Daily Dua in the Last 10 of Ramadan #09

Yahya Ibrahim


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A lot more suddenly I learned every you know how many wires early so you know more hammering and Nebbiolo me early he was off me he was traveling to sleep and Kathy rob a lot more Sanjana more familiar Juana Ernie Mohamed incomers are late Allah wa hemo early Ibrahim alarm America vertical Mr. marihuana early Mohammed in camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Avila lemina in that heavy Doom veggie

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along most only Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed in cameras on lightoller Ibrahim, early Ibrahim alarm Aloma medical marijuana hammering camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Avila Allah Viva in Dhaka habido veggie

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along Musalia Mohammed wala Ali Mohammad Abbas Allah tala Ibrahim

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Ibrahim Rahim Allah Mubarak idag Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed in Kabbalah. Ibrahim Ibrahim Avila Ravi in Dhaka Javi Maggie

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along with only Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed hammering cameras of late Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim

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Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed

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Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Avila lavida in that heavy room veggie Allah masala Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed the cameras are late Allah wa hebo Allah Allah wa he allow Mubarak Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim,

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Phil Alameda in that way too big.

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Allah masala Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed in cameras on late Allah Ibrahim on he alone Mubarak Allah Mohammed Ali Muhammad Allah wa Heba Allah early Ibrahim aphylla lavida in Dhaka. Majeed Allah masala Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed in cabasa late Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim

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glof barbaric Allah Mohammed Mohammed in Cabo Baraka Allah Ibrahim Allah early varaa Haemophilia lavida Javi de magie Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ali ra he Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Avila lavida Camila Majeed Allah who Masoli Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed in cameras or later, Ibrahim on the Brahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed in camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Avila levena in Dhaka habido Majeed Allahumma salli ala Mohammed Mohammed in cameras Allah tala era Evo Evo Haemophilia levena in Javi dumaguete Allah we begin once again another day and night in the blessing month of Ramadan in the final 10 days. Yeah, I'll have a rahimian we ask you these blessing nights I mean these pleasant days of Ramadan as they are beginning to grow scarce and dwindle.

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We pray to you tomorrow I mean to grant a security from every fear and a recovery from every sin. We ask you I'm on a roll I mean, to protect us or weakness and neediness from others of your creation. We ask you I'll have on Rohit mean to grant us the Baraka that you are promised us in the sacredness of the month of Ramadan. We ask you to make this Baraka into our homes, into our families into our health into our community, we pray, how much do I mean that you put Baraka in everything that we attend to everything that we asked you for? hover I mean, we ask you to remove insecurity and fear from our hearts and our lives. To grant us a cure for every ailment and every difficulty that we

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find ourselves in law we ask you to send us a healing that none can send but you healing that cures the illnesses of those of us who are unwell, so that it leaves nothing behind you're alone, or whatever I mean, we see from you prosperity after austerity and hardship Allah, Allah there are those of us who are seeking the enrichment from you of that which is hidden so that it turns them away from seeking the hubbub. Yeah, a lot open to us the doors of Hillel

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put within us the capacity to work hard, so that we turn away from that which is how long and easy

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Basketball comfortable I mean to allow us happiness after sadness, to bring joy into our lives into our children's lives into our spouses lives. Yeah I have a right I mean

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yeah Allah we ask you to give us a strong well being and a strong mental state you're about to help us with the challenges that we may face in life that we haven't yet arrived at your hammer. I mean, we're asking you to grant us love that stops us from hate and love that stops others from hating us. Yeah, Allah. Allah give us balance in all of our affairs make us the people of the oma of the middle courser a lot. A little metal was out that you ordered us to follow your hammer. I mean, Allah do not allow us to go into excesses or to be negligent with you. Yeah, Allah or with others. Yeah, I'm going to I mean, we ask you to expand our risk to expand our estate and our hope to expand the lives

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that we have been blessed with and to expand our health, our hearing and our sight. We ask you to give us strength in our body, and to give us vigor and our conviction. You know, our hammer I mean, we asked you to strengthen our heart. You are the one who turns hearts We pray that you will keep our heart upon your faith in Allah. Allah we ask you to keep our hearts upon your faith yet Allah, Allah we ask you to keep our heart steady in times of fitna and trial and difficulty of law. Allah we ask you for the day, we seek from you the guidance that gives us a cooling of the heart and gives us a purpose in our walk. We ask you for a day that makes us confident at that atrocities that we

