Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-026E Tafsir Al-Baqarah 193-195

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history of Islam and the sacred month, including the importance of warfare and the use of hemp sauce. They also touch upon the use of retribution, which is a rule for individuals who use their own body for warfare. The concept of spending money in the way of Islam is broadly applicable, as it is not just a means of achieving goals.
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Then you said well Kati Lou, who had terlet, hakuna finetune way Hakuna Dino Linda, this is the purpose. This is the objective of war in Islam, that it's not unless, okay, and it's not, you know, because Muslims are bloodthirsty and Muslims are very violent and they need to just, you know, go on committing acts of violence against one people after another. No, there is a goal that needs to be achieved. And once that goal is achieved, then there is no need for war. So war is not default. War is a necessity in certain times, it has a place. Okay. And once the objective of war is achieved, then there is no need to engage in war. So we'll call to whom had let Hakuna fits nuttin. What is

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the objective, that fight them until there is no more persecution? And how is that possible that as possible once you have broken the strength of the enemy? So for example, when it comes to the people of Makkah, the wishy Keane Yes, the Prophet sallallahu, lucidum fought them for a very long time. There were many, many battles. Think about it, there was better there was a, there was a battle of a hijab, right? And then what happened, there was treaty of her debut. Part of the Treaty of her labia was that the Muslims were not going to engage in war with the people of Makkah for the next 10 years, there was going to be peace for the next 10 years. And what does that mean? That means the

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Muslims, their lives will be respected. Right? So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam agreed to that condition. And there was no intention to engage in any war. But then who broke the treaty who violated the treaty? It was the people of Makkah, right where one of their allies attacked the allies of the Muslims. Right. And it was such a violent attack, that they attacked him in the night and even the people who entered the home in order to seek shelter refuge, even they were attacked over there. So when that happened, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam quietly planned to overtake Makkah. Right. And so the Muslims prepared, they went to Makkah, and there was such an army

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that the people of Morocco weren't expecting until they just surrendered. And that is how the conquest of Makkah happened. So, the point over here is that when there was peace, when a treaty was signed, agreed upon, and that meant that of course, there would be no persecution, then there was no need to fight. So what Katya whom had tele takuna fitna tone where Hakuna Dino Lila and the religion is exclusively for Allah worship is exclusively for Allah. Now, some people think that this means that fight until everyone is Muslim okay. And that is not the case. Because if that was the case, then why would there be rules given to Muslims regarding dealing with non Muslims within Muslim

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lens, you know, there is the concept of Jizya there is a concept of people who are added to them. Below them are basically non Muslims who are residing within the Muslim land. So, this doesn't mean that fight people until you force convert them. Okay? And if they don't convert to Islam kill them. That's not what this means. What this means is fight until people have the freedom to worship Allah alone.

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Because until, for example, the people of Makkah had power. They did not let the Muslims worship Allah. All right, how Muslims want to come for Umrah. They're not allowed to enter MCCA they come the following year. They're only allowed to enter for three days.

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So the Muslims did not have the freedom to practice Islam. So fight until there is freedom and when Muslims will have freedom than other people will also have freedom. So we'll call it the lone hatherleigh Tikona. Fitna, Conway Akona, Dino Linda, for in interhealth and if they cease further are the one Illa Allah Allah Allah means that there is no transgression except against those who wronged. So we see that for example, after the conquest of Makkah, right, people ceased fighting the Muslims. They did not raise any weapons against the Muslims. But there were still some individuals who were punished who were killed. So for example, among them was a man called even huddle. Even

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couple harped on this man. He was found in Mecca, holding the Kiswa of the

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kava Okay, he was holding the kiss where the cover of the Kaaba, and still he was killed. Why? Because he was a law alum, he had committed loyal, not just in regard to the Prophet sallallahu, earning Salam or Islam or the right of Allah, but he had committed lung against certain people. He his story is that he came to Medina, he accepted Islam. And he was sent for some work by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there was a servant, basically, that the Prophet sallallahu already sent him sent along with him. And the servant the slave basically was supposed to serve even Hottel right? Now the servant fell asleep instead of preparing food. So even cattle killed him. He got so

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angry, he killed him. And when he killed him, he realized that oh, if I go back to Medina, precise is going to be carried out, I'm going to be killed. Right? Just because this man was a slave. It doesn't mean that my life will be spared, because I'm a free man, he knew that he was going to be punished. So what did he do? Instead of going back to Medina, he fled to Makkah, he joined the enemy. And so he lived in Makkah. Okay. And now when the Muslims conquered Makkah, he wanted to again be spared. So he held on to the Kiswa of the karma, the cover of the karma so that the Muslims would not, you know, say anything to him, just like, you know, children when they're playing, freeze

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tag, things like that, but I'm safe, you can't out to me whatever. So, he tried to do something like that, but he was not spared. He was killed, because he had killed the servant of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam he had committed lung. So he was punished. Why? Because he was among the lolly mean, it was a very specific case. So for Anindo Phulera, Dhwani INLA and a volley mean. So remember, what this IR teaches us is that the goal of war is to eliminate fitna okay, it is to eliminate persecution, not to perpetuate it. Okay. So people who commit violence in the name of Islam and use, you know, Islam, for the purpose of committing violence and perpetuate violence, then

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that is not Islamic warfare. For me to set a shadow Hello movie shattered hot army one full metal pea sauce. The sacred month is for the sacred month. What does that mean? This means that fighting in the sacred month is for aggression committed in the sacred month.

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Meaning if someone fights you in the sacred month, then you may fight them back in the sacred month. Okay. Now remember, I mentioned to earlier that when it comes to war in Islam, there are certain rights of Allah, okay, that should not be violated. What are the rights of Allah that should not be violated? That Allah subhanaw taala has given us certain rules, okay, that for example, we don't fight in the sacred place near Masjid Al haram. Another is that we don't fight in the sacred month. So there are places and times where war is forbidden. Allah subhanaw taala has not allowed us to engage in war in those times in those places. Okay. So when it comes to the place that is Masjid Al

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haram, when it comes to time times in which was forbidden that is a shadow Hallam sacred month. Now 12 months in the year, okay. And out of these 12 months in the lunar year, four months are sacred. What are the sacred months they are Elijah? Make sure you write them down. Let's jump, little karda the hija and Muharram.

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Okay, the Rajab the karda. The hedger and Mahara. Now, in the sacred months, fighting is not permissible. Why?

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Because we need boundaries.

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We need boundaries. If it was permissible throughout the year, then that's what we would be doing all the time. So in the sacred months, war is not permissible. Okay. However, just as fighting in Masjid Al Haram is not permissible unless the enemy attacks you. So you engage in self defense. Likewise, a shout on haram will be shattered Hanami meaning you will fight in the sacred month. If the enemy attacks you in the sacred month, if they commit aggression against you. If they fight you, then you have to fight them back.

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Right you have to defend

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And yourself, you are allowed to engage in self defense. But it doesn't mean that you take the time and sacred months in order to even prepare for battle, we learn about a time when Marley will deal a horn when he was the Khalifa during the sacred months towards the end, when he started gathering the armies, preparing basically for battle so that as soon as the new moon decided the month comes to an end, they can engage in war. And he was criticized by the companions for doing that. So he stopped, that you cannot engage in war and you cannot even prepare for war. Okay, so a shadow how long we'll be sharing how long you will only fight if you are fought against meaning for the purpose of self

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defense. And then it is said one hurdle metal sauce and for all violations is legal retribution. What does that mean? This means that when a hormone and hormone remember is a sacred thing, like for example, the hormone of the Haram, the hallmark of the sacred month, or the hallmark of human life, the Homer off the Kaaba, for example. Okay, these are all humanoid, so when they're violated, okay, then there will be a sauce. So for all who met is legal retribution. And this is basically explaining why fighting back in the sacred month would be permissible, and why fighting back within the vicinity of the Haram would be permissible, because of the rule of pithos. Okay, that when there

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is violation, then you're allowed to fight back. Okay? Because if you don't, then what's going to happen the enemy is going to take advantage of you, they're going to annihilate you. They're going to wait for that time of the year, when they can attack you and you cannot fight back, they will finish you. So when whom I took a sauce, then in a set from an errata, there are a con. But then a rule is given look how much it is spelled out that whoever transgresses against you how what's the transgression against you, that they fight you in the sacred month, or they fight you in a sacred place, then far to do or lay he then you transgress against him, meaning you make an attack in

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response, be Mythili, Martha Aleykum in the same manner as he transgressed against you, meaning you only counter attack based on the harm that was done to you. Okay, meaning only precise not more far to do our Lady remitly Martha Aleykum only take revenge as much as the harm that was inflicted on you not more than that. What the Kulla Allahu Akbar, fear Allah Warlow mu and Allah hamari with the pain and you should know that indeed Allah is with those who adopt

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Subhan Allah, ne the same concept is elaborated, it's mentioned so many times in different ways. So that we understand very clearly that just because you are under attack, it doesn't mean that you consider everything permissible for you know, you can only take revenge as much as the wrong that was done to you. Not more than that, because then you will turn into the aggressor. And if you turn into the aggressor, then you will lose the love of Allah. Sometimes we think that you know, this is the only time I have to, you know, inflict as much harm as possible on the enemy. Well, no fear Allah. When you fear Allah, you should know that Allah is with you, Allah's help is with you. And if

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you don't fear a lot and you commit transgression than you will lose the help of Allah. So if you want the help of Allah, then you have to limit yourself within the boundaries that Allah subhanaw taala has set and you see if we apply this rule generally in our lives also you know, sometimes we think that for example, we were having an argument with someone we think this is the time to take revenge No, this is the time when I can just empty out my heart and give them what they deserve. Okay, and we don't stop at any limit, we lose the help of Allah.

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So while Mo and Allah Marlon with the pain, then it is said what unphysical feasibility less spend in the way of Allah Willa Tulku be a decom LF De Luca and do not throw yourselves with your own hands into destruction. Now when it comes to war, remember that the Muslims at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Basically if somebody participated in jihad, they had to spend out their own pocket. Okay, they had to spend out of their own pocket. Any it wasn't that you just come and say

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made up and then you know you're given everything there were times when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would give you know for example, weapons means of transportation etcetera to people who did not have, but typically people had to bring you know their own supplies. So, it is said over here that what unfilled cofece Aveda less spend in the way of Allah and that would mean spend on yourself, okay, and also spend on others, support them so that they can participate in the way of Allah, so unfair Kofi subete allah and You must spend in this cause, why? Because if you don't, then you're going to be putting yourselves in destruction. And he, if you don't spend in order to defend

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yourself, then you're giving your enemy a chance to attack you, and your enemy is going to destroy you. So you're going to be the cause of your own destruction. So this is the context of this idea. But the meaning is general, you know, the meaning is general because when you spend in the way of Allah, you are basically preserving yourself protecting yourself how, first of all, when you spend for the deen of Allah, okay. So for example, in order to observe the rituals, for instance, you spend money in order to go for Hajj and you have to spend a whole lot of money to go for Hajj. You spend money, for example, to buy a hijab, so that you can wear it, you spend money so that you have,

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you know a nice prayer mat so that you can pray comfortably. You know, you are wearing proper clothing so that you can pray properly. You know, there are different things you have to spend on in order to observe different aspects of religion. So when you do that, when you spend any money, in the way of Allah for the religion of Allah, in order to practice the religion of Allah, you are saving yourself. Because if you don't spend, you're going to put yourself in destruction. You know, you need that money in order to practice Islam. In order to go for Hajj, if you don't go for Hajj. Because you don't spend then on the day of judgment, how are you going to face Allah, that you had

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all the money to? You know, renovate your house and buy decor and, you know, do things like that, but you did not bother to spend money on Hajj. So you're putting yourself in destruction like that. You spend money in order to study something in order to study Islam in order to buy books in order to pay for tuition in order to sponsor students of knowledge, all of that you do. And by that you save yourself from destruction in the hereafter. You spend money on the masjid, our masajid need that, you know, so when you do that you're saving yourself from destruction in the Hereafter. And you're also saving yourself from destruction in the world. Well, I see no. And then it is said do xn

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do a lot of good, do good with excellence. What does this mean? This means spend beyond the minimum requirement. Why? Because in Allah your Hipple mercy Nene Indeed, Allah loves those who do their son, those who go beyond the minimum requirement, and who spent generously in the way of Allah. Now this is a little bit about spending in the way of Allah and that includes a cat also. Now remember that spending in the way of Allah, this is extremely important. Allah subhanaw taala commands us to spend in his claws. And remember that when we spend for the cause of Allah, this is an investment, meaning the reward will only increase with time you give a few dollars here, but you will get the

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reward of many more in the hereafter. Allah subhanaw taala describes this kind of spending as a club as a loan, meaning that Allah's Pantera will definitely repay you in the world or in the Hereafter, and how much should we give in the way of Allah We should give in proportion to how much Allah subhanaw taala has given us. Meaning if Allah Subhana Allah has given you a lot, you are wealthy, then you should spend more in the way of Allah and if you have a little than even from the little you should give in the way of Allah. So whatever is affordable for you give in the way of Allah. And when you give in the way of Allah remember the return is always better what Allah subhanaw taala

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will give you in return will be better than what you gave in the Cause of Allah. And I've seen you in Allah you hibel mercy in in this concept of Ersan do excellence Your son is and you know with the Creator any with Allah subhanaw taala that you worship in an excellent way and that you worship Allah in a beautiful way wherever you are. You pray with excellence all right for example when you're making will do you make will do proud

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Really when you're reciting Quran you recite Quran beautifully when you go for Hajj you do every ritual properly, right? And then you're sad is also with the creation, you know, being good in dealing with them, do good to others as Allah has done good to you. Right and do good for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala is approval. So as you know, in Allaha, your hibel Marcin, Allah loves those who are sand and we learn that people who do Ersan receive Allah's Mercy they receive Allah's help, they will receive closeness to the Prophet sallallahu earlier send them on the Day of Judgment, they will get forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala and also paradise is promised to those who do their

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sin. So in the verses that we have read so far, what did we learn that Allah does not love and more to Dean in Allahu Allah you Hebrew more to do those who transgress Allah does not love them and those who are seven of us panel Tada loves them.

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