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Hello everyone for joining us today part of SEO webinar. We'll start off with a few verses from

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Thank you so very long.

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to today's SEO webinar brought to you my by my views are all on the policy is the pursuit of excellence. So many events planned during this month. So please follow us on Instagram or Facebook all the information. We will send a social link on the chat.

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We are very honored today to have sheffy. Here Brahim will be delivering with FC apostles every Sunday during Ramadan, we are live on Facebook and we'll be recording these sessions. Today at hamdulillah. We have many organizations and societies are collaborating with us. These include Nabil Birmingham and Liverpool who the youth Coventry Isaac oric, Isaac up Isaac, Aston ISOC, Amana, US Gabi Osaka Muslim Student house, I met Messi the TCL now let's let's introduce the share who we are blessed to have for the second normal Bon Jovi here where our team started his knowledge journey within an organization of the autonomous teams and the pursuit of studies in exegesis, jurisprudence

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and Hadith scholars from the ages and in Egypt as well, is a registered teacher and currently an assistant principal. He also serves the Muslim community at Curtin University and the University of Western Australia as the Islamic chaplain and teaches Islamic ethics and the thought the theology and exegesis for another institution. Without further ado, welcome chef. Yeah

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Hamza share Corinne wa Salatu was Salam ala CD mursaleen se Aegina Habibi. Now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was talking he was a linter Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina know habibie Now whenever you know Muhammad, Allah masala Allah Mohammed in filler welline wa salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad in Philadelphia in WA salatu wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad in film Allah Allah Allah Allah hamara amin, Allah alumna murgia Hindi Amina for any laveen with a kidnapping who man who Sina. We always begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we praise him

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in a way that we would praise none other than him. We send our prayers of greetings and salutations and request of peace, to be sent upon the master of humanity, the best of the creation. I want to be you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify with firmness and conviction that none is worthy of worship but Allah alone, and that I will never be a subtle Allah who it was seldom as his worshiping slave and final messenger. I will always remind myself in you continually to have the fear and the taqwa of Allah azza wa jal, I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes that love for him, that fear of him and that hope in his mercy, that conscious awareness of our dealings with him

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through our dealings of mankind, that it is something that profits us in this life and into the next, that we continue to grow our taqwa throughout this blessed month of Ramadan, and I'm honored and hamdulillah to once again be invited by my dear brothers that Nabil and sisters for the second Ramadan in a row to focus on one of the chapters of the Quran. And last year we looked at sort of Muslim men. This year, we have an ambitious aim of a study of sort of me noon, and I I'd rather use the word study of sort of me noon so that we can be just in our purpose and in our discussion the evening levita Allah, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to become of a greater acquaintance

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with his word, that that which we don't know of it, we may come to learn of it and that which we may have strayed away from or have been led to miss understand or forget a part of it, that Allah allows us the profit and honor and ability to reclaim that which should have always been maintained by us. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to protect us from the occurrence shaitan furnace David Wheeler he a semi aniline ministry Thana regime, and this is a confirmed Suna as an ordained meant ordered by Allah Subhana Allah that whenever we come to recite the Quran, ponder over the hold on read the Quran to one another or to oneself, that we should always ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us from

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the Shaitaan that is the other is to confirm three important things. One that we recognize that we are weak unto ourselves and that there will always be a need for the main Curse of Hannah with Allah to send his strength for us so that we can be strengthened by it, that had we been left to ourselves and our own devices Had we been sent into a state of Valhalla land that were left onto ourselves without profit and grace and and assistance from Allah, then we would never come to faith or attention or truth on our own. Number two, it allows us to focus on who we recognize is the only one can assist with certain things Subhana Allah to Allah by his measure and power, he is a pie hero

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folk a baddie, the subdued and the dominant over all of the creation and, and turmoil for Allah. It's very plain and clear for us that Allah says you are the ones who are need of Allah, Allah who who will honey, he is the only one Subhana Allah who has no need from others. And therefore we come to affirm our there'll be law I know I'm weak, and I know you are the Almighty, you are away. We're another if we are hamara amin, min ash shaytani r rajim. I asked Allah to protect me from the Shaitan industry, Atlanta likoma I do photography do I do? Well, the shaitaan is an avowed enemy to you so treat him as one who is an aggressor and an enemy to you. And it's important to kind of have

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this intent that when we ask Allah to protect us from the shape on that it is not just a reflection of our tongue, we say Oh, the lamina shaitan regime, time and time again. But it is meant to be an intentional dua to Allah. Think of Medea Mallya Salaam when she was confronted by gibreel in a proper human form, pilot in the booger rock, many mink her default do I was I seek protection with a rock man, the ever Merciful Allah from you

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And that shows you that this is a door and a powerful door that should be contemplated and should be practiced by us more often in particular, as we come to recite, to study and to share some of the wisdom of the order and May Allah make it so for all of us Allahumma Ameen.

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, we're going to begin a study of salt and salt in the noon. So it'll take me knowing a little bit of background about it, which is, I believe, important for you and I to kind of consider soda till noon is believed to be from the very late very, very late verses and chapters that were revealed to the prophets I send them before the hedgerow. In fact, the amendments to UT in some of his statements, he says, it could actually be the very last surah given to the prophets, I sell them as he is now transitioning from Allah speaking to all of mankind to the believers. So usually one of the ways that you know, is this sort of revealed in Mecca or Medina,

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you kind of listen for this statement. Yeah. Johan levina, Amano when Allah says, oh, ye who believe you automatically know this is a sort of that was revealed in Madina munawwara when the Sahaba had demonstrated proof of faith by making the Hydra sacrificing of their home, their wealth, their life for the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala they became entitled that Allah would speak directly to them. Yeah, are you Hi Latina, amen. Oh, you collection of believers, before that Allah in the context of the Quran would say, yeah, your NASS, right. And there's a couple of you know, outliers sort of Al Baqarah Surah Al e Imran, these are sutras that were revealed in both Becca and Medina.

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So they will have both kind of statements in them. So because a lot now with speaking directly to the believers, where Allah says, The F Lal movement noon, there is the the change in tone, the change in style of the discussion, where Allah is now going to speak to the believers who have become a coherent group and therefore many have kind of looked at the verses and that structure of pseudo me noon in its placement in the Quran, so you will come to know that pseudo me noon is the 23rd chapter of the Quran. Now, the chronological order or the numerical order is not an order of revelation as you would, as you would know, but in fact, it's a team that was done through the

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instruction of the Prophet Mohammed Salim, and was re commissioned by Isaiah he did miss habit at the order of a backhoe. So do you have to make the 30 of the Quran as it was known and studied from the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? There were four luminaries who took the photo and and they were acknowledged by the prophet for their prowess in the learning and the teaching of the Quran. He said her little puranam in Alba as QMF so here, take the Quran from these four masters. I'm delighted me Miss Ruud obey your kneecap, why dibny jabel and they didn't have it, who would be called upon to make the Quran a volume or must have for the oma to protected at the order of Abu

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Bakar also declared the Allahu anhu and then re commissioned by Earth Manik may have had to make copies that would be spread to the extent of the Muslim land. So this is Surah number 23.

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It comes after Surah Al Hajj comes after sort of the Hajj and before sort of the nor now and amendments to UT once again, when he speaks about this surah one of the things that he finds interesting and I found you know, Subhan, Allah, Allah, they, they they're like, soult in the food they make it just tastes better, right? You know, you learn something and then you read a little bit or you read one more paragraph and it's like, Wow, it changed everything. It's like the sugar that got added to your coffee or your tea. It just beautified it. So I'm I'm assuming in my readings in preparing for this. He says what went through that the issue of it the sun, where one surah is

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connected to the other. He says in Surah Al Hajj, the surah right before it in verse number 77. Allah says with Allah will hire raw land according to whom Allah is concluding the surah and the concluding verses of Surah Al Hajj, Allah commands the believers with a little higher and commit yourselves to good deeds so that you will be successful. ly Lakhan toughly Hoon, toughly Hoon, that you will find an outcome of success, but in the surah Allah doesn't mention what is success, right? So it then becomes really interesting that the very next chapter is called what? At noon, okay, you want to know how to make a little higher you want to know what is the good, you want to know, what

