Omar Suleiman – Fajr Khatirah 28-06-2023

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The host discusses the importance of remembering the Day of alpha and the concept of forgiveness, as it is a way to regret past mistakes and become appreciative. They stress the need to be forgiven in light of one's actions and caution in their behavior. The importance of finding personal moments that bring one back to a sense of forgiveness is also emphasized.
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It was an article of the Forest Whitaker Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While earlier he was talking to Saddam to see him and cathedra

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as we start this day Subhanallah just a few reflections of the beauty of that number one, Al Hamdulillah we think Allah subhanaw taala for allowing us to witness this day of alpha

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for allowing us to be alive for another one of his blessings weather in Chicago to see them. If you're grateful I will increase you so we thank Allah subhanaw taala for the opportunity to be alive on this day. And to be in the masjid for us a lot of budget on this day and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala accept on our behalf hedge bitten and Nikita Anna for those that will stay until salvato

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remembering Allah azza wa jal on this day

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and we also reflect on his limitless mercy. The fact that Allah subhanaw taala has mercy is not limited to a time or to a place or to a generation or to one specific group of people but it is constant and ongoing. And every single year, this is the date in which Allah subhanaw taala frees more people from hellfire than any other day of the year. We ask Allah subhanaw taala that he write us down today amongst the rota pa amongst those who are freed from the Hellfire you have to think of it in this way that as there's a scroll that goes out at the end of this day, who made the list of those that are freed from the hellfire, how badly do you want your name to be on that list? Or

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someone who's freed from the Hellfire it's probably a lot at the end of Ramadan and those last 10 Nights Allahumma in the Capital One to hibbott Alpha Phi Phi ni O Allah, you are the Forgiver you love to forgive so forgive me. And here you have a day that is known not alone. There is no there is no question today's the day are out.

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And you're asking Allah subhanaw taala to pardon you and to forgive you knowing that today is the day that more people will be forgiven than any other day and the prophets lie. Some said they're allowed and Tumulty Nona, but the Java call upon Allah and you are certain of the response. So when you are asking a loss, parents ask for forgiveness today be certain and the response that been the night and he will forgive you, so long as you're sincere in that ask.

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I wanted to just reflect for a bit on that concept of alpha of coming to know Allah subhanaw taala this idea of coming to know becoming more aware, today is the day that you should spend becoming a little bit more intimate with Eliza in your and getting to know Allah subhanaw taala and this idea of getting to know Allah azza wa jal and the implications of that right away. One of the implications that allowance perhaps I mentioned of forgetting forgetting him, that's a cool Catalina NASA answer home and first of all, if you forget Allah subhanaw taala, he causes you to forget yourself. If you remember Allah subhanaw taala he also causes you to remember yourself, if you get

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to know Allah azza wa jal better, then you get to know yourself better as well, by necessity.

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the goal or the gift of this day of fasting in particular, that you're forgiven for two years of sins.

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Some of those sins, you don't even realize you committed some of those sins, we did not even count as sins because of how normalized they've become because of how normal they become because of how usual and repeated they become. And you're asking Allah Subhana Allah to forgive you, what you've already put forth and what you will put forth a previous year or upcoming year, what you know, and what you don't know, what is public and what is private. What is major, by your estimation, and what is minor by your estimation. And that idea that I don't even know the amount of sins I've accumulated of the past year and I don't know the amount of sins even if they are unintentional that

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I will accumulate next year. But Allah azza wa jal is merciful enough to forgive all of that.

