Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 055B Tafsir Al-Nisa 7-10

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The sharing of inheritance among men and women in Islam is based on the number of sharing points and the closest relatives. The sharing is not just based on race or sex, but also on a relationship of sharing. The importance of giving people things from their properties and not inquiring about their actions is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the importance of being mindful of one's feelings and not just talking quietly. The conversation touches on the legal use of alcohol and its negative consequences, and the potential consequences of consuming alcohol in public places.
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Lesson number 55 Saluton Nyssa is number seven to 14 Lily Jelena Siebel methodical Wiley Danny will occur a boon for men is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave a region plural of Raju rajim. Lam men asleep from the letters noon side bear the sleeve is a shear me methodical Wedi Danny will occur bone and while he then do will have well it was valid parent while it then two parents meaning mother and father, Accra Boone, Florida for a crop of rubber curb is closeness. A curb is the closest relative across baboon, closest relatives, immediate family. So the men have a share from what Donald can well Danny will occur bone from what the parents and the close relatives

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leave behind. Meaning if a parent dies, if a close relative dies than their male relatives, their male children, they have a share a portion of the property that has been left by the deceased so men have a share of inheritance. While in Messiah II and for the women is mostly evil mimma Talaq unworthy, Danny will acabo even they have a share of inheritance from what their parents and their relatives have left behind. In the days of ignorance before Islam, there were many ways by which those who deserved inheritance were deprived of their shares.

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Basically, who would inherit from a deceased, the closest male relative, how much would he inherit, sometimes everything.

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So for example, if a man died, leaving behind a son and two daughters, the entire estate, the entire property that he left behind, would be taken by who the eldest son,

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and the rest of the relatives, the wife, the mother, the father, the daughters, they will be completely deprived, the eldest son would take everything.

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Or, for example, a person would not have any children of his own, he would have an adopted son, a son, whom He called my son, but he was not biologically his son. Now this person has a wife, this person has brothers, this person has parents, he dies, who takes all of his property, his adopted child.

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Likewise, a person had really good relations with the friend, really good relations with a friend, he says, My blood is your blood, my life is your life, you know, we are best buddies in their own terms, right? They would make such agreements, this was known as high leaf of a relationship of Confederacy, right. And what would happen is that when that person would die, then his best friend would walk in and take all of his property, and what will be left for the wife of that man for the children of that man or the sun of that men? Nothing at all. Or, for example, the estate would be divided, but the women would be completely deprived, for example, the wife would be given nothing,

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the daughter would be given nothing, the mother would be given nothing.

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And sometimes, the women even would be inherited. Yes. So for example, if there is a man who died leaving his wife and his property, his brother would come take his property and take his wife that you are not my wife. Yes, this would even happen. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed that all men and all women deserve a share of inheritance, not just the eldest son, not a friend, not an adopted child, but who all men, all women have a share of inheritance from who they inherit, from, who do that are mentioned over here. Who are they, they inherit from well hidden. And secondly, they inherit from a collarbone, who are wider than the mother and the father, who are a caribou, the

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closest relatives. Now remember that all people are related to one another through some relationship where the other Isn't that so? Like, if you go back in history somewhere or the other, your family tree will join with the person sitting next to you. Correct? Because all of us come from all other organisms.

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So every single human being has a share of inheritance because your relatives eventually No, it is for who are caribou, the closest relatives, who are these closest relatives, closest relatives are basically five. Who are they? They're the ones who are always included in inheritance. They are you can see the direct heirs of the deceased. They are the father, the mother, the Son, the daughter and the spouse.

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Who are they

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Father, mother, son, daughter, spouse, so parents, children and spouse, these are direct heirs, they will always inherit from their relatives who has passed away. Meaning when this relationship exists between two people between the deceased and the living between the person who has died and the living word relationship of being children or being parents or being spouse, okay? Then they will inherit. All right, and a crab goon. A Qaboun means that the closest relative gets a share. Okay. And in the Hadith, we learned a couple of the closest and then the next closest, meaning that if a person does not have children, but he has grandchildren that instead of his children who will

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inherit his grandchildren, right?

