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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss their preferences for Chai, a drink made with black tea and milk, and their love for Earl Grey, a type of tea that adds sugar and a taste that is not lost on the taste. They also discuss the use of red meat and the importance of understanding animal health. The speakers emphasize the need for a unified stance on the issue of eating meat and the importance of following the time zones of different localities. They also address the tension between the younger generation and the older generation, the importance of privacy, and the need for a strong stance on the issue of the moon.
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Before we start with a very juicy topic,

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we would like us to discuss the issue as, as we were talking together, we were trying to tea over here in the shy or the Chai. So we came across this this idea of starting with the concept of Chai. First of all, what is the preference of Chef iasa regarding the Chai, my preference regarding the Chai or the shy so I personally really prefer the shy usually without milk.

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I put a black tea and prefer that with Nana or marami a very famous actually Philistine that's my preference for the shy and if you go to the Gulf countries, they have other flavors with the shy they add to it. Hail which is a Cardamom as well as curve and that cinnamon. So basically are different flavors when you want to drink tea or shine. I don't know how much you know about these different flavors when it comes to that to the to the black tea. So what's your preference? He doesn't

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matter he even handed it out. So that was Salam ala rasulillah. I'm about

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let's start off with the shy as Jeff Castro said,

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by the way, before we even do the shy the two garments as well. We're a complete and total this was not planned from way in advance. Yesterday, I met him and I said you know what, let's worship what can we use today. So we didn't call each other up and make sure that you know where we're going to be coordinated. This wasn't like we didn't go together, did the same shop and purchase the same outfit. It didn't happen that way. But a lot of witches decreed it that indeed it turned out that way. So Shy, shy I have a very long story which I I was introduced to tea in Medina because as I grew up with my parents, they obviously used to drink tea, but I never touched the thing. I never

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liked it. But I was introduced to tea while in Medina. And I had to use it as a caffeine source of caffeine to keep awake at night studying. And it really helped a lot. And because of that I was exposed to British tea because of the British students in Medina. And so automatically I discarded Lipton I discarded all of these, these, if you like average name brands, and the Brits told me you need to have real tea. And so they told me you need to purchase the actual stuff. And so to this day, I cannot really drink the normal Lipton tea I don't like it, but like as one of my friends said, this is just like water. It's not like tea tea. So until you actually purchase actual tea

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leaves fresh. And then you boil them perfection for a minute and a half and then you save it out and you let it stay. And then you put a little bit of milk, this is the perfect cup of tea. And so at home and you can ask my wife at home, I don't ever take a tea bag and put it in hot water, it's just I wouldn't do that I might as well just drink water for when to do that. I have to actually boil tea in order for me to get the real tea taste. And I have a lot of preferences. But my favorite is Earl Grey. Earl Grey is a type of tea where they add certain burger monster certain spices, so my favorite tea is great. I also like other types of tea. And of course in the end of the day I am a DC

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at heart so nothing beats do Petit Mashallah Actually I have to disagree with you. If you have to boil the tea then you're not drinking tea. That's when you drink actually the black water

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because tea is that you have to boil the water, add the sugar to it and then you turn it off and then that's when you add the tea to the slowly and gradually get of course the whole flavor and then you put whatever flavor you want to add to it whether it's cardamom, whether it's Nana meant whatsoever that you want to add to it. That's when you're doing that professional and fresh tea leave it there for five minutes and then try it. I was actually the tea maker in Medina

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on campus, my room was the tea quarter. So when the guys wanted to drink a cup of tea, which is basic for socializing was there they used to come to my place and until this day, probably Morocco is here somewhere. She knows that when it comes to tea I make it when it comes to coffee she makes it so basically it's the tea that my favorite what I do when I do actually the tea I would say don't boil it because in a boil it you cannot really you cannot amend the taste with any amount of sugar. Once you boil it, it's gone. So it has to be slowly and gradually in my house. I make the tea and the coffee. Okay, Mashallah.

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This Let's go.

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Moving on to juicy your topics.

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The reason why we wanted to talk about the meat issue and we're going to talk about other issues as well. The reason that we wanted to do this was to talk about issues that are

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communities in general find themselves talking about anytime you have a Muslim social gathering, certain issues always come up, but very few times have we heard an academic discussion about why these differences exist and what to do with them. So we're going to try to discuss a number of issues today, inshallah, to Allah, depending on how much time we have and how much time if we're given an extra time, what not, we wanted to start off with the single most controversial topic that every single practicing Muslim has to come to terms with, in fact, even non practicing Muslims have to decide. We have all met in our lives, so many people who don't even pray five times a day, but

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they are so worried about eating zebby, Hornsby Hamid, we have all met people like this, okay. And of course, the best of all, you know, the most ironic of all ironies halaal xebia restaurant that serves alcohol doesn't matter, as long as it's zabiha. That's fine, but they can serve alcohol as well. So what did you bring this up this issue? So first of all, let's clarify our positions. My position, my position is that we are not allowed to eat the meat that is commonly available in the marketplaces, we can only eat meat that is slaughtered according to certain specific conditions. So therefore, I cannot eat the McDonald's hamburgers. All of these, you know Kroger's, any deli that

