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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a culture in Durban that uses a historic camera and a book to showcase his work. He also talks about a former worker who wrote a book and used it as a punching bag, leading to a debate with a doctor about the origin of the book's meaning. The speaker also mentions a family legacy and active work, but notes that people may not relate to the culture.
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I think that every Monday Rahim. Salam aleikum, everyone, you may be thinking where I am and why am I sitting in this chair. This is a very special place, a very, very special place. And let me remind you all where I am. I am right now sitting in the very chair ratio. The dark medulla used to sit and have conversations with Christian missionaries who would come to visit him. This very camera behind me, used to film them. And you can watch those videos to this day on YouTube, where he's having talks and interactions and debates with Christian missionaries, who would come with the Bibles to ask him questions and all that. And even this is the same chair where he would sit and teach Dr.

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Zakir Naik, Dr. Zakir Naik would be sitting there, across there and he would be you know, teaching him how to love it. So, I am right now in South Africa in Durban in the very office of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat. The IPI head office this is basically the doing of check, I'm gonna do that. And he pioneered Dawa in the 20th century, he single handedly started the Dawa movement movement of the 20th century, which produced many, many many powerful, eloquent educated dot. Okay, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, himself was a fifth grader. He never went beyond the fifth grade in school, but Allah used him to defeat in debates, very, very eloquent educated Christian missionaries, activist scholars,

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theologians, okay. And he drove this passion to the OMA. Okay, he made the OMA realize that Islam is powerful. Okay, it is very, very powerful intellectually, no one can defeat Islam even he's trying to tell the world that even someone who has never been to school or college or university can study the Quran and the Bible and talk to these big Christian theologians and defeat them in debate. So I'm gonna do that instilled that passion that love for Dawa in the Ummah and today what we see around the world, the Dawa movement, the global dollar movement, wherever, wherever it is, it is taking place, he has a share in it, and may Allah reward him, may Allah bless him, may Allah make

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his grave, one of the gardens of Jana May Allah subhanaw taala place him in general for those I mean, and this is a very, very historic place where I am right now I don't deserve to sit in this place this seat, but for my own personal satisfaction, have done it on my own personal, uplifting, spiritual uplifting. So this is a very historic This is the very camera, the historic camera. And this is the book Sheikh Ahmed Deedat read as a young boy, that changed his attitude towards Tao he was being used as a punching bag by some missionaries who would come and ask him difficult questions he wouldn't be able to answer. And one day he found a copy of his Harald Huck in the storage of that

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very sharp, and he read the book and he started to use it. And then was born the legend of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat. So a scholar in India in the 19th century wrote this book, not knowing what his book will do in the future. It produced Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, and his Tao. And then, as a consequence, came about the dollar movement of the 20th and the 21st century Allahu Akbar, this is how dollar works. Just plant the seed and leave Allah to do the job. Okay, so this is a very historic place, very emotional at the moment. These are personal notes of Sheikh Ahmed Did you know when He would receive donations, you would make a note of them, these are his handwritten notes

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these are his personal belongings, this is his very desk, this is where he used to sit and have conversation conversations possibly write books, the books he has written, and you know, this was his working space basically this very office and may Allah subhanaw taala, given genetic results and you look at some of the

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the remnants are some of his legacy in the form of these pictures.

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And these booklets,

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crucifixion or crucifixion This is one of the booklets, very famous booklets he had written his meeting with people. Then there is this poster. He had a debate with Josh McDowell. Okay. Very famous debate. Jimmy swagger there. Okay. This debate was a very famous debate is

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the Injeel the word of Allah. Okay. Is the Bible God's word? I remember this debate. This was very important in my personal development. I was I mean, whatever I am, my little self was actually instinct. I mean, triggered into doubt by shake ama dots videos. I watched his videos in the mid 2000s. And he used to take notes watching his way

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videos and learn how to talk to Christians and how to give them dollar. This was Jack Amity dots work Allahu Akbar. So may Allah bless him. May Allah give him Jana, I just wanted to share this with you. This was a very emotional experience for me. And I wanted to share it with you. I've been in before a few times where every time I come in this place is like, How can I put it is History was made in this room, brothers and sisters, you cannot imagine, you cannot imagine and understand, if you only if you knew the history of this place, this office, this very room, this space history was made here, and history still being made due to this very room and what happened here. And you can

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see some of the recording devices, old ones used by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and his team and some of the videotapes, you can see there a lot of artwork, you know, they are now

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things of the old as they say, you know, there would be museums nowadays, you know, young youngsters who are watching this video, they may or may not relate with this stuff. But we when we were growing up, we were watching these videos, you know, we had these big VCRs with VHS tapes to put them in to take about 30 seconds for the video to play as well. Right? So these things happen Allah may Allah bless these brothers

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at APCI for taking care of family dad's legacy, and still continuing to work most importantly, still a very much active organization and may Allah bless them. May Allah accept from them. Thank you so much for listening and watching sorry