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are the avenues

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Good other FLL mommy noon. alladhina homefree Sala team has your own and till the verses that we will study today in sha Allah, but it's even more interesting in the sense that also Allah Subhana Allah in this surah in Surah Al Hajj, Allah subhanho wa Taala in the beginning of it in verse number Allahumma salli ala Muhammad verse number four or five first five number five, Allah says yeah your hiddenness in quantum field AB mineral that if you doubt that I will resurrect you, if you doubt that there will be a resurrection. Oh mankind now hear that word? Yeah. yohannes when where would this sooner revealed? Mecca or Medina, you immediately know Allah subhanho wa Taala speaking to

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them. In this context in this section, this was a revelation to all mankind in quantum theory, the mineral bath. If you are in doubt that you will be brought back to life, fame. Now Halak naccho mentor, Rob, your initial creation was from the elements that are cataloged in the dust that you walk upon filming not far, and they're after they're after you became a part of a mix discharge that was mixed together until the end of the IEA. Allah does not give detail between the dust and us being created from the elements of the earth to us being not fatawa allapattah mahmudullah 10 and that comes in the next surah. So all of a sudden, it's almost like you see sort of hedges like an

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introduction of humanity who come to make the hedge Well, in finance, he will hedge let all mankind here this event here this call to toe hade. Here is the specifics they're going to need and as you are journeying to Al Madina, munawwara Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is what you are to teach faith as being Allahu Akbar. So Sora Tell me noon is a powerful, powerful surah. And it has a powerful set of themes because it's a meccan surah. It has a great emphasis on the fundamentals of our alpha, the word alchemy that may be foreign to some who are listening, I'll see that comes from the word alpha that to tie something down, right? I've got to make fasten something down.

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And what is it that you're fastening down, you're fastening your heart, to believe to reconcile faith in God in Allah Subhana, WA, to Allah, the Almighty, you need to have something that ropes you down, ties you down to Allah, that you've become attached to your maker. So the purpose of this study of al Qaeda is to fall in love, in fear and in the hope of the mercy of Allah to attain that level of tequila, the fundamentals of faith, the fundamentals of al Qaeda, and the fundamentals of towhead what it means to be a true Islamic monotheistic what it means to relinquish hope in other than Allah to focus, our devotion, our attention, our love and our worship only for Allah. He cannot

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do what he can to stay in. That's the first main fundamental focus of Sorrell Tell me noon. Number two, is the importance of early Salah, the messenger ship of the prophets I sell them and the rissalah cannot be made without the Rasool so it's not just what the message is, but the importance of the messenger. And therefore you will see that there are a number of messengers who predated I want to be as I send them, who are used as an example and juxtaposed with those who disobeyed them and disbelieved in them for you and I to fear having an outcome similar to them. The third element of this surah is about a bath. Well Kiana that you will be brought back and resurrected and ordered

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to Ensor for your life and the lifestyle choices that we have made and that the Supreme judge is only Allah Subhana Allah Wagner Modena Illa eventually all of us will return to Allah, where m income there is none of you in the USA you can limo hula hoop lady Sabina Hua Vina Who told you man, the Hadith of the prophets, I send them in those so here, there is none of you except that you will converse with your Lord you will be presented in front of Allah without a barrier without need for translator and you will be questioned directly by Allah. You will look to your right and you will see good deeds that you brought left and see the negative deeds that you brought and in front of you

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is jahannam waiting to consume you. So for taco narrow LLB Shaka tomra save yourself from the torment of Hellfire, even if it is by splitting a date. You know splitting a tumble the tomra in this

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kitamura half of a date, perhaps that could be the thing that allows you to escape. So those are really important themes that are going to be driven home. And each of them is going to be discussed in different ways. And as a summary of the surah, as a running list of the surah, Allah begins from the very beginning in the first nine verses speaking about who the true believers are and what their description is. In the next coming verses, Allah speaks that they have a reward in the hereafter on a consequence of their faith, even if they even if you see them as being poor or weak in the dunya, they can have a great standing in the AF era, then Allah speaks about himself as being the only

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originator, the true creator of mankind of all of existence, and that the dead that was the life that was given can also be returned from the death after its experience. Allah then speaks about the creation of the seven heavens and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says that he is the one who has command of our deeds command of our life, command of our beginnings and our end, and Allah gives the example of Prophet nor Holly his Salaam, and his preaching against idolatry. And Allah speaks about those who rejected, knew and claimed him to be a madman, as if to say to the prophets, I sell them. What is said to you is not unique. It's not innovative. It's what was said to those who came before

