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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various ways to celebrate the upcoming weekend, including dressing in a cultural way, sharing weekend celebrations, and taking pictures and videos. The speakers emphasize the need for preparation and preparation is key during the holiday season. Additionally, they mention the importance of dressing in a spirit of safety and wear a mask for everyone.
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Professor Robert Alameen May Allah azza wa jal right for you the for reward folder for Arafa Allah, we ask Allah subhana wa Tameka, some others are forgiven the previous day, the sins of the previous year and they want to come Allah protect us from the subtle Bananaman. Now quickly shown on that chapter the etiquette of Solitude at sha Allah azza wa jal, Bardo, before we go to that, if you've seen the videos of the hedgehog right now, as they come around the Kaaba, maybe right around Russia, by the way, they were praying throughout the raid over there. If you notice if anyone was watching, as we were hearing it and then a shot here slaughter it was going on there in Makkah, and some of

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you might have noticed that there were people still making Tawaf even the Salah was going on. And people still live on top. So what's going on why these people not standing for Salah delayed anyway, because salata aid is not a requirement for the Hajaj, the hijab, they are not required to pray a solitary, so even if their Salah is going on, they still need to finish their tawaf under a banner is not for them to press the lottery. However, if they pray is still valid. It's valid for them to pre read but they are not required to press authoraid Because they're a bada is not solid eight the rebar is actually the tawaf and Jamara and everything goes to required for them to do during Hajj,

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Salah days for us those who do not do the Hajj. That's why it actually has been prescribed for us or handler by Amina at least something we share with the judge handler of Malala mean. Now with regard to the etiquette of salatu

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salam ala according to the majority of the Halima is considered sunnah to McKenna, which means highly recommended sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam chapter for the Hammond humbly school and author they say it's actually mandatory. Anyone who's capable of coming to pray, they should come to pray Salah today. Now regardless of whether we believe that's mandatory or not America, the fact that the lemma they don't say that just considered recommendation, they said sooner to market, it's okay. It's something to stress on and emphasize on. It is important that we press harder at Charlottetown. And make sure make sure to prepare for it very well. And by the way, who should come

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first other aid everybody, everybody, the men, women and children, even according to hydrometeorology, Allah TerraNova even the ladies who are on their period, those who don't pray

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they should still come and attend obviously, the hotbar and the festivity that happens after solitary they don't pray with the Jamar but they listen to the ticker and they joined the gym of course and celebration celebration after Saturday's insha Allah Tala. Now we know that's going to be very hot over here. So it's up to them when they want to show up for example for that they can stay at home estimate when the Salah is gonna be over and come celebrate with the people in sha Allah Allah and enjoy the festivities solitary. After that, the sooner of course to prepare for Saturday read by after fajr if you can, after further take a shower, you know groom yourself properly. Make

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sure to clean yourself very well dressed up in the best way possible. Of course keep it modest as well too. And not so extravagant.

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Doesn't have to be a specific dress code. No, you can dress your cultural code or hamdulillah as long as it's shorter code, that's fine. Whatever that you want. Make sure to try to in the process as you prepare for solitary to keep doing tetrapyrrole as well saying Allahu Akbar Allah Akbar Allahu Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar would Allah Hill Hamed make sure to make your family ready also facade read

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you know, according to which one you are going to come the first one or the second Inshallah, then it's better if you can walk to the masjid rather than driving your car. So come walk into the message so that you're doing your tech bureaux meeting the people in the streets. Everybody's doing tech brought together and hamdulillah greeting each other and saying, you know, the greetings of eight to one another. And then after you're done from Salah to read insha Allah azza wa jal, then you can celebrate with the people. When you go back. There's a sunnah that you take a different route, but that's back in the days when people lived in the same neighborhood so they go from

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different outlets and different streets to meet other neighbors. If you can do this over here Bismillah hamdulillah otherwise just you can go home and rest and shallow Tabata Katana now it is sunnah after them from solitary if you have already prepared for adult hear that you're going to do it now don't adhere don't don't have the quarterback when you have all amo tertiary. The days of Debian Nah, you don't have to do it on the first day. Don't rush if you don't want to do that. If you want to spend the day with your families, handler man, you still can do that here on the next day, which is the 11th the 12 all the way until Saturday before tomorrow. These are the days of

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Delta Yeah, so you can do it. On Wednesday tomorrow. can do it on Thursday. Do it on Friday. You can do it also on Saturday until before tomorrow. These are a Yamato Shrek, in which you could be right will continue in shallow Tabata, Kota Allah. So if you didn't want it the first day you can do the next day the day after, because somebody might say, Well, I had I didn't have an intention to do it here. Can I make it

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And then maybe analyze later on Bismillah go for it, you can still do it, you can still do it. So once you do that the Sunnah of what you do with the meat,

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the meat basically the old hair itself is the sacrifice. That's it. Now what do you do with the meat that is up to you. So back at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at the very beginning, he forbade people from keeping any of that meat the reason why because they used to have a lot of refugees, so the Prophet says more than to share with them and not saving anything afterwards. But then he says I used to prevent you from keeping any of your old here. Now you can. So the Sahaba or the autonom or at least Allah they recommend to divide the meat into three portions 1/3 You give as a gift idea for your friends when you give to the poor and 1/3 you can serve your family inshallah

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but you don't have to do it that way. You can keep it all for the poor you can gift everything to everybody and anyone you want or you can keep it all for yourself because the old here is just a sacrifice an animal itself now

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doesn't have to do anything specific on that day besides that of course, obviously you know visiting your home you sorted to ram calling the people your family members making sure to reconcile inshallah with your loved ones. Make it a day festivity inshallah Tabata Kota Allah may Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of your Bananaman. May Allah forgive you forgive your sins, shortcomings Euro Bananaman, may Allah subhana wa Taala make that day a day of celebration to all of us. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to alleviate the suffering from those who are suffering and that they are Bananaman and make it easy for all our brothers and sisters around the world to be able to

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celebrate this this day with joy Brandman wala has any question Gemma?

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smella go prepare for AIDS Radek, Rahmatullah will cut

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