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The speakers discuss the importance of sunrise and cold weather in the US, as well as the use of snow and ice to prevent burning food and prevent getting food from one's nest. They emphasize the need for global leaders to alleviate suffering and misery caused by war and emphasize the importance of education and healthcare for those who need it. The speakers also suggest providing aid for the poor as a last step for achieving global needs.

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So now I never want to have a lower water

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temperature is minus 10.

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And what does bright sunlight that's that is winter in America for you know dark skies and stuff. Beautiful sunlight which

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makes you imagine that you are standing in

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great wants but you are not its minister it's very cold.

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Behind me as you can see here, we have

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put up some bird feeders

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unfortunately the mean obviously the birds are too close to the feeders for the birds to come.

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But a feeder here another one here which is a squirrel proof

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feeder This is this, what happens here is that when the squirrel comes this thing

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depresses with the weight of the squirrel and the feeding thing closes. So this is proof against squirrel so squirrels can't eat from this feeder. squirrels are a big issue when we are for bird feeders. Now the reason I'm saying this is not because I'm selling feeders. The reason I'm saying this is because of one very important interesting thing that is keep these things keep striking me and I thank Allah subhanaw taala for them,

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that is the holder of Allah subhana wa Taala which is visible to us, all around us at

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the heart of Allah is visible to us everywhere. The in this particular case, what I mean of course is also the

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the issue of

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how Allah subhanaw taala.

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And then playing around and experiment with the lighting of this thing. Okay, that didn't work, this one is better.

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See the battery. And now when I went to buy these birdfeeders, I bought

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birdfeeders I bought a couple of

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bags of black oil, sunflower seed, and one bag of mixed seed. Mix it I realized was probably not a great, great idea because a lot of it gets on the ground. Black oil, sunflower seems to be the best option

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for birds. Now by the time I finished buying that, and I bought a couple of bought also a switch a switch feeder for woodpeckers.

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I realized my bill was about 65 or 65 or $70. Now at least in our Indian money, that's a lot of money. That's close to 6000 rupees but 5000 plus movie fans.

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And I thought to myself, should I really be spending this money.

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And then I remember

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when he said that if a person plants a tree, and birds feed from it, Allah will give that person either and reward as long as the birds feed from the tree. So I thought well, this is not a tree, this is a feeder, but seems to do the same thing. So I asked Allah subhanaw taala to reward me for that. So the money is not wasted. It's well spent. But that's not the point of my thing. Or the point by saying all this is that I marveled at the fact that Allah subhanaw taala

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it's winter here, right now you're seeing no snow because snow is all melted, but it will come back and we had the first time we had we have 18 inches of snow. So in that situation, there are these small birds, tiny little things, black capped chickadees, Cardinals, all kinds of all kinds of birds, which are, they have nothing to eat because the whole place is covered with snow and ice. And they literally starve.

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Now in that situation, a lot of adult puts it into the hearts of people to go spend money, bring food and put it out for the worse. Now as I'm talking to you, I can hear a cardinal talk. Speaking behind me you can see some birds have started coming to the feeders. It's not a great picture, but you can still see them coming in taking from the feeders. The point I'm saying is that this is the way a lot of handle tele hydroseal Roger p and this is how Allah subhanaw taala provides risk and provide sustenance to his creatures. Now in that context

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We have to put ourselves in say that here is Allah subhanaw taala who creates the means by which he feeds His creatures? What about people? Who are what human beings? What Why do we worry about our sustenance, when I've also had that I've taken it upon himself to be responsible for that. What the board does is it makes the effort of coming to the feeder the food doesn't get to the bird in the nest. But once the bird is in the nest, and once it leaves the nest, you're not worried about whether or whether I will get food it will it tries, it makes effort. And Allah subhanaw taala gives it what is required of it. Of course, I'm sure some people will say, Well, what about the people who

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are starving? What about the people who are homeless? Allah subhanaw taala created? like in the case of the birds, what about the birds who are starving, Allah created me gave me the ability to provide for them. So Allah subhanaw taala gave us collectively the ability to provide for those people who are starving, who don't have enough to eat who don't have homes to live in. question to ask is, are we doing what Allah created us to do? Are we working to provide sustenance for others? It doesn't, doesn't need imagination, to

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understand that if we did our jobs, if we as human beings today as we live

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with the kind of money and resources that Allah has given human beings,

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there is really no logical reason why even a single person, single human being, should be should go to bed hungry and should be homeless, there is not any logical reason whatsoever. Allah has given money, Allah has given resources to people.