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may face in life that you are always with us. Yeah, Allah. Allah we seek and Mallya with you yeah, Allah, your promises in the Mac. Yeah, Allah you have promised to be with us. Er hamara. Hamid, Allah we believe you are with us with your knowledge and with your sight and with your hearing with your power. Lay as well. I know whom it's all over law. You've told us that not even an atom's weight is beyond your knowledge of law. that everything is known to you whether in the heavens or the earth. Oh Allah, we are known to you. Yeah, Allah. You see our condition. You see our place you hear our Do you know what's in our heart? You know what is coming to us in our future and where we

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were in the past? Yeah, how about I mean, give us a healing from you. Yeah, Allah give us a steadiness from you Allah send your heyday upon our homes and our families and our children Yeah, Allah yeah our hammer I mean, we testify that there is no power no mic, no ability No, no, no turd, except by your leave and permission yet Allah what a how we know Allah who were in La Villa. Whether hola hola who whether elaborate La La Li and all the yahama have been grant a sub over la effort I laid down sobre Shao where sobra down upon us and place it into our hearts and consciousness and well being Allah give us the ability to be tempered.

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When we are in a state of anger and sorrow Yeah, Allah do not allow our anger to overcome us. Yeah, I mean, do not let us be from those who say things that will bring ruin to our homes and our families. Yeah, or hammer. I mean, because we're in a fit of anger. Allah was the ability to grow strong and to hold on to our tongues Yeah, our hammer I mean, Allah we ask you to give us humility when we are in ascension and success above others. Allow us not to glow to be proud and not to be from those who have the excessive force that leads them to a downfall. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to grant us forgiveness. Whenever we are of those who have offended others Yeah, Allah or have been

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offended by others. allow others to forgive us when we have wronged them via Allah and allow our hearts to have the compassion and the maturity to ask for forgiveness here Allah, Allah allow us to have kindness wherever we're in authority and to be charitable whenever we have been given wealthier Allah. Allah allow us to be blessed with the Quran. To learn it and to teach it to live the best life to be of the best people. Allah mage I've never been an alias for our our lawmakers from the people of the hora and those who have learned it can recite it and practice it and convey it and teach it to others. Yeah, Allah, Allah make our life for the whole Ania Allah make us a testament

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for the whole idea Allah make our life led by the whole idea of hammer Rahimi and lead our children and our families and our communities to it through us yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to illuminate our hearts with your word to release our stress with your with its with its rhythm with its rhyme and its sound and its intonation. Yeah, Allah, Allah correct our tears we that allow us to remember what we may have forgotten of Allah, Allah what we don't yet know of its meaning send this light into our hearts here Allah and the desire to capture more of its essence, Allah, Allah elevate our spirit with its message cleanse us from our errors with its healing and increase our love with each

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other through its teachings.

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Allah, Allah grant has the wisdom of the horror and the criteria in the photocard of separating halal and haram but good from bad sinful from immoral from good yeah Allah Allah we ask you to cure us with for Anil Javi Allah protect us with for either la v via Allah bless us in our homes with alpha and Alavi. There are a lot increases with alpha and Avi, Allah shielders with the message and the teachings of for Adam. avi yeah lobbying for ad for as a companion in this life and a companion in the grave and a companion in the Day of Judgment until we enter gem May Allah, Allah you said that fasting and the reading of the Quran will make shefa the Day of Judgment. Allah Hubba Shafi the

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way Shafi does Allah give us the chef,

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the chef, the CF

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O Allah we ask you to give us the chef out of the best of men, the best of humanity, the greatest of your creation. And w Mohammed Salalah Heidi who has a lot of us on the other end of either Mohammed he was the he was so happy he was suddenly asleep and kathira

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make us from those who are sincere that we do not let this be a testament to the proof for us and not against us that we are those who are believers. Yeah, Allah. Allah in that band big. Wherever Wu Chi Minh Nabokov, Lima out of Salta. Whoa la Rasul. Allah we believe in you and we believe it I will return and questioning by you we believe in everything you sent the messengers with Ya Allah. Allah subhanaw taala that aha Eb O Allah Do not turn us away without an answer for our Allah. Allah you see our place you hear our voices you know our needs you know what is to come in our life Yeah, but Allah grant does what we are need to traverse and to pass through life with ease jambalaya levied,