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you go to, I believe it is not permissible for a Muslim to eat this meat, your position, my position is almost similar to his position on this issue. I personally do not really allow eating specifically the red meat with comes to beef, for example, when it comes to lamb meat, I don't eat that anymore from the market. But when it comes to the chicken is a little bit easier. That's my position on the issue. And I'm sure that we have different reasoning for that, but overall, yes, the red meat is not permissible because now it's still not following the general rulings of the beha. But when it comes to the chicken has a less condition that we can discuss the shallot Allah as we

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progress and this this talk, okay, so what gives you your verdict of permissibility for chicken and the same suit or the same rulings when applied to beef makes it how long Where do you get this from? It comes from the concept of the beehive. What does it mean? That we have of course, when we say that we have we have to follow the conditions of the duck and that means the slaughter the Rama when they say but when you talk about the the vihara basically, they include five things that you have to consider when it comes to the who they consider mean the person who does the slaughter itself. Then you have the Allah which means the tool that they use in the slaughter, you have the place where the

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exactly the slaughter the animal was, it is coming from the throat somewhere else and so forth. Then as Vicar, the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned or not mentioned, other than our largest names or something like that, as well as how they have done the depth itself. Was it done properly or not? All these now have to be considered whenever you make your decision on a debenture. And I see the generally speaking living here in the West among Ankita. Generally speaking, Allah subhana wa Taala made as the behavior of al Qaeda means the slaughter of al Qaeda to be permissible, generally speaking, if the people proven to be from Al Kitab, now the issue of are they Yes,

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following Al Khattab rules, or their Deen or practicing Hamas effects from that that's a different story now. But if they're proven to be from Al Qaeda, then there'll be how should be acceptable because a lot of assets so and sort of

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what are Medina

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telecom? What

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that means the food of those have been given the book Al Kitab. The book was made permissible to you. And it's almost it's manifested in unanimous agreement that the officer didn't say the word bomb means that if an ambassador Ilan said so means this is their heart when they slaughter the animal. So when we say how they slaughter the animal right now, that will makes a big difference here. I don't have an issue with them saying Bismillah. I'm not saying this manana. It's just that the way they met with evidences and witnesses and people testifying that the way they slaughter the animals here, in conventional slaughtering houses, they're basically using what they call it,

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retarded bullet, or they use electric shock in order to tame the animal before they slaughter that. And that doesn't make it permissible because this is torture as well as the chance for the animal to die before it's been slaughtered. is so great. So when there is a doubt, then there's definitely a reason for you to stay away from it. When it comes to the chicken. It's almost the same process everywhere. And it's easier. They don't use if they don't use the electric shock or any other means to kill the animal before slaughter then it's okay well loud Alanna. Okay, so, to summarize, Chef, he also believes that it is impermissible to eat beef and lamb and goat because the method of

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slaughter entails the fact that the animal is usually dead before the knife reaches the throat. There is a huge possibility a large percentage of animals are not alive by the time

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The knife actually or the machine actually reaches the throat therefore it's roadkill it's made that it's dead meat. That's it. I agree with everything that he said except that I have an added condition. So this is the primary difference between Jeff acid and citric acid okay I have an added condition. And that one condition is that I require that Allah His name be mentioned at the time of sacrifice. And as evidence there are many evidences for this which you can hear about in the class that I take. But to summarize a few evidences, Allah subhana wa tada has clearly said in the Quran, that Allah has blessed us with cattle, so that we may mention a last name over it at the time of

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slaughter for guru small La Jolla Playhouse Allah. And Allah clearly says in the Quran and Sunnah telling him that you should eat the meat over which a last name has been mentioned, for kurumi madhukar smolyar. Allah says in the next verse, why don't you eat the meat over which Allah His name has been mentioned? And in the verse after that, and this is the crux of the argument for me, Allah says and do not eat the meat over which Allah His name has not been mentioned. Right. So these evidences, along with the prophetic Hadith in which the Prophet system was asked, what type of meat Can we eat? How could we eat the meat, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, anything that causes the

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blood to flow, and you have mentioned Allah's name on it, that is permissible for you. And this test, we're we call it saying Bismillah is even obligatory In my opinion, when you are hunting, and hunting is more difficult than sacrifice. And Allah says in the Quran, that when you send your animal out to hunt fakuma, second alikum well, Guru smola here it each what these animals have caught the birds that go and catch the animals, the dogs that go and catch the animals, Allah says, eat what they have sent what you have caught, as long as you mentioned Allah's Name. And so he asked the prophets of Allah while you send them that are handed back to you, the Sahaba acid processes and

