Curing Our Faith #04 – The Flickering Flame

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was a veterinarian. We begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and maize finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path.

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So on Thursday night, we said that the Quran positioned those within the FARC on two levels, those that are devastated, killed by their Nefab and they're blind and deaf to the truth, they will not Uturn because they don't even know any more that they're going in the wrong direction, they're gone. Then those with a lesser infection of NIFA we said are like those caught in the storm, remember? And please, we ask in sha Allah, all of the elders

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to have their children by their sides, because this is the only way to respect the place and make sure this primarily for a better right.

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There's like a little plate on.

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So we said stop and go in their faith because of the NIFA compromising their hearts. Kolyma Allah, Allahu Michelle fee, every time they see a flash of lightning in this storm, they walk towards it, and then it goes dark again. And then they stop. So they're stop and go stop and go. And we said, but we are all we are all boosted by reminders. So how do I know if I'm just someone who is boosted by my reminder? Or I am stopped altogether by my hypocrisy? What is stopping? What does it look like? And it's very important to identify this this minimum mark, because what I didn't tell you is that the AI continues to shape to say, well, oh sha Allah, who does that have to be some seminary

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him well beside him. And if Allah Who wants he will do away with their hearing and their sight, meaning even the flashes of lightning will not show up anymore, they will no longer see it, they'll become the previous category basically, that the flashes get less and less frequent, until it becomes completely dark for them as well. So what does it mean to stop? What does it mean to have no more lights anymore? One of the sharpest metrics, the most accurate ways to determine this for yourself and for your loved ones are the five prayers are the five silhouettes. If those are not done, consistently, on time, in their times, then a person needs to know their faith is in danger.

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It cannot be said any lighter than that their faith is in critical danger. Because Allah himself to such a point that he called the Salah, these five solder he called them faith as if there are two in the same one goes the other goes, you know when the Qibla changed? Where do we get this from when the tabler changed from MSU rocks are in Jerusalem to administer the Haram and GABA in Mecca, people started taunting the believers and saying ha That means you were praying to the wrong place. That means that was all a waste. So Allah defended the believers by saying when that can Allah Julio Leah Eman eco, Allah who will not allow your Amen to go to waste your faith to go to waste faith here is

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what? The earlier prayers so he made them synonyms. He made them interchangeable so that you know without prayer, there really is no faith.

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You know, some people say no, my faith is good. My heart is good. I have a healthy heart. Even if I don't pray. I'm very sorry, but you need to change that whole system in your head. That's like saying I don't brush my teeth. But I have excellent teeth. Right? I have excellent hygiene. You may think so. Right. But you really don't. The light of your faith is either gone or flickering, flickering about to go without salah.

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And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Who knows Allah Allah to Allah comes they are five prayers. Whoever is guarding those five can that's let her know run wild boar Han and when ajet ano multi Amma, then that is the person that will have a light and have proof that he's a true believer and will have survival salvation on the day of judgment. He said and whoever does not guard the five will not have any light may Allah forbid, nor any proof to attest to his faith, nor any salvation. And he will be on the Day of Judgment. macaroon, our high mana only even heard of will be even the caliph and he will be gathered with Qarun and gathered with him on and gathered

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with Qarun and frown and obey even a fellow of the leading disbelievers May Allah protect us. So that is the idea. The person that his faith is in jeopardy, the person who's in the fact is about to dominate or has dominated

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is described in the Quran as sloppy with their salah. Were either calm or Isla salata calm muku salah, when they rise to the prayer, they rise foot dragging your own a nurse just to show people, meaning if they're alone, they don't really pray. They're not serious about the prayer when they're alone. And if their parents are telling them get up and pray, then they're gonna pray. Or if they're in a Muslim society and people are gonna look at them awkward, then they'll pray. But a Muslim, the bare minimum Muslim is praying his five, this is absolutely necessary. And then there is also one step down. You know, if Allah says that, The munaf praise lazily, when he prays, that means you're

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supposed to be not just praying. You're supposed to be praying consistently and with enthusiasm. It's prayer time. I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm busy. I'm busy. It's prayer time, with enthusiasm. You have to be the very opposite. And where do we get that from? This is these are the words of even our best well, the Allahu Anhu but he got them also from the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam who said in the height of innocence like Muslim, till Kosala tuna munafo, this is the way a hypocrite Praise ye Ji Soo Yakubu shamsur had the either can that's been a coronation upon comma for Nakara or ban Laird karula huffy, hinda Illa. kalila. The prayer of the hypocrite is such that he sits there watching

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the sun, meaning watching his watch, okay, until it's right there between the horns of shaitan. You know, the Shailene emerge in the night, right. And also people worship the sun. And so shaitan is very pleased at that moment, right, just as about two sets between the two horns of shaitan. He gets up and he picks at it four times, you know, chicken picks, he calls his raka at picks from their speed. He picks four times and doesn't think of Allah at all in these prayers or except little in these prayers. And so,

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let us be clear and positive here that if you are keeping your five on time, then you will always have a lifeline. You will always have some light for you a Salah to know he said that ally salatu salam,

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that doesn't mean you're finished. We're going to talk about some other traits of nofap being there, right? But so long as the five are there, the flashes of light in the storm will remain hope will remain for you. If I had more time I would share with you a pleasant story but I would rather us keep to our promises because that's part of having Eman and avoiding the fact to be honest, right? So may Allah azza wa jal cure our faith and yours and rehabilitate our faith and yours and help us and our loved ones be strict and punctual, devoted and enthusiastic about our five prayers in their prescribed times. Until we receive from Allah that lights and that proof and that salvation on the

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day of judgments Allahumma Amin