Do You Have A Plan For Tomorrow

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The speaker discusses the need for people to spend quality time together during quarantine due to COVID-19. They suggest making plans for one's life and taking small small small small decisions to avoid anxiety. The speaker also mentions a meeting with Allah subhana wa Tada and the importance of thinking about the upcoming meeting.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I'm just walking, you know in nature and it's snowing right now. It's a luxury that not everybody can afford today. Imagine Subhanallah we are locked at home now because of this Coronavirus. And I'd say to myself, so panela if I'm forced to stay in the hospital,

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which is going to be something bad and nobody would like to be at a hospital, but now Allah Subhana Medina, is forcing you to stop, sit back and reflect from the comfort of your home, and spend some quality time with your family. Discuss your issues, this is how you should spend your time and have some quality time together. You know, you need to sit down with your children, listen to them, listen to their concerns, you should listen to the concerns of your spouse. And you should put a plan. Yes, we have. We have made many plans for this dunya. But it's time now to make a plan also for our era because imagine if we are lost patho forbid, this is the end of life. So I have a few

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days I have a few months to come. And then I'm going to meet with Allah subhana wa Tada, what am I preparing for that meeting? If you have an interview, you get so nervous. If you have any meeting with people and you have to make a major decision in your life, at work with your family, you're nervous, imagine now you're making the decision of your entire life.

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Ready to meet with Allah subhana wa Tada, what would I say to him? You know, like, do I have so many things to settle? You know, like, you know, do I have to reach out my kinship? Do I have to say sorry to so many people, there are people some money, did I slander some people I need to sit down and it's time now to make the best benefit of my time. Don't be bored at home? No, you have so many things to do. Like you know, resize for on, you know, learn something new, discuss, you know the major issues with your family make a plan for tomorrow. And what I mean by tomorrow is this following you know, in Surah 59 and number 18 This is our last appointment with Allah says yeah

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levena takubo Well,

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all you who believe Allah subhanaw taala said, you know, be conscious of Allah subhanaw taala it's time to think about this.

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And then I must have received 100 enough Summa damage. Check what have you provided for tomorrow? When I say tomorrow? I don't mean tomorrow first day, which is like March 26th. No, tomorrow

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is the aka