She is extravagant or He is Stingy

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Salam aleikum. Sometimes the wife says the husband is miserly and stingy. And he doesn't spend. He earns a lot, but he doesn't spend or he doesn't allow me to spend. And sometimes, the the husband says that the wife is very extravagant, she spends a lot. And that's the reason why I'm holding back. So what is the path? What does Islam teach us? A beautiful verse in the Quran. And it's mentioned more than once, actually with different wording. So one of them is in suitable for con. Allah describes the true believers. And he says, When levena either

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Falco lamb use LIFO lm iapo to work anabaena danika power, those whom when they spend, they're neither extravagant nor are they miserly, but there there have choked they have chosen a path between the two.

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Now, we need to understand, what do you want to spend on number one, number two is how much is the income of the home? And what are your priorities. So some people when they earn money, the first thing they buy is something that they don't need, but they simply want, if that's the first thing you're buying, you're actually wasting money. Because when you have money, the first things you need to think of are those that you really need, not what you want, that's not really a necessity, the minute you have those things that you actually need, and then you have a surplus of funds. And, you know, you might have kept a little bit for a rainy day, etc. And you want to buy something that's

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just a want. Sometimes you might want to, you know, eat out, perhaps you might want to spoil yourself a little bit. It's okay, it's permissible. So my beloved brothers and sisters, whether I'm addressing husbands or wives, is actually irrelevant. we're addressing everyone to say,

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when you earn, don't keep all of that money in a way that you would be considered miserly, because Allah blessed you with the money. And you need to spend it in a good cause. Remember to be charitable, yes, there must be a portion of your money. That is for the beggar as well as meaning the wayfarer, the poor, the needy, the Koran speaks about that as well. And levy and Effie emmalee him ha Kumar lumen Lisa le well, mahalo. Those people and the people of Paradise are the ones who had kept a portion of their wealth for the beggars and those who have less the less privileged, those who don't have, for example. So we need to understand this balance that Islam teaches us. And

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at the same time, you don't have to live up to the Joneses. What's happening now is because of social media, and some of the influences that only show us a designer stuff, everyone wants to have that which is designer bag, whereas the exact bag without the logo is probably a 10th of the price. You know, can you afford it? Number one, number two is do you really need it Subhanallah

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the brand names keep changing, sometimes the people behind those brands are actually people not worth supporting at all. And sometimes they are and sometimes it's just a brand. If you're paying for the quality of the product, and you know that this is amazing quality, it happens to be brand, a brand name and you can afford it comfortably. By all means it's not Haram, if that's what you want, and you feel it's worth the buy Alhamdulillah but to waste your money, and to to spend on that which you know, is a ripoff. And the quality of it is not grand. It's not a good product, but you just want to have a name to show people. In that case, you're living to serve others, to serve their eyes

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to serve their mouths and their comments and their ears and them. You're not living for yourself, your family for Allah subhanho wa Taala so remember to come down, don't get enslaved by names, names or brands that are not worth it. Like I said, if it is worth it, by all means, I mean, there are certain things I might be using and you might be using that may have a name that is Mashallah you know, a brand name, but it's really good and it's worth it. Alhamdulillah this, by all means that's that's a good thing. But learn to be balanced. understand where you fit in. Not everyone can afford the latest of everything. So don't don't cry until you get that and don't call someone miserly,

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Because they're not helping you achieve or get the latest item when they know you don't need it, and perhaps they may not be able to afford it. If someone can't afford it, maybe you want to give away that which was slightly older and updated. I know people who upgrade their some of their gadgets every two years, for example, and the old gadget they give it away, you may want to sell it depending on your financial standing. So Alhamdulillah This is some advice that I thought we'd give all the brothers and sisters. Remember to strike a balance when it comes to wealth. Don't say this person is miserly simply because they are not helping you oil your bad habits. And don't say that

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this person is being extravagant simply because you're too miserly to give a you know, to be able to help them achieve things when you know you can afford it. If you were not to spend your money, you would actually leave it for your heirs. And if you left too much for them, they may be fighting over it. A lot of people nowadays fight over it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for every one of us. And I hope these few words have helped us strike the balance. akula cola was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah