Yaser Birjas – Richness is not the abundance of wealth, rather it is self-sufficiency

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of working on one's own health and living their lifestyle, including the importance of being aware of one's body and avoiding rushing to work. They also touch on the concept of wealth and the use of virtual reality in War Emma. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding one's heart and finding one's life in order to achieve goals, balancing satisfaction and intentions with their heart, and learning to balance their satisfaction and intentions with their heart and intentions of others.
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Under a lot of blood I mean a lot of Salam Baraka Nabina Muhammad Ali Masako service limit mama God. Mama Nova Rahim Allah tala and a new chapter, called a Babel Kanata will

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pull up the Saudi film film he will in fact be whether Mr. Adam invaded Allah. This is a chapter on our canal, which means contentment when I first trusted Carl Wallach to saw the film.

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And of course, automation means being simple, and being reasonable, inexpensive and living the living style. What In fact, on spending obviously, wasn't meant to live in radio, Laura radiora. And this is also a chapter on speaking, criticizing, or in regards to ask people, when there's no necessity for you to ask, like many people unfortunately get used to, you know, getting any free money from people. So they it's easy for them to ask for money. And in many cases, they take that money knowing that they would never return it or at least not going to happen anytime soon. But it's easy for them. So that's not supposed to happen. People should also be careful when they put

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themselves in such position some Then he took some

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mendapat from the Quran, Allah, Allah tala mom and dad button fill out the illa Allah wa. And he started with this item solitudes panela. gone and no moving living creature is there on Earth, but its provision is due from Allah. What does that mean to Gemma?

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integrity easy.

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Just take it easy. Your risk has been ordained. You need just to work to get it. That's all. Don't kill yourself. Because it doesn't matter how much you try. You know, you're still going to get those has been ordained for you. And you're responsible only to do your part. So do the easy part and the loss of 100 provide for the ventilator workers and work on the fukada alladhina. Sophie sabirah la de la static Another benefit of the servo munjoy Hill Alinea tough, Daddy's won't be see Mount less on as

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he speaks about the margin, are they allowed to run home? And therefore Cora, when they last described them in the Quran? He says, will for Cora Elena. So for those for Cora, the poor, who have been restricted, you know, from traveling, because of their situation, they were unable to do any trade or get out of their situation and so forth. For the sake of Allah zone. And the last point described to me says, liars, several homodiegetic elenia I mean, a tough, the ignorant one, think that they are rich. Why? Because they never ask.

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They don't ask why or less, or NASA will have to have the dignified. So they don't ask because they want to preserve their dignity and their face in front of the people, when they don't ask people to think Mashallah they must be well off, or they might not need anything from us. Now, those are the people that people supposedly overlook. And it's an oversight from the committee. Sometimes we don't really observe the needs of other people. So we need to be always on the lookout for those who believe might need help, I'm sure a lot of autodialer from the IRS upon the speaker about their lifestyle, even though their provision is not any, I would listen to kind of like restricted A lot

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of it. Still, they don't go and ask others they would like to do everything in their power, so they can keep hamdulillah their dignity preserved, trying everything even if it was something a little better than go and ask other people. But I will not deny the unfollow ministry for what a miracle worker anabaena Delica karma those when they spend Gorillaz, lm, you see what I'm up to. They're not extravagant under spending are not too stingy. Instead can have been a Delica karma. They're in between, which means they're very just unfair. They spend, and they keep something for them for the families, as well. So under Heidi, a virtual reality of War era, the law of the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam is speaking about the essence of wealth. What do you guys think when someone is rich? What is the essence of being rich? What is it exactly? Where would you find that the essence of being wealthy and being rich? It is in your pocket? In your bank account, credit line, the price of your car where where would you find that level of wealth and feeling rich? Where's your mind?

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Hmm, it's in the heart.

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It's in the heart. And that's what the prophet salaallah salam says Carla salatu salam ala Hadith, in Bukhari Muslim, lei Salah Dena and Catherine de la Arab while I can Alina gentleness is that Salatu was Salam and this hadith. lei Selena and Catherine de la richness means wealth is not in plenty of of provision or plenty of wealth. That's what it means. So again, being rich doesn't mean the plenty of wealth. Instead he says Well, I can elvina in a nutshell.