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you. And it is a regular theme amongst those whose hearts are darkened with hate of truth, and the spirit of faith. New has commanded to build West Nile fully build the ark and to save himself and his followers and to reject those who rejected Allah and inshallah to Allah gives the example of his own son, who is not permitted on the ship and refuses to get on the ship because he knows to enter it. It is a consequence of faith. That is the key to opening that door. Other nations afternoon are also shown to a parish for their in for their infidelity and sinfulness and disbelief in Allah. Then Moosa and Harun are given as examples. And those who rejected them are given as examples. The

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unbelievers were destroyed by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah commends Moosa with the Kitab and a direction for the believers in how to adjust their life. This is to get the believers psychologically ready who are listening to this with the Prophet Mohammed, I tell them, that faith on its own is not enough, you must now commit to the book, commit to the act and commit to the truth that that hokum is for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that the legislation is upon us to fulfill it, as has been instructed and not to rebel as the nations who came before us who continue to question Allah and continue to find variants with the truth. They also the unbelievers were dis

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destroyed, then Allah gives the example of the creation of Jesus and the creator and money Amalia Salaam as a sign on to humanity, that Allah subhana wa Taala calls us to truth and to avoid sectarianism and the confusion and this unity that it results in, then the true believers are sure of their reward and that the reward is massive in the alpha that is unimaginable that after the judgement, Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah is the one who assigns that and they continue to describe the day of judgment to defend the prophets, I sell them from the accusations of being a madman, that Allah continue throughout the surah. To honor the prophets I sell them that Allah is the one who

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brought life into existence, and gave us the afterlife and the intellect to us. So that we can be from those who manage a pathway of truth upon a Syrah and will stop him. Allah subhanho wa Taala orders the prophets I sell them to make a specific drop hulagu make this to

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mineral Hamza, to ask Allah to protect me from the refuge against that evil spirits mayhem as at the shell team, where they'll be caught up by the rune and Oh Allah protect me from them seeking to permeate and be a part of my life. Finally, that closing of this chapter is about repentance,

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and seeking repentance before our death because after death, it will be in vain and will be of no consequence, that the Doom is set for those who do return to Allah without having lived a life of uprightness of morality and ethics are one that is lived with a completion of their alpha and towhead to Allah subhanho wa Taala and that their punishment will be hellfire.

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Allah protect you and I from it Allah in Nesta Iizuka mean I've been now women how to run now yeah or hammer I mean, and finally Allah declares that the destruction will be for those who have disbelieved and victory will always be with the believers. Allah subhanho wa Taala begins this surah in the first 11 verses with the qualities of the believers Mashallah the beautiful rendition of our brother, I believe his name Omar al hottie if I'm if not correct, was a beautiful reading, I know it cut out in certain places, but may Allah Subhana Allah beautify that voice and make it more and more humble and elegant in its citation of these incredible eight. I want to begin with the first if and

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, but the F lahat. And movement on

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cod is a very interesting word in the Arabic language in this context, that means indeed or Surely, or, without a doubt, if the rest of that which is to come is here to you will be from those who have what is promised God meaning it is you know, it is subjective, and it is inconclusive unless you are willing to confirm your adherence to it. And an F lab.

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Success is available to everyone. And I'm not just talking about spiritual success. So anyone can be academically successful, anyone can be financially successful within the means that is the color of Allah subhanho wa Taala for them. So you can live in a particular environment where having 5000 pounds saving is a successful financial position, unlike in another place, or in another family or another social level, unless you have 100,000 in saving, and in your net worth, you are not in a financially sound position. And it's relative to the means. But success is subjective and relative to an individual, you can be successful for your life, for your conditions in life for your

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debilitation that you've been given for your product that has been written. So, Allah wants you to know from the very beginning, everybody is able to be successful in the means that is that is within their means. And where a person doesn't attain the best life they can have. It is not because the best life they can have is deficient is because at times they're comparing it to the lives of others, that they see that the best that as good as it gets is not good enough. And philosophically as Muslims of course, you will see that you know when people commit some of the great scenes and they go against the five macaws and the five aims of the Shetty out to protect humanity, you know,