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to be honest sutala I hunt with my dog, a hunting dog, tell me what I should know about the rulings of this. So the prophet SAW sent him said, if your dog catches an animal, and no other dog is around it, and you have mentioned Allah's Name, then eat of that animal. But if you find other dogs around that animal, you don't know which of the dogs killed the animal and listen to this, and you only said Bismillah over your dog. So if another dog had killed the animal, there was no Bismillah. So in my opinion, when Allah says the meat of Nikita is allowed, of course, I also follow the verse, the meat of Allah Kitab upon which the conditions have been met. Sure, he asked, he said of the

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conditions, it has to be slaughtered properly. So far, we agree I add one condition that she does not see obligatory, and that is the must also mentioned a last name. And so for me, this verse applies to kosher meat and it doesn't apply to a Big Mac. This is the difference is that I agree on all this evidence that I've mentioned, we both agree on that this is coming sorted and I'm in particular, but certain I am certain makiya, which means all these verses were revealed in during the mecca period, when the issue of slaughtering to someone besides Allah subhanho wa Taala was so great as part of their polytheism and practice of should even want to make this case of slaughter as

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an issue of al Qaeda was mentioned the end of the sword of Allah subhanho wa Taala and socrata Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to say, in Salatu Suki when a woman Mattila Hara Bananaman say that my salah and my new soup, my salad means my prayers, my nusach none of that amount of see they say it's the slaughter. So when you make your sacrifice is all for the last panel that my life and my death should all be for allies dogen so this is the end of this sort of summarizing the whole concept of it to be part of their Akita. So that was issued in Mecca sutra tell Nikita what Allah subhana wa tada made an exception from this room. So the exception of the rule now is what Amala

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Dena Oh takita Hello lucky certainiy that is at the end of the revelation. It came when the prophets Allah Selim in the last few months before he died sallallahu wasallam so this is not necessarily an obligation to the general. I agree with all what you said. But this has to be applied to the Muslims. That's number one, to the Muslims. So the Muslims who should know better about saying Bismillah Muslims who should know better not to mention their name besides Allah subhanho wa Taala those who know that should not even sacrifice who don't mention the name of Allah Spano. There are all those ayat and evidence applied to them. But al Qaeda was General. What are Manila Deena? Oh,

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takita holla calm so was made like an exception. In order to make it easy for people to deal with the People of the Book. Nothing was mentioned about their test Mia and nothing was mentioned.

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About mentioning the name of Allah or themselves mentioning the name of someone else therefore the aroma they say they agree and we all agree on this that if you know that I look it up they are slaughtering the animals mentioning a name besides the name of Allah subhana wa Taala like for example Mr. Massey Raisa or the name of anybody that they worship of their deities, then for sure we know that this is haram and we even if a Muslim makes us lotta mentioned a name besides the name of Allah subhana wa tada it's considered Haram. But if we don't know about Al Kitab, whether they mentioned it or not mentioning it should be al Bara atrocity that they are basically look it up

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generally speaking should be permissible, Allah Allah. Okay, so sheffey acid is saying that the verses of Maya abrogate the verses of anon make an exception, at least, okay, because my that was revealed after

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I say, both verses, you do not resort to abrogation or two canceling or restricting one of the verse when both verses can be applied simultaneously. And in the verses that I said, have an amendment to the verses, both of them can be applied, how can they both be applied, the meat of the People of the Book is allowed for you, as long as the other conditions are met. Of those conditions, the blood has to flow of those conditions, a knife has to be used at the throat nowhere else. And of those conditions you say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. So the crux of the issue. Do these verses that mentioned Allah's Name? Do they extrapolate and apply to the applicator or not? I say Yes, they do.

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She also says No, they don't. And one thing that I have that he doesn't have Alhamdulillah is the majority. And that is because the HANA fees, the mature of the Maliki's and the more attainment of the humbleness, and even Imam Shafi himself, but not the leadership theories, and also entertain me, I have no problem. And of course, if new Tamia follows me, but anyway, even say me, I will tell you, all of these people, they held the position. So we have the HANA fees, the Maliki's the famous position, the martoma, of the Hamburg, and they've been telling me of nakaya, they all said, saying Bismillah is obligatory upon Muslims and non Muslims, it was only the later shaffir is who said

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saying Bismillah is neither obligatory for Muslims or for non Muslims. It is Sunnah. So this is the crux of the issue. Do we apply the test meter to allocate up or not? And one point you have? So you said that none of the scholars said that if a Christian sacrifices for mercy, this is allowed? I say No, in fact, many of the Roma who use the same evidence as you do, they said n of them is of them is even in and out of it automatically. of them is Mohammed Abdullah, of our times, generation. And I cannot remember the third one now, but there were quite a few people who basically said, Allah says, the food of our headachy tab is allowed. Now, therefore, anything they eat, we eat, even if they

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sacrifice with Jesus Christ's name. And so to me, this is the whole point, you have a verse that says, the food of applicator, then you have a lot of other conditions. I say we take all of those conditions along with a headache, eat up and we take them together. So if a Hindu comes, and he says Bismillah, and he sacrifices, we say, No, you're not educated. But Allah made an exception for an educator, because they believe in the same God if they follow the same rules, we may eat of their meat, but she also says these verses do not extrapolate to but still you when you said are you agree that Allah says in Surah thermadata amo Latina otava Hello Lacan means yes, you agree with me that

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Tom will kita kita he will have the book of this slaughter. It's also acceptable for us and then you added following specific conditions. The Ayah doesn't say that. You bring in these conditions from previous revelation.

