A Battle Against Unchecked Desire

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Juma Khuṭbah


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The upcoming month ofiroj is recognized as the Day of Judgment, but challenges face humans facing include the pandemic and the need for change. The "medicals of humanity", where people become slaves of drugs, can lighten people's physical appearance and achieve their dreams, and "medicals of humanity", where people can bring out their best behavior. The "illeehan" and "medicals of humanity", where people become slaves of drugs, can combat the pandemic and bring out the best behavior. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a new video.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Chateau La ilaha illAllah Walia Sala hain wa Chateau and Mohammed Abdullah who were a solo optimalen BIA, he will more saline Allahumma salli wa sallam other Abdi kawada zuleikha Mohammed while the alley he was happy women be that what he was tender be suniti illa Yomi Dean will sell them to Sleeman kathira My bad, what will SQL will not see betop Allah azza wa jal or semi wa for your poodle, Huck suparna I was a Billahi min ash shaytani regime, Shadow Ramadan already on Zilla v Hill por un houden leanness, what begi net and min alhuda well for

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our praise due to Allah, Lord of the worlds

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and I bear witness that Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous.

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And I bear witness that Mohammed ibn Abdullah is his servant, his last messenger.

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And may Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed to his family, his companions and all those who call to his way and establishes sooner, to the day of judgment as to what follows. I begin by reminding myself again and always of the critical importance of taqwa, the consciousness of Allah, our relationship with the Creator, which is the essence of victory in this world. It is the essence of the fast in this month,

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that allow increases are tucked what through the fast

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and Allah subhanaw taala. As revealed in his glorious book,

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in a way that was an amazing revelation in the time of the Prophet Sal salah and will continue to the Day of Judgment, Allah inform them and us that the month of Ramadan is the time in which the Quran was revealed. Hold on leanness, it is guidance for people were begi not clear evidence from the guidance from that which separates the truth from the falsehood.

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And so this blessed month of Ramadan

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is guidance. And Huda also means the right path.

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It is the right direction trajectory. The Serato monster team

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that Ramadan shows people through its clear evidence is how to stay on the straight path.

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How to avoid the pitfalls that are being constantly put in front of us in the chaotic world that we are living in.

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And when scientists and people who study humanity took an assessment of 2020 and going into 2021, they realized that we are in one of the most dangerous situations as a species that we have ever been in before. Since the time of Noah alayhis salaam.

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The environment now

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is screaming at us.

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We made certain pledges as nations, every one of them has failed.

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And so what we are seeing is that the ills that come forth, the challenges that come forth in our life will not just be local challenges, but they will be international challenges. It will go to the stage of apocalyptic challenges because this is the reality as we go toward the Day of Judgment.

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And Allah subhanaw taala

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left us with guidance.

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In a world filled with darkness, in a world whose international culture

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is based on desires.

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And we see that internationally the people who are controlling much of the wealth of the world are a small group and others want to become part of that group.

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They want to play the lottery so they can become a millionaire or a billionaire.

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They want to rob and steal in order to reach this position.

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And so desires opened up on humanity

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and causing the rich to become richer and the poor to become poor.

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illegal drugs, drugs that for generations were never used before for entertainment, never used before, to help somebody get away from their problems have now become the order of the day.

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And legality countries legalizing drugs that they never allowed their people to take before.

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And it continues on it is a drug type culture.

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Where people if they feel that they're in difficulty, they turn to the bottle.

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If they feel that they want an idea, they turn to the drugs.

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And so a drugged base culture where people become slaves of the drug dealers. And so the pharmaceutical companies will become some of the richest people on earth as people become dependent upon the drugs that they are synthesizing and putting out modesty. We are in a world where if we look at our generations, even 3040 years ago, nevermind 100 years, you will see that modesty was a normal thing. Yes, fornication and adultery existed, especially in corrupt societies that were about to be destroyed.

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But still a level of modesty being maintained.

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To take off your clothes publicly, to be immodest. To be rude and arrogant, is being pushed as the order of the day.

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It is being pushed out to the younger generation as being liberated. liberal liberated from morality, liberated from submission to the will of Allah azza wa jal.

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And so this dilemma that people find themselves in and Muslims find themselves in

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is now eased by the entrance of the month of Ramadan.

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Because in this time, Allah azza wa jal enables over a billion people to resist their desires. Remember desire base culture, Ramadan comes in and destroys the path of control for the desires over human beings. And the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him in speaking about Ramadan reveals to us knowledge of the unseen. And the Prophet Sal solemn has showed us that when Ramadan comes the gates of Paradise are open, the gates of Hellfire are closed.

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And the caller says those seeker of goodness come forward, and the seeker of evil, desist, fall back, lock down.

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And so this is a victory over the desires.

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And when it speaks about the evil once

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the prophets are seldom also informed us Sufi that the Shelton that the evil jinn are locked down in Ramadan.

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They cannot influence people in this world.

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But even though those voices that we hear are gone, even though the promptings we are getting from the shale team are not able to touch us. There is not only shale, Tina Jin, but there is also Shia, Tina, it's and this is the devil's of humanity.

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And so the devils of humanity are not locked down in the month of Ramadan.

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And so that is a challenge that we see. But now with baby not with the clear sight of fasting. When we sit back and think about what is going on around us,

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then we can recognize why people are doing some of the things that they do.