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How much do they inherit? How much do men and women inherit by these relationships? The details are mentioned later. But this is a general rule that Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that all men, all women, inherit from their parents, and inherit from their closest relatives. And just as men inherit, women also inherit that this is you consider evolutionary, this was unheard of before. This was something that was not even imagined before that a woman inherits, yes, she does. All men, even if a person has five sons, all of them will inherit. Yes, not just the eldest son,

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close relatives, if a person has a parent, they will inherit, yes, they will. If a person has a spouse, they will inherit, yes, they will. And Allah says mymail, Allah from that, which is less men who from it meaning of the estate, oh cathode, or alot, meaning it doesn't matter whether the estate that has been left behind by the deceased is a lot or a little, still, the close relatives, the children, they will inherit, if a person is leaving behind a property that values $100,000 $500,000. Then Will his relatives have a share of that property? Yes, they will. What if he's leaving behind $500 Let's say a son dies, who is only 15 years old, he doesn't have any money in his bank account.

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If you gather up the value of everything that he owned, that his parents had given to him that belonged to him, you could estimate that to be worth $500 Maybe. So even that has to be distributed amongst the relatives. Yes, everything mymail Allah men who owe capital, it doesn't matter how much the value is of the estate, it has to be distributed amongst the heirs now sleeve Amma Frodo, this is an asleep a share that has been approved meaning made obligatory by who? By Allah subhanaw taala. For all this from follow the federal board meeting, people don't have a choice concerning this. Allah has made this obligatory. A person says, I don't want my son to inherit from me.

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Does he have a choice and that no, the sun will inherit? The person says, I don't want my father take anything from my property after I die. Does he have a choice concerning that? No, no sleep on the floor the Allah has made this fall we have no choice concerning this at all the shares are fixed, the errors are fixed, they are made obligatory by Allah. So what do we see in this ayah? That in our deen, whatever is stated, a person leaves behind that has to be distributed according to Islamic law of inheritance between who it has to be distributed amongst who the rightful heirs? Who are the rightful heirs, those who have been assigned by Allah subhanaw taala.

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All right, how much do they inherit, whatever share Allah has allotted to them, no sleep them of Aruba.

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And everything has to be distributed. From the spoons, to the clothes, to the art on their walls, to their business, to their car, everything, their jewelry, their phone, everything has to be distributed amongst the heirs. And this means that when a person dies, then his property his belongings cannot be used by his relatives, without permission from the heirs. So for example, a man owns a house, it has his house, the wife doesn't ever share in it, it is his house. Okay, he bought it, it belongs to him. He dies, he leaves behind a wife and two sons, two sons that are grown up in their own houses. Now, that house that he has left behind who has a share in that his wife has a

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share of that and his two sons have a share of that. So the wife, can she use that house without the permission of the sons. She cannot

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And if she does, then it will be considered a part of her share that she is using. Alright? Likewise, if there are children living in the house, but technically, the man's mother also gets a share from his property. Now candles children continue to use their house and everything in the house without the permission from their grandmother, they cannot. Now Alhamdulillah in many situations, it's understood it's acceptable, that whoever is living in the house, whoever is doing you know, they should continue to use it. All right. But if someone says that, no, I don't want you to live here. Let's say after their aid, that it is said, I want my shear off the property. I want

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my money. So please sell the house and give me the money or give me the money from your pocket. I need the money. One of the sons says

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the mother cannot say that No, I'm not going to give you this is also my house I've always lived in this house you cannot force me. No, it cannot happen. The son needs the money he wants it he demands his share it has to be given to him because Allah has made it his right and asleep him of Rula because unfortunately many injustice has happened today. Many in justices where people are deprived of their shares like this so nicely Bulma Frodo Allah has said it will either help or I'll get smarter and when the customer dismissed from the room that was obscene meme, which is to divide distribute, when the distribution is taking place, meaning the shares are allotted there decided and

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now it's being you know, divided up that okay, this brother takes this mark the son takes this and the daughter comes and takes this imagine a house one is taking the furniture and others taking the house itself whatever this is all going on. And how about orcas Mata He is present. Hello from how Barbara He is present at the division who is present at this division, oral Koba other relatives while your tama and orphans. Now the shares are being allotted, and what happened some relatives walk in to the house to offer their condolences. Or some orphan children they walk in when Messiah keen and the needy, the needy people find out okay, this house, it's been divided up between the

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heirs, let's go maybe they will give something to us. So these people show up.