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This cell phone is a cell phone.

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Can you take it away?

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Is it okay? Okay.

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We have to give it them.

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So, so

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we have another controversy over here. So basically, what's your

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What's your thoughts about Sakai? He is saying that yes, he agrees that pharma Kitab is halal is permissible for us as long as it still fulfills the conditions of the previous revelation of surah Anam which is mentioned for the specific according to what I say is to be for the people. Besides I look it up. Now when you say that, as long as they fulfill these conditions, the eye of Al Kitab doesn't say anything about these conditions. So therefore it says water harmony, Marina Okita nice

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Welcome and I emphasize that this ayah came immediately to is after the prohibition of certain categories, Allah subhanaw says earlier before hari metallicum means that was made haram to you, and the nation few categories of all these categories I didn't want to I after that comes, what

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the hell come so their food exemption from all these prohibitions was made permissible to you. And also to emphasize the issue of meaning, you know, Al Qaeda, whether you say they say Bismillah or not, Allah subhanaw taala said also as well would that same with that same portion of the ayah, about marrying the woman of the People of the Book. So to marry a kitabi woman, whether she's a Jew or a Christian, is permissible, as well as eating their slaughtered animals. So what's the connection between two because both right now, if you're going to say like it would almost says, hold on a second, people have the book, if they claim that as as the son of the Son of God, that's

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polytheism schilke. So how can you marry their, their daughters, the woman, same thing when it comes also to the slaughter will love Adam? And one more thing about him and shadow him, Allah, Allah, I actually checked his book alone. And he's also also said that it's nice to have nadarajah

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for hunting, and they are both he says he says about both. Okay, they have a garage. I remember he said it for one and nothing, actually in the room. Okay, well, Roger, okay, so

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I guess

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we'll go back to the books, whether it was a mama shaft racer, because I remember my Michelle fairy holding that it's watching for one and a half for the other, because there are two different chapters hunting and slaughtering. So there's two different chapters. So basically, the summary of it is the position that she holds is a position that is found by many classical scholars, and the Shafi madhhab has taken it as its official position. And the position that I hold is a position also held by many scholars. And in fact, it is historically the majority position. And it is also held by scholars throughout the centuries. And it all the the crux of the matter is, will you apply verses

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that are not mentioned, as soon as the man that mentioned the test, Mia, will you apply the idea that mentioned the destinia? Will you apply it to Allah Kitab or not? She FERC says you don't have to, and that is a position that many of the scholars of the past held, I say you do have to and that is a position also that many scholars held.

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I honestly I still believe that when it comes to the classical opinions of them, not just to two famous appeals, as we are discussing over here. There are many, many opinions really. But the whole point is after you discuss this issue of whether to eat the behemoth or not the behemoth should there will be any concern or consideration of Walla Walla between Muslims Omar on this issue. Well, I basically Should we try to create this partisanship with among the Muslim Ummah based on these fifth opinions or not? Did we have dinner yesterday? We did. Okay.

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we disagreed on meat, but meat united us Hello. But still it was meat united?

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Well, you have the luxury of living in Houston. So you have a handle of access to halal meat. So therefore, it's easy for you to say that I have personally sat on the table many times with my fellow Muslims. And they have ordered in restaurants they have ordered nonthaburi Hamid and I have ordered fish or vegetarian and Alhamdulillah This is the way it's not a big deal. I can testify for this. I was with him one time I was eating chicken or doing something else.

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You want to go to the one sided. Okay, so now we move on to another controversial issue. After meat what is the most other controversial issue in the community? Moon citing

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hormone fighting.

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And as a disclaimer, both sheffey acid and myself

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have no idea what happened in Houston. We have no direct relationship with events in Houston. We are coming in as outsiders so do not read in anything that might or might not have happened in Houston. Okay, so with this disclaimer, the position of moon sighting is one that raises a lot of controversy. And in fact, unfortunately, it even ends up dividing the community. And so we wanted to discuss why there is a difference of opinion and what should be done about it from a practical perspective, theoretical and practical together. So let's start off with the issues. The issue, of course, is

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in the absence of an agreed upon authority, we're not living in Pakistan, in Egypt, in Arabia in Timbuktu where there is a Muslim authority that pretty much everybody follows. In Pakistan, the government announces tomorrow is eat. That's it and the story in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, you don't care about their fifth position. You don't do the research because you have an authority above you.