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protecting our faithfulness and God protecting wealth and property protecting and protecting reputations and family structures, you know, you know the positive the Shetty, you will see that when a person doesn't succeed in life in the life they have in the framework they have, it is because they did not put in their effort towards what it means to be successful, what they can be more successful in and Allah subhana wa to Allah therefore, let's this idea come from the very beginning cod it is conditional to the exertion to the moja to the determination to the intent to the commitment to the adherence to the knowledge to the practice that you are willing to put forward

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cod f Lucha It is possible that everybody will have a measure of success if they have the qualities of belief f let me known I want you to highlight if you have you know the word f Lucha, Lucha it comes from the tri letter root, fat lamb half fat last half. Now that same word you can construct from it other words that don't mean success, but they have the same origin because that's that's where success comes from. So in Egypt, for example, which is my heritage, I was born and raised in Canada from an Egyptian heritage. You know we have in fellahin right or Fela, the word for laugh means somebody who's a farmer, they live on the land, they're farmers, they tilled the land for

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work. Now you say well, what does that have to do with success? Why did the Arabs use the word for farming agriculture, irrigating, you know, growing crops? Why did they use

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use that word as a root word that also denotes success in all other things in all other avenues. Well pay attention to what a farmer does. What What does a farmer do he find, you know, he finds a plot of land, he clears it of stones of roots of pests of Berman's, he takes away the weeds. He tills the land, he rotates it, he fertilizes it, he finds channels of irrigation make sure it's in a place that isn't too shady to sunny. He sets up a regiment of checking on the land consistently constantly making sure that this land is going to grow he thinks about what seeds will germinate properly, what seeds will grow in season what seeds won't all of this is a very labor it's time

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consuming effort. He hasn't even put a seed in the earth yet. And then now he chooses the right time to plant the right seed and plant many of them because most of them will not take right in the first in the first inception. It's the first time out so he begins to plant and plant and plant and then he has to go out every day. We didn't make sure no insects getting it to GMO no birds are coming he puts up scarecrow does all this work day in day out. And finally a chute begins to grow. As stem begins to chew a tree begins to come into position and although there is no yield, no harvest nothing yet is grown nothing yet has come into fruition all this hard work has been done for the

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hope of a harvest later on in his life.

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As a successful believer that is the way you need to deal with your a bad with Allah or the F law you need to be a farmer of good deeds you need to plant seeds each and every day Good has an add seeds each every Hasina is a seed seed seed seed the plan to a tree and Jenna right isn't that what the prophets I seldom said? La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah would hamdulillah in en la Allahu Akbar hothouse, it is you know you're planting things in Jenna pan Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala awaken us to the reality that we need to commit through the hard backbreaking work that farmers have been known for as being the catalyst of civilization of humanity being able to live in civilized

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environments called the F Lucha and move me noon. Now the word movement it has a context of security and faithfulness so that he man that you have in a law makes you feel secure because I know Allah is always with me. In the Malcolm in the monokuma asthma era yeah Moosa Don't be afraid to fit I don't when when Moses standing in front of it, I don't fit I will just have enough see he he fit the Musa Musa became terrified inside himself. cornella half Don't be scared. You have masa in the monokuma I'm with you in the Mac as Manoir I'm with you, I'm with both of you, you and Harun I see and I hear all things right.

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That Nyah Matt manner in Allah Manor, Allah is with us that may comes to produce that the M from the Eman so he man his faithfulness in Allah that is a determined belief in the heart that is declared with the tongue and manifests in actions of the body as you will see in these verses in sha Allah, find the F Lucha and move me noon. Who are they? And levena home fee sadati him has your own their first description, the first visual and a picture is worth 1000 words a lot, you know, showing you a picture that when you see them in their solida they are those who are humble in their prayers have who Shula who sure means stillness, quiet lack of distraction and lack of movement Allah says in the

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Quran had either hovered till you know until the earth and then that la held Matt it does it what are a lot of the harsher I you see the earth has been humbled meaning bear, lifeless, no movement in it the definition of moving is life right hyah means it's moving higher in Arabic means a snake that's moving it's a it looked like a stick until it moved so it's higher. It's not a stick it's a snake, right HIA is movement and anything that is living has vibrancy has movement, atoms are always nothing is nothing is ever at rest entirely at rest. Everything in me now is moving all of the atoms molecules in me are moving once they stop life stops. But if you remove

