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The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the origins of Prophet sallati's excuse for Jierla's death and the importance of the holy Bible. They also emphasize the need to address the norm of disrespecting the book of Allah and acknowledge its significance. The speakers stress the importance of verifying and proving false accusations to build trust with others and address the norm of signing agreements and breaking covenants in schools. They suggest fixing things of one's own choice and addressing the norm of disrespecting the book of Allah.

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then it is said all men can I do will lead you Briella for Inaho Nasrallah who are Allah, Kobe, Kobe in Allah. Now the bunny is for eel, you know, they came up with another excuse for God, believing in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they asked him that, who brings revelation to you the Prophet sallallahu it is that I'm told them that it's Angel Jibreel they said, Oh, then we don't accept it, because we don't like Jabril why? Because Jibreel brought punishments on the past nations. Now, whether this is one of the core beliefs of the Bani Israel in that they do not like Gibreel or it was, you know, something that only the Jews of Medina believed in, or they just made

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this up at that time to reject the Quran, whatever the reality is, they said at that time to the Prophet sallallahu organism that Jibreel is an enemy to us, we do not like to breed. So this false excuse is also being refuted over here that no Gibreel does not bring the Quran out of his own free will. He only does what He has commanded. This is what the angels do angels do exactly what they're commanded. So it is said for inner Hoonah Zilla who are now called Vika be it may Allah He has brought it down on your heart by the permission of Allah. And if you have a problem with the one who has brought the Quran, okay, you know, ignore that for some time. Look at what the Quran is saying.

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Well the Quran is Musa Colima Albania de it confirms what came before it, it is who then guidance it is Bushra it is good news for who for those who believe little meaning. So some people you know, they have a bias against who is speaking, right that all this person is, you know, they belong to a certain group. They are Salafi, they're Sufi they're this they're that we have these labels to give people so we put people in boxes, right? And because of that, we cancel them or we accept them. So okay, you have a problem with the person put that aside for some time and look at what they're saying. So you have a problem with Gibreel Okay, look at what God has brought the Quran, it does not

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contradict what you have. It is guidance. It is good news for those who believe what reason do you have to reject it? You have no reason and then if is clarified that men can I do well Allah he will Mala Iike T will also Lee would you believe ALLAH McHale for in the lava or the wolf caffeine? Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and his messengers and Gibreel and mica in then indeed, Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers. And you cannot be an enemy to Gibreel you cannot be an enemy to Gibreel Gibreel is not just any angel, right? Any Angel? How can we be an enemy to him? But Gibreel what kind of an angel is he? Look at how he is described in the Quran. We learn for example,

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in certain najem how Allah subhanaw taala describes Angel Jibreel right at the beginning of the surah that are lemahieu Shadie dual core two myricetin Festiva salotto najem verse five and six, that Jibreel is shahidul POA intense, you know, very strong in his powers. Though Midleton in he is one off status of position. He's not just any random creature, right? We also learn about Jabril that you know, he is rural produce exactly he holds a special importance when Allah subhanaw taala loves a slave than Allah calls Gibreel. And he tells you believe that I love the slave you also love him and Gibreel loves that slave. So whoever is an enemy to Allah, His messengers, His angels, then

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Allah is an enemy to that person. So they dislike Gibreel not because of who God was, but because of what he brought because of what he did. And why did Gibreel bring revelation and why did you real, bring punishments on certain nations? Because Allah subhanaw taala commanded Gibreel to do that. So in reality now, their problem is with hope with Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala takes such people as his enemy, for in Allah or the will caffeine. Now they said about Angel mica eel, the Bani Israel at that time the set of the Prophet sallallahu already said that you know Mikael is our friend who is mica, the angel that is you know, responsible for basically reviving the land the Ozark the

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sustenance, provision, rain, wind, etc. So Gibreel brings what revives the hearts what brings life to the heart mica II and brings what brings life to the land or the bodies of people. So these angels are just doing what they're commanded. So they claim to like mica eel, but that is not enough. Right? That is not enough. You cannot pick and choose just as you cannot pick and choose the messengers of Allah and the scriptures of Allah. You cannot pick and choose when it comes to the angels of Allah

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So those who say they're an enemy to one angel, then Allah is an enemy to such people. In a hadith we learned that Menara dolly Walia and then to who will help Allah subhanaw taala says that whoever shows enmity to a friend of mine, then I have declared war against him. There's a hadith in Sahih Bukhari. So having enmity for any of the friends of Allah, whether it is an angel of Allah or a messenger of Allah, this is foolishness. It has said what occurred and Zelner Ilica it in the unit and we have certainly revealed to you versus and these are clear proofs by which those seeking guidance can find guidance. And these are clear evidences that also establish proof against those

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who disbelieve that their disbelief is not founded on any evidence that is not accepted, will make full will be ill farcical and none would deny them except the Define league is obedient, meaning those who don't care about the limits that Allah subhanaw taala has set our column or who are hidden, is it not true that every time they took a covenant never the WHO for you coming home, a party of them threw it away? Now notice how it has been said, every time they made a covenant or huddle, then they made a covenant with who that is not mentioned. So this means that anytime you make a covenant with Allah, okay, or even they make a covenant with people, like when the prophets

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of Allah Who are these are migrated to Medina, he made a treaty right with the Jews of Medina. And part of the treaty was that they would together defend Medina, right. You know, for example, at the Battle of ours out what happened, the Jews did not protect the Muslims. In fact, they sided with the enemy. So they make covenants with Allah and the ultimate covenant with people. Okay, they're big international policies that are made, but never the whole funny coming home, a party of them threw it away. Meaning they break promises. They're known to be people who don't stick to their word, right? Our colombara Who are the number that who for you coming home? Well, a couple whom lie you

