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shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was my brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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hamdulillah Bellarmine opera has been to Las anodite and Isla de la Riva witnesses, none has the right to be worshipped besides Allah. We send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his pious and pure family and to his companions and others who follow him soon until the end of time, was colossal ohana tada to bless us to be straightforward, the sooner Mohammed Salim. In this life, Grant, as all of us those of us who are living those who have passed away, we will all be resurrected under the banner of Muhammad soulless, eliminative karma and be in his companionship in general Filipinos. I mean, when hamdulillah last

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week we spoke about happiness. And today, and this is the nature of life. We're thinking of happiness we're thinking of, perhaps planning holidays or weekends, and we never know when calamity might strike and grief might come. And Subhanallah personally, we had to join us in the family. My mother in law passed away. On Tuesday evening, Marla Granta and all those who have disease pipelines in general. And so the family is going through a grieving process and how easily and how quickly times change how quickly Allah subhanho wa Taala sends you days of comfort, and then he sends you difficult days. And this is the nature of life on earth. And that's why that you know, when Allah

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subhanaw taala sees this as we know it couldn't do enough sin the eager to note Allah says a reality and inevitability, even though it's awkward, we don't like to talk about it. But Allah says every single person will die, every knifes every soul will come to an end on this earth. No one is going to get it you know, to live forever. No one is going to be immortal, even the results of them had to go Allah says in the Quran, if you are Mohammed will die do they think that they will live forever, so all of us will die, some of us will be taken early. We Our lives will be short, and our relatives will grieve for us. And some of us will live long, but then we'll grieve for all those who passed

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away during our lifetime was a halifa. He had a dream, where he saw Khalid Abdul Malik very powerful halifa yesterday, we saw all his teeth falling out. And so he also wanted the dream interpreters. What does this mean? So the dream interpreter said, what you have seen is that all your relatives will die, like this interpretation. And so he beat the men, very often another person, what does this really mean? So he said, it's a good news stream, it means you're going to live very long. Ultimately, it's the same thing you will live to see your loved ones passed away. And Allah says,

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when that specific time comes, when the day comes, that moment comes when you die, you cannot delay it. You cannot postpone it not for a second, and every single person will die as Allah subhanaw taala had had determined had predestined it is a it's a reality and inevitability that is awkward and it's difficult for us to accept but it is the reality of life and what makes this so difficult is the permanency of it you don't have a second chance you don't have a moment to say I wish I could just have another five minutes and those things that I wish I did I could do with a you die and you wish we will already great yellow send me back just to do one SATA one EFT even the biased person

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even the person who is getting the highest place in general we'll see ya Allah see me back just to do a little bit more of good deeds. And for those who have passed away, we think Yeah, Allah. If only we had a chance to say one more. I love you one hug. Take back some hurtful things we sit and that is why the best we can do is to prepare for that moment for ourselves and for those who we love. Then Elisa Lam. He said that even even Amara narrated this heady future Oh no, be in this life as a stranger or as a traveler. What does it mean to be a stranger? It means you're just here on transit. You know, as you fly from maybe you flying from here to Makkah, you stop in Jeddah in

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Joburg for two hours, you don't go and buy furniture, and buy, you know and get yourself comfortable. I'm just young the airport for a few hours, I'm not going to get comfortable. And then I'm going to leave soon. And that is what this life is all about. A very famous saying of it when he when he comes to visit him and he sees in the house. The Valley has nothing in house. And he says you have no furniture you have nothing in your house. Why is your furniture and so the what he says was terrible with your furniture. So the man says What do you mean, I'm just passing through this town. And he said I'm also just passing through this town. I'm just here for a few years. And then

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it's over. I'm going to my real destination. And therefore the this is the words that he says don't take for granted that if you are alive today you will see this evening and don't take for granted that if you go to bed tonight you'll wake up tomorrow morning and will lie you will lie. This is really what happened to a lot Granta highprecision Alma de la Hamada. She was fine and well. The afternoon made plans and before mercury

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molecule, motet comes panela. Sometimes you have the opportunity to prepare yourself. They might be a long prolonged

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synchronously might be an old age, other people all of a sudden spinal on the road, by shock by accident, we don't know how the time will come. And therefore we always have to be in the state of readiness. And the province also loved his daughter.

