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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and hunger levels salat wa salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was so happy he was heading into Sleeman kathira this is your brother, your Hebron him with another daily Tafseer. We're going to be discussing the 100 and first chapter of the Quran, which is sort of Claudia. It can be loosely translated to the crushing blow the striking

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hour, which is reference to the Day of Resurrection in particular the Day of Gathering according to the morpha city and once again, this is one of the Meccans surahs it's one of the early revelations and our last panel with our Allah is seeking for mankind to be cognizant and understanding of their standing before him being gathered towards him supine at home with the LM being questioned about everything that they have preceded them in life. Allah subhanaw taala says, and this is part of our daily Tafseer surah de our that we left him in a shape on Rajim smilla Rahmanir Rahim, Allah pada it's a powerful way to begin in the Arabic language is a powerful way to begin Allah subhanho wa

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Taala asserts a statement that is very descriptive. Claudia, meaning the crushing blow, it is the crushing blow. It is the decisive blow it is the difficulty that will strike each and every one of you. It is an hour that no one will escape.

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Claudia, the Arabic language they said Claudia, its reference to takota Roman Hallelu that the hearts are made empty and are vanquished by its suddenness. Its tremendousness, and the fearfulness that will be experienced on that day, it's a powerful moment powerful description, and a loss of Hannah Montana wants to emphasize it. And there's an adult in the Arabic language, a process in the Arabic language where you emphasize something by repeating it over and over metal. Claudia, don't you know, aren't you aware? What is this hour? Don't you understand how soon This striking blow will come? Are you not thinking of the day where your hearts will be ripped? in fear of it when Matt

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Brockman Claudia, the third idea, and even if you understood, you could never truly understand it, because you haven't experienced it. It's not something that has come to mind come to your understanding in a way that you will ever truly appreciate its gravity when that Adderall chemical party, and what could ever make you believe that you've actually understood what this body is and what it stands for what is its meaning, and its reality, and its significance is but to make it an approximate understanding for you to understand it, Allah gives you imagery, young Mayor coonass, who killed Faraj in maths, it's on this day with this Claudia I will occur where this suddenness

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this crushing blow this strike of the final hour, it is a day where mankind will be like moths scattered about and I want you to picture you know, this large campfire, it's the middle of the night. And all of a sudden these you know, insects are attracted to its glow. And they're brought towards it, they're drawn to it. It's not something they can avoid. They know if they think about it, they can avoid it. If they understand the danger in it, they can avoid it. But if they're just going to be heedless moms who just follow something without thinking of its consequence, they're gonna fly right in and enter into that fire. They're going to be seized and brought to destruction.

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On that day, on that day, majority of mankind are going to be led in that way because of the consequence of their deeds, those who don't have an understanding. One of the things that's important to note that the people have to have seen, they mentioned Allah says yo may a coonass mankind Allah doesn't say that unbelievers it's mankind. But it's those who are heedless from amongst mankind. So Allah subhanho wa Taala. Early on in the revelations in Mecca, he didn't use the word believers because even the Sahaba, who had believed in the prophet SAW Selim, were still in the formation of faith increasing their faith. That term Yeah, you i levena. Amen with this classical

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scholars of Tafseer tells us was only begun to be introduced in the Medina related sutras. with very few exceptions you don't advocate an earlier Miranda a few sections here and there. Every time you hear Yeah, you Hannah's that surah is a revelation that was revealed in Mecca because people were coming to faith and it's a warning for them to come to an understanding of their Lord. For amendments that were left mela, Xena, Allah says those who want to escape those who don't want to be mindless moths drawn to a fire of destruction. For amendments that would add no as a no. Then as for those whose balance of good deeds will be heavy on the Day of Judgment, those who thought about the

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balance of life

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about investing in good more than debiting evil, those who thought about giving more than taking those who established a balanced approach to their existence. They knew not to draw down upon their relationship with a law but rather invest in the days to come.

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That this is something that will be significant to them. When does Allah speak about this balance? He tells us that even you owe mankind who are worried about being like moth with a coup de by locally, I want you to think of yourself as being insignificant that the mountains You see, they're going to be nothing but carded wool fluff that is scattered in the air. Most of us at times we think that we're, we overestimate ourselves, we overestimate our kindness upon others, our goodness to others. So Allah says, On that day, mankind will be like moths, but it's not just mankind, I want you to see that imagery, the mountains will be nothing like there'll be like wool, there'll be

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scattered there, they, they won't have the weight that they have. So if you want to have weight, think about your scale for mmm and the whole acmella xeno, the one whose scale is heavy on the Day of Judgment, with good deeds, for whoa have a shot in the lobby. They have insured for themselves a pleasant life, meaning in the next life, and they have insured a higher play. But in this life, it's sometimes difficult to reconcile that you have to exert yourself excessively in this worldly life to achieve success in the next life. Sometimes there's things you have to restrict yourself and the prophets I said to him says in the Hadith narrated by commandment Buhari, that this dunya See,

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gentlemen, it is a place of self imprisonment. For a believer, you put yourself at a distance of the things that other people have access to, but you say, I'm not going to touch that intoxicant. I'm not going to mess around with other people, I'm not going to take things unjustly, I'm not going to invest in that in that which is unethical, I'm going to restrict myself. It's a self imposed imprisonment, because I seek freedom and liberty in the next life. It's a powerful way of looking at the world for mmm Sekolah xeno, the one who makes their scale heavy for the day of judgment for whoever they are, they will have a blessed life a blessed life now, even though it's restricted but

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they will feel the ethics of it. Other people can feel it Nibiru didn't have the drink and feel euphoria of it and you know, do whatever they want to do and mess around with other people and have multiple partners and so on. But no, I look forward to sanctifying myself and honoring myself in a way that is pleasing to Allah. It will give you a pleasant higher thumpy buffalo Nakia no hate on labor, they will have a blessed life. But in the next slide, it'll be present why math?

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And then on the other hand, a law says what amendment Horford melas No, but the one who doesn't insure and the one who depletes their balance from good deeds, the one who comes to a law with a scale that is empty, has instead of investing good in it, they've taken out good, they've added to it that which is unethical for how we are then their home, that which is familiar and that which they find sukoon and tranquility and will actually be a pit of hellfire. Look at the words that Allah uses. But his mother, literally the mother is the place you find comfort. It's the place you call home home is where you are most nurtured and loved. Allah says their home where they they

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wanted love where they sought for love in this worldly life has built their home to be a pit from fire in the next life. And therefore the things that give you the greatest comfort in their life should never be things that are in disobedience of a lot. If your comfort is kicking back with friends doing that which is unethical smoking and drinking and messing around with other people if it isn't in finding comfort and justice for others, and it's only about self service know that you're leading yourself to a home life. In Johanna May Allah protect us for more who how we were met at our camera here can you even understand how dangerous that is? how significant this how we are

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this lowly bottomless pit in jahannam is now on Hermia it is the blazing Hellfire out of them Allah helmingham Allah protect us from it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala assist us to escape the punishment of Johanna by investing in our future life by recognizing that there is a day of crushing blow in severity Claudia, may Allah protect us from its crush from its fear. May Allah give us the reassurance of faith through the tradition and so Navarre nebby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked you to join me again for another daily Tafseer to your brother your Hey Brahim with this hora de was Salam Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato