Children’s Eid Mubarak! What are you doing for Eid?

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My beloved children, I want to wish you all a very, very happy read Mubarak. May Allah accept from you all the good that you did in May, he helped you so you can grow in a very nice way. Many of you are doing eat on Thursday so that's amazing. But there will be some of us who are going to be doing eat on Friday. It's okay because like I explained at the beginning of Ramadan, some places have seen the moon some places have not seen the moon and some places follow other countries and other places don't follow some countries. That's okay. You can have eat on Thursday you can have eat on Friday and either way eat Mubarak to you guys Mashallah.

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You know, eat is a day of happiness. It's a day when you should meet your family, your friends, perhaps if possible, sometimes because of Corona, you might not be able to meet, but it's okay for them. Make a video call with them. Perhaps, you know, greet them somehow a few of them at least if you can, and have a happy happy day. You must forgive anyone who's done wrong to you. It's a day of forgiveness as well. You must also congratulate them you say a Salaam Alaikum hate Mubarak and so on. If you remember in one of the events or one of the programs, I said that the Islamic greeting is Assalamu alaikum. And you can say what I've met Allahu wa barakaatuh whether it's eat, whether it's

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Ramadan, whether it's Friday, no matter what day that is the Islamic greeting you get a big reward for saying as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh now after that you can add eat Mubarak Ramadan, Mubarak Mubarak, etc. After the greeting. But not before that you don't just come on the day of Eden say Mubarak, you might say Salaam Alaikum ignoble like that. inshallah I'm just teaching you something. That's very, very interesting. Now, you greet your parents, you create your brothers and sisters perhaps and maybe your family members, your uncles and aunts, your cousin's your whoever it might be. If you can, you can get together for maybe for a meal. There's nothing wrong with that

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if you're allowed to do that, because different countries have different rules when it comes to the virus that's going on right now. But make do out for those who are less privileged reach out to them. And you deserve this day because you've been a good child. You know, doing all the right things, trying to listen to a good message every day. Trying to be a better child. No swearing, no cheating, no stealing, no deceiving, no fighting, no yelling and screaming. You know, that's what you've been doing. You've been behaving so Alhamdulillah you deserve this beautiful day. For those of you who have fasted the whole of Ramadan, congratulations will lie. It's a very big achievement

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as children it's something amazing Mashallah, you deserve a pat on the back. Those of you who have fasted a few fast Congratulations, you did very well as children again, you've done really really really amazing Mashallah Baraka next year, perhaps you might want to try again do a much better than this year in sha Allah. For those of you who only managed to do part of the day because you're young and you were unable No problem, you're a child.

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So if you did half a fast for 30 days, technically you did very well because that's like 15 whole fasts, you know, but don't worry, because you're a child, Allah knows that you tried, that's okay. Congratulations. And those of you who didn't vaste

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try it next year. inshallah, try it, even if it means starting a little bit, keep yourself without eating and drinking for a few hours at least and then you can start from there because your children and inshallah that's a very, very big achievement, but push yourself a little bit so congratulations, Mashallah. On the day, we wear good clothes, they don't have to be new, but they have to be our favorite clothes, a nice clothes, a good set of clothes. You have to be clean, try and bath early morning, get up early, don't be lazy. And maybe you can give a mum or dad a hand maybe if they're preparing some, you know, goodies, some breakfast, whatever it might be, might want

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to lend them a hand or at least just behave they might not have the time to check up on you so much. But that's okay. And then you you need to eat something if you can go for Salah to eat go out for Salah to read Mashallah. You must be smiling, you must be happy. You look fresh and neat and clean. Make sure that you're dressed in like I said smart clothing. And then if you can exchange a few gifts, small things with your family, perhaps your friends, a few little things. If you can, if you cannot, it's not so important, but it's a good thing and

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Then Subhanallah you can meet your folks if possible, like I said, but I want to know something from you guys. There's something I really want to know the comment section here in my on my YouTube channel, I want you to tell me how many faster faster How was your Ramadan? And what have you planned for it? That's, that's what I want to know what have you planned for for the day of eat? And are you going to have eaten Thursday or Friday? Let me know inshallah, I'll like the comment, inshallah. And you're going to know that I read it. May Allah bless you guys. Well, I was so happy to have had such a beautiful beautiful program for this month of Ramadan. Many of you are saying I

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should carry on even after Ramadan, make dua that I have the time to do this inshallah and it will really be a good idea to continue maybe tomorrow I might do one more program

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so that we can speak to you on the day of eat and for those who have not had eat on Thursday, no problem we will probably give you a message tomorrow so that you can also benefit from it. But for now give my Salaam to your family give my Salaam to those you live with some of you who have parents have passed away whose parents have passed away May Allah grant them Jana May Allah unite us with them Jana, some of you who are only living with one parent, it's okay. May Allah make it easy for you guys, and some of you who might be living in foster care. May Allah bless you guys we love you all all you are our leaders for tomorrow, the leaders of tomorrow and inshallah We look forward to

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meeting with you again and again. Allah bless you guys, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And eat Mubarak.