Yaser Birjas – Congratulating Muslims On Good News April 10th 2012

Yaser Birjas
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Of course, absolutely.

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Either the book of other the book of good manners. He mentioned that was the habit of sharing with me it will say chapter the excellence of conveying glad tidings and congratulations which means that there's good news and you spread the Good News among the people. If some are recipients then they should be congratulated. Let's say someone has a Mashallah there was a blessed with a child. So you go and you give them the greetings and congratulate them for the blessing from Allah subhana wa tada Some are received Mashallah somebody considered good, they got married.

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They they have a Mashallah raise or promotion and their job and some is considered normal. Then you graduate the people for the nama underfed, have been blessed with Galatia Allah.

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Allah Nina's immunopathol effective Yun Assa last panel that I said to the prophets of Allah Salah missionary that means you're given the good news the glad tidings so announced the good news to my slaves. Those who listen to the word is the good word. I love Hamas a lot and follow the best. Those who listen to the good to the speech and they always follow the best. Well Katara shuru Babu Mata min horrid one, but you're not alone Fianna him but the people have agenda the people that

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Allah says their Lord gives them glad tidings of a mercy from from him and that he is pleased with them and have gardens products for them when are everlasting delights. So even Allah subhanho wa Taala is already given the clattering and the good news to the believers when they're still in this dunya they're still in the dunya but they've been given the good news about what they're receiving when they go to agenda. Tara, Tara, whatever she wrote in German mentality cooked into it. Alas, Pantera says, but to see the glad tidings of Paradise which you have been promised. Then another I Allah mentions matters of dunya such as rubbish of Na Hoku lamb and Halle Allah has given the good

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news for Rahim and his era about Islam and honey was mine. So last thing so we gave him the glad tidings of a barbarian Boy, that was just my one or two sooner Ebrahimi will Bushra and barely there came our messengers to Ibrahim Rama

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and what was I better than right now for him on his

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son Which one is that? That's

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the Ender's Game with a supporter correspond with an attending the house of some of us panel data speaks about details about a story mama to

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probably cut so much man have his half woman who is halfway apple and his wife was standing there and she loved one of the position of the iPad immediately as different between last minute she laughed and giggled about the news. That's how for the old woman you know each other

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again for become pregnant. Or it could be metaphoric expression for feeding the blood, the flow of the blood for miseration blood. For a woman who's an age that's unusual. That means she's getting ready basically, to carry the child. Katana for another two o'clock with

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an ally of a shoe cavea that almost kind of speaks up about the answers when they came given the good news to react to was a Korea about his child upcoming child. Yeah. And also for Mario. Ulla counter mentioned the story of Mario Carlton Monica to him and a country in Nevada but should it have beaten us up we can imagine Middle School mercy. So the same thing with money that she was given the good news about the child it seemed that a mama mama Tara is focusing and emphasizing on this as being one of the greatest lessons for a person to receive a child that's perhaps maybe the greatest joy for people that they feel that their life will be extended to the children. So they

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have Mashallah quite a large family member that was in the good old days and they used to be part of the families. They most families adriani to three

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and a half to three people and then they have a dog when there was a pet. That's the sort of family that these days is not i'm not sure I'm not sure if they have actually two or three kids. If not, I mean different kinds of pets along Stan. But so back then there was there used to rejoice when they received the good news about

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no form of child. There's a

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I'm delighted that we overlook your loved one and also the lives of a lot of cinema.

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Shut up,

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and be waiting for genitive in Casa de la Saba. He also

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says very short to show how God has a great meeting. And this honey also realize that Allah salami gave the glad tidings and the good news to Saudi

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Arabia. story

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about sort of life so last Adam, you mentioned that and why

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jabril personally came down, given the salon from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Giving the salon Kamala

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Devi come into the salon. Yep, yo lo, in Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah sending Salam upon

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Can you imagine a lot so that

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last panel data sending some peace for the rest directly? You know, if someone tells you that so and so the same Salaam to you, if that person is you, you feel proud of being mentioned by him or her. Somehow I mean, you wanted to go to sleep, obsessive happens. Imagine a lesson in Santa Maria. So a little drama discrimination is

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either one variant for being such a great example for the oma and being the comfortable sort of lies the lesson during the difficult under the dollar, or the law and I look at the answer that she gave me the answer that the day that she received in a lot of political setup, Allah is sending Salam upon you should say why his setup if someone tells you a lot if someone tells you someone is saying Salaam to you What was your response to that would be

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usually we'll save it to somebody and make peace be with a right or other but she What does she say God in Allah wa salam

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woman who set up a law himself is a setup you cannot say and make peace be upon Allah Susan.