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So you leave responsibility to them on the Day of Judgment. The problem comes here in North America, we have no such authority, and in fact, realistically will never will have such an authority. Let's be realistic, the Constitution will definitely not impose an authority over us. And the Muslims are not going to self elect a representative so that they're all going to follow him voluntarily. That's not going to happen. So because each person is free to do as he or she pleases, for the first time, many of us realize there's a big difference of opinion over how we calculate it. We never thought before about Pakistan and Tunisia and Egypt and Timbuktu we just did it because we live there. But

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for us who have been born and raised or immigrated here, we know there's a controversy, we know there's issues. So what are the various fifth issues? Well, there used to be two and now there are as Mashallah three, so we keep on adding more and more positions. But the classical opinions generally have been

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how far does a crescent does the validity of a crescent extend on earth? If you see a crescent in point A, and you happen to live in point B, somebody tells you he saw the crescent at point A you're not at point A you're in point B how far does point A extrapolate to point B is there a limit or is there no limit? Some of them are put to limit what is this limit there are at least five or six opinions by the way. So some of them are put a limit XML yml D amount. Others said there is no limit whatsoever. As long as you hear that somebody seen the moon at position a even if you're in position B which happens to be on the other end of the earth, then you should follow what happened at

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position a so this goes back to the classic books if you want to add something to it. No, actually the reason for this stuff is comes from hydrated when our bus are loaded on one of our buses. Ron he met a caravan that came from a sham and that caravan happened to arrive at the end of the month of Ramadan. So when he asked some of those people who attended the caravan he asked them when did a mural meaning Why were they allowed to Sham when did when did you guys celebrate the beginning of the month of Ramadan? So when he gave one day which was basically a day before and then embassy said but here in Medina we didn't see it until the next The following night. So they basically they

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missed one day meaning in a sham which is the mosque is today in a sham who was the healer for the capital of the Islamic State of Antalya basically they saw the moon one night before the people of Medina so again I'm biased he says even though which means even though I may have seen the moon a night before we're gonna have to continue here in Medina until beside the moon meaning he did not go where that universal moon sighting he went with the local moon sighting even though without Venus effect that how much should you extend the sighting of the moon a sham and Medina there should be on the same line which means they should share part of the night together and they should follow one

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particular opinion which is a universal one. But even Ambassador law he says no we're gonna hold on to our siding until we sat down with ourselves and then we go we finished the month of Ramadan. This all goes following Hadith and Nabi sallallahu wasallam Sumo Yatta Yatta that you fast when you sign the moon and you break your fast for the eight when you sign the moon. So some of the allama they literally take this hadith which means it's based on your local moon sighting regardless of universal Masada and some of the Anima they say no this is now universal any part of the oma that size the moon they should go and follow that opinion. However, is it really practical? Can we all

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agree on citing the moon universally? The answer to this is really almost impossible. Why because by the time for instance, if they cite them on in a country like Morocco, which is close to the Atlantic from the other side, and beside Amman, Morocco right now, this item and that at that point of the night by the time they have started the moon or the other end of the world is already morning next day. So eventually the day has already started without being part of the month of Ramadan for them. How can they go backward to add this day to their the month the month of Ramadan? So the the difference of 16 hours, sometimes 18 hours like Australia will makes it almost impossible to go and

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agree on one sighting for the moon. Voila. So what is your position? My position I would go really with the local moon sighting until we have one authority that all can agree on to finalize this issue the best way of going with local authority and we say local authority I'm talking about National Authority without we share with them we share with them part of the night so for instance, America over here goes well North America and South America at the same time, if any annual report of citing the moon that we can really trust which means trustworthy reports witnessing the sun of the moon anywhere there should be sighting for the whole oma

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North American South America. Now the problem comes that I happen to agree with this position. So how can we engage in a dialogue and debate? My position as well is that

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Muslims historically have always followed local moose sighting. And historically, never in 14 centuries, has the own weapon unanimous in its, it is simply impossible for Muslim Spain Muslim Morocco to have been following China, because Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, India, Saudi Arabia, it is impossible for the eastern countries to have been following the Western countries. So for us to project some type of utopia, that we will now have a universal sighting, that does not make any sense to me. However, I have another position. Let's see if you agree or disagree with this. My fifth position, if I were in charge of a community, if a community came to me, and this is what

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happened in New Haven, the Imam or the main person called me up, and he said, What is your position? We're gonna follow it. I said, I don't have a simple position. My position is complicated. You start off in a chart. Number one, do we have a large body of Muslims that follow one position in our locality? If we say yes to this question, my fifth position is to follow that large body period do not break away from the large body, because it is more important to keep the oma unified than to follow a fifth position that we're never going to agree over. And I personally have disagreed many times with the city that I'm living in, including Houston, by the way, I have disagreed with the