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She had, you know, her son or her nephew was taking care killing focus assisted pathway, and the boy was dying. This one will Abdullah say North Monson Abdullah is dying, and she calls the newbies will come come out me, and then obviously knows this boy is going to die. He's getting inside his own grandson, he knows he's going to die. And what can he say to his daughter? What can he say to the small boy who's dying? He says, his chest was rattling meaning is close to this. And so there'll be the words of comfort. And it's really difficult to speak to someone when we've lost a loved one. And this is grandson. And he says to his daughter, whatever all it takes is for him, if you don't told

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her in the beginning, but Allah does not owe me a new anything. He takes what belongs to him. And whatever he gives is from him as well, he gives anything and everything with him as a limited fixed term. In this world. Everything in this life has an expiration date, everything. And so he should be patient and hope for Allah that He would all we can do is we can open we can submit to the decree of a law we can just submit to what Allah has decreed. Nothing belongs to you and me, and nothing in this life will last forever. So we should be patient in the decree of Allah.

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But it is normal to grieve. And it is normal to feel sad. And it is normal to even at times feel angry, feel upset, feel depressed, feel despondent, have questions in your heart. And in fact, this is beautiful, saying she's not hiding anything like that. But it's a powerful thing. It says

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grief is the last act of love that you do for a loved one. And waiting is deep grief was once great love. Only when you love someone when you grieve over them. Sometimes you people pass away that you knew so and so. But it doesn't really change your life and someone passes away very close to you. And you feel the absence because you love that person. And it is normal to love that person.

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When one of the professor's alums, as relatives have passed away, and he also began to cry Sahaba asked, What are these tears you crying? This is the decree of Allah, you're telling us to be patient, but even you are crying. And so he says Allah does not punish for the tears that you cry, or the grief in the heart, oh doesn't punish you for those emotions, or other. He punishes or shows mercy on this what is in what the tongues is what the tongues is even more profound in this when his own son evisa lamb now, when an obese person talks about grief, alive and obviously knows grief, he's not only lose his parents, he lost both of them, and he grew up as an orphan. He's not only

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lose one child, he lost all of his children, except one. He lost multiple grandchildren. He lost his love of his life had deja he lost so many Sahaba this man salatu salam, he experienced grief to its fullest. So that when he talks about grief, I know. I really know I've experienced it. And so as he's holding his son Ibrahim was lost boy. 60 years old Nabisco solemate seen one child off to the off the off to the one die. All he has is this evil on him. And he hopes this boy will live outlive him. And now this boy is also dying. And so he holds his boy and he smells the boy's head, as a patron does and pulls him tight. And he begins to cry. And he says the process. The eyes cry and the

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heart feels sorry, but we only utter words that will please allow the tongue only sees what Allah wants to hear. We only say hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. in any language. We praise Allah Subhana Allah, this is a man. This is submission. This is what it means to be a Muslim. Yeah, Allah. I don't like this thing that you've put before me. I'm not happy about it. But I'm still a Muslim. And I still submit to you and my allegiances to you that when you have on good days, I'm a Muslim on bad days. I'm a Muslim. My Eman does not fluctuate with time. That is the one constant in my life, my relationship with Allah, I trust you to handle my fees when things are going well. And I trust you

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when you also do things which I don't fully understand. And the prophets of Salaam says to his son, Ibrahim, Ibrahim, we are very very sad that you leaving we are very sad that this in the in the narration of a mama Gregory to me is a broken Syrah. He says there's not a hadith. He says the Prophet said that he looked at the mountain and he says, Well, I if the mountain felt what I feel now, having to bury All My Children, that mountain will not stand that's how sad I am. But the tongue only sees what is pleasing to Allah. And then he says a profound statement the prophets of Solomon says it seems to be by him the son. We can't understand his baby. And he says, Yeah,

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Ibrahim, I'm very sad that you're passing but the thing that gives me comfort is number one, that this is the decree of Allah, that Allah is the one that decided this and Allah doesn't do things to harm Miss creation. Allah has a reason a hikma a wisdom which is beyond our understanding. We trust Allah and he says

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I know this from the color of Allah and number two, with not that kiama is this a life after death and that we will be together. And I'll be very sad, but I know that the separation is only temporary of the wonderful rewards for the believer is that you will be reunited with your pious relatives of the death is one of the most wonderful rewards, not the agenda and all those things are fantastic. But think of the people that we've lost along the way that we wish to have a conversation with. And we will have the conversation in sha Allah in general for those who will meet up with him.

