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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of " sarcasm" in the Bible and how it is used to make people feel the way they feel. They also mention examples of how the Prophet system is used to make people feel the way they feel and how it is used to make people feel the way they feel. The speaker also mentions the use of "monster" in the Bible to make people feel the way they feel.
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Brother ideal emails and he asks and he doesn't tell me where he's emailing from, by the way, he asks Is sarcasm halaal or not? Is sarcasm halaal or not? 107

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COVID in the journal? No, he him first.

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And I was thinking of some sarcastic jokes to make no decided let me be serious today in sha Allah Allah. In contrast to most of my other lectures, were to try to squeeze in some humor here and there nonetheless.

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To answer the question, technically,

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sarcasm is of two types.

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There's a type that is done, where it's done amongst friends in a manner that everybody is laughing together with everybody else. It elicits a laughter and doesn't hurt anybody's feeling. There's no denigration nobody's feelings are hurt, nobody feels that I have been targeted. This is laughing together with everybody. Okay? And you just make a sarcastic comment or a laugh or a joke. This would be something that is permissible it's permissible there's no sin over there. Once a man came to the Prophet salallahu it who was setting them and he wanted to go on an expedition and he's sort of a messenger Allah want to join your expedition there was an expedition going but I don't have but

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I don't have a camel. So do you have a camel that I can you know, borrow or I can take so the Prophet system use the phrase in Arabic. So a baby camel in Arabic is called what I do NACA. Okay. What I do not a baby camel is what I do not which literally means the child of a camel. So the profitsystem said, I only have a baby camel What to do? He said, Sir, he said, Well, I don't know what to do now. The man said O Messenger of Allah. How will a baby camel help me as a newly born I need a full camel? And then the process of said and what is enough except the wallet of another Naka what is the the camel except born from another camel? In other words, it's a pun on words here. I

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mean, it's not quite sarcasm, but it's a pun on words here right? In other words, yes, I have a camel and you know I'm calling it the one of the knock on the child of a camel because it is like I am the child of my father. I'm not a child anymore. But I am still the child of my father. So the process of use that phrase, another lady came to the Prophet system, a very elderly lady and she's you know, saying almost one dribble on very old MiG da that Eliza causes me to enter Jen. So the profitsystem said that Oh, Aunt Oh, dear mother, don't you know that old ladies do not enter Jenna. And she said what old lady is not an androgen now what am I going to do now? So the President said

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rather young ladies antigen and allow will transform you to when you were younger, and then cause you to enter gender right now again, this is not quite sarcasm, per se, but it is still a double intendant entendre it's a double meaning. And the point that we can extract from this is done, obviously, she was so happy. Nobody was insulted ever at a joke of the professor. We're all they're all it brought a smile to their faces. It made them happy in a double manner, right? So the man is initially disappointed Oh, I don't have a camel. Then he gets extra happy. The same with the lady. What am I gonna do? Oh, then he gets double happy. So here we have examples where the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam is basically acting in a manner that will bring a smile and everybody will be laughing. He never targeted somebody. So this is in contrast to being sarcastic against somebody to make your point or as a means of denigrating that is not something that is praiseworthy in our religion. In fact, throughout the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the enemies of the prophets. It is the monaka own who are described as mocking, belittling, making sarcastic comments, winking, secretly gesturing, making fun of the righteous. And that is why Allah says in the Quran, that almost in drivel law, we shall deal with those who are mocking and sarcastic in NECA finacle

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Muslims in and the angels remark that, how pitiful it is for the creation never does a prophet come except that they make fun of him. And Allah says in the Koran Are you believe Let not one group of people make fun of another group that not some women make fun of other women. So when the sarcasm is meant to denigrate, when the sarcasm is meant to put somebody down to hurt somebody's feelings, then it is not befitting and it goes against the perfection of the manners that our Prophet system commanded us. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the believer is the brother of another believer. He does not belittle him. He does not

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Put him down. He does not make fun of him. So the believer does not do this to another believer when it is meant to hurt somebody. In fact, never once did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam crack a joke at the expense of somebody make fun of somebody to make them feel bad Never once did he do a hidden gesture or a wink of the eye that was meant to poke you know somebody else's feelings as we said, there's a big difference between laughing with people and laughing at people and if the sarcasm is self deprecating, or with somebody whom you know, we're going to laugh back at you and whatnot, inshallah Tada This is permissible and if it is done to hurt somebody's feelings or to make

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them you know, on the spot, then it goes against the prophetic example and it betrays a sense of our own superiority, it indicates that we feel we have an ego what not and therefore, it is not something that should it be done and a lot subhana wa tada knows best. And with that, we come to the conclusion of today's q&a, and inshallah, we will continue back to our regular lengthy q&a shallow topic next week. Jacqueline Lockett. saramonic Monaco barakato