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AI: Summary © The group discusses the upcoming flood and the hallelujah Guinea message, emphasizing the importance of building a ship, finding tools, and making fun of people who say they don't know anything about it. They also discuss the potential consequences of the message and the negative impact it may have on relationships. The group emphasizes the importance of trusting Islam and not losing faith in Islam.
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mother was

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no longer on

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Hi y'all?

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hamdulillah who want to start you know who want to start from when I was a bIllahi min surely am fusina Women say T or Marlena mija de la Hoefler Mozilla what may you bleed?

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The ewallet Xena, Menon it Allah her help her to party here while termo tuna Illa and Tomas the moon from Amma Barrett, brothers and sisters, let us begin by praising Allah and thanking him and showing our gratitude for this blessed day and hour of Yeoman tomorrow. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept our efforts in these blessing days of the first 10 days of the HID gem and may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless and honor our brothers and sisters who have gone to perform their hedge that he blesses them with a hygiene Mebroot was in Moscow with them bill for Allahumma. Maybe you're like Bob, let's bring our attention to Seurat who would

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suit it today, there is a section of that Surah

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that is devoted to the story of Noah Hawley his Alayhis Salam and it starts off like this. Where Allah subhanho wa Taala says we're all here Isla know him and know who line you made a main pole make it harder man a fella who used to be mankind or your fire alone, no holiday he Salam is inspired by Allah and he's told that from this day forward, those who follow you and those who believe in you, that's all you're gonna get. No one else will come and be part of your following this day forward. Can you imagine no highlight his Salam, his whole purpose is to strive to spread the message of la ilaha illa Allah and now Allah tells him it's not going to happen whoever is with

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you is with you. Here's what I want you to do moving forward was nine fold.

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I want you to go and build a ship. Now pause

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I spend a lot of time thinking about this and I'm going to ask all of you to do the same spend some a few seconds now and think about if you were in the place of new Holly his salam how would you feel?

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This is your purpose. This is the only reason why you're alive is that you want to spread Allah's deen

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala is now saying to you that no matter what you say, or what you do, nobody else is going to follow you. Nobody else is gonna listen to you. So go build a ship. He's in the middle of the desert. There's no water anywhere. But now he's got to go find the tools and the material and everything. You know, one narration a mammoth there have been others de Neri that it took no highlight his Salam, about 100 to 200 years just to gather the material for this ship. Then it took him another couple 100 years to start the construction and start building it. So you're looking at 400 plus years of his life, where he's building something in the middle of a desert. Now

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you can imagine what the locals are thinking watching this man

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putting together a ship.

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Where is he going? What is he even thinking? So the next area?

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Allah reminds him

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and he told us him as you're building this ship, they're gonna walk by and they're gonna laugh at you. They're gonna make fun of you. They're gonna point fingers at you. They're gonna call you all sorts of names here is less than one for all of us.

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It kind of feels like we are no highlight history, doesn't it?

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They're gonna point at you. And they're gonna say, You people still praying, still holding on to religion, still trusting this God that you don't see or talk to? You don't know if he's there, you trust all of that. That's your religion, those kinds of remarks, those kinds of words. So new hallelujah Salam is being made fun of in every aspect you can imagine. But still, Allah tells him, well, your scenario will keep building, keep working. That's lesson number two, don't give up. It might not look attractive right now. It might be difficult and it looks like all the odds are against you and me. What does Allah tell us? Keep working. Don't give up on this message. There is a

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great wisdom to come later on. And we're going to see that wisdom for no highlight his Salam in a moment isn't ALLAH. So he continues and he makes any builds that ship when it's all said and done, then Allah issues the command. We all know the story. Allah issues to commend that the flood or the Great Flood is about to begin. It starts off in the homes and Allah subhanho wa Taala describes that when the pot is boiling on the stove, or on the heat on the fire, then it'll start to boil and it will start to overflow but it will not stop. This is one source of the flood. The other source of the flood is Allah will cause a rain to start and it will not stop except by His Command. So this

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massive flood takes over. No holiday he's Salam has already given instructions that he's supposed to bring certain individuals and so on animals and different things to come board the ship will call up caribou fie her Bismillah him Nigeria.

