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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a hadith about Islam being the best of Muslims, and how it relates to a recent video about a man named Yahweh who used the term "fit on your" in a way that is intriguing. The speaker also mentions a previous video about a man named Ben Selim Al Muslim moon and how he claims to be the best of Muslims. The speaker emphasizes the importance of managing one's own situation and not harming others.
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Maybe he heard you may know that Yahweh and the man were Muslim and so Hey, he and Abdullah hit me I'm living in a house probably Allahu Anhu Mahal. So in the videos that Allah Allah you earlier he was tell them Are you Muslim in a higher. So the I have two more Hadith today and maybe Thursday

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within the theme of the prophet Isaiah slots as I'm using that term, the best of you or the best of Muslims, or the best of people use that word a couple of times. And I always found that to be an interesting phrase that he chose. And also if you if you put together all the Hadith where he used it, you end up with a little bit of a story that he's telling me here so I'll just I'll share with you and show on Thursday. So in this hadith, Ebola number tells us that the Prophet alayhi salatu, Salam in the grouping in a gathering was asked which is the best what's the best? Who's the best amongst the Muslims? Like, are you a Muslim in a hurry? It was or it was the best characteristic for

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a Muslim to have it as a Muslim.

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Muslim in Ohio. Yes, Alia Salatu Salam is actually

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an answer that we know. But maybe not. We don't associate with this question because there's a few other a hadith where that where the answer is just a statement that he makes out of a lot to Islam as something important for us to do. But here he actually used it as the answer to this question. That hadith is an introduction about Muslim. So he said out of your Serratos, I'm answering the question, Are you Muslim in our file, Paula, Min Salim al Muslim moon, Elissa Annie Hayward, Ben Selim al Muslim Moon is the person who Muslims

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are in complete safety,

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from his tongue and his hand, meaning from what he can say and what he can do.

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And it's a symbolic and in nature, Muslims feel completely safe from this person, regarding what this person says, and what this person does, meaning they interact with you, and they walk away knowing that you would never backstab, you'd never backbite you'd never do an amoeba. They walk into a interaction with you, even if you're angry, they know you would never, you would never say something that would forever injure them or harm them. Or you wouldn't say something that would that would cause them pain or causing them sorrow, that you would never take something that was yours, they would never take something from you that was yours, they would never oppress you, they will

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never work towards your harm or your demise.

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That's the best Muslim is the person who all Muslims around them feel safe, is the person who makes people feel safe.

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In this case, it might mean they feel safe.

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If you'll see safe around, that there is no harm coming from you. You would never harm regardless of it, maybe harm in two ways, either with what we can do, or what we can say are the two things. And the best of us are the ones who people around us or around them continuously feel safe. Who would never say something to harm them. Directly or indirectly, you never do anything to harm, directly or indirectly. And that's one. That's one heck of a bit

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of a mountain to climb, isn't it? It's a mountain to climb. It's not simple. It's not straightforward. But he does use that word out of your thoughts was to

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call you the best of you. That's why this hadith that I've shared with you over the last couple of weeks, all of them actually the Ask the ask is not simple. The request is not easy. It's not something that was actually difficult. That's why he would use that term out of his thoughts on the best of you. The best of you will do this the rest of you may not. It is hard. It takes actual commitment takes sincerity and genuineness and realness towards what this is. It takes that grip that most of us don't have. So people don't do it but the best of you will manage it.

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And I found I find this this description is very, very intriguing. Are we any male Muslim and female? Hey Anna Billa Hibiya hammer the last are the Allahu Anhu MILCON in another use of Allah Allah He was salam a young Muslim and a higher Takala son Allah hi to you earlier Salam min Selime Muslim una min Lisa any way or the other Karasuma Hassan Allah Hi so I'm gonna struggle Handicare Allah Allah He left us with a son

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