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even planning is important. Even goal setting is important.

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we find

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when we read the books of management gurus,

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that our various goals settings that I've been given by them

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but for me,

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the best planning, the best goal setting is Islamic Islam. I see.

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I it for Islamic, your goal

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should be according to the teachings of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem Your goal should be based on the teaching of Quran and the teachings of say, Hadith of the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon you, it should be Islamic number one

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your goal should be specific.

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It should be focused, your goal can be vague.

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Let me give an example. Once there was a teacher

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who was teaching archery to his students,

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and he tells the students

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who are learning bow and arrow,

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aim at that bird

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who is sitting on the treetop, all of them, take him, he said don't release until I give you a command. So he asked the first student

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have you taken him? He said yes.

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What do you see? He says, I see the forest, I see the trees and I also see the bird.

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He has a second student

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what do you see

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it a sir,

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I see the tree

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I see the branch of the tree and I see the bird.

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He has the touch students, what do you see? The thought replies? I only see the branch of the tree and the bird and the eye of the bird.

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He asked the full student what do you see? The full student replied, sir, I only see the eye of the board and nothing else.

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The teacher says let the arrow go and the arrow hits the eye of the board.

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Your goal should be specific, it should be focused.

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It should not be

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like the traveler who wants to go nowhere.

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Not like the dog who's running after car without purpose.

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Number three, L L is for lucrative it should be profitable. Number one, it should be profitable in the year after Accra.

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And if possible simultaneously, it can even be profitable in this world. But more important is ACARA. Allah says in the Quran in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was number 201

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Robina Artina fifth dunya hasna thermophila kita telecentric anassa Benard Oh, Lord, give us the good in this world and the hereafter and save us from the torment of hellfire. So, it shouldn't be lucrative, it should be profitable number one in the year after and then secondly, in this world, but more important is the year after and then the world

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Let not your profit of this world take you away from the profit of the year after

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Fortis a it shouldn't be apt, it should be appropriate

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it should be suitable, the goal should be apt and appropriate.

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M is for measurable, your goal should be measurable. And for a goal to be measurable. First it should be specific. After it is specific. It should also be measurable. For example, suppose the builder says I am wanting to build the tallest building in the world. The goal is specific. But to make it measurable. He does a survey which is the tallest building in the world. And he comes to know that Bucha Khalifa it is 828 meters tall, specific. So now his goal is he has to build a building which is more than 128 meters tall. It's specific and measurable. If it's measurable, it can be monitored. How much are you reaching? How much are you coming closer to your goal?

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It's for intention.

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A beloved part from us a law firm said

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it's mentioned sable Hardy, modern number one chapter number one book of faith. Hadith number one for 30 The Buhari in normal Amma Lavinia

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Your deeds will be judged on your intentions and you will be rewarded for intentions. Your intention should be to please Allah and His Rasul Allah salah. Your intention should not be to become famous to become popular. If that's the intention, then your goal is not correct. If your intention is to please Allah, your Creator and His Messenger, surely you will be rewarded in the hereafter and inshallah Allah will reward you even in this world.

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It should be consistent is the time you achieve the goal if the goal is time bound, if it is not time bound, it should be consistent forever. For example, if your goal is I want to read Quran at least once in the month of Ramadan. So then you have a target.

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I will read one juice every day, then you are consistent. Every day in the month of Ramadan, you read one use of the Quran, at the end of Ramadan, you will finish the Quran at least once.

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If your goal is not time bound, maybe you want to say I want to read the Quran daily. Then you set up a target. I will read Quran every day have good or maybe even good and then you start the moment you achieve reading have to the hundreds a day keep on being consistent till the end of your life.

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And a beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah Salam said it's mentioned in say Muslim world number one, because Salah chap number 272 Hadith number one seven double one. He said

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that once a person asked the Prophet

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which is the best of deeds, which you love Bala to the Prophet said, Allah loves those deeds, which are done consistently, even if they are small, it is far better, then bigger deeds, which are done only once. So deeds which are done consistently are far superior than deeds which are done once in a while even if they're greater.

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So, the goal should be Islamic i for Islamic as for specific focused,

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L for lucrative profitable, if appropriate, M for measurable, which can be monitored, eye for intention, should be to please Allah. And see, it should be consistent.

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Let me give an example.

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Some of us may be aware of the history of Wilma Rudolph.

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When Wilma Rudolph was the girl

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who was born and she had polio since childhood, and the doctors

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they put braces on her legs. And they said This girl will never set foot on the earth.

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Her mother, she encouraged the child and she told Wilma

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What do you want to do? You will be able to do

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and the mother encouraged her daughter, Wilma. At the age of nine. She removed the braces. And she wanted to be the fastest woman on the earth. That was a desire. That was a goal.

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After removing the braces

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at the age of nine

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at the age of 13.

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For the first time in her life, she takes part in a race

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and she loses. She comes out last. But yet she's consistent. She keeps on striving. She loses again. She strives a day comes when she qualifies for the Olympics. And this is a true story. It's not anecdote. It's not a fairy tale.

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Once she qualifies for the Olympics in 1960 Olympics, she comes out first and 100 meters amongst the woman. She gets the gold medal. She also gets the gold medal in 200 meter sprint amongst the woman. She also wins the gold medal for the 400 meter relay 100 into four.

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Amongst the women, she gets three gold medals and the 1960s Olympics and she creates history.

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A paralyzed a paralytic woman

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who had polio. She becomes the fastest woman on the face of the earth in the year 1960.

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Now when we analyze

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the goal setting done by Wilma

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And if you have read books of the management gurus, she fulfill all the criteria.

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Those who have read about the SMART goals, I don't want to go into detail.

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let us verify how much she fulfills off the main target of the Creator Islamic number one was the goal Islamic, more the goal according to Quran and Sunnah.

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I don't know her personal life, but I knew that she was not a Muslim.

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I don't know whether she did for the creator or not.

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Number two, was the goal specific? Yes, it was specific.

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She wanted to be the fastest woman on the face of the earth.

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Was it lucrative? Was it profitable? Yes. For this one, we're profitable. She gets fame, she gets honor. But for the hereafter allow Allah I doubt when the year after this Olympic gold medal will bring a prophet unless she dedicates the gold medal towards Allah subhanho wa taala.

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It was it apt and appropriate? Yes, it was.

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Um, was it measurable? Yes, she could measure who is the fastest woman on the face of the earth. Maybe the timing is close to nine seconds or 10 seconds, 11 seconds, measurable and she practiced to achieve the goal.

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i What was the intention?

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If the intention was fim, Surely she got it?

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was the intention to please Allah?

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I doubt.

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See, was it consistent? Yes, it was consistent. She consistently practiced even though she lost

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till she won, and became the fastest woman on the earth. Let me give you another example.

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To compare and show the difference between goal setting.

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I would like to give an example of the man

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of the person who had very small means,

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the heights in his field.

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The man, the person

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who changed my life

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and converted me from a doctor of a body to Dr. Oz soul. And I'm sure you know the name of that man. He is none other than Sheikh Hamad deedat.

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Let us compare his goal setting.

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Sheikh Emma did that. And if you know the life history of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat,

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he acquired education only to standard six.

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Because both ends could not meet, he was forced to leave with education.

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After passing standard six, he was forced to leave with education. A man with small means.

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He was forced to leave the country India where he was born. Then he goes to South Africa.

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He did the job of a salesman. He works in a furniture shop, he does the job of driving etc. And while he was in South Africa, he used to constantly be harassed by the Christian missionaries,

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who used to tell Islam is a useless religion.

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It is merciless. They used to attack Islam.

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And because if to get Harish

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a desire came in his heart

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that I want to reply all the allegations against Islam made by this Christian missionary. I want to give a fitting reply to this Christian missionary. Imagine a man only studied to standard six

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but naturally had faith in Allah. He strived he stumbled across a book

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books which are lying

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in a room with a dust on it. He stumbled across a book by the name of Iraq.

