Yahya Ibrahim – Tazkiyah Through the Quran #20 Knowledge

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning and practicing in one's life, rather than just seeking knowledge. They argue that individuals and groups should be empowered to practice knowledge and grow in their own ways, rather than just seeking it. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of value and clarity in one's conduct, rather than just seeking it.
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ln knowledge, Allah but the health of equally shy in Elma Allah His knowledge is so encompassing it includes all things, but from the knowledge of Allah subhana wa to Allah is what he determined that he would send down amongst mankind. And when the angels asked about what made Benny Adam unique Pilar in the Allah muma Allah tala moon, I know about this creation of Adam and his children what you do not know why.

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The melasma and Allah made known through knowledge to add them, the nomenclature and the naming and the system of study of all things, what makes you and I as functional human beings distinct from the worlds that surround us? I lemme hooli Bejan we've been given the opportunity to explain and dialogue and discuss things with one another, that I will rationale and our alkalete is meant to expand with knowledge and increase but to confine us from that which is amoral. And for that reason, Allah says in sha Allah Hamid everybody healer Allah, those who are most fearing of God from amongst his creation and worshipping of him are that odema the learning and he mama Shafi is asked Who are

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these learning people, he said ally Lim Mann amela be my alum is the one who puts into practice that which they know that is the hallmark of a scholar in a sense, he also said les Sally a mama hopefield in MLA MoMA naffaa knowledge is not that which is accounted for gathered and memorize knowledge is what is a benefit to the person that you out of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah hamara sokhna ailment naffaa Allah in give us an increased amount of knowledge that is a benefit, meaning one that we can practice into our life. In Surah Taha, the prophets of Allah SLM is ordered by Allah to ask for an increase in something he already possesses, but can never be

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limited can never be something you say I'm satisfied with it will call Rob busy near Elma, and invoke me, I order you to worship Me by asking me to give you an increase in the knowledge and acquaintance of me. All of the messengers of Allah were those who desired more and more knowledge, more and more order and instruction and clarity of the right and the wrong, the good in the bad and the halal and haram, the separation from the sinful and immoral from that which is righteous, and virtuous in practice. I want you and I to value scholarship to value knowledge, not just in accordance of wanting to learn something that we say we are learned, or I've memorized, or I've

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retained, or I've studied or I've received, but rather that we can see it enter as a reflection in our behavior with those who we are intimate with our homes, our wives, our husbands, our daughters, our sons, and our parents. Let the mark of your alien show clearly in your conduct. May Allah make you and I have them alone. I mean,

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