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So it's okay to cry even then it's okay to not get over it. And if you want to some people will tell you get over your grief numb and raise your Eman by now you shouldn't feel sad anymore. Look at Nabil Abu Dhabi jacobina Viva La How long is he crying for use of In fact, he as he is anybody who says yeah, I use this 3040 years of the use of Edison disappeared. This is how sorry I am out how sad I am for the loss of my son use of what we adopt. I know that even when blind from crying, he cried so much that he went blind. This is a real grief nebby of the Embassy of Allah led strong Eman interclean Allah and so when his family said and sometimes we are insensitive you know, we that are

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not going through grief. We offer words not to console the big the aggrieved person we try to we are you know the vagaries inconveniences as you know it's your buzzkill man, you're bringing us down. We want to go on with life. We want to go on with life but you and your grief is inconveniencing me so those words we say get over it's not for them it's for us. So the same with his own sons, the sons of Yaqoob said to him well you're not stop mentioning use of Colossus did get over it. And so what is gonna be our coops is in NEMA. escoba Theo's Neela I only complained to Allah. I don't I don't worry you with my grief and sorrow. But I take all my grief and all my sorrow and I complain to

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Allah and it's okay to complain to Allah. It's okay in fact it is beautiful that a person in the difficulty and say yeah, Allah, I am in difficulty and hardship. I am dying on the inside there are a lot you know what's inside I don't go and complain and put my my my life story out on social media looking for sympathy. I don't want anyone sympathy I would I want to sympathy Allah. And when you cry like that to Allah, this is part of a man that you say Allah in this hardship, the only one that can get me out of this is you and abeokuta and I know and I believe and I trust in Allah what you don't know. So Allah is the only one I complained to him.

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So one of the ways of getting over grief is to cry and express your grief in a permissible way. And to complain and cry to Allah to cry even amongst those that are with us, but not to say anything that is the respectful for a lot, because we believe that this is a decree of Allah. Also, to take comfort in the did some things Allah gives us is in the Quran, to give us good news. Look at this beautiful ayah Allah speaks about those who died and they will pious people 30 when they are happy, that they are happy, they are having a party Subhana Allah, when the roof support, they are all having a party, they are rejoicing in order Allah has given them of his bounty, and they receive the

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good tidings about those off to them who have not yet joined them. And they are saying how I wish my relatives still on the earth will come and join the party. I don't wish that we die. But this is vanilla. Why do you want to go back to this life of sickness and sorrow and hardship and work and taxes and where you can only have enjoyment in the life after one of the most beautiful Hades,

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Hades available as a very scary Hadith It is about this. It mentions how in the person that is a good person, when they're about to die. The Angel of Death comes and he asks, come out to the mercy of Allah. Now, yes, this is not our choice. But the way the believer has. It's almost he wants to leave this world. He gets to see the angels of mercy. He gets to see his place in general, he gets to see even his relatives that have passed away. Now you're sitting the off in an out of life consciousness, the Angel of Death comes and speaks to you in a nice way. And they you see your long lost mom and dad that have passed away your face frame that has passed away. Children have passed

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away and you look back and see bedridden struggling disease versus these people are waiting for me smiling for me and in the soul leaves willingly with ease it wants to go doesn't want to come back. So find a law that gives us comfort when our loved ones that are pious people when they leave. They leave really to a much much better place in this dunya they wouldn't want to come back and they only hope and the only desire is we wish those of you on the dounia will come and join us live your life well. So you can join us when a very beautiful Hadith Libreville, Solomon says when the pious person dies

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He meets his good relatives that have died before him, those who are pious and died before him, they meet up, and they are so intense in greeting one another, more so than any other greeting that you have. So if those of you, you know, a relative went overseas, you haven't seen him in years. And now you come into rivals, and you just have to look at that I was at the airport, and people are randomly hugging the cry. Now, Visa salaams is nothing compared to that when you get to Japan when you die in this is the generals, the generals, the battles are in the bursa how people will come and they will hug one another even though one hadn't seen, even goes goes further. So the relatives that

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have passed away life, especially if you live to an old age, you might have seen many people that you love that have died, and they're all now waiting to meet you. And now you arrive. And so they gang up on you, they argue they kiss you, they pull you and they all want to know about how is so and so doing in the dunya How is so and so and so and so, and one that I will say leaving believer, she just died now give him space, you know, you you like really causing lives, you know, just take it easy behind Allah and it's a nice feeling to think that they are they are the in the buzzer laughing, smiling, enjoying themselves. You know, so these are words of comfort that we try to give