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may known but in fact, most of them do not believe. So the reason why they breached the covenant with Allah is one that they don't believe, because if they believed that they would not break the covenant, it is the quality of those who believe that they are true to the promises that they make with Allah. In surah Tula huzzah via 23 We learn Mina MENA region. Sada kumara de la hora lay that among the believers are men who are truthful to what they promised Allah, any, whatever promises they made with Allah, they remain true to those promises. They don't violate, they don't go against the promises that they make with Allah. And, you know, yes, this is talking about the Bani Israel

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eel. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam warned us that you're going to follow their footsteps, you're going to do exactly what they're doing. And, you know, recently someone was telling me that when it comes to private schools, in Canada, private schools, as in not public schools, you know, it's unheard off that a teacher would make a contract and then break it. Okay, that they make a contract that they will, you know, teach at a certain school for a certain amount of pay, right? It's unheard off that a teacher will sign a contract, and then they will break it. Okay. However, this is a norm. When it comes to Islamic schools. This is something that is expected that people

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will sign a contract. But then a week later, two weeks later, three weeks later, a week before school begins. The day that school begins, they will break contract, and they will go elsewhere. So when I heard about this, I was so shaken any in the non Muslim community, in the private sector, when it comes to private schools, it's unheard off that people will sign a contract and then break it. But when it comes to Islamic schools, this is a norm. What are we doing? We sign agreements, you know, it's a legal document, we give our name, we put our signature on it, we agree that we will work you know, for these many months, for this much time. And then we go against it. We break that

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covenant, we break that agreement, and then at the end who suffers? It is our own Muslim children. Right, because now the school management is scrambling to find just anyone to teach those children. This is such a sad reality. And this is not just you know, in Islamic schools, but unfortunately, this is something that has become very common within Muslims, that we make promises, we sign contracts, but then we go against our own word. We break the covenant that we make

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with people, the pledges that we make with people, the documents that we sign, we go against them. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us, and remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he warned us that this is one of the signs of hypocrisy. So when we read these ayat of the Bani Israel eel, you know, this is not so that we hate on them. Okay? This is so that we recognize that first of all, their rejection of the Quran, their rejection of the Prophet sallallahu already said it was not founded on any evidence, they don't have a strong foundation on which they stand. And secondly, we need to learn from this because the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam warned us that you will follow

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their footsteps. So when Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning all of this, this is like for warning, that Be careful, don't be of such people who every time they make a contract, they break it. Never the whole failure coming home, because this shows that a person doesn't believe well at the Alumni you know, most of them do not believe when a manager a homeless solo mentor in the LA he Musa de Colima Mar home. And when a messenger was solo Kareem came from Allah Minar in the LA he and this messenger Musa de Colima Mara home confirming that which was with them number the federal Commissioner Latina O'Toole Kitab a keytab, Allahu Allah Allah hoody him, a party of those who had

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been given the Scripture through the Scripture of Allah behind their backs, can unknown layer and then one is if they did not even know what the book contained. Now, I mentioned to you earlier that the scripture over here can refer to the Quran, okay, or even the total that they cite, you need they learned about it, they weren't ignorant of it. They learned about the Quran, they learned what it says. But then they threw it behind their backs as if they did not know what the book contains, as if they did not know that the book existed. And remember the meaning of Nevada to throw something away. Because you don't give it any importance, you don't think it's worthy of any value, it has no

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worth in your eyes, basically. So this is how they treated the book of Allah. And Kitab overhear can also refer to their own scripture, that they have completely abandoned it, they have completely ignored it. Now we need to think also, again, this is about the Bani Israel about 100 kitab people of the book The Jews and the Christians, but we need to think about our own selves. How do I deal with the book of Allah? How does my life reflect that I believe in the Quran? Or are there parts of my life that completely contradict the Quran? Completely oppose the Quran? And are there situations where I knowingly disregard what Allah subhanaw taala has said, Any, this is something very scary.

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The book of Allah is not to be dishonored, it is not to be treated in this way. And the book of Allah is an honorable book. So those who dishonor it, Allah will dishonor them. So we need to not just claim that we know we need to live the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala has given us. So we need to think about how we treat the book of Allah. How often do we recite it? What place does it have in our lives? And what happened with the Bani Israel when they abandoned the Scripture, then that void in their life was going to be filled with something else? So what is it that they filled that with? We learned the following verses about magic, but inshallah we will do that in our next

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class, because I'm sure you're going to have a lot of questions, a lot of detail that is required to understand these verses properly. I don't think I'll be able to do that properly in a rush. So Inshallah, we will do that in our next class. Inshallah, okay, you know, when there is a genuine reason to, you know, break contract, okay. First of all, when you expect that you will not be able to fulfill it, let the other party know that I am agreeing to this contract on a condition, you know, this is conditional, it's quite possible that I will not be able to fulfill this signing contract means that you are giving your word, if you cannot give you a word, don't give it, nobody's

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holding you, you know, at gunpoint that you signed this contract or you're dead, your life is not at risk. So if you believe that you cannot adhere to a contract, Don't sign it. Right. And if you think that, you know, there's some unexpected situation that will arise, and again, you let the other party know, at least prepare them. The problem over here is the piano. It's the treachery, that you give your word and you break it. Okay? I'm not saying that all Islamic school teachers are like this. It's just that recently I heard about this, that in the non Muslim community, it's unheard off. But in the Muslim community, this is common everywhere. And this is a very sad reality. Of

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course, you know, school administration needs to fix

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things of course, that's another situation. But the problem that I'm identifying over here is that when we as Muslims give our word, we sign a contract. Then let us not be of those people who break it and then who developed that habit that signed contract breaking sign, contract breaking sign contract breaking, because then it becomes a habit, any look back in your life and see how many times did you make a contract and you broke it? And this is really sad. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us