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You got to be a mover and a shaker and what me noon when do you stop? When do you stop your mind when you stop the distractions and let the you know home fi sauna team hotter and you become like the earth still barren desert had that either and then Natalie helma, Gazette whatever but then when the rain comes, it reinvigorates it moves, and then it flourishes with its vegetation. So Pamela, so who sure is a powerful, powerful description that you and I need to kind of consider those who are humbling their prayers and the word who Sure, you know, it means different different levels and different shades, if you were to consider the words of illuminated nicotine. So if nicotine is

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commentary, when he discusses this idea, he said that what you want means to be calm, to be serene, to be with Seki now with tranquility, to have dignity, to have repose to be still to be quiet, to have humility. And all of this comes from Abdullah having the ambassador the Allahu anhu. He said alpha shoe or Yanni it means I'll how I'll hold for a second that you have an elevated elevated state of fearing Allah, that brings you to a moment of tranquility. You find that meditative, you know state where you just find a moment of pause in your life.

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Allahu Shula is a necessary component of solder. And most have their own amount they will agree that from the requirements of solder from the YG actions of Salah as Seki which is another word of saying having that famous Hadith you would have heard it with a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw a person pair praying poorly. The man came and said I said Mr. Allah, I greet your messenger of Allah with of greetings of peace. The Prophet didn't respond and said no, Jericho suddenly fell in the column to suddenly go back to where you were pray again, because what you did was in prayer. Now the commentators on this how do they say this man had done the standing, the ruku, the sujood the

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sitting he done all the movements, he didn't miss anything out what he had missed was a second. So finally on the third time, the Prophet says he asked the prophets I sell them and let me also teach it to me on messenger of Allah. I thought I knew the movements and the order and the words to be said the prophets I seldom said that when you are standing fest school find your sukoon when either Roccat when you make your ruku or find your tranquility or for sure, wait I suggest Fest in between the Find your tranquility, to go up and in the same movement to go down is in that manner. Vova Lima Malik is finishes your saw that you have to re you know, you you broken your sada because you broken

00:37:58--> 00:38:05

the commitment to Allah in fulfilling this Akina that is necessary. May Allah give us enlightenment along that I mean,

00:38:07--> 00:38:34

the place of mature is in the heart. And the heart is meant to be the master of the limbs and the body. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to give us success. And to grant us for sure, in our Sala a powerful image that you find, as it relates to the issue of the Sadat and levena home Fie Salatu him. Allah describes Salah as being there so that so Allah to him

00:38:36--> 00:39:24

that you've taken the solar as something upon you, who have held on to solar as this matters to me, so that team has your own. So the element that precedes your whole shoe is that you take ownership of the solder, you're not doing it to be seen and counted as the hypocrites are, you are all our own. And as they stood up to pray because other people expected them to do it. Right. They did it out of obligation. I just have to do it. So Allah team has your own. What makes you Harsha is that it's from your heart, it's for Allah. It's your it's your acknowledgement of what Allah has given you. The so those who pray to Allah with who shoe or with humility, well levena and equally they are

00:39:24--> 00:40:00

those who manage love, we morally Dune there are those who avoid or avoid I do discussions, idle behavior, idle talk, idle conditions that are bereft of any reward or any goodness in it. Now, the word language has been used by some of the odermatt to speak about music, to speak about entertainment that distracts from the very essence of Sadat. So for example, May Allah forgive us and forgive them, you know, one of the worst parts of media in the Arabic world today.

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

Is that they wait for the month of Ramadan to release their new serials their new series, new movies come out in the month of Ramadan and they promote it with such vigor and it's an onslaught it's an intentional way of keeping the masajid unoccupied of keeping people you know hungry by day and that they feel their bellies but they feel their their level in the same time. So you'll find that these dramas and these you know shows are released to provide Latin level and to turn people away from the truth. The Arabic word a level according to Le Mahmud nica theatre once again. He says it means anything that is a false hood, which encompasses any act of sin including the greatest of them the

00:40:48--> 00:41:32

shock of Allah subhanho wa Taala or any words or deeds that don't have benefit that empty your life of reward spamela anything that has no benefit that empties your life of reward. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you can't, you know, play around on your PlayStation right? I'm not saying that you can't go kick a soccer ball or you watch you know, watch an episode of something that you were interested in. That's not what I'm trying to say. What I'm trying to say is that the level is attached to the idea that came before it. That Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, He says when Lavina whom I'm in love with more Allah Dude, what is it the thing that doesn't allow you to have who sure

00:41:32--> 00:41:45

is that your heart kulu boom, lay here. Their hearts are preoccupied with level with idle talk, idle words, idle dramas, idle behaviors, idle.