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to the believed. And this is as Allah says, this family was mentioned last week. Dr. mutulu leads to Salah his father in law also passed away last week mammogram doctor I place in general Dr. Abrams, you know, so a lot of another brother was Juma last week says, you know, in these last three months, I lost three, my father, my father in law, my brother in one after the other. And when calamity comes like that one after the other very, very difficult. Yeah. It's you know, it's it's just human nature to ask the why the stitch is so much. But that is why the reward for patience is so much. That is why the reward for this is so much more so than evader, more so than doing things is when

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calamity afflicts you. This is your agenda. This is your agenda. So we give emotional support and comfort to those who are going through hardship. Being the That's enough, you know, we have this human nature to try and fix things. When someone is crying, we want to fix it. It's not something that we should fix. And say get over it. You know, we want to give words of advice. And it's normal for the bereaved person to say, Well, what do you know about your parents or your loved one is it wasn't your child, it's normal. And this comes from a place of hurt. And for us that are not immediately afflicted by it. You know, we prepare that our turn might come today or tomorrow. So all

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we can do is be patient for them, and pray for them and make dua for them. Look at the words of comfort from the Navy SEALs alone.

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When a man tells them in a Hadith, the prophet Salam said, and this is for a person who lost a child, so one of these companions, the child passed away, and he said, when a man's when a person's child dies.

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Look at the comfort that Allah gives Allah gives this. Forget the words of people are the words of the vessel Salah, this is a conversation Allah, so when your relative die, especially a child, but anyone that is very close to you, that Allah says to the angels, the angel of death, have you taken the soul of the child of this man, but you take this person's child so that you pull it off? Obviously the angels do it by the permission of Allah? And they will say yes, yeah, Allah, that's what we did. And so then Allah will say, and Allah knows, basically doesn't he obviously knows the answer that Allah says to them, have you taken the apple of his eye, you've taken the one that he

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loves so much that you didn't do that. And the angels will say, you see Allah we did that. When Allah asks, so what did my slave say when, when they were afflicted with calamity, when they Mother, the Father, the child was taken from them? What did they say? And the angel will say, they said in Allah, he was in June, and virtually all of this has come from Allah, these children, these parents were a gift from Allah, and Allah has now taken back what belongs to him. And if the person in that moment of anguish and sorrow, he says that I'm said, I'm hurting, but I only say what pleases Allah that Allah says to the angels. Now, the clay that this person's place is gender in general is is

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secured, both for them the parents in general, at this moment of grief, this is really a test that you can attain your own gender Pinilla at this moment of hardship. As a scholar, as the scholars say, everyone is going to be tested in some difficult way, whether it's through money through blessings, through temptation. One of the blessings is to know your taste. Now, if you go gone through some very difficult affliction, calamity, the you know, this is my test. This is that one question on the exam. That's going to be very, very difficult for me to get through. But knowing it at least is a mercy and knowing that if my way to pass this test is to be patient, and to praise

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Allah, to cry to Allah to thank Allah, to say Allah, I have solid This is what savoured is all about.

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There was a man who used to come to the masjid and used to bring his son to the masjid in Terminal pieces of lamb and the prophets of Salaam would see this man playing

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And, you know, you couldn't contain himself when you do this and you kiss him and hug him and be all of a sudden. And so the professor asked him, Do you How much do you love your son? Like, you know, do you love your son? Quite a lot. So he says, Yeah, I love him so much. I wish Allah loves you as much as I love my son. Of course, a lot of even more than that. When this man

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not didn't come to the masjid for some time, there'll be some sort of making shows in the kind of messenger he was. We split so and so we don't even notice hobbies name, but then at least we knew he was. And so they said, No, his son has died. And he's going through some depression. So that leads us along when to this man's house. And he visited him and he said, like, would you like that you son be here with you now? He says, Yes, I really, really would like that. I wish my son was here. We could go off and eat and enjoy ourselves when he says that. But isn't it better? Don't you think it's better for your son, but he is now with a lot in general. And this is this of course, my son is

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in Gemini is waiting for my son to be a dentist and why isn't it better for you, that you will be going to gender because he is waiting for you the and he will bring you into January, it's even better for you. And so he says yes, this calamity, as rough as it is as bad as it is, this is your this is really your entrance into Janna for him and for your children.