00:31:43--> 00:32:23

position that they have reached. But because I see a large consensus following that position, I have fasted or broken my fast in accordance with the community, and I have preferred the unity of the community over my fifth position. Suppose though, that there is no large gathering of Muslims. Every Masjid is completely independent. And this is what happened in New Haven where I live small messages, and each one was completely independent. In this case, I say we should follow national American or Canadian citing a national signing is what we follow. So I add this as well. What do you say about this? I agree with you, but let me just assume that I'm on the other side, to see if you,

00:32:23--> 00:32:56

for example, have an answer to disclaim. Some people might say, but yeah, that was 1400 years ago, when they didn't have the communications like we have today. I mean, today, it's very easy to just make a phone call, and even just take a text message people telling you whether we sat at the moon and such and such the end of the world. So the communication has become so easy for people right now to say that Ramadan is there. So what do we say about this? I mean, some people say we don't have to still live in in the in the old ages, we just have to go with the moon sighting, you know, physically, what about using telescopes, for instance. And now we have the calculation thing, which

00:32:56--> 00:33:35

means that people scientifically can project the birth of the new moon, and then tell you what the beginning of the month and the end of the month, so are we going to completely neglect all these new technologies, discoveries and the the new projection of the moon. So just to keep adhering to a very classical traditional opinion of Earth. Now, you've raised a lot of issues in one question. So let me try to dissect this question one by one. The fact that we have telephones the fact that we can communicate and tell one another that we've seen the moon, in and of itself, it does not change the fifth because we are not following the time zones of other localities. Just like we don't pray

00:33:35--> 00:33:54

fudger motivation with any other community, just like we don't pray IID. At the same time, that MK or another place page eight, we are following our time, our place our geographic location. So when it comes to the moon sighting, regardless of where we hear the moon has been cited,

00:33:56--> 00:34:40

regardless of where we we hear that the moon has been cited, we are following our particular position. Now, I would say that this was the understanding of the Sahaba based upon the hadith of Ibn Abbas. Even at that is in the month of Ramadan. The incident has been quoted by Shashi Asad, the month of Ramadan is still not over. His friend comes from Damascus. Damascus is the capital of one Empire. This is a really profound idea. It's the capital of one Empire. The oma is not divided into you know, Tanzania and in Saudi Arabia and Fox is one Empire one khilafah and this person is coming from the house if you like of the halifa, Damascus and he says we saw the moon Monday and he comes

00:34:40--> 00:35:00

to Medina. And there is even a bus even at versus You know what? We saw it on Tuesday. They're still in the month of Ramadan. if they wanted to. They could have said oh my god, you guys started Monday. SubhanAllah we're gonna have to make up one extra day, because we're off. By the time the news came. It's still rumbled.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

On so they can make it up at the end. He said, No, we saw it on Tuesday, and we are going to follow what the prophet sallallahu I said him said when he said fast when you see it, break your fast when you see it, and so even abus allow the people of Damascus and the halifa to fast one day, and he and his own community fasted another day and he saw no contradiction in that. So even if the phone call had come, just because the caravan game A week later, he could have changed the end of Ramadan. No, even if the phone call had come. That's the understanding of the Sahaba is each community to itself. So this is one issue that you brought. What about the issue of DOMA? Sure, in the Muslim Ummah have

00:35:40--> 00:36:07

been added on on sub topics like Ramadan, the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the virtues of the eight together, should we all celebrate one day has the oma ever been united on each since the time of the Prophet system? When when there was more than one community in the time of the Sahaba? This is not a sign of physical division. The fact that I pray a lot at a different time than even San Antonio does. Does that mean I have stayed up with them? What about them?

00:36:09--> 00:36:48

eating out ha, this is the whole crux of the motor. No. Okay. So even further, okay, we say there's only an eight hour gap we hear the more the next morning. How about eating out? psychologically? How can you celebrate read on a day that the project are not celebrating? Read the response to this? The same way that you praise or harass or motivate Asia, when the projects are not praying? There's a lot of motivation. We have a calendar related to where we are, and they have a calendar related to where they are. Well, what about the virtue of the night of the hedger? All of this applies to where you are but still, I mean, the virtue of the night of the hedges when the Hudson Otto said that?

00:36:48--> 00:36:57

Well, that's that's the Hadith Allah Subhan. Allah Cotta, when you see hold on the virtues of you were on the same side here, by the way, but are you playing? Are you playing angels advocate?

