYZ visiting from this from different city from different town. And Marsha is going to be delivering a beautiful lecture I will take the family and go there. Why because I want my kids and my family to grow and understand the value of knowledge and deserves every effort that we put into it by taking them and driving and even traveling further if you can. Even if there was a conference in nearby city for instance, which is something like a Houston for instance, for hours. It's not an easy to travel for hours, driving

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specific deaf kids like mine. It's kind of torture sometimes at some point in the journey, but all of this for the sake of Allah subhana wa tastic listen to seek the knowledge it will make things smooth and easy for you again remember Allah will make that easy for you then and California is the same thing as if you will Mashallah traveling and so eventually when when you hear all those people in stories will live and inspire

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you as an instructor, as a teacher, as a lecturer. You think that your Mashallah you have the power of inspiring people, but will lie when you hear their stories and you sit with those people where you're coming from saucer place. And you just get inspired by these amazing stories. Amazing Stories. Some of them they put their savings just to come to the program online. I was an alliance partner, these people someone texted me said, you know there's one brother who came here

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And unfortunately, he's now doesn't have enough to enroll, let's buy the ticket, please. Can we sponsor I said you got the settlement immediately. So people even they would put whatever they have just to arrive. And they will find their ways to get a handle. I didn't realize inspiring stories.

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Other people, they will take their twin children, infants, and their babies, they drive them for hours every morning, just to get this conference. These programs are like inspiring stories. Because again, when I see these families, they take the children at that young age. And he says this is I mean, it's torture for them to do that journey. But they're just in you the art of going with them, just for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then seeking knowledge and again to win that battle.

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The other thing, and just this past weekend, I had a program in San Diego, and Marshall have handed out a baggie whether a good crowd, actually, that was actually a full house and almost sold out. And the subject, which are we going to be covering later in our community here the journey to the afterlife. And I was really impressed. It was the New Year's Eve weekend, when many families they just want to wrap up, you know the holidays and vacations with their families with their children. But you have these people staying there for about 15 hours on the weekend, spending almost most of the day, sitting there in the masjid, in the lecture hall listening and taking notes. And they

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brought the kids their wives, daughters, children, sitting there and listening and learning and taking notes again will lie these things inspires me as a lecturer as a speaker before anything else. And I hope it will inspire you to inshallah, receive the knowledge, traveling for serious a life Allah bless you with being in a community that underlies all resources. Everywhere you go, there's a lecture, there's a program, we tend to get lazy. Because if I miss this one here, I'll catch up the next month, or next week or the week after that we tend to become lazy when we have all these resources around us. You know, uncheck these criminals when they die for this kind of person.

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They keep telling us Why don't you move, how much they pay will pay more. So

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eventually, they lack resources. And that's when they have something like this. They come from different places, just certain these problems. Again, these are very inspiring stories a lot. The last thing is when it comes to, to the nature of that place.

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It's almost what love brings tears to your eyes. These people that are blessed with things that we don't haven't had enough. I mean, when when they're almost every day, we wanted to go to the beach,

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the family areas where you just could drive the car down there and just watch the sunset and watch you know, in the clouds and the beautiful scenery and so on if you just so beautiful you see that and you just got folders about things to handle.

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Praise be to Allah the Creator, I asked the people that says man, do you guys did you see this the sunset is not the same. So Mashallah, same the same three days, you just been to the beach on Saturday. And they say, well, I've been here all this time, and he will barely visit the beach almost once every two, three months. So the longest time like you have no idea how much blessing you have that in this day. And you could just go there and watch the magnificent creation of Alaska, which are the surface of the sea and the ocean. These are the wild animals and life that you see that area the beautiful scenic drives that they have there. That's what allows Patterson marine at

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the landfill our Falcon field mission seen in our science, the science, the miracles of aloft in Africa, meaning the horizons. I said that's what I was watching. That's what I was looking for. I was looking into the horizons, I was watching all these clouds or the sunset or that, that the vast space and spacious paler ocean. That's what I was looking because Alaska, there are signs over there when you see them just Sunday, just breathtaking. See, and it says Praise be to Allah, who did all this beautiful thing. So if you ever go there, besides the issue of seeking knowledge and learning, you will also go there and a lot of worship is spiritual, this is spiritual experience. You get

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there is a thing you just said somehow, this is amazing if if this is on Earth, that beauty of that site is on Earth. Can you imagine how a gender would look like

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and I was watching that stuff I would say so political agenda was as beautiful as this be sufficient.

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You have the water there you have the green trees and all these beautiful scenes. So if this is with agenda would look something similar to that because that's how I was called agenda wherever flowing underneath trees mountain which is all of these luscious greens and so forth. Somehow it's amazing. So if you ever actually I try

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to go and every now and then take your family out. Have them gone then let them appreciate that.

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Seeing the knowledge and at the same time in sha Allah, Allah, they will maybe see other things and they will see the mountains they will see the beautiful sky, they will see things that they don't see in the city over here. And by showing them all this

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hope heroes does appreciate the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala and by that they will know Alas, powders will law. Again, it's going to be more even with all these beautiful things I've seen over there. So very much the more beautiful