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Do they have a right to have that estate, they don't have a right and technically, they don't have a right that has been allotted to them. Like for example, the house, its belongings and the house has been divided amongst the children and the spouse and the parents.

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A cousin walks in

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a distance aren't wachsen they don't have our share of that estate. They don't have a share. But they're sitting watching.

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They are part of the all that decision making. They're giving their suggestions. They're involved in that discussion. Technically, they don't have a share. Or likewise some for people walking in. They're just watching this person is taking the sofa, this person is taking this much money the money is being distributed. What does Allah say follows Oklahoman who give them something from it. Give them something from that estate. Because it's an awful feeling that when everybody's getting something, and there you are, you get nothing at all.

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It's an awful feeling. So Allah says follow Zuko men who give them something from it. Like, for example, all the heirs are being given $100,000 Each, here comes a poor child, here comes a beggar a servant, who has been living in that house serving that family for so long. So he's just standing there looking and just you know, has that sad face. So give him $1,000 given $100 given $500 Give him something a little bit for the government who will call Lulu home cola Marvel for and say to them a decent word, a word that is appropriate. What is that appropriate word? Like? Take it may Allah bless you in it. You know, may Allah bless you. Take this, enjoy yourself. Remember us in the

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year there was, you know, say something nice. What? kulula? Who? Cola Marva instead of saying what are you doing here? What are you looking at? Don't look at the property of other people. It's not nice to be greedy, by the way, and you have no business to be here. Please walk away Stop interfering. Don't do that. We'll call the Hong Kong model fair. Say to them a good a decent word. So what do we learn here? That people before and even today, it happens and when the distribution is happening, other people walk in and they're watching that whole thing. So when they're there, then what should be done they should be given something from it. This is teaches us the other the o'clock

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that our Dean encourages that even though someone may not have a right over something. Be decent, be generous, be compassionate and give them something

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Like, for example, you may be working somewhere, okay? And your job is that whoever comes in stands in front of you, you answer their question, or you tell them which form to fill, whatever. But if a person walks in, and they're kind of lost, and they're looking here and there, and therefore reason they need the washroom, or they need to hang their jacket, and you see that they need to know.

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And you just watch them like, I'm not obligated to help them here. I'm just supposed to answer their questions. You know, I'm not here to tell them where to hang their jacket, or where to keep their shoes. Oh, even if it's not your responsibility, even if they don't really deserve, be compassionate, be considerate, be courteous, and give something be generous. Go help someone. You know, sometimes, this is not part of my job, my mom told me only to mop the kitchen. So I'm not going to mop the floor you, my mom don't only do vacuum the carpet, I'm not going to sweep the floor. You know what, if you see the dirt even if it's not your duty, go ahead and do it go the

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extra mile. Be generous, this is what our Dean teaches us. But what is our attitude clock in clock out, you know, just do your work and only your work and nothing else don't take the extra step at all. But this deprives us of your son be generous, this is the teaching of our the and you see that a fixed amount has not been set, right. But give them this much percent or this much share? No, it has been left to the discretion of the people who are present over there that you decide it may be suitable to give $5 It may be suitable to give $100 It may be suitable to give $1,000 Whatever you decide, but give something and some companions actually considered this Whadjuk mandatory that

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whoever is present at the time of division, you will have to give them something you cannot send them empty handed. Because it's rude. It's impolite.

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And also we see here that we are being taught to do your son Will Ferrell and your son will call do good to others by action and do good to others by our words. So for example, if we are helping someone, this is our son Bill fair to our actions, we are being good. But also say something good.

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Sometimes we go give a gift to someone here. Take it for you.

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Come on.

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Is this how you should give a gift? Know when you're giving something to someone? Also use nice words. We expect good words from the receiver. Right? But we should also say good words when we are on the giving side. What can we say?

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What can we say? We have Slappy for you. You know for example, they got a good mark on their test. They're celebrating whatever, they're getting married. So take a gift and give it to them and say something nice such as I'm so happy for you. You know, may Allah bless you. And may this be so good for you for your deen for your dunya for your Alcatra give some Dora say some polite words. Don't be a dry person who doesn't have any emotions like boring, dull, lifeless, gray. No be be a little bit emotional.