00:36:59--> 00:37:40

No, honestly, I agree. I agree on the position of Aadhaar. When it comes to folk position, here's the thing. First position, there should be no calendar specific for a lot different than the one for Ramadan. Which means the way we say that a little further, we have to we have to go by citing the moon beginning and end of the month of Ramadan. It's the same thing it has to be also applied for the hijab, because the hijab is another month in the lunar calendar, you have to sign the moon for the beginning of the month of the hedger. So, once you sign the moon, for the hedger, you decide that a lot higher will be the 10th of the hedger. So for those who sign the moon at a later age

00:37:40--> 00:38:18

should be the 10th of the hedge and not necessarily the day when the Hajaj come down from auto PA, because the Hajaj are busy doing rituals. So from my perspective, it should be the 10th of the hedger. But now for Muslim perspective something in order to protect basically that the welfare of the Muslim online community we go with a general since we have one unanimous agreement among the Muslim men on this issue, we go by what they say which is basically to go with the Hajaj it's not that it's the appropriate fifth opinion it justice the Muslim issue that mandates to follow one unified opinion Rolando Has anybody in the past differentiated between

00:38:19--> 00:38:54

follow international for one and national for another, as far as I know and never so you don't know of any scholar of the past or any med hub that has set for either FIFA will follow national and for either of how we have to follow surgery, this is a contemporary issue. So for sure, and classical works perfect. We will not find this, this division to scale up on the subject, but definitely they're gonna discuss the issue of citing the moon, because the hedger is another lunar month, and it's in the same year. So if you go one day off, that's, that's, that would be the problem. And they can adjust that at the end of the month. So eventually, eventually, if they decide that one that is

00:38:54--> 00:39:27

the 10th of the ledger, that would be out Ha, ha ha. Okay, so what is your position on this? Would you go with the with the with the moon sighting? Or do you go with the Muslim helping a person only has one calendar, okay, not follow or even filter local, and then say, you know what, we're gonna drop the calendar and then fall International. That means you have to calendar that you're living your life with you only have one calendar, you either choose this position or that so you cannot follow national for one international for another, you have to do both, for both of them either national for both or international. So what's your position on Android ha

00:39:29--> 00:39:53

ha is when the community has decided it to be remember my primary position I follow the community. So if the community has a majority, a clear cut majority, then I will follow whatever they say and I will not ask what their position is. But if I am in charge, and I am the one whom they ask what to do, then I will say we should follow a national sighting. No. I agree with this panel. If we agree, then why did we discuss so long?

00:39:56--> 00:40:00

So what do you advise the Muslims to do? We agreed North America

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

Concept there community leaders might not agree, what do you advise them to do in their communities? Actually, just before we get to that point, we had a valid point right now where question the calculation, it's something new right now. So what's your position on the calculation? Do you agree on that or not? The calculation, it's a new technology. So basically, it's something people can assure you that is very accurate, that they can calculate the birth of the moon, with the birth of the moon be can be an indication to the beginning of the month, or do you have another indication to the beginning of the lunar month? First and foremost, if you study the history of astronomy,

00:40:40--> 00:41:30

you will realize that calculations have been around for over 700 years, this is not a new phenomenon. We have had the science of calculating the birth of the crescent, and Muslim odema as well had this science. Now I agree, it was not as sophisticated and refined as what we have now. But the basics, the rudimentary structure was there. And so the issue did come up even in classical physical books, can we use those calculation methods or not? And in the history of our 14th centuries, there has not been a single reputable scholar who said, Let's throw away vision citing visual sighting and rely on calculations. There have been a few of them, who have said that if we

00:41:30--> 00:42:14

cannot see the moon, if there is a cloudy night, a cloudy time, in this case, let us see what the calculations say and go by that there has not been in the research I have done and other odema have done more research than me and they've come to the same conclusion. There has not been one reputable scholar in our 14 centuries, who has said, Let's throw away a visual sighting. We don't care who sees the moon when they see the moon, let's go purely by our old calculation. So because there has not been any such precedent, I find this a very dangerous position to go forth. But we still agree that regardless of whether the community follows calculation, universal moon sorry, local moon sun,

00:42:14--> 00:42:20

they should go with the majority of the Muslim community. As I said, read Ramadan either.

00:42:21--> 00:42:27

What's most important is the community. No, but if I'm in charge, and they asked me I have to give them my position. No.

00:42:38--> 00:42:41

Okay, I guess actually, how much time?

00:42:43--> 00:42:44

How much time do we have left?

00:42:45--> 00:42:48

Five minutes, question and answers.

00:42:53--> 00:43:01

Because if you can open the q&a window we're gonna like there's so many divisive issues of the community. Now we can stick with moon sighting or meat or Chai.

00:43:03--> 00:43:04

Oh, we can bring in another topic.

00:43:08--> 00:43:11

Goodness is gonna chicken. I guess we did this.