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ease through the patients you put in our heart ease through conviction in whatever that we have to deal with Allah that you will be with us yahama Ravi, Allah we do not ask you to turn back from us the other and the judgment and faith that you have destined for us even if it may seem bitter to us, but we ask you to remain merciful with us in it and to grant us patience or hammer I mean

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yeah, Allah we will worship you when we are in happiness and in sorrow. The Allah will worship you when everything is as we seek it and when it has changed from that condition. Yeah, Allah we ask you to maintain the goodness in our life and well being and ease for us yeah, Allah. But Allah if you challenge us with hardship and trial to test our faith, yeah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah was the Hidayat European firm and true to the message of Allah. Allah protect us from those who MVs and for those who seek us hard from a distance here Allah but pretend to be me or friends to us. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to pretend us from to protect us from those who are hypocritical with their

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words and actions. Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us from losing other people's trust and other people's wealth. Yeah, Allah, we ask you your ally to not make us from those whose actions are better in their words than in their actions. Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to bless us with better dealings with you in private than we seek to show each other in public Allah, Allah we ask you to make us from those who are fortunate to love and follow the sooner Barnaby Mohammed sobre la while he was selling the symbol of love and compassion and ballads. Allah Allah lead us to his way and lead us to his path Yeah, Allah Allah send your bestseller upon our the video hundreds of Allah

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Allah he was selling and his wives and his children yeah hamara hubby and his family in his companions. Allah we asked you to join us with all of them on the Day of Judgment. We asked you to give us a shout out the prophets I sell them that he recognizes us with the tracing tracing of our will do Allah. Allah give us a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam shefa when done is able to speak but hibiya Allah.

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Allah we ask you to preserve our record, and to make it a record that will place us via a lead that our soul is destined in htb with the people of good now a lot of Allah we ask you agenda and all of the deeds that make it come closer to us Allah, we ask you to protect us from Hellfire and any deeds that bring us towards it. Allah, Allah we ask you for good day Allah we ask you for that seller, Allah, Allah, Allah back there, that's a local agenda tober para La Habra. cobbly What happened? What are all the becoming a DA hora de La Habra poder ml Allah we ask you the company of our Libya Salalah while he was selling, we asked you to be able to sit in the circles of the prophets in

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gymnasia. Allah do grid does the ability to be near Ibrahim and moose, the ISA Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us from anything that will turn us away from the doors of genda Allah, we ask you to enter us into the doorway of alpha Yan, the one that you have promised those who are fasting yeah Allah Allah

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Allah Allah This must be a testament that we have earned the right to enter from Allah janja Allah, Allah grant there's a fast that is not just a hunger and thirst, but what if self restraint and self control and charitable this towards others yeah Allah, Allah let our fast be a testament that we believe in you and we obey you and we do what you have asked as you ask when you ask Allah, Allah let us be fear, let us be free.

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Let us be free of fear and anxiety and sadness and depression. Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us in this life. And as we are exiting this life, and as we are indebted to the gravia Allah, Allah to hurt our graves, the graves of those who have passed away into gardens of delight, yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to expand our graves, the graves of the righteous yet Allah to said light upon us a debate is for those who are able to find the pathway to agenda and receive its reward before the day of judgment to Allah, we ask you to have a Rahi to join our souls with those who have passed away before us so that we are comforted, until we see you on that day of judgment to

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Allah. O Allah we ask you to bless our parents and our children that our teachers yeah Allah, Allah bless our shielfield Allah bless our teachers who have studied with Allah bless our grandparents who we studied the hora and with their Allah bless our families that our homes our heavy, bless us with sadaqa to Jerry that will continue to earn this reward even after we are here or have forgotten about the good we have done unto others. Yeah, Allah.

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Allah we ask you to forgive that Mohammed Salah what he was saying, those who are living in those who have passed away, bless the Muslims with good and greatest victory over those who are oppressing us, Allah, Allah we ask you to make

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Allah we ask you to make ease for the people of Philistine and the people of Jerusalem. Eva, Allah two years ago, we stood with them in mesial ofsaa. And we did our prayers there. Yeah. But Allah returned us to the Holy Land that we can pray in your blessing. Massage it there. Yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah was to return once again to as cabin Boucher author. We ask you to return us out of habit, Rahimi to mechon bukoba to allow us to perform tawaf at the umbra and hajia of harbor Rahi to lead others in the rights that you have prescribed for us. Yeah, I would love to answer their questions and to motivate them to come closer to you yeah, Allah. Allah Allah bless us with hedge