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But the reason why we have hunger, the reason why we have homelessness, just to talk about two things, I'm not talking about health, I'm not talking about care for the aged, and we're talking about education, all of which are, of course,

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equally important, I'm just talking about these two things. There is no earthly reason why even one person should go to bed hungry or be homeless. The only reason is because we hoard because we misappropriate what has been given to us in trust, we use funds, which are meant for other people, to alleviate their suffering, to put food in food on their tables and in their bellies. We use it for our entertainment for our,

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our ostentatious lifestyles,

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for fulfilling our desires, at the expense of other people's needs, we fulfill our desires at the expense of other people's need, this is what we need to realize, just think about that. I was thinking the other day,

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talking about all the turmoil that's happening in the world. And you know, the threat of war. And this is that, if global leaders focused on what their people need the most, now, if every head of state of every country.

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And that's the reason why he or she is head of state, they have been elected for the benefit of their people. Right, the head of a country of country X was not elected to worry about what country y is doing, the kind of country X was elected to worry about the people of his or her own country. Now, if they only did that, the first thing that there would not be is wars, why would you ever want to do what, because wars only bring destruction and death and misery to everyone? Right, including the people the country, which is waging the war, because the country which is waging the war, their soldiers are going out, they are dying, the economy is being strained to fund all of that,

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obviously, for the benefit of the miniscule few who benefit from war, who act well who are selling weapons of mass destruction, who are selling debt and debt and and

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and, and disease and, and so on, and making money out of that, except for them, nobody has benefits. Now, why would you do that? So if I was a head of state that I would say my first job is to ensure that there is not one single person in my country who is going to was sleeping on a pavement is not my first job is to ensure that there is not one single person in my country who goes to bed hungry is my first job to ensure that there's no one who's homeless that everyone has access to excellent medical care free of cost, that everyone has access to education free of cost really, seriously speaking, if I was running for head of state of a country, this would be my my election by election.

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campaign and this will be by election statement to say that I will ensure these four things

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No one goes to bed hungry, no one is homeless, no one has to pay for excellent medical care. And no one has to pay for excellent education that these are the four things that I would say I will ensure that this or I have a plan how to do that, right. So I wouldn't be I'm not, I'm not lying, not lying. And my point, my point is that this plan on mind is not a secret, I'm happy to share with anybody, this is accessible. And this is possible for every head of state. And there are some countries and many countries where they have, after doing this, after ensuring that every single person in their country is has a home as a roof over their head, they have food in their bellies,

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they have access to medical care, and they have access to education, they will still have surplus funds, huge amounts of surplus funds, which can then be given to those countries where they may not have enough funds to ensure these four things. Now, think about that. And why am I standing in minus 10 temperature talking to you about all this Really?

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Forgive me, but I'm just saying that seriously, look, if you look at it, go back to the basics, this is our last handle is providing Allah subhanaw taala provides directly by providing the food. And by food, I mean, anything that we need all our resources directly where you could just go take it up, pick it up, or Allah subhanaw taala gives it in the trust of other people with the responsibility to them to say get it to those people make sure they do that. As I'm saying, in my case, I'm doing it with the birds, Allah gave me some resources. And those resources, I'm saying, okay, some of that must, must be used to feed these beautiful creatures when they need the food. And the same thing

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applies even more by a huge degree, to other human beings. And so we say, Well, you know, let us do that, what our resources Allah has given us and let's ensure that they get to where they are supposed to go in the process. We of course, use the for ourselves 100 is no problem with that. But are we doing enough for other people that I think this is the bottom line that we need to think about? Because remember, if we if each of us does that, then our needs will automatically get satisfied. I mean, this is a no brainer, I don't have to explain that. This is absolutely clear. If I do it, and we if we create this culture, then our needs also get taken care of at the same time.

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There's a wind that has started blowing, and I think before my brain freezes, let me stop this. My I ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless you and be pleased with you and ever to be displeased or Silvana will carry while he was a good boy