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In Nairobi, la foto Rahim. So this area it reminds us that come on this ship. He brings all that Allah subhanho wa Taala guides him to do so and he brings on all of them onto the ship in Europe de la foto Rahim Our master is the one that is exceptionally forgiving and merciful.

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the scene begins to unfold.

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Well here to God, be He, he is now waving on going back and forth on the Moche

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on this massive flood. It's rising and rising and rising. I just want you to picture this for a moment, let the scene play out in your minds for a moment. So it's rising and rising and rising, rising. And then all of a sudden, he sees what the poor and describes is a Marysville what can fee marriage ceiling, his sudden was in a corner somewhere and the poor end calls it a magazine.

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You know what a magazine is a magazine is a corner that no one else can see or has access to. It's that corner.

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A lot of us

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our children have their own marriage still at home, don't they?

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Maybe it's their bedroom.

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Maybe it's in a corner at the dinner table where they don't have to talk to you as much.

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They don't have to listen to you as much

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in the car, it's the back seat all the way there that that's the medicine where they try to limit as much conversation and as contact as possible. Some of us go through that medicine, not only with our kids even sometimes with ourselves we have to run to America because of what because of the pressures because of the problems the struggles in life we run to a medicine that's not necessarily a bad thing. But listen to how the poor and helps us to engage with people who find their medicine. So this sudden of new honey he said um, goes into this corner somewhere what kind of femur is the Lynn? The father shouts out? Yeah. Boonie era come mana. Son, get on the ship with us. Get on the

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boat with us. Here's the next lesson.

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You or your children, if you have your mindset. Don't abandon the medicine. No matter what it looks like or where it is parents especially you don't abandon the medicine.

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Know how they his salaam knows that his son is somewhere in a corner this flood is getting out of control but his son is there. So what does Allah do? Allah causes the ship to move in such a way. It lands right in front of the Sun literally in front, he's on one mountain, the father's gushing back and forth on this ship. The father still shouts out sudden get on.

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Our version of that is I'm here.

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Let's talk.

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Let's figure this out.

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Let's try to understand

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how come you haven't talked to us you haven't come to the dinner table for so long. And when you're here just so quiet. Why you always up in your room. That's you not to ignoring the medicine. You try to develop some kind of connection you don't give up. This is why the poor and only twice throughout the horror and Allah called children a fitna, you know why it's a struggle. It's not easy to raise kids. If you have children, you know what that feels like? It's not easy. It is a struggle. So don't think of fit they here. Not in that they are a great test. And I don't know what I'm going to do know, this is your test. And Allah gave you these children. And it's not going to be easy, but don't

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give up. What we're seeing thus far in the story. No, honey has sat down doesn't give up. And you're gonna see more of this later on in the story. He does not give up. So parents.

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If this was the only advice that I share with you in today's reminder, failure key, it is enough.

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Never give up on your children.

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Never give up on your children.

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It doesn't matter if they're married, and they've gone on with their lives. If you see your children doing something that is unacceptable in the sight of Allah, you know what you do as a parent? The bare minimum is you remind

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you say something, save them from the American steel that they took, where they don't want to hear your advice, or they don't want you to say anything, just leave them alone. No, you as a parent, like new Carnegie Salem, you see the opportunity you can say something you say it as best and respectful and as dignified as possible. May Allah subhanaw taala give us strength

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You're like Bob the sun is there get on some Erica Manoj Kumar. caffine Don't be of the people who disbelieved.

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He responds like what a lot of young people who are naive, they don't have the knowledge they don't have the experience. They're still on that journey but some

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however, and for whatever reason say to their parents and they say to others, honestly, we Isla Jeb ner Simoni middle man, look, I'm gonna go down I'm going to go up to that mountain, and it's going to protect me so you got nothing to worry about. I know what I'm doing. I got this. That's what the son is saying to the Father.

