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So a lot of Southern bar kind of you know,

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remember no

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fever will actually what are all the energy led chapter on forgiveness of the ignorant caravan is shattered the

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current model of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uncut to be heard she said the prophets have never been with his hand either a servant or a woman current model of our solar solar solar shade on top the big one, right and when I saw him basically, he never did that his wife never did that the servants

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and he's talking about his wife, for those who plan to keep nagging and talking about this situation with your wife, the profits awesome for knowledge he had more than nine.

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So sometimes where they get, you know, crazy because of one, you know, scenario, one situation the household is a profit source having had to deal with nine household at least, when he passed away the profits as 911, nine months. But he never, even though he gets upset sometimes just remember, after even a small panel that opportune for the entire month, as was mentioned,

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for the entire month, not to come here, his wife's daughter loves her money, but he was never physical, never saw a lot of levels, oh my god, when I saw him, and he never did that, or if his servants, you know, particular servants. When you ask them to do something, they do the opposite. Or they they ruin things, as you know, they tried to fix something else and so on, makes them want to get upset. That's normal, that natural.

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And he's one of these examples. And so a lot of the time who serve the profits or loss around for 10 years, and he was a free boy, when the Prophet arrived in Medina, the mother of Anna's she came to Alaska with her young wife, she said, jasola, Anna's had

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almost a year ago, this dance mechanism, sort of broker accepted. So it became the servant of the prophets of Allah Salaam. And he was serving the Prophet for 10 years. When the Prophet passed away. He was brilliant, his early 20s on the line, and he said Carla Santos, Allah sallallahu wasallam.

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I served the profits in the last 10 years. While loving macaroni banana Han. He never yelled at me. He never squalane what I finally said, in fact,

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what Alicia Matata? He never told me what something I did. What was that for? And for something I did not do what I learned that we are doing, he never complains about like,

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imagine if we follow the example. So

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you come home, or you're getting ready to go to work, your shirt is not ready.

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What are you going to do? Fight for the response. Now just grab the shirt. This has been doing yourself.

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ancestor America Monday without giving faces

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just salesmen last minute and just keep going. You come back more. You are tired. The food is not ready. What are you going to do? Let's face something goodness 100 I have no something to eat

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and enjoy the rest of the night with your family. So just take it easy. Life is not worth it. It's not worth to get upset or angry for it personal. Continuing with the heading. She said the prophet SAW said he never did that never uses and against animals are the last product illa tanuj the feasibility unless it was for the sake of Allah when he was fighting for the sake of Allah.

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That's when he

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called one man ILA men who men who shave on tops and

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she said he never took revenge upon anyone for the wrongs done to him. If anything concerning something personal to him, he would never take her Imagine that. Someone cursed him. Someone says something bad. Someone did something bad. He would never thought about the last event because of his personal matters. Most of us in this world

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we get in trouble because of that.

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Well, he started

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that's what we always have. You know, Norman is our it's all deserve it. Who said that? They deserve it? Yeah. You deserve better.

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And you know you yourself you know better than taking revenge on these people. She said caught in the

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shade over my head and we light up and

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she said but of course he executive retribution executive tribution. For the circle for law in case the injunctions of a law about unlawful acts were violated. So someone has something against the rules.

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that's when the Messenger of Allah seeks revenge that's when it takes action for something personal, it doesn't matter you come home your children did not pray it

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that you need to take action so why don't you branch out to get upset Of course you are and you should make sure that they perform their duty to our last panel with

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you calculate your money does a cow is not paid yet you get upset because someone is lagging behind your offer someone whatever Actually, it's not something that is supposed to be for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and it wasn't done properly. That's when you should really get upset.

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But for something personal it's not worth it. The best the best response to these kind of you know behaviors from other people as the last panel that is at the beginning of this chapter as we read earlier who the last one a fee without a manager at stake without his good enjoying though, which is nice and good and better. While manager he didn't stay away from that I

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don't understand. That is the best attitude you can take

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these kind of scenarios in your life Voila.

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You know, like,

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we'll have some Yeah, he got upset with not just have solidarity with almost all his wives. But the example of how some particular I'm not sure if

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the exact is right now is escaping my mind. But he was it was actually upset with also in many of these words. As a matter of fact, all of them, when they were demanding more money, more sustenance, they heard about some money coming from behind so they wanted to

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can have extra cash. They want to improve their lifestyle. And the problem got extremely upset that he spoke about last Panama he was not rich, he would not approach them for

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what he did. He moved out physically like most men would do. They would go and then go somewhere else eventually. So the problem what he did is he moved out from the house of Isaiah, to the last there was a room of the house of Ayesha and there were stairways from the method. Below the a lot of was guarding the stairway for profit center and he was there by himself. Omar when he heard the news, you immediately he panicked. So you want to have the house of house. And she was what she was crying she was weeping. So he told her what's going on. And he also did the divorce. She said I'm not sure now he's up there. So, he was wanting to see the Prophet server seven began he said I found

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that un he says he permission for me he goes up, he sees the prophets of Allah seven blind eye sight reclining one is is cheaper a space was actually on it in his hand. And he said you're sort of law is asking for permission

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and the proper remain quiet.

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Most men do that.

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The women they call it the silence punishment.