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The truth revealed by Miranda Rahmatullah Karachi, and

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he gets the direction for his goal.

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That's how he started. And he strived for 40 years. Till the time he challenged the stalwarts of Christianity. Imagine a sixth standard pass, man,

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strive for 40 years and challenge the stalwarts of the world. So my thought that in 1986

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he was about to debate

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Reverend Jim

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Is regard and at that time in 1980s Jimmy Swaggart was the number one

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most powerful, most famous

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Christian televangelists.

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Just a few weeks before this debate, one of the fans of shady that told him

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that check Emma DDOT I'm your fan. But I want to give you an advice. This man mr. God, I know him. I studied him. Please don't debate him. He will chew you and it is pretty out

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imagine a fan of the that giving you a device

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to do that. You don't debate this Jimmy's right. You don't know him. I know him. He will chew you and it will spit you out. The person was the most famous televangelist on television channels whose budget was more than a million dollar a day to keep his head above water.

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Our shake Emma dad, Mashallah.

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With Allah on his side, he goes to USA

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in the hometown of the Christian missionary

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in the country, very famous. He goes, and he had the debate and Alhamdulillah some man hamdulillah with Allah's help, he turns the tables over.

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a man of small means not even past school leavers at being a graduate challenges the stalwarts of Christianity, so much thought that he became the biggest stumbling block for the Christianity of the world for the Christian missionaries, one man alone Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, with the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala he challenged the whole of Christianity

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let's analyze with goal setting.

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Number one

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the Islamic I wasn't Islamic.

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Was it according to Quran and Hadith? Was it for line is it a fool? But naturally it was that the reason he was able to achieve his goal number two was a specific guest. His goal was specific. I want

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to reply to the allegations against Islam specific.

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I want to give a fitting reply.

00:17:33--> 00:17:37

Remove the misconceptions about Islam that is there in the minds of the non Muslim

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number three, was it lucrative was it profitable, he wants to profit in Accra and inshallah inshallah Allah will grant him Jana inshallah.

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But, besides being profitable in the era, it even profited a mere,

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you know, a number six standard pass man in 1986. He gets the biggest award in the Muslim world. He's awarded the King Faisal award for service and humanity

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as extended man.

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He didn't do for the award.

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Maybe he got $20,000 He didn't do it for that. Maybe for the golden King further our interview for that he did for learners Rasul.

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Allah prophets m&r Kira, and even in this world

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a, was it up? Was it appropriate, very up at the right time, can style everything at that time

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when the Christian missionaries were hammering the Muslims,

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our morale was at the lowest.

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This man Sheikh Emma didn't he inspired 1000s of youngsters, including myself.

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We could at least raise our head and stand

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up. Em wasn't measurable. Yes. What did he do? He collected the books of Christianity, the Christian missionaries who wrote against Islam, we know John Gilchrist all these books, demons regard and started playing.

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When they attack the Quran and Islam, he replied, and he studied their scripture Bible, use the verse of the Quran and implemented on them and he found results.

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Measurable i What was his intention? His intention wasn't to become famous. His intention wasn't to win the King Faisal award. His intention was to please align with Rasool.

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See what the consistent Yes he was. Imagine, he struggled and strive for 40 years. And if you know his history, his office was a small, dingy place.

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And he tells us that even to print a black and white pamphlet 1000 quantity, these two have a meeting Let's have a meeting can we print 1000 quantity of a black and white pamphlet

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consistent, kept on striving

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till he reached his goal

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the difference that we find in Wilma Rudolph and Sheikh Emadi that is

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that the goal of Wilma Rudolph, it was short sighted.

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It was more for this world, but the goal of Sheikh Hamad the dog it was farsighted.

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And it was for the akhirah and inshallah Allah will give him reward and even gave him reward in this world.