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after hedge and open the pathway for us. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to protect us and our homes and our families. Yeah, Allah. Allah allow us to pray in the masjid over the Vidya Mohammed Salah Allah How do you sell them to give him Salah close to where he has been buried and lived died on the law while he was sending them. Allah we asked you to bring us closer to him. So I sell them physically as much as we seek it in the either either way, spiritually, Allah, Allah allow our souls to connect with the soul of our w Salalah. What he was selling through our love for him and the sooner of him. Yeah, Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us that the one you love

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you will be within the day of judgment of Allah let this be a testimony that we love Rasulullah sallallahu it was in our law his life is more dear to us than our own. His mentioned is more dear to us than our own lives and our wealth and our families and children. Yeah, Allah, Allah there is nothing that we would sacrifice except that we would do it for I wouldn't be Mohammed Salah while he was settling for your word and for your teaching that has been said with hibiya Allah, Allah let us be from those who love the results of the law. He will set it up and show it through obedience to His instructions and his words. Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to grab this near this to hibiya Allah

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to give us the beneficial knowledge that he left behind. Yeah, Allah, Allah makers for those who transmit his knowledge out Allah to share it with others in this world, Allah that it can remain even after we have gardea Allah allow us to be able to leave something of substance for those who will lead who it will lead to the suit of the prophets of Allah how it was setting up.

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Yeah Allah there are those who have supported me and others in this righteous this year Allah, Allah Allah assists them with all that which is good in their life and that which they seek from Allah. Allah there are brothers and sisters who are unknown to others but they are fundamental to the good that we do yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to open for the provisions of our good into great success and to protect their homes and their families and their spouses and their children they are above our law those of us who have come together in seeking good yeah Allah open to us the doors of good that we do more good together that i would i little bit we were taught by Allah. Allah we ask you to

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protect us from illness and sickness and heart aka Allah. Allah we ask you not to see anything that would make us down to hurt and upset yeah Allah we ask you if we do see it yeah Allah that you give a strengths and not burden us with what we cannot withstand. Yeah, Allah, you are laughable to him pool of water for Allah you are the one who pardons it forgive sins you love to party.

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forgive sins parted and forgive our sins yeah Allah, Allah may come forward to him will have fought for under Allah in Dhaka forward to him Allah for for under Allah humble in Dhaka forward to him Bula for that for and Allah who masala suddenly was into abetik Allah say you did or whatever you will have some Allahu alayhi wa ala early he was happy he was settled into sleep and kathira went through that where they have here a bit higher levy Allah but suddenly Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed cabasa later Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim, Allah on my Berdych, Allah Mohammed the early Mohammed camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim, Allah early Ibrahim, Phil Allah me the indeck habido Majeed as I always do each and every night and each and every morning I do remind you of our obligations towards others, those who are needy beyond what I can describe to you, and I have a lot I want you to know that there are everyday 1000s of orphans who are in need of our assistance. I have currently a 1000 orphan child program that you can find on my Instagram page and my link of the bio on my Facebook page I've regularly updated to it. These young children are those who are facing

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multiple Child Protection risks, child labor, child marriage, forms of exploitation and abuse. These are the children that are always seeing seeing the danger that you and I pray will never visit us around our homes. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to add our wealth to be the food that feeds the clothing, the closes of education that gives them the ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us for those who are fortunate. Once again, I'm just going to share my screen with you and just show you one of the most recent updates that I've made on my Facebook streams. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to assist us and protect us. This beautiful child is one of the orphans that is listed in my white

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1000 orphan list. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant her a sponsor and to give her someone who will look after her her brothers and sisters and those who are in similar situations in war torn places around the world. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us from those who are able to sustain them into a system by the wealth that he has provided us in the comforts that we have. You can go to my links and donate through my Facebook page. You will see my shout love that there are already lots of supporters that handler for it. This is the second ongoing program we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us good in it every day I asked you in these blessing days of Ramadan to give something good

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for yourself and for your family Allahumma amin if you don't have a Facebook link that you want, go to my just giving page in chat a lot.

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And in the just giving page to insha Allah find an opportunity to share your height with them be in the Lucha Allah. ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to give you success in that regard and to make you from those who are the source of Baraka for other children's lives so that Allah will bless your children, your home and your family and keep us protected. I put the links once again for you in the in the notes and in the in the comment section. May Allah subhanaw taala Open your hearts to it Allah mean well suddenly LACMA was selling was it robotic alesi EDI now habibollah whatever, you know, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said everybody for whatever