Tazkiyah Through the Quran #21 A Pure Heart

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a clean heart. I'll call mousseline a heart that is healthy. That is sound Subhan Allah, of the great deal that you find in the Quran is that you are of Ibrahim alayhis salaam in total to Sha. Allah Subhana Allah says that he would invoke Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to give him magnificent standing on the Day of Judgment, to be heralded with being a righteous person. And in one of the great verses Allah Subhana Allah tells us that those who will prosper on the day of judgment in lemon at Allah has been has been Saleem are those who approach a law on that day of judgment and that their heart is sound clean, pure and unadulterated. Which is the dude that is asked for by

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Ibrahim alayhis salaam in Surah. Shara. Why Jalili Sana suits configure affair in our law, give me a pure heart and make my mention that which is elevated. Why does Ibrahim Ali Salah make this request of Allah? And why is it a great outcome at the totality of your life, that when you look at your life, the sum of your life, the end of your life shows that your heart was always in the right place. Look at how we speak about the heart that there's a heart that is delighted with joy. Then there's a heart that is dark and with anger, rebellious with energy of of hate and jealousy. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to remove a noctus soda to remove the dark spots from our heart that he

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warns us about in Surah tanimoto 15. In another chapters of the Quran Kalla about Ron Allah kulu be him. Rather there is a rusting and a covering over the heart that is dark in the heart made it impenetrable to the truth. Allah warns us in the beginning of Surah Al Baqarah, Casa to Luba home, that their hearts darkened and became hard hearted, that the light of truth could not penetrate it and it would not soften and therefore that soft heart that pure heart that clean heart is a sign of vigor and health in a man, the prophets I send them he said, in a human being there is a morsel of flesh. If it is healthy, the rest of the body is healthy. Equally spiritually, there's a piece of

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you that if it's healthy, the rest of your life is healthy. eloa he'll call it is that place that we refer to as the proverbial heart? May Allah purify our hearts and make it clean and sound to things that I invite you to do and in sha Allah, may Allah make it reflected in my life. A way to purify your heart is to always put a laws demands first, that the animals that have been requested of you by Allah, that they are fulfilled, your Salah is on it's time when the Prophet is asked what is the greatest of deeds he says a Salah to Allah walk there, it is new sub BTB he for adeq it makes the reading of your Quran in your prayer, a reason for your heart becoming steadfast and firm. And

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number two is that when your heart has darkened ask Allah to soften it when your heart is feeling anguish, fear, hate sadness, put your reliance and your return to the portal on and through its message. Allah be the karela he thought my innaloo let your advice that is received be driven by a Quranic paradigm. Let the one you request advice from be someone who is acquainted with its message and its practice. Let those who are nearest to your heart who you seek to find counsel and advice from be people whose hearts are tender so that they may tend to rise and put teskey into your heart with the dua of Allah opening our hearts to it. Or beshara li Sabri. Allah opened my chest, expose

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my heart so that it will soften Yeah, or hammer. I mean