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But the essence of wealth is is of the enough's which means in the heart. What does that mean? contentment?

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If your heart is content, it doesn't matter. Why do you think people they always keep looking at others Why? Because their heart does not satisfy what they have. So how they probably have everything they've always dreamed of when they were young. And now that there is that level, whether whether you're looking for somewhere above, right?

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That's the problem. And if you're always going to look at other people and what they have in their hand, you will never be satisfied. You will never feel content, you will never find peace in your life. People they have a standard of living up to this level, they keep fighting for it all their life, whether it's a degree, a job, a level of money, a car to own house to buy, they get it the moment they cheer, what do they do? They throw a party,

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and they're happy hamdulillah. And then a few months later, what happens? They realize, Hey, what about that, hey, let's move on to this house, another house with a new model came on Let's buy this car for omashola fallen son, you know, finished such and such degree less than our daughter or son to that place. So we always have this kind of sense of social competition and comparison. And people that keep they keep fighting again to get there because now that they're supposed to be happy, all of a sudden, it's not, it's not they're not happy anymore, because there's something better and they go up here, the same thing they keep looking up all the way and they will never be settled or

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A lot of describe the subject of this dunya as what the Juma rain comes down from heaven. And then everything turns green and lush, people look at it looks so awesome. in such a short time, what happens to turns yellow,

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isn't is over. It turns yellow. But is it over? No. So it will go again. But many people the moment they own something in their hand, it turns yellow right away.

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Like their hand has absolutely no Baraka Blumstein, like a submarine or the villa, they touch something, they kill it,

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you own a car, it becomes now

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it's no longer interesting.

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To Hama, you buy a house. And now it's I think

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we had another room, or maybe a bigger garage of suddenly if we have this space to add the sculptures, and then you've got another house and they will never be satisfied. They are of tradition, they say elliptical either does that feel and if you own something in your hand, your eye you lose interest in it right away.

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Like you always look at something to be so interesting. Like they say it's always greener on the other side, right? So you keep looking at it somehow this is very interesting. I wish I have something like this until you own it the moment you have the keys in your hand or happens turns yellow. Remember your car the model that you bought three years ago?

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Three years ago, just a new right?

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Maybe under 40,000 miles and still. But now you keep looking Oh, my God. This you know, junk this this? What? How come it's junk somehow it's three years old. Because a new model came out. And they convince in the commercials that hey, this one looks beautiful.

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So the prophets Allah Salman, the Hadith is telling us don't look at others. Social comparison will kill you will kill everything for Allah will kill every satisfaction that will have in your life. What does it matter to you if you eat a sandwich? Are you happy and satisfied with it? Or do you have a whole feast that you're not going to eat except for a few morsels from it anyway?

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That's difference, no difference. You will eat something you enjoy it. And that's it. So therefore, teach yourself, teach your children teach your families not to do that social comparison.

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Because remember, when it comes to being wealthy, it's now a lie in the amount of dollars you have, or the price of commodities that you own. It's the price it's the you know the the jewel in the in the heart and that Jim that it's in the heart, if you have that contentment, it is going to be fine and shallow. And I'm just fine. Give us contentment and hearts.

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And give us that sense of force in our hearts. Allah. Allah. Any questions? Yes.

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Very good question. So how can we balance between being content and doing better? Right? I'm 100. I have a job that gives me enough. But I have an opportunity to be promoted if I do something else. So can I take that route? The answer is yes. Do it.

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Do it. But keep in your mind that you always check your heart and check your intentions. Because some people they get into the dunya they go into the fitna and it just ruins everything for them. Others

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They have undermined the recall of less than what this was. They will give more on the fundraising for example, they give more for this they give more here and there is Pamela so they have good intentions. So keep going your intention good and shallow darlin and move on and it's still hard to earn as long as you keep the car. If you give us a car there is no harm in earning billions of dollars. Hola Han na

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alright Gemma, go on. Earn your millions of dollars this Milan article of 100

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