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So we went to the proper domain site. We came down he told him I asked him he said nothing.

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He did that three times and finally the professor's finally

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got in there. He says the proper deposition about himself was intimidated. It was very serious man. Very serious. So he remains standing and he started trying to you know improve the the and the atmosphere by throwing some subtle jokes and you know, the other day I know that a woman from Makkah they were very obedient to us. But the people of Medina down sorry woman Mashallah they overtaken over them? Just like them in America.

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So eventually, he basically

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he said the other day, I was speaking to my wife and she answered that for him answering back that was Korea.

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Like a major thing. Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah. Saying that. When did this happen? How could this happen? Again, because it wasn't yesterday to Mecca woman Oh, my God, they were very, very, very submissive. But you know, they were Mashallah in charge of everything. So he says, but a whole lot of dishonor with love in his heart and soul. Sorry, got that that

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was really saying Honestly, this is not good. This is not good at all. So the professor was on his mind when he heard this sort of on his mind as if it's okay. You know, we're all the same.

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You look at my wife, she's asking me back. So the purpose of me smile, as if he shared with me concern. I must say when I saw the purpose of smiling, I felt relaxed. So I sat down

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Then I just an awkward silence, you know, was this for a few seconds perhaps. And then he straight he made a straight question. He said, You're a sort of La Carlota Latina Sir, did you divorce them? So the professor said, No, I didn't. Well, I can edit them. And Michelle is one of Elementor project.

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So we're in third month the profits are some remain in seclusion, meaning he didn't go to their houses.

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He just wouldn't when he returns back, it has that locked, he wouldn't go to an analysis of his wife's about the loss. So he got upset, because of him demanding so much from Alaska. And as a part a

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part of this whole story has also to show the patience of the prophets.

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And even his beautiful manners. And even after an entire month,

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he was showing the silent treatment for an entire month. And then when he when he came back when he came down after 29 days, because it's more of a lot of stuff after a month. So after 29 days, alone, a month can be 29 or 30 days. So after 29 days, he comes down. Can you guess which houses they start with?

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Which hospital they start with?

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Of course, his most beloved. Now, beloved wife, she's waiting for her husband to come back, of course, for a wife who loves her husband. That's

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That's it? Oh,

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my God, this is a lot. So when the Prophet came into the house of eyes of the Lord, what do you expect the wife to do? When she says her husband coming back after all this time? She would say I'm very sorry. Please forgive me. That's what you guys expect, right? That's what every man who wishes to do.

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But I shall come after 29 days. And she was counting those days. The thing she was counting those days. She goes, all the monitors are over it.

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She just said the mothers are over here. Which means Why don't you say one more day.

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But the professor sent me the most gentle if, if a man hears this response from his wife today, what would he do? He grabs the door.

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button also realize

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he just turned to her. He says Karla Chateau Hakata a month can be like this, and he counted 10 to 30 days. Or it could be like this one, too. And then a fall one finger.

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Just basically I was telling her, this one was 29 days. So people

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my point is even when the prophets Allah Sam would take an action to rectify a situation. He would still be gentle.

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And he will still be patient. So a lot of Rama

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Rama Rama Rama dropped the scary when you ever hit her mama, you can skirt sometimes. You imagine him carrying his sword carrying his staff and threatening people. And he was so scared of the ladder and will help with the truth wasn't scary because it was a tire now, because he was decisive. He was a very strong man. He used to walk in the streets and his competitors sprint and the people would walk behind him silently and walk in looking at home. So he sometimes he would turn around quickly. And Esther actually turned around when he looks at them. They just jump you know back home and the whole

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life scared us. He said we'll help Uncle Bob was that you know right or wrong? He says no. handler we didn't do anything wrong.

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So now I'm awesome. How did that increase that intimidation Your heart is as long as this keeps you straight. And you maintain handler good behavior in this in this life. That's good. You need to be scared for me. But if it was because I'm a tyrant. Now in this case, I would ask Allah Subhana Allah to remove that field from your house. This man like one day a man come into his house, he wants to complain about his wife. Again, that's chapter two of the Medina society. So when he went out of the house of Oman, he overhears the conversation of Roma in the house. And his wife was speaking loud, even louder, you know, versus Rama was, was Bitcoin.

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So what's going on? His wife is real and him and he's talking and

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then suddenly this man when he heard that I'm about to come out, he turned around and he just stopped going fast. I was he leaves the house. This is the man going away. So they realize he was closer to this as he calls him because he started to come away, come back. So the money just came back on. It goes

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he says no, you came here for something. What is it?

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Um, okay, Zack. First, as usual, he says, What did he speak out regarding a new job with this? So it tells him he says this man came to complain to me about my wife, but after our hidden once you have all your wife, I said,

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if you couldn't help yourself, how are you going to help me that? So I'm gonna give him the answer. He said, This is my. So these women basically says they take care of everything. They wash your clothes, they cook your food, they burn in themselves with the fire for that reason. He gives them all the work they do at home in your absence. He said you don't see them.

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So when they when you come back home, you're the only person that they can vent

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in front of so basically says just be patient when

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he was just patient.

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So that's the sooner the prophets Allah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam Allah, Allah, you live in America, so you haven't started weapons already. So take a shot.

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Any question now.

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So long