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So it's it is the only thing we can say to the aggrieved person, have a sovereign jahmene a beautiful patience. Why sovereign Jamil, because somewhere you cannot change the decree of a law, even if you cry and scream and there's nothing that's going to change. So at least in this moment of grief, to do it in a beautiful way and they follow the prophecies, calamity will continue to be for the believers, all of us. Yes, all of us panela this sort of a promise, all of us who are not going through calamity now that this calamity will come on for us, male and female in himself within your body, your health, your money, your children, your wealth, everything allows you to find Allah is

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going to teach you some way, until Why Why are you doing all this to us while you bring us calamity so that when we meet Allah, we meet him with no sin, we meet him pure and clean. This moment of difficulty is a form of exploration of options.

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The process of silences and this is a beautiful art to make. And anyone who has lost anything with a simple thing you've lost, you lost a shoelace, or something major, you have lost a child who appeared and make this daughter too often Solomon, the proverb that says there is no person who is afflicted with a calamity, and has lost something basically, and they say, visually to Allah in LA, or in La, la, June, our la reward me for my affliction, have rewarded me for the patience I'm going through and compensate me with something better than this.

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And in the prophecies, whoever sees this and does the sincerely when Allah guarantees a level of the audience who is a fiction, and giving better than what he lost. That doesn't mean that if you lost a parent also to give you a better parent, but there are things better than parents, they are things better than children, the pleasure of Allah, the mercy of Allah, putting that parent into Jenna, putting you into gender, there are much bigger things at stake than our loved ones. So always say this in any language in April, June, yeah, Allah reward me for my affliction, and compensate me with something better, you took something from me, give me something better in return. And Allah promises

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he will replace it with something better.

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So as we said, it's okay to go through mourning. And it's okay to struggle with the okay to move, to cry, to feel sad. You tried to convince yourself and you try to tell yourself that these people and hamdulillah they are in Ghana, and they are in a happier place. They are in within the mercy of Allah, and it's for us to reach him. That's the objective for us now. And then we make dua for them. And then avviso salam says, really for us, not that we need to get on get over it, you know, we have to move forward that he says you only have three days to mourn, someone dies, no matter how close child, a parent, you should only mourn for three days except in the case of a woman who goes into a

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into Of course she needs to move through a period. But for everyone else, it's only three days of mourning. What does this mean? Three days of mourning. And I was listening to psychologists also talk about grief counseling, and they say you know, we should never get over this because once we get over it we forget about the disease No, Islam does not see ever ever forget that loved one. Islam doesn't say move on away from a loved one. It means that yes, you are said you have three days to take leave from work three days to be depressed. But now, action needs to happen after those three days. You live with the grief but now do something proactive. Make the offer that the person

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make do out for yourself. Now we need to do something positive. We as an oma, we don't and one of the tricks of shaitaan is he paralyzes you with grief. He makes you so sad that you can't do anything that's power some people you know they will take the time to get there. Maybe if you need to get get over you know get past that grief. You need to speak to someone Sahaba would speak to one another they would remember

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in this in this final little hobby, we'll talk about the good old days or when people pass away, and they would make jokes in the magazine. Usually, it was a common practice of the budget officer, then a Beatles album after they'd made the song, they would synchronize it. And they will talk about the good old days, maybe maccha. This one did that and sometimes to sad things, but they talk about it, because it's good to talk about those who passed away. And it's good to think about you know, those days. So yes, go through counselling go through that emotional support. Nobody's even says, when you're going through this difficulty, have a nice, nice meal, eat something hearty, like like a like

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a baby or something sweet to like a porridge. This actually helps you try to sleep because when you're not eating and you're not sleeping, there's only increases in your emotional anguish. So it is normal, that you feel bad. But after three days, we need to pick ourselves up. As difficult as that is. As difficult as that is we pick ourselves up and now we do something, something constructive without grief. We use that grief powerfully.

