Abu Bakr Zoud – Which name of Allah, has earned you Allah’s love

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a culture where multiple individuals read the same title every day and become upset when they read it. They encourage people to read it more and share it with others. The speaker also talks about a woman named Hannah who died and how she was able to overcome her fear and still love her name.
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My brothers and sisters in Islam, let me just teach you this there was a companion of the Allahu anhu

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this hadith in Sahih Bukhari every time he used to lead the companions in salette, he would read through all of them. And then he would read a sola. And then after it, he would read people who love what you read.

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And he does this every single worker, every single pray Fatiha. azula and he follows that up with sudo LS la escuela de la some of the metadata muted on a macro local one. So the companions began to become disturbed by this or let's say they were confused. What is this companion doing every time he reads a solo after the fact that he concludes it with his loss. So they went to a solo muscle Allahu alayhi wa sallam and they said the Miata soul a lot. This companion is doing such a thing for newbies. A lot of them said to the companions said Oh, you see in your snow Vedic dog team and asked him, Why is he doing that? Why does he do that? So they went and they asked him and he said in the

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Because it is a solar that describes

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it describes the Most Merciful Allah and I love to read the solar fan Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told this and listen to how he saw the law while he listened and responded. He said to the companions, go back to him and say to him, you're going for me right now. And the law how you HIPAA, the law, social loves him love. My brothers and sisters in Islam. You know why I shared this with you? Because this companion, or the love of Allah, through one name of Allah, which is a man, one name, enter my brother and sister in Islam, let's speak about you. What name has brought you close to Allah, what name of Allah has made you fall in love with the loss of Hannah Who died? What

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name of Allah has earned your last love and pleasure? This companion just saw little if last words, one line two lines of the poet. It earned him amongst love because he truly loved the quality of Allah the name of a lot of white men. My brothers and sisters in Islam will law he have good news that if you love a last name of man, and you hope for it, and you live live your life as though be in the leg? Yes, of course a lot. He's going to give me his mercy. Then all good news for you. But if nilla hit Allah, you will see a loss or mercy or Connor walk on earth feeling of loss mercy upon you. No matter what happens, no matter what situation you're in.

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shavon is going to distract you. But he remains steadfast. And I love this theme. That's why we're reading it more than 17 times a day in our solid are

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we reading it so that it can be engraved in our hearts? How many years have we read?

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And until now, you don't believe Allah has mercy upon you. How can that be? How can that be? Is your is your tongue disconnected from your heart? Blah social creatures one whole body? The tummy z The heart is he What do you say in your tongue? You must accept in your heart if it's good from the names of Allah, man accepted. This companion urn allows love because he loved the name of a lot of men.

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My brothers and sisters in STEM search in the search through the names and attributes of Allah subhanahu Medina, see which one is going to touch your heart. Which one are you going to love so that Allah subhanho wa Taala can love you forever.

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