A Believer Is Never Fooled Twice

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Salam Salam Baraka, Muhammad Anwar Ali salam to Sleeman Kathira mama bad. Who amongst us over here would like to be a fool

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and was like to be a fool. Not for them is fully

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been taken advantage of being easy, right? No one wants to be fool right? How about have you been fooled twice would you like to be fooled twice? What is enough twice? Oh my god, right? There are many statements in different languages about you know, for me once you know shame on you fool me twice. Shame on me right. And the Prophet SAW Selim has the Hadith way before the statement came out in Hadith number 1834. And the other side of hand, the book of elemental Rottweil Muda. The bulk of miscellaneous a hadith of significant values called one Abu Hurayrah Terror The Allahu anha Ananda via sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ocol law you will there will movement oh man Jehan wha hidden

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Marathi Mustafa Connery. There's an expression that has been used right now as a proverb in Arab culture, though these are words of the prophets that are seldom when he said, a believer should not be stung twice from the same hole from the same bottle. What does that mean?

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If you know that, whatever insect came out of this hole, or a snake or a scorpion, and they stung you, and and they hurt you, you're not gonna just come by the same place and just act like nothing happened, you're gonna be more careful, right? You're probably not gonna go there again at all. And if you do have to go through the same route, what are you going to do? Be vigilant, be careful, you watch, you stay away from anticipate predict something could happen, that basically you're not going to be allow yourself to be heard twice, from the same source. That's what the promises some said. What does that mean? I believe or should be what is your man, always conscious, vigilant, always

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aware that you cannot just be taken advantage too much. Now, I say integral advantage is one thing. Be careful we don't want to go into right now. Forgiving is one thing. But taking advantage is another thing. What's the difference between forgiving as a virtue and taken advantage of as of course weakness? What's the difference between between these two things? It's virtue to forgive when you have the capability of taking revenge, but you choose to do it.

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Forgive. But if you don't have the capability to take revenge, and take that, you know, that matter in your hand, and you go on you forgive, do you consider this to be a virtue? No, that's not a virtue, that's weakness now, because I don't have another option. So as a believer, obviously, you're strong. So when you forgive, from a position of strength, from a position of choice, that I have the choice I can, but I chose to forgive you. And here the Prophet says and says, The believer should not be stung from the same hole twice. If someone hurts you, and you're capable of

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take retaliation and fight back, but you choose to forgive, that's a virtue.

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But then you're not going to allow yourself to be heard again from the same sources in person. And if you do that's a problem with the prophets of Allah Salah he was when I was Rahmatullah Allah mean forgiving to the maximum people they come and they pull his dog from from the second collar and it started leaving marks on his neck Salah Salem, and he was still forgive them.

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People calling him names in Mecca, so forgive them. So Allah Salah many things. But there was a chance at one time when a man came to the Prophet saw some in the Battle of the battle, buddy, right.

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So in the Battle of better this man was captured, and the Prophet Salah Salem, he was freed people based on the ransom he gets from their families. So the families of Makkah they will send money

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to their prisoners of wars to be released and the Prophet Salah Salem would release them for that. This man I forgot to maybe Burisma or something like that.

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He came to the Prophet says I'm crying. Yeah, Muhammad, you know, I don't have I don't have money. I'm so poor. I only have girls and daughters. You know, no one is going to be taking care of them. It's just me and this and that. So the Prophet saw Sam, he looked at his condition just go to the full guy. It goes okay, illogical, but one condition, because what is it, he goes, you promised me you're not going to come fight again. Never fight me again. You give me a word, the message, I'll give you my word, I promise you.

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And then the man was let go and he went to the Mecca and he paid nothing.

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On better and the Battle of a herd after of course, the heavy loss that the Sahaba they took on the battlefield. The Prophet saw some the next day he ordered whoever was still there in the battlefield, even though their injuries, the both physical and emotional. He said let's go after the army. Let's go after them. We're going to go off and try to see what we can do. So as they try to catch up with that army, the American army. It was already gone. However,

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They were able to capture a man who was left behind or somehow it was slow. When they brought this man to the Prophet SAW said, Lo and behold, that same dude.

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And then the Prophet said, Allah said, and we look at him and goes, Didn't you promise me last year? You're gonna come and fight me again?

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He goes, Yeah, Mohammed, please, you know, my daughter's this and that I'm so poor. I'm so sorry. I promise you this time, we'll never do it again. The promises, kill him.

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To finish him.

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The man he says, You have Muhammad? What about my daughters? So Johanna,

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I don't care, basically, like you did it yourself.

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You promised him and then he said to his old he says, Look, I'm not gonna let you go again to Mecca, wiping over your cheeks and says, I fooled Muhammad twice.

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You're not gonna have that privilege. And he did it. So yes, the Rama comes with what is your ma was also discipline and being firm as well at the same time, but you need to know when to put Rama and mercy in that place. And also having to take your heart in the other place. So again, when you when the Prophet is saying louder, Rama, manager hamara train, don't be fooled twice. If forgive, you know, sometimes there is limits. However, the choice is yours. When you forgive from a position of strength and power, the choice is always yours. You have the choice to take, of course you know, your heart back and revenge and retaliate and take justice. Or you have the choice just to let go

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and forgive the people. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us some of those were fair and just sort of Parliament. Allah Allah. Any questions you man? Yes.

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And that's a tough one, man.

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What is it? The question is, what are you doing the one who's fooling us one or both of your closest relatives like your parents?

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If your parents give them a hug, voila.

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Now, I don't know what does that exactly mean? Because when you say follow me sometimes, honestly, it's a case by case scenario. I don't know what does that exactly mean. So that's something you have to ask specifically about these matters. We owe our parents a lot of help work. But at the same time, it's not it's not the right to trample over your rights as your child just because we have been ordered to obey our parents. They've also been ordered to be fair to us.

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And if they fail to observe our heart, we shouldn't be failing to observe the heart that we owe to them. Allah

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right, panic along the 100 shadow learned as a veteran so I want to

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make sure not to be fooled twice.