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I see the flood. I see this crazy ship that you just built. But don't worry. See this mountain or the mountain dad? I'm gonna go to another one over there. So we illegible I'm gonna go to one of those farther mountains back there and I'm gonna be good you don't worry about this. Parents What do you do when you're faced with that? Bury that predicament

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Don't worry about me dad. Don't worry about me mom. I know what I'm doing. I figured this out. I got this. You didn't grow up here. You don't know what the social pressures are like, you don't come to my school. You're not with my social circle, you know with my friends. So I got this. Parents follow the pattern of new highly celeb.

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He then says to the sudden,

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Hi, now Sima Leone. I mean, amarilla he learned but nothing is going to stop you from the Command of Allah except whom Allah has mercy on. That's the father saying that's the bearing saying. Just trust me.

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Nothing's gonna help you except Allah. Nothing's gonna help you except this Dean. I know it might look a little bit outdated right now it looks like it doesn't fit into the society looks like it doesn't fit into your circle to your conversations. I get that. But you've got to trust this message the way that I do and the way that all the righteous do trust Allah's Dean.

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In this case, the son didn't.

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And I want you to picture this, okay?

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What had been a Hormel moje *in Amina rockin.

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This is an imagery. It's like you're sitting in the cinema and you're watching this movie.

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The waves started to pound and crash with each other in front of the Father, and wiped away the son before his very eyes. And he watched his son literally drown

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a mansion. When a parent, maybe you don't see your child, physically drowning. But you see your child every day, spiritually drowning, emotionally drowning, and you're doing everything that you can you can to save them and to help them to make that connection. But you're not perfect yourself. There's only so much you can do. And sometimes as difficult as it is, you might be a witness to seeing your child just suffer more and more May Allah help them and all of us in this world today the society that we live in, their Iman is constantly put at a grind. Their identities are constantly scrutinized and questioned. And so they may come home to you and they don't even know

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what they are anymore. They don't know what path they're on anymore. They don't know the purpose or the need for this deen and for this religion anymore. So what new hada he Salam does next is truly remarkable. You tell me if you as a parent would do the same. After all of a sudden done, Allah commands the skies to shut off to stop raining. Allah commends the earth to swallow up the water not all the waters of this world. Just the flood that participated in this whole scene. This whole incident take away all of that flood. When all is said and done. No howling Islam is sitting there. Oh, no, no, hold Rob back.

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He called upon Allah

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for call or be in another name and actually

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what in what are the call help one to acamol Halki mean?

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So he says,

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oh, Allah, this child, my son, he's from my family, pause. You know, this, our version of this is it's when the parent when you see your child mess up, and you know, they messed up pretty bad, whatever it is, but you say, Yeah, but it's my kid. I still love him. I still I'm still gonna be here for him or her. Maybe others will be like subpanel your child needs help. You need to get them help. You need to go

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Last summer, they're getting the treatment they need counseling and and and but for the parents Yeah, but I still love my son. I still love my kid, I'll still be I'll do the do whatever I can I'll support them. So new holiday he Salam is feeling the same way and he says Oh Allah, it's my son is from my family. But you made the promise you promise the outcome of all of this and you are the ultimate why he's one

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that's where no holiday he said I'm leaving. You know what the lesson is there for us

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is that despite how much we love our children, just mind to how much we love them. There is a limit.

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There's only so much we can do.

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We can't force Islam and nor and hedaya to them. We can only hope and pray that the teachings and the values that we give them that they absorb that they take it and they pass it on. That's the hope but he Dahlia and guidance is from whom? What Allah who will Yeah, DMA will who will move into Deen Allah guides whomever he wills, He actually has the deeper knowledge of those who have potential of guidance in them. Allah knows who's really interested even if they don't show it to Allah knows what's in the hearts of all of us was actually interested in getting true guidance.

