Is it Compulsory for a Muslim to keep a Beard

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The question on the Facebook by Shahar, Fahad, if parents stop the sun from keeping a beard then what should the sun do? a similar question is posed by iih Russo on the WhatsApp, so my mother always tells me to cut my beard. I'm 19 years old, what should I do?

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a similar question is posed by tala from Pakistan, if keeping beard for a Muslim, optional or compulsory, if it's complicity, then will we get a sin every time we shave?

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similar question posed by a myth, a man from West Bengal India, can I join the army as it is not allowed to keep a beard there?

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The basic question that is keeping a beard compulsory and if my parents asked me to not keep a beard What should I do? Can I do a job he doesn't have a beard. Our beloved prophet masala Salim said it's mentioned in say Bukhari why number seven? Number 589. To a beloved prophet peace be upon said that, do the opposite of what the mercenaries do.

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Trim your mustaches and grow your beard. So this is a commandment from the Prophet that do the opposite of what the idol worship was to trim your mustache and grow your beard. And since it is a commandment, and there is no opposite action, and become further for Muslims to keep the beard and there is unanimous agreement amongst all the four imams Mr. Abu hanifa Imam Malik Imam Shafi Mr. Ramadan humble. All the four schools of thought all the four ami, they agree that keeping a beard

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first for every Muslim to keep a beard. Regarding the question. If I shave, am I doing the sin? Yes, you're doing the same. It is fun to keep a beard and all the Muslim men should keep a beard. What if my mother tells me not to keep a beard? Allah says in the Quran, that they have to love your parents you have to respect them. Allah says in Surah romanchuk number 31 was number 14 we have enjoyed on the human meat to be kind to the parents. And interviewed upon table did the mother bought them and in pain Did she give them one. The next was through Luqman chapter 31 1550. But if your parents forced you to worship somebody else besides Allah,

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if your parents do jihad, struggle and strive to make you worship somebody else besides Allah, of who you have no knowledge, they do not obey them. So the basic ruling is you have to obey your parents. But if the parents tell you something against Allah and His will tell you against the teaching of the Glorious Quran and say, Hadith, that is the time you don't have to obey them. So here because keeping up we are different.

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And if your parents request you not to get a bird, you should explain to them tell them the benefits of given the talk on if the label shows your intent.

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And has spoken about the beard and wearing the cap and tells us about the ankle. But natural keeping a beard

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and covering your head with a cap is not a fun, it's a sweetener.

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So even if your parents say you have to convince your parents that this is the commandment of the Creator, and if you keep they'll get most of up and that will also benefit the parents regarding Can you do a job which tells you not to keep a beard whether it be in the Army or whether it be any other job. If the job you're doing. If they tell you that do not keep a beard, you should not do that job.

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Because it is the commandment of our beloved Prophet, it's a fun if they ask you something which is haram we should not do it is better to take a job which permits you even though you may get less salary, keeping a beard