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Even a bus or the lawn the son of a bus or a bus dunklen Absalom so his son Abdullah, when an owner when his father died, and even a bus is one of the great scholars of the oma. You know, really when someone you've lost a relative, sometimes the advice can be annoying. Getting Yes, words of comfort are good. Dogs are good. But when someone wants to give you advice, advice, advice all the time. It is normal for you to say you know, I've I know everything I've had enough, you know, it's normal human beings. So even a boss lost his dad and he's an alum. She's, you know, one of the Mufasa, Dean of the oma and yeah, and Arabi, a Bedouin, who doesn't know anything comes to talk to him. But he

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gives him amazing advice. And he says to us, you really said that your dad has died. But remember, just think of this in this way. Think of it in this way that you've lost your dad. But if you are patient, then what you get is better than your father, that patients with a law is better than your dad, and know that he's your dad lost you because you separate it now, but Allah is better for him the new law, he has a law now. So it was a good trade Allah upgraded both of you. We're not, we might not like it. But Allah actually upgraded both of you is giving you both something better. So we take lessons from the number one, we realize this is the reality of life. Don't ever get

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comfortable in life. Don't ever get too comfortable in this life because it will guaranteed be taken away. Whether it's the health, wealth, children family members, we will have to deal with a some point in time, either, as I said, you have, you have the double edged sword, those of us who have a long life are going to see all our blessings disappear. We will see our family members die, our wealth go away, our strings go and we old people, that's one way to go. Another time alone might take you very very quickly. All of a sudden, all we can hope for is prepare for that. It also shows you spawn life is so short time to waste all you in fighting with one another. Now time how quickly

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life goes by you visit relatives that you haven't spoken to for years panela stock worth whatever money that you're fighting over whatever small petty things, move on with your life massima to each other, even if he was wrong, he was wrong. So I'll be the bigger person move on rather live this life in a good way. And you will rely you will always be great. Especially when we lost the relative if only we service the move we did a little bit more for them, especially a parent, especially our parents. And if, if any of us whose parents are alive,

00:28:40--> 00:29:12

there is no coming back. From that you can even replace your mother your father, you can even replace kids vanilla, it's rather difficult as is as difficult as that sounds, but you have more than one child but you only have one mom one dead. And therefore when one Sahabi lost his parents, both his parents died, he was crying and he's well I'm not crying because I missed my dad and my mom, I'm crying because this avenue of gender is now closed forever. I could have gotten gender through them through pleasing them. This opportunity now is blocked for me. I can't do this now. So if your parents are alive yet one

00:29:14--> 00:29:22

of them I speak to myself first, especially the inconvenience you and hamdulillah that is our doorway to gender that is really our path agenda

00:29:23--> 00:29:59

speaks for the relationships problems we have make too many still far too a lot of our own mistakes. Then even if you will, has died. The beautiful thing of a believer and this shows you true love in this dunya we do things for our family and friends. Because we kind of hope that they either give us a comment or they appreciate us. You know the wife will say I do this for you. I don't want anything in return except appreciation. Now when you do something for a dead person, you get nothing in return. That is true love. When you still make dua for that date relative to that date friend, you still give sadaqa

00:30:00--> 00:30:43

Maybe there is no way this person can benefit you. That is to to love. For people that are still grieving a relative of the main years have passed, and you still remember them in your doors. But lie that is true love that was a real bond of of love. So now Allah allow us to continue to make the alpha disease and well grounded people make up for us when we die. We have people that remember us how we wish our people continue to make to offer us and we will do the job for us that our living is to prepare ourselves for that party that is waiting for us of the day. Our relatives are having those prices of ours will lie they're having a party and they are rejoicing as I was fighting,

00:30:43--> 00:31:27

they're having fun. And they said we just wish for you guys to join the party. So for us to live our life in the best possible way. And we pray Allah takes us in a way in unimin at the moment when he is pleased with us so we can join that party of this Allah grant all those who have passed away. forgiveness and Mark Farah mala openly will fill it with light and Rama, Rama grande all those who have passed away that the sins to be forgiven mala into Rockman intergender McGraw Allah grant all of us a good life. Allah forgive our sins of the past. And Allah take us away uncomplete piety and with all our sins forgiven. Meanwhile, hamdulillah just a few announcements. Tomorrow in sha Allah,

00:31:27--> 00:32:03

the 19th of October will be a course on the mercy to the worlds that also sort of masirah biography and Ibiza Salah shabby ladysmith is fantastic is coming all the way down to Cape Town. So please if you haven't yet registered the life of Nagisa Salam is first 5353 years of his life, please you know join the Islamic auditorium tomorrow. Then again as we sit for articulates the youth of the varsity students here in the blue cup offering free tuition. So if you have any child in matric they will sign up you need to sign them up for this right so as parents push them to that when our Monday class shifted to Tuesday, I have a family obligation on Monday. So on Tuesday inshallah, just this

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Tuesday, from six to seven inshallah, we'll continue with our biography of a North man on the line in equations concerns with [email protected] so don't worry