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So that's what no highlight here salaam leaves Allah with. Allah response, Paula No,

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it no who lays them in Alec in nowhere Amarula Eurosonic

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Allah tells them a response that is truly Subhanallah when you're a parent, this is one of the toughest Aliette of the poor and to listen to. This is one of the toughest and I will conclude with that in the second part of the hook. And explain to you what this topic really is what it's about why we've chosen this reminder for myself at all of you. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala protects our sons and daughters from the fitna of this world into ficta of society. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect and preserve the message of the Quran and Sunnah in their in their hearts and in their lives. May Allah azza wa jal preserve and protect Islam in their hearts and in their

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lives and in all of this alone, I mean, a Punto Mantis Martin was stuff that hola hola como de ser la Muslimeen I'm in Cali them for stop Pharaoh in hoho la foto Rahim.

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Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah what are

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called a no in no release. I mean, like he's not from your family, and know who I met on the Euro solid. He did things that are not appropriate. They're not righteous, they're not considered righteous deeds in the sight of Allah. See, that's the limit. There's only so much you can do. So Allah helps new acknowledge and understand that if your kid has done something wrong, you need to come to that realization and understand that they need help. They took the wrong path they made the wrong decision. So you need to understand that Nora Fila test and don't ask me again after today, my Lisa Lockerbie here and have something you don't have knowledge about in areas Oka and call them in

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Abuja healing. I protected you from being amongst those who are lost and confused.

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You know what it's really saying to us? Brothers and sisters,

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Allah still saved you.

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So hold on to that.

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In other words, sure, children may have chosen a different path. But remember where you are, Why did Allah still put you on hidayah? Why did Allah keep you on this path? That's the reminder.

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Is it sometimes in life, when you look around to the people that you love the most, and you want the best for the most, but they seem to be going in different directions. And Allah gave you love for this deep love for Allah love for Islam. Allah is reminding us start there. Don't lose that hope just because your surrounding is going in a different direction. Does this sound familiar? Now get out of the home and get out of the family and just look around what life is like being Muslim. Sometimes around you, everybody is doing the opposite. But you are still that beacon of hope.

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You are still that beacon of hidden area.

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So Allah reminds do highlight his Salam I protected you. So remember that so you don't be amongst those that are ignorant and we all know how it concludes no highlight he Salam asks Allah to forgive him

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I'm sorry Oh ALLAH for questioning that because you know what's better for me, you know what's what is to come. So all I seek your forgiveness that you don't come count me or you count me from amongst those who are lost those who are confused those who are hostility and the losers of this world. So I leave you with this. Today's reminder is that despite how many of the floods that we're exposed to in this world and in the society around us, we're constantly exposed to floods.

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Allah saved you.

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And Allah saved us when you will hunt. And we must continue to strive to hold on to La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah for our sake,

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for the sake of those children that are drowning in some of these floods, so that they know that there is still hope as long as we are there that we are that beacon of light. We are that example. We are that source of encouragement for all the adults and parents, mothers and fathers here today. I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala preserve and protect Islam, in our hearts and in our lives, that we be an example for our sons and daughters and for this society at large. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala preserve and protect the message of law in evil Allah wa Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala ne we send peace and blessings to our Rasul sort of work to Robbie

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was to learn more Ali Kim and Marana subhanho wa Taala theta and xili in Allah what may Allah Iike Tahoe your saloon Islander be? Your Latina man was solo Annie who was a limo Taslima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad while early Muhammad Kamal Seletar Allah Ibrahim while early Ibrahima in the middle Majid Allah McFlurry Muslim you know what a Muslim that what meaning you know will not mean a lot here even whom will unwed in Nicodemus semi omaggio Dharwad Allahu magnon and is a local Jana are not covered over elite him in Colin a while whenever the becoming another woman Robert you lay him in Poland a woman Rebecca attina fit dunya hacer una Orfila Kurata escena Okinawa na Sapan are a big

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kettlebell is a Tiana Yossi food was salam ala l Mursaleen. are welcome hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa kings

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long line Cabomba long line Kubo a shadow

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Nina in Lulla a shadow Mohammed was Oh