00:41:46--> 00:42:13

Netflix in Google Ising tick talking, you know, it's it's actually quite incredible that you see mature people you know, who should know better, and should spend their time in something that is more productive, ideally wasting it in some of those kind of things and behaviors out of a person being a good Muslim, in one of the Hadith of the prophets I sell, narrated by the mammoth tirmidhi.

00:42:14--> 00:43:02

And there's discussion about its chain with a prophet iclm is said that he said, out of a person in Hosni Islam in Morocco, a person shows that they have submitted themselves to Allah tunku who melayani that you leave off, what doesn't concern you? Right doesn't concern you, right? It's not it has no benefit for me. So I'm going to ignore I'm going to move on to that which has benefit for me. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the hadith of Le Mammon, that the faith that a man of an individual cannot be straight until their heart is straight, had day a stuffy knuckleball, well called mu and the heart cannot be en esta Kama cannot be straight. Unless the tongue becomes

00:43:02--> 00:43:43

straight, that you're not, you know, exaggerating or you know, speaking, just just for the just to hear the sound of your voice, right? Those are all things that are really really powerful. Abdullayev new mister Oh, he says about this, that we need to imprison our tongues, from leading ourselves away from the word away of Allah, and levena whom I'm in love with him or a dude, when levina homeless Zakat if I don't. And here Allah speaks about Zika usually this verse of female Salah We're at zeca they're joined together, always together, always together. This is one of the one one of the very few instances where Allah put something in between because the thing in between

00:43:43--> 00:44:28

is what distracts you from being humble in your sada and also being negligent in your zecca and looking after the needs of others. We have two types of relationships one vertical between us and Allah and one that is horizontal we between us and the obligations we owe mankind. And of that is zeca. The way we purify our wealth and increase our wealth is by giving each right to those who have been given it by Allah Subhana who went to add up in the coming week and chat a lot we will continue down this list. Now that's why I said that this is a study of surah Tell me noon. Although I'm trying to rush through the first three or four verses. I want it to be something that we can capture

00:44:28--> 00:44:59

something of great benefit for us in our stability in our solder and our fulfillment. We're going to speak next week about guarding our chastity when levina homely for rugi him half a Loon. Allah uses the word for rouge in a plural employing men and women not just men, men and women. Both of them have the important duty of guarding their chastity guarding their honor Illa Allah as well as you him Elma Melaka a man whom except a flag.

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

against their spouses, or that which has been made permissible for them in the time have passed. Those are things that we will delve into next week in sha Allah. I wanted to leave maybe five minutes for any questions that may have arisen from some of the things that we said and inshallah next week, we will push forward with our discussion the evening llahi. To Allah. I'll turn you back to our moderator in sha Allah, who maybe can provide one or two questions before we end at the closing time. He says that Kamala hair subhanak alone will be having deca, Shadow Illa. and stuff required to Lakewood Santa Monica.

00:45:40--> 00:45:56

Local, was very informative and interesting session. I personally do it very deeply. I'm sure we have a different woman as well. The first question we have is, what books would you recommend as a starting point for you?