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She said in Allahu Allah is this at the Santa Ana Darla woman whose salon and all of these components.

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So she acknowledged that she could Institute it and say, so as I said on the last panel, my god what is that Allah does not need that he is himself

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a son. So Khadija Rhonda, then the same story, and he said the

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weather should give her the good news that she will be admitted to a gym, one and a half in German debate. Mutasa lassa fever, she will receive a palace of pearls. And

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it's one huge big, you know, these are the pearls to one huge tent. And it's of course, it's from inside it's it's hollow from inside, open as a 10th. Which means if you look at the perils of that are fancy they are beautiful they are. So Pamela Can you imagine from inside and outside the wall is all in the same fashion for Casa de la sala. And he says lassa fever answer. If any woman if you ask anyone. What the serious desire in a house. Ask her what do you want to see in your house? What exactly? How do you consider your journey? How do you consider house that it's a house of conflict? Or what what do you complain the most? About in our house? If you ask any woman any mother asked her

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what do you complain the most about your house? She would say two things you can tell me?

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Let's see if he knows

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what he said.

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there's something else.

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No, there you go. I was like I love that. Women they almost always design in a house. That is three or two things. Too much noise and too much work.

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This signal eventually she doesn't need to keep working. Children de nada. And the kids don't like tornadoes yet.

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You literally you finish one room by the time you head to the other room you come back that first one it's like it's again destroyed.

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on their path they don't recognize.

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They don't know it's just they just move everything out of place upon. That's exactly how so the last part is going to reward that easier. He rewards her for that. La Sahaba v one and also that you will suffer no sahab is no noise whatsoever and no fatigue. No.

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Just enjoy. That's what all women would she would love that.

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Sure, all one would love that love that house that she would have no suffer no noise, and there will be no more. Just enjoy the time. So as a reward the last panel what I will give the free food to this house is noise and toy. Again, the idea here, Allah says that glad tidy to finish to the

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last panel Gala. And you should have

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was the last panel with asthma?

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Any question?

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Any question?

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So let's see, the last panel was a lot mentioned that he will bless upon him and

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still when we look at their lives, they struggled a lot, right? So what kind of blessing they got when they got a lot of blessings. But their choice the the life of living in hardship sometimes was actually by choice. And when the profits of us Alameda lived about asceticism, away from the luxury, or excessive, luxurious life, it was by choice, it could be the richest person on earth, and chose not to be.

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So that was consciously again, when it comes to blessings. Last part of lesson in many ways. The least we could say is that mentioned and they're mentioned and their names. Their names were the most praise to names among all the NBA you know that. Don't just say this a lot, a lot more than that. Mohammed masala, Allah, the bride.

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And the bride We ask Allah subhana wa demetra immigrant nation and a lot of quantity and quality. How's that? He gave him both is married from him King Mohammed, some a lot of Salah. And he came and gave him his heart, from his heart to Yahoo, and then the 12 and then all but it's not in all of them you can think of after that, though, you all this MBR actually, they came from that lineage. So these are these blessings they mentioned and their name, and for everything that we do they get the reward for us today in our time, what lessons are we having, you have a lot of lessons.

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There are not a lot, let

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me try to count the blessings of Allah you won't be able to come. And usually we think of as men, as men, basically, we think of blessings as achievements. And as a man, if it's not something tangible, that is great, that I can measure, you don't feel

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although the Nam that Allah bless you word is such as being able to maintain your work when the market is going down to being able to walk when other people are suffering diseases, when it comes to not having food on the table when you don't have it all these lessons from the last panel.

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And at least the last panel which is keeping you healthy.

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That's another tip. So

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try to count them, you would never be able to

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that to be a word all the time, our last panel data. Of course, there is no more.

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There is no more blessings than the blessings of always being an unconscious of philosophy.

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because doing so makes you one of those who are professional means you feel truly an alumna, valuable among those who have that fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's a sign of genuine.

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If it's given to you without you asking for then you should be fine. But it could be deducted from your money

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deducted from your salary or is it something I offer for free?

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I would it depends, I mean, life insurance and other stuff is around even if they actually unless they offered without any compensation.

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But if they don't offer you anything else, I would say it depends on your personal circumstances. There's no blanket answer for this.

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So when you when you give set up to something like an individual user poor form, like a Sarah Miko considering the angels of God and angels,

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usually the Arabic language, that the plural form was a sharp sign of respect as well. It's not necessarily that all animals are assessed for sentiment, maybe the eye that comes from the eye, almost certainly will allow

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you just to hear, especially

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in this case, you add yourself to that,

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oh, this is the case of

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Santa Monica you and maybe because that's what the

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boards of directors should maintain the same model for the purpose of some pronouncing

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