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And Allah Subhana Allah mentions this concept in the Quran for Atala FNA be the novena, we have come to know our sins. Now some people will come to know their sins on the Day of Judgment. But the prophets lie some said at the essence of Toba

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at the essence of your repentance, another at Ned Matoba your repentance is based on your remorse is based on your regret. The more that you come to know Allah azza wa jal, the more that you come to regret your shortcomings in regards to him. And Ramadan was an exercise in many ways of getting to know the blessing of Allah subhana wa Tada becoming more appreciative and more grateful for the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala that you take for granted. And that kind of leads you to this place. A boat would have been a romantic idea. Whoa, can we then be

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I admit to you, you're

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Her blessings upon me and I admit to you my shortcomings and repaying those blessings. I admit to you my sins,

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the sins that I don't even know that I've done. I admit to you yet Allah that I'm sending constantly, even if I'm not recognizing it, I admit to you, Oh Allah, that I am sending on such a regular basis, that sometimes there are accumulations that you want, or Allah called me and my heart becomes fogged at times. Sometimes I feel the effect of that sometimes. I'm not, I'm not as spiritually infused as I should be. And I know that at the end of the day, there are stains and there are accumulations. There's plaque buildup, right in terms of sin. And you're asking Allah subhanaw taala, to remove all of that. The only reminder that I want to give you today bitten the

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night Ana is that as you're going about your day bitten, the non come the law, you're in a state of slump, you're in a state of fasting, you're in a state of already

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being pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala, just by your very being in the state of fasting and sha Allah to Allah, is to try to find personal moments where you actually try to recount and use try to put forth a sincere Toba to Allah subhanaw taala. Because the goal of today is forgiveness. The goal of today is forgiveness. I know we've got our longer at lists. And I tell people this when we're actually at the place of alpha, and alpha is McKinnon's a man it's pleased and it's time and in our situation where in the time of alpha,

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don't just bring forth your wish list with the loss of hundreds Anna, make sure that the cover page is asking Allah for forgiveness, everything else is secondary. Everything else that you're going to ask Allah subhanaw taala now part of that personal one and Allah is that Allah can do more than just forgive you today. Allah can do more than just forgive you today. But the main thing you want to happen once a lot of mclubbe comes in, is that you're forgiven in the light Anna. So make use insha Allah to have that as your primary your ask Allah to forgive you. And then be confident in his forgiveness Bismillahi to Allah. And as you go about your day, do not knowingly commit sin on a day

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in which you are asking Allah to forgive you for the sins even that were done unknowingly. So be very, very careful today. As you should be every day to not spoil it with a joke with a conversation with a glance as much as you can. Don't knowingly commit sins you're asking a lot of forgive you for the knowing and the unknowing today.

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Keep yourself involved in vicar even as you move from place to place. The best thing that the prophets I send him said and he said I and all the prophets have said is La ilaha illallah wa ala holy ash recolor the whole world called Al Hamdulillah who are aqualisa in Kadir as you are walking around today as you're going from place to place just keep repeating that they could have been in LA and then allocate some moments that are between you and Allah Subhana Allah where you really try to get to know Allah azza wa jal where you really try to connect to Allah subhanaw taala and you Inshallah, to Allah can move yourself to a place of acknowledgement of all the times that you fallen

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short, maybe you made some promises after Ramadan, that you would be a certain way and you haven't, you haven't been able to make, make good on those promises to Allah subhanaw taala you had intentions maybe admit those to Allah azza wa jal today, admit those shortcomings to Allah maybe you had Quran goals, they could goals, maybe you promised, at least to yourself that you would, you know, start committing a certain good deed, admit that shortcoming to Allah subhanaw taala throughout the day, and try to find some personal moments and the best of the day of alpha as Mr. Udo the Lord's had and who narrates to him not to the prophets, Allah, Allah and he was the best

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part of the day as the last part of the day bit in the nahi Tana. And so if you can allocate that also to Muslim Inshallah, to Allah, that last hour of the day of alpha, even if you just recite Escadrille Messiah, you recite the evening remembrances, but some moment of personal inshallah to Allah, make use of the last part of the day especially of the day of Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, allow us to have good endings and the loss of Hannah Montana allow this good beginning to be a sign of his acceptance for us for this day, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah forgive us for all of our shortcomings. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of the people that have gone to Hajj

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today that he grant them everything that they asked Allah for. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us an answer to all of our years and at the chief of all of that is forgiveness. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness for all of us, the public and the private, the previous and that which is to come the major and the minor, that which we've done knowingly and that which we do unknowingly along that I mean, we'll call it that most of them gonna kind of be in a Muhammad winder, Ernie

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Hey what's up

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