00:45:57--> 00:46:01

So in the English language, I would recommend

00:46:02--> 00:46:47

the clear course on which is one of the newer Translations by Dr. Mohammed, Dr. Mustapha hubub. A fellow Canadian, it I like the title, it's clear because it clarifies some of the language of translations of the past, but it also has a really good context to it. And it's a very authoritative translation. There are things that could be improved on, but I immediately went from Tafseer to translation, because that's what the translation is meant to be. It's meant to give you a context and an understanding that you cannot gather from your own reading of the text itself. So I like the clear coat. It doesn't add too many layers, right? But if you want something that's a little bit

00:46:47--> 00:46:52

more, more detailed, there are tafsir as Sadie

00:46:53--> 00:47:02

NASA Sadie Rahmatullah had a one of the great imams he has translated his translation of

00:47:04--> 00:47:59

Thai seal as iraq man, as small you know, Tafseer has been translated into English in one volume, it is a very valuable tool that I do highly recommend as well. There are also other more substantive kinds of books, but I think as an introduction as the question asks, Is tafsir A Sadie coupled with the clear portal on and then you can find on tafsir calm or cute FC or calm, FC ribnica theater and others which I benefited from in kind of preparing for my discussion with you a nice book that I think would be a benefit as well is this Secrets of the Quran by Lima MC UT I think that it's English translation named the secrets of the haoran by L imaams. ut

00:48:00--> 00:48:04

let me just see if that's if that's correct.

00:48:06--> 00:48:31

Yes, Secrets of the Quran is the name of that, that translation and I'll try to get you the the translator secrets within the order of the Koran by emanuela Dennis UT and it's published by dawdle outcome and you can find it I think online as well. That might be something that would be of great value put those three together and you have a good start and childlife

00:48:35--> 00:49:13

if someone has asked if they don't feel that they need to move on and they struggle with for sure. Is this a sign of a weak email? No, it's a sign of great a man that they're worried about it that's actually the opposite. And like that's a beautiful thing because sadly there are people who think I'm doing well in Ramadan Masha, I'm doing it right I'm I'm on top of it. And the sad reality, of course, is that if you have this sense of rule, while at 200 am fusa calm don't have this self praise. If you're feeling that you're Oh, yeah, I did my total we had measured ly got everything under control. That's actually not the heightened state of flux you are that you need to be and and

00:49:13--> 00:49:54

as I said the race is with nobody else, it's with yourself. So my issue as elevation is not demonstratively measurable or metric to the person standing next to me and so that, you know, as I stand in front of Allah, Michael Jordan's between me and Allah and Allah knows how much of the hold on me know what I understand of what's being recited how much I prepared or what I know of it or not, and how hard my day was before and what I was dealing with and I had a fight with this person and this person upset me and I came to the masjid and I'm trying I'm really trying hard Yeah, Allah to give you my heart and to give you my all compared to the guy next to me, who life is cream

00:49:54--> 00:49:59

cheese. And he's like, in a different way. And you know, it is

00:50:00--> 00:50:29

Sure I didn't come after a battle of the day it came after a cruisee day The battle is with yourself it's not with anyone else. So for you to know that you can do better that's a beautiful thing capitalize on that and immediately act on it so commit to a good deed that you can do and something less it that you can lesson out of your life to make your your your next day of Ramadan better than the day that was previous

00:50:33--> 00:50:36

How would How would you define happiness?

00:50:37--> 00:51:16

So the word after you that as I said, it's to tie down your heart through the knowledge of Allah subhana wa Tada. So that after you That is what has been handed down to us, through the Quran and through the Sunnah, in the explanation and the practice of the Sahaba, the tabea in tabular, tabular in, and then it became more formulized. In certain books. The most classically renowned and well known one is allowed to either of Alabama for how we call that al Qaeda to Hawaii, which is just a precept these are the things that Muslims believe in, we believe the things about Allah, we believe the things about the Prophet, we believe the things about angels, we believe the things about the

00:51:16--> 00:51:51

scriptures, and it just, you know, a list of things, but the essence of alchemy that is grounded in the heart, it is the rope that attaches you to Allah whilst also moving heavily let alone with God the hardest handhold that you never let go on. So hold tight, fasten yourself alkie the means to be fastened tight to Allah subhanho wa Taala and that comes through a surety of knowledge through a permeation of yaqeen into our hearts from the practice of what we believe in Sharma.

00:51:55--> 00:52:24

So, once again for the session, why he brought it forward to part two next Sunday. I mean in sha Allah and select remind everyone to follow us on social media to stay up to date with upcoming programs. And why he Radek Fie comm I look forward to seeing you next Sunday the evening light Allah 3pm London time 10pm in Perth after Salatu tarawih Suhana calamba vmdk shadow Allah era Atlantis Africa two we like I'll sign off as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh