Is Crying and Grieving A Sign of Weak Eman

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Do you know that there are some Muslim cultures today that actually genuinely believe that if you cry, this will somehow diminish your reliance on Allah azza wa jal, it will be a sign of weakness, not just you as an individual, but your faith is weak when you cry. There are actually Muslims that believe that I've met them. I talked to them all the time. Some of you probably meet Muslims like that as well. genuinely believe. Yeah, you can cry, but just for a little three days, that's it. Shut off your tears after three days. If you do, this is a sign of weakness. You're not trusting Allah enough. There is no Hadith or area that has ever said this. As a matter of fact, our messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cried so much in one year it was titled by scholars as someone who's in the year of grief.

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He cried so much for loss you lost for each other the Allahu anha. The people of PA have treated him a certain way. Throughout his life, he cried. When the Companions heard of the messenger, I think of Salatu was Salam, his death. They cried for days, some narrations, even weeks there was like this. There was the spiritual cloud of grief over Medina for days after he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had passed. Some commanders didn't even know how to control that emotion. And they thought, no, no, he's dead, but he's not really dead. And they couldn't understand. What we learn and we are reminded of brothers and sisters

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is that it's okay to express that emotion.