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Put some colors in your life. Put some joy in your life, bring a smile to another person's face. When you just give a gift. It's like almost you're burdening them. But when you say something nice, you pleasing them.

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That at a time when someone has passed away everyone has said and when you're generous at that time, then you bringing a smile to someone else's face. And you are also giving yourself the gift of satisfaction and contentment and peace. Because when you give that's when you feel peace. So this will actually help you and help others. So the laws of Islam, yes, they have to be followed very strictly. But don't forget compassion. Don't forget mercy.

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While Yaksha Alladhina Lautaro Coleman kullfi him Zuri yet and they are often and let those people fear injustice, as if they themselves had left weak offspring behind and feared for them.

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Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning who those people who consumed the property of the orphans unjustly those people who deprive little children of the shares of inheritance that they have received from their parents from their relatives. So Allah dresses them and says that while Yaksha that such people they should fear lamb over here means he should and Yorkshire from cashier harshing here to fear they should fear who should fear Alladhina those people who love Turaco if they

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Left men comfy him behind them. The return children were often weak once they are off plural of Larry, who is the one who is weak. And little children are weak because they are dependent on others. They are weak physically, financially, mentally, in many different ways. They're weak. So a person who is consuming the property of an orphan, not giving him his share of inheritance. Allah says fear. What if you were leaving behind your children? And someone else took their property? Would you not call for or lay him? Would you not be afraid for your children? Call welfare health? Meaning, how can you go on and take the property of an innocent child of a weak child who needs that

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money? Would you like that to happen to your own children? You would never like that to happen to your own children. So if you don't like it for yourself, how can you like it for others. So don't do to others what you don't want for yourself, don't do to others children, what you don't want to happen to your own children, put yourself in the shoes of other people, Allah says Allah Takala they should fear Allah, even though the parents of those children are not there to fight for them. But Allah is there he is watching severe him. You know, if there is a child, and he's let's say misbehaving or something, and you want to yell at them, you want to scold them, but you see that

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their mother is there. So no matter how annoyed you are, you say, you know, sweetheart, why didn't you do this instead? Why didn't you do that instead, and if their mother's not there, you know, people can hit them and they can yell at them and treat them like animals and do whatever they want. But if the mother is there, then they become fearful, correct, they become very conscious. So Allah says, familia Takala these little children, their parents might not be there, but Allah is watching you and he will hold you accountable to fear him when you're Kulu Cole and sadita and they should say a statement that is studied, what is studied studied is from the rule letter seen that done and

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said they also do said is basically when something falls at its place, when something falls and its place does D the sum is to straighten the arrows why so that when you shoot them they will fall exactly, precisely at the target, okay. So Coenen studied is a word a statement that is suitable that is most fitting in a given situation, it is most appropriate in a particular situation. What is golden, so didn't a statement that is most befitting All right, most appropriate in a situation. Remember that talking gently talking politely talking nicely in every situation is not golden city. Likewise, talking strictly and sternly and firmly all the time is also not colons, because in some

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situations, leniency is good. And in other situations, firmness is good, isn't that so? For example, if you're talking to a child, then what is colon studied, talking leniently, but if you're talking to a teenager who's misbehaving was behaving like a two year old kid, then talking firmly is studied, isn't that so? Likewise, if someone is talking to a small group of people, a casual conversation, then talking in a low voice is old and studied, but when a person is standing at the member giving the hotbar, then what is called into the talking loudly, so that everybody can hear talking firmly with some power with some voice, so that people will listen attentively and take

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benefit from the hotbar? All right, so when you're gonna colon 30, that means that they should say words that are most befitting most appropriate in that situation, in what situation? This is basically referring to the time when a person is dying.

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He's basically, you know, breathing his last breaths. And when a person is near death, then he goes on giving instructions, right? Take care of my children, do this with my kids, you know, my wife should do this. My son should do this. My daughter should do this, right? And at such a time, is the whole family around the person? Not necessarily. It's quite possible that only a few individuals are there, who may not even be his family, who may be his distant relatives or friends. All right. Now, it happens many times that when a person is dying, people come in to start advising him to do something, which is not correct.