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cultures that are based upon a morality,

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cultures that are based upon

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the eating of the flesh of swine

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causes that are based upon interest and usury.

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And based upon racism and hatred,

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they have a problem with Ramadan and they have a problem with Muslims themselves, because we represent the alternatives. Why would the Chinese Why would they lock up over a million Uighur Muslims? Why would they put them in concentration camps

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And when they are asked about this, they say it's re education, re education from what? And they even came out of them mouth that they considered Islam to be a disease. Why is it as the disease because it kills desire.

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It stops people from eating pork,

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which is their main cuisine.

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It stopped people from having an idol of materialism, to live for production, to live from materialism.

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It breaks down the godless culture, thinking that life is only in this world.

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And so it comes clearer and clearer. What is happening to our brothers and sisters in East Turkistan

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clear clearer and clearer and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala would ease up for them, and would send them help from where they know not.

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Why in a country as famous as France, would they be debating and wanting to push amendments now to ban the wearing of head scarves for children up to the age of 18?

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Why would they do that? Why would they debate something? What is a piece of cloth? What is modesty? In a young girl's life?

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What is the point of the debate? Where is freedom involved in this? When people are dressed in all types of strange, bizarre fashions and tattooing and putting rings everywhere on their body? Why is it strange for somebody? To what modesty Why would a country like this make the age of consent for sexual relation to be 15 years old,

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15 years old, but yet push 18 years old,

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they cannot wear the hijab.

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Ramadan makes it come clearer and clearer to us.

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And it is a great blessing.

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Because this m sac that we are involved in

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is a beautiful exercise, which goes right to the essence of the problems of the individual on a physical level. And that is through the stomach area through the desires and the stomach area. When it is

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filled with gluttony when the desire for food and drink, and sexuality overcome the individual, then this is followed by hope but dunya the love of the life of this world hope Berryessa the love of power.

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And so those who would push the love of this world to control people,

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control people through desires.

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It goes into pride. It leads us into arrogance and pride. And the prophet SAW Salah has shown us that it is the worst vessel that any human being can fill is the stomach. Just take a small amount of food

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and then benefit from that.

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And so the fast thing in month of Ramadan makes it natural for us to avoid the food and drink and then when we raise to the higher level our eyes can become fasting.

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eyes would avoid the Haram things our ears would fast as well. It will become natural inshallah as we go through the month especially when we reached inshallah the second third of the month and the end of the month. It becomes habitual for us to avoid these things. Therefore by doing this, it is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala it is light in the darkness of desire, world, desire filled world.

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It is the light that is coming through the blessing of shadow Ramadan, guidance to humanity, begun at clear evidence

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and unseen blessings on an individual level. It lightens us up, our bodies are lightened up toxins are thrown off from our body that we are taking in.

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Things that we don't even realize we are putting in our mouths. We don't take it for the long period of

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Time over. And it is like a purge. It is a cleansing that is going on. It lightens our financial burden.

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Because we're not spending that much money on eating food or going out to places. It lightens us up.

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It lightens us spiritually, because the Shia teen are locked down.

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And so it's full of blessings in this month, that we need to take advantage of, in whatever possible way we can. And if we are sick, if we are traveling, we don't have to fast we can make it up. Because fasting is not a torture, but we can still cut down the desires. Even if we are not fasting, use it as a chance to cut down desires, because this is one of the crucial struggles that humanity is facing today. And Allah subhanaw taala is equipping us to be the leaders of liberation from desires. And so we see the kings and queens of desire in France and in China,

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and in other secular countries wanting to destroy Islamic lifestyle. This is a death blow that comes in Ramadan. It is not weapons of mass destruction.

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It is not terrorism.

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But it is just standing back and refusing to be involved in corruption, which is destroying our life. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to continue through this blessed month of Ramadan. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our prayers to accept our fasting to protect our children to raise up our leadership, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to purge the filth from the earth and to save humanity and all living things from the actions of the evil one and his forces are kulu polyhedra well stocked full Lally welcome. When he started he muslimeen him and Coulee Dam been ystem Pharaoh inaho for affordable

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Alhamdulillah Allah wa had a had a father to summit under the lamb yellow wala mula while I'm yaku Lucha Khufu one I had, while suddenly was seldom Allah say that olema Arkadin Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge my robot

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for y'all about de la Tacoma Hazel mark my quantum or your call hacksaw panna mokopuna. Amira in Allah How am Allah He cut who you saw Luna Allah Nabi Yeah, are you hella Deena amanu sallu la he was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli wa salam ala Abdi COVID Asuka Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain. What is the law one of the qualifier Rashi gene, I will back our Omar with Manoir Ali. One B Rama Tikka Alhambra II mean Alhamdulillah Hilaire de hi Donna Lee howdah Wilma coonelly Natalia Lola and hidin Allah what been allowed to see kulu banaba it had a Tana will have Lennar Mila do kurama innner cancel Wahab Allahu Allah tada Alana done been in love a Fatah wa Harmon illa redster

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what a Dane and in Napa data while that Marie then in Lhasa feta, well, that may eat an era hinter Willa Hodge a 10 min hawaiiusa dunya Illa de Taha hamara he mean Robonaut acaba, Mina. Yama was Yama, na Melina Kula haffi shahadi Ramadan, so parner Rebecca Robin is at DMARC foun with Sadam mana la mousseline well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen pulmo illa salata, como como la