00:43:14--> 00:43:34

I don't think we can eat chicken. I think we I think we can eat chicken because again, my perspective is not the issue that has me saying Bismillah is the methodology of the slaughter itself. And in the in the in the chicken, if it's proven to be killed by basically dumped in hot water that's going to be Haram. But if if it was done through

00:43:35--> 00:44:19

the machine, the blades the conveyor that that basically carries all the chickens towards that machine of of slaughter, then it's okay, because the methodology is the same Mallanna? Well, let me ask a question to shut down. When we're concluding up, I think one of the biggest issues of any community is the divide between the age of the activist the younger generation and the older generation. I see this wherever I go, that there's a lot of tension. There's a lot of tension under the surface between the older generation and now the younger generation who is becoming of age, they are not any more 1015 years old, they are now sometimes 3035 years old, and there doesn't seem to be

00:44:19--> 00:44:51

a type of rapport, a type of communication between them. So do you do you see the same tension? And what are some of the issues that you see with this? Actually, I really do see that in Muslim communities. Since we travel a lot and we visit lots of Islamic Center a lot of Muslim communities, we can really see that there is some kind of distance between the younger generation and the older generation when it comes to I would say political activism in the massage it whether it's leadership in the on the boards, establishing committees starting activities whatsoever, in many, many Muslim community. I'm not saying all Muslim communities, in many Muslim communities, there's a kind of

00:44:51--> 00:45:00

distance between the older generation and the younger generation. And when I asked the older and the younger one, I came to realize that there is so there's a perception

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

The perception of the older generation about the younger ones that they are not yet mature to handle these issues, and they can this trust their way of thinking. Many of the older generation, they think the younger one as a more liberal, not conservative, or probably they're not experienced, and therefore they kind of feed to let them lead the Muslim community because they don't know where they're going to take them. So therefore, they say, you know what, now we're gonna keep holding on what they don't realize the older generation, what they don't realize, is that the younger generation, they've been trained in schools, whether Islamic school, or even a public schools, they

00:45:35--> 00:46:13

have been trained. From day one, they are young, to be active in the community, active in their school, active in their kind of political process. Even my children, you know, when they, when they had the voting day, they had even the kindergarten go and vote, their own voting, basically, you know, in class, they did that voting. So basically, they have them, they prepare them in that sense. But other thing is that the younger generation, what they don't understand about the old generation is that when they try when they try to keep them to keep this distance, they are not doing it, because they don't believe in them. It just they want to see maturity Museum, they want people to

00:46:13--> 00:46:51

act with them with respect, not that they look at them as an old generation, and they don't really understand what they're doing. And it's not basically fit for this society of your time, and so on. So this kind of now mentality from both sides, the older look into the youngest as still immature. And the younger look at the older ones to be classic and very traditional, therefore, they don't really fit their time and so forth, that what gives that big distance between both communities. And I'd like to add here, there's another huge problem between the two generation gap that exists. And that is that the younger generation does not seem to take a very active role in the day to day

00:46:51--> 00:47:32

affairs of the community. And the younger generation feels because the older generation doesn't give them that opportunity. So the older generation from the younger generations perspective, they seem to be never letting go of their power. The younger generation gets this impression that no matter what they do, the older generation is going to remain there forever and ever and ever. And if you go to the conferences, the major national conferences of America, nobody to mention names here. If you look at any of the major massages in North America, I'm not being specific will allow you to anyone community, you find it amazing fact, the people who are in charge are the exact same people who are

00:47:32--> 00:48:13

in charge 1015 2030 years ago, it's as if they never want to give up the same group. The same people in and out always, either this year is x next year is why then next year, back to x next year back to y. So the younger generation feels very frustrated. But you know what? I spoke with the older generation as well. And you know what their retort was, we don't see the younger generation active, who do you want us to pass the torch down to, we don't see them coming, they don't even come to vote, they don't even come to participate. There is no up and coming leader that we can groom to take over. So I say the problem is on both sides, not on any one side, I say the problem is on both

00:48:13--> 00:48:50

sides, there's a huge lack of communication. The second generation, those who are now working their jobs, they have their families, those who are in their late 20s, early 30s, you need to get involved in your communities, you don't have the luxury of sitting back in your armchair and criticizing those 67 years old who are still in charge because you are not stepping up to the plate. And I speak to the older generation and I say you know what, you need to make some room for them as well. You need to make some room and pick and choose go to them and say why don't you do this? Why don't you do that? Because I am honestly very scared about the next five and 10 years when the older

00:48:50--> 00:49:29

generation obviously is going to leave it system of Allah subhana wa Tada. And I don't see anyone from the next generation ready to take charge. I'm worried about what's going to happen in the next few years when this older generation begins to leave. And the younger generation is not ready to take up and step to play. I honestly encourage all of you to think about your community. What can you do for your institutions, for your organizations, for your massage for your Islamic centers for your conferences, there's a huge age gap between you see my shoulder, the youth coming to the conferences, the largest conference in North America, you see Mashallah, teenagers, early teens or

00:49:29--> 00:49:59

late teens, MSA, and then you see uncles and Auntie's. As for the middle, you don't see them. They don't come and that's why because they don't feel that they have a place there. So this is something that is worrying to me also to shift. I said, I honestly think we need to talk about this issue head on and think about what's going to happen 510 years down the line, who will take charge of Islamic centers. I heard Sheikh Mohammed, he has lectured called, How can you take over your mustards and nine times this

00:50:02--> 00:50:07

Okay, thank you. I think it's time to pay the bill and check it, give you the check.

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Thank you very much.