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Let me give you an example. The uncle of the Prophet satellites in Abu Talib, when he was dying, what happened the Prophet SAW

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Listen, I was advising him to say the Kalama at least, right? And there came Abuja, Allah Bula herb and all of his group, and they kept on telling Abu Talib that will you leave the religion of your forefathers? Will you leave the religion or Abdulmutallab? So what happened then I will tell him what happened to him that he said, I'm not going to leave it. Why? Because even though what the prophets of Allah isn't was saying to him made sense, but because of what his friends were saying, he got so much under pressure that he listened to them. He said what they wanted him to say. Now, likewise, when a person is dying, let's say he's leaving behind a property, and they're his friends,

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business partners, or cousins, and they say, you know, we really worried about your business, you know, we really think that it's best if you give all the rights to so and so, individual. So, all you have to do is just quickly sign over here and just say that, you know, says such and such says such and such and like this, what happens in many situations is that the people who deserve the shares of inheritance, they are deprived, because the person for example, says all of my property, all of the rights go to such and such individual. So, who gets deprived at the end? Family, who gets deprived at the end children. So such people who come and try to mislead an individual at the time

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of his death? Why so that they can get his money and his little children, his family, his dependent family members are deprived? Such people are being advised that what if you were in that position? What if someone came after your dependent children and took away their rights from them? Would you like that for yourself? You would never like it for yourself. So how can you be okay with it for others? So while your Kulu colon said either, at this time, say appropriate words, say correct words, suitable words, not incorrect words. Likewise, some of separatists it refers to those people who are given the instructions to execute a will to carry out a will, that they have an Amana on

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them, they have been entrusted with a huge responsibility. Let's say a man about to die, he says to his friend, I have some money sitting in this bank account, and this is the password for example, okay? Or I have some cash or whatever, sitting in this mean a locker and this is where the key is. All right. And he says, Please go and make sure that my family gets it. Now this man says, okay, the wife doesn't know the kids don't know. Let me just go get it myself. So he goes, opens up the locker and takes out half of the stuff. And then later on when the bank sends the key to the family, they go and take the money out the jewelry, the whatever valuables are there. Hardly anything is presents

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with the say, okay, maybe this is all that our father left. So Allah subhanaw taala advises such a person that would you like it for yourself that somebody cheated you, somebody took the heck of your kids who'd never like that. So don't treat others, the way you don't want to be treated. Be very, very careful. And this is something that's very beneficial. If a person always puts himself in the shoes of others, then it is easier for him to be just always think about others consider their feelings acknowledge their state, and then you'll be able to do justice. You know, for example, marrying multiple wives from the eye, it may seem that a person has complete freedom you should

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disregard the feelings of his wife and go on and marry whosoever and whenever not tell his wife disregard her feelings, not care about anything. This is not what this means, when he has been given the allowance he also has to be prudent he also has to be careful. For example, we see that a little below on who at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he intended to marry the daughter of Abuja,

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who was Abuja Hill, the enemy of the Prophet sallallahu. Now his daughter had become Muslim. Okay, i Little did I want and who was he the son in law of the prophets of Allah is Allah. The prophets daughter Fatima was married to him. He intended to marry take a second wife and who was that a Buddha holds daughter. Now, technically, it's okay. Does he have the right? Yes. Is he permitted by Islamic law? Definitely. But did it make sense for him to marry that woman know why? Because it would hurt felt the most

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not because at the willow Warren who had taken another wife, but it would hurt her that my father is enemy, his daughter has become my co wife. It would make her life very difficult, very miserable. So the profits on a lot is that I'm stopped already a little over and who he did not allow him to marry that woman. He said that the daughter of the Prophet of Allah and the enemy of Allah cannot be

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II in the same family, they cannot be in the same family, the prophets, Allah Lawson did not allow that marriage to take place. So what does this teach us a very important lesson that we may have right? In our deen. You might say, Oh, this is my right this is my right this is my right. But be sensible. Be a little sensitive to other people's feelings. Always put yourself in the shoes of others. Would you like that for yourself? You don't like it. So don't treat others the same way. Don't put them in a difficult position. Then Allah warns the inner Lavina indeed those people who yet coluna day eat and while Alia Tama the property of the orphans and wild chloral of man, yet I'm

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a plural of your team. Those people who consumed the property of the orphans will men

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unjustly they don't have a right it is injustice when they're consuming the property of the orphans. So does this mean there is a legal way of consuming the property of the orphans?

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There is remember we learned earlier that if a person is looking after the property of the orphans, can he charge a wage that is reasonable? Yes. How much? Woman can affiliate affiliate cool Bill Maher through my roof? Right? He can charge a wage. That's not what

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this is talking about those who don't have a right over the property of the orphan. They're not looking after it. They say oh, what does this kid know? What does this child know he doesn't know anything. So take whatever or for example, The Guardian he doesn't need to charge a wage but he still charges a wage or when he charges a wage he charges more than what is reasonable. So those who consume the property of the orphans old man or like we learned earlier law that the burden will Kabita for you that they give their cubbies to the orphan and the take by give of the orphan for themselves such people in NEMA year coluna feeble Tony him now or indeed such people are consuming

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in their bellies. What fire they're actually consuming fire they're actually taking a portion of Hellfire for themselves. The word balloon is deplore enough but one bad thought noon the belly the stomach of a person will sail slowness or Utah and soon they shall burn Salah yes left solid lamb Yeah or solid lamb well is to burn they will burn in what saris in a blazing fire Cerritos from sorrow. It's basically when a fire is set ablaze. So the flames are raging. Basically the fire is like a flaming fire. So what's the your slowness or you know, they're going to burn in the Hellfire when a person is eating something, at the time of consumption, he enjoys it.

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Like for example, a person may have a sensitivity to a certain food, but he loves it, you know, people have sensitivity towards dairy towards grains, different things, right. And if they eat those foods, what happens? They will be bloated or they will get a rash, right? Or different things will happen. Their body will react in different ways. But at the time when they're eating that delicious ice cream, they're enjoying it a lot. Later on, they will be the price isn't at all. Later on. They will pay the price. This is just like a person has a serious nut allergy.

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But they love peanut m&ms.

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They can't do without it. So they're like, You know what? I have my EpiPen. I don't care. I'm gonna go and eaten. And they eat. They eat they keep eating until they collapse. And later on, they're in the hospital, one drug after the other. You know, eventually they are released from the hospital. But this is like, foolish isn't at all. This is so foolish that you're killing yourself just to eat that chocolate. Like really? You can get nut free ones. Why don't you have that? Do you see what I mean? Likewise, when a person consumes something, take something that is not his right.

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When a person takes the property of another human being that does not belong to Him, somebody spent somebody's book, somebody's clothed somebody's shoes, somebody's jacket, whatever it may be, they like it. They take it when you're taking it. You're really having a good time. You're so happy. But you will be the price for it. You will bear the price for it. What's the price? You're actually taking a portion of hellfire? What's your slowness or era this is something very serious.

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Something very serious. Because this is something that has become quite common. That people like something, they'll take it. They go to a public washroom, they like how the soap dispensers or whatever. They take it

00:35:00 --> 00:35:08

they like something on the wall, they take it. They go different places and they collect different different things. I liked it, I took it, I wanted it.

00:35:09 --> 00:35:46

They go to a store and they managed to take the tag off or the security thing off, and they bring that object home or they open a box and they take on whatever they want from it and they bring it home. Or they don't deserve particular money from the government. But they write false things so that they can receive money that is for free. through deceit, you don't have a right over it. This is unfair, that other people are working so hard. They're paying taxes and they're you are sitting at home lying that you are a single woman or you are divorced or you don't have a husband or whatever, and you need money and the government gives you money that does not belong to you. You

00:35:46 --> 00:35:47

don't have a right over it.

00:35:49 --> 00:36:00

This is something serious. When a person takes something that he does not have a right over he is consuming What fire in the mayor Khurana feeble Tony him now all

00:36:02 --> 00:36:16

that sometimes people will say false things that I am divorced, so that they can be off of the welfare. They can get money from the government every month. This is exactly what the verse is talking about. Lindeman right? This is injustice.

00:36:17 --> 00:36:28

So many people are taking welfare when they don't deserve it. And the taxes keep going higher and higher for the rest of the crowd. Those people who are honest in their work in filing their taxes, they have to suffer the brunt of it.

00:36:30 --> 00:37:07

She said that she saw a picture of a soap. And it said at the bottom of it, this is the cutest thing that you can ever steal. Because somebody picked it up from a hotel. Somebody just took it from the hotel. I mean, some things they keep over there for your use. So if there is a shampoo bottle or a soap bar, and you've used it, and if you leave half of it, you know they're gonna come and throw it. So it makes sense for you to take that. But the towels over there, the floor mats over there, the hangers in the closet Come on, didn't leave that for you. They didn't leave that for you to take home with you. If that's the case, and also take the furniture and the lamps and even the light

00:37:07 --> 00:37:07


00:37:09 --> 00:37:25

She's saying that she heard in a lecture that somebody was saying that we see that our children are misbehaving. You know they are disrespectful, disobedient, rebellious, and we wonder what's wrong with them. The problem is that many times we are feeding them home.

00:37:26 --> 00:38:07

Because we demand from the government what is not our right, and we lie in order to get that and then we feed that to the children and the children if they're being fed haram. Their body is built of haram than what does the Hadees TELUS that a person who consumes haram. And then he prays, then why will his daughter be heard and accepted? That it's amazing that we present such a false image of the deen in doing this, that people know that fornication is something that's not allowed in Islam. But still, there's a woman who says she is unmarried, she is single or she is divorced. And then every year she shows up with a new kid demanding more welfare. I mean, that means that those

00:38:07 --> 00:38:09

children are born out of wedlock.

00:38:10 --> 00:38:11

I mean, people are not stupid, they know.

00:38:13 --> 00:38:23

And you can claim that Oh, but we are not married and people don't even go and register the marriage first of all, and remember, whatever starts wrong will end wrong, it will end wrong.

00:38:24 --> 00:39:06

And please never think that older non Muslim, no, even if a person is non Muslim, you are supposed to be just and fair and truthful to everybody. So this is something very serious that we should be very fearful of. And in particular, this verse talks about consuming the property of the orphans and this is something that's a major sin taking anybody else's property that you don't have a right over is a major sin and taking an orphans property without right is alter majors and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Ah, then he was several movie called, stay away, avoid the seven great destructive sins. And of those seven destructive sins are consuming the property of the orphan

00:39:06 --> 00:39:46

unlawfully. And this I also teaches us the heavy responsibility that is laid on the one who is managing the property of the orphan, that he has to be extremely truthful, extremely careful, extremely honest, he really has to fulfill that a manner. Because being unfair, being unjust with the orphans property is not something small. This is why the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said to a Buddha, that oh Buddha, Verily you are weak, meaning I know that you're a weak person. And I love for you what I love for myself, therefore do not become a leader of do nor assume guardianship of an orphans property.

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

This doesn't mean that it's not allowed for people to become the guardians of orphans on their properties. No, there's something that's highly encouraged and rewardable. But if a person feels that he doesn't have the strength to be just to be fair, then

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

If he should refrain from it

00:40:03 --> 00:40:13

when a person knows that he cannot fulfill that responsibility then he should stay away from it because then he's putting himself in danger so let's listen to the recitation of these verses

00:40:14 --> 00:40:16

literally journey nosleep

00:40:18 --> 00:40:21

talagang Anwar you want to

00:40:25 --> 00:40:26

leave or

00:40:30 --> 00:40:31


00:40:33 --> 00:40:34


00:40:37 --> 00:40:37

to sleep

00:40:43 --> 00:40:45

moon I mean

00:40:48 --> 00:40:49

no sleep

00:40:50 --> 00:40:51

for a

00:40:52 --> 00:40:54

while either how God I love this matter

00:41:07 --> 00:41:09

what shall

00:41:13 --> 00:41:13


00:41:16 --> 00:41:17

the floor for

00:41:19 --> 00:41:22


00:41:28 --> 00:41:29

the the

00:41:32 --> 00:41:33


00:41:36 --> 00:41:51

man in Kelowna feeble born in him now all in Kelowna febrile bony him now oh was a URL slowness

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