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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sobre la jolla was seldom Oban. It's your brother, Ibrahim. We're going to begin with another daily tip. See, we're in Surah 100 100, the depth of our surah a day series. And today we are doing sort of a well idea that sort of that idea is a powerful, powerful sort of the portal and it's one of the later chapters that you find in the chronology of the Quran, but it's one of the early revelations sent by Allah subhana wa tada as a wake up call to the people of Mecca to the people of Christ to the believers, and it remains something that is significant for us. Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh, they

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will demonstrate en rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, Allah di t Baba Ha.

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The word Allah deat meaning are those ustedes that run quickly that go when come that it's a war kind of formation of armored horses. Bhabha, that they are heavy painting, they are heavy carrying the burden of war, they're in a serious event. It's something that is a significant moment. And in Arabic culture, war horses or animals that were trained for war like elephants, camels, horses, lions, hyenas, leopards, they were all you know, highly prized, they had hundreds and hundreds of names that were associated to them. And they would be immortalized in Arabic culture and poetry, pre Islamic and even after Islam. And you'll find a lot of people would name their, their children about

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these, you know, magnificent beasts and animals. And Allah uses a very powerful moment in the Koran where he describes prophets with a man at his Salaam

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that he used to love his war steeds his horses, and he would see them running from one end of the field and Meadow to the other to a point that it even distracted him from the answering the call to the prayer at one point in time. So an idea of the law, it's a call to attention and a law is making a vow by it, I want you to consider the seriousness of what I'm going to tell you in the same way you esteem these wars, some fearsome creatures, for the moody at the other.

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These add the add the seeds that are going to attack, they're going to come in, they're going to be running at such a pace that hallelujah if I'd had that the hopes that have at the bottom of the feet of the horses they've been given, you know, coverings, metal, that gives them grip into the ground that when they strike with their hope the ground it will set sparks that would light homes. And therefore this is a terrifying moment and allows warning about the the danger of mankind to himself and what he does for his future. On the day he returns to a lot the media and media to tell him over your rt sobha that the raid at dawn is one that takes people by surprise. It's one of terror. It's

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one of seriousness, be aware of it. I thought oh, that'd be enough, are

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they the horses as they're running as this battle is going to ensue? At this moment is going to come it will raise the clouds of dust into the air that will give you a warning of it. And therefore it's almost as if the profit for I sell them is given the imagery that he is the Warner and then Bashir. I'm Nadia. I say to them. Oh Mohamed, I'm the one who comes with good news. But I also carry a warning. I'm coming like a swift raid that's coming the you know a law is going to hold you accountable swiftly. Your death is going to come upon you imminently and the warning sign is there that dust cloud of these war horses coming and charging into your life are their pay attention. I've

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given you illness in your life I've given you you know poverty. I've taken away things from you. I blessed you with things all of those are is signs to you that there is something greater than yourself. Be aware that wassup Navy Gemini, sadly, mankind you have to penetrate all the way into the midst of the foe just like these horses. Allah says I will certainly be hegemon that these galloping stallions horses in battle formation will break through the enemy lines into the middle of the formation and during the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam those well trained horses that was their number one objective, the Knights would cut through the battle lines and cause

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the army to be in disarray. So what is a law WARNING This of a law has led with this magnificent introduction and an awesome kind of painted picture in your mind, fearsome horses, the trials of life the difficulties you face, not answering the call of God not listening to the his Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the inside of the Arab be he the kanoon. Surely mankind The one who disbelieves from them is ungrateful to his

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Lord Subhan Allah

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you know you're distant from Allah you're not aware of Allah you're not aware of what it is that he seeks of you. And you have shown any gratitude to Allah, although there has been blessing and therefore what you await is that there you will be rated you will, you know, calamity is about to before you were in the valley Kela. Shaheed, his witnesses are bore testimony by his deeds. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I don't need anyone to come and say you did this, your own deeds witness against you were in No, I love that you can change you yourself are a witness against yourself, your lifestyle, the nature of your existence, how it is you've conducted yourself and the the things

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you've assumed and the things that you should have assumed but you left off, all of them are a testament of your life. And this is an important kind of statement not to be lazy and not to be, you know, in hardship and difficulty, but to move forward towards a loss of how no one went to honor. What in the hula hoop bilhah de Lucia did. So on one hand, your life is a testament, but the greatest thing that has shown you and let you down, the thing that has bore the greatest witness against you is that you are violent in your love of access and wealth. I remember McAfee described this in two ways. He says on one way, you are so severe in your love of wealth that you won't share

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it with anyone you're you're you're holding on to it I'm not going to give except in that which I find joy in and I will leave it at the expense of others. Number two, is that your view of wealth is so convoluted that you will hurt others to gain it not just I'm going to keep mine but I'm going to take from you as well. And so Pamela May Allah protect us from this kind of coveting ness. We're in now a little bit higher. The excessiveness of wealth is leads to a violent reaction Lesha deed in their conduct and in their behavior. FLIR Allah, Allah tries to reason does this person does this human being that this unbeliever who has taken such a wrong view of life? It's about access to them

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wanting taking claiming holding hoarding from others FMLA Alamo. Do they not considered? Don't they know? Don't they understand? Have they contemplated having they understood FMLA Alamo either battilana filco

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mappila football don't they? Don't doesn't? Don't they know that? when they're in the grave that its contents will be brought out? Do they not know that everything will be poured out that mankind is going to be resurrected that they're going to be asked about the things they've done that liberties they've taken with others the mistakes that they've done, that they thought would remain hidden the injustice is and the statements and the actions and the words and the intentions and the jealousy and the hatred? Well, wholesaler Murphy has to do not just what they've done that they buried with them but it will also be what was in their chest will become known. Allah will lay bare what was

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inside mankind's hearts and intentions at the time of committing these crimes. FMLA and mo

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football Don't they know that when the graves are Unturned and it's poured out? mankind is resurrected? Well hopefully my mouth is subdued and their evil intentions become laid bare. Everyone will know Yona to bless Sarah if when all secrets become public knowledge in our back home, be him Yo man is in LA Javier? Don't they know and haven't they thought that their Lord on that day of judgment has always been the most well acquainted of their deeds and intentions. And therefore this is a wake up call for you and I whenever you recite all of it out whenever you hear it recited My dear brother, my dear sister, whenever it moves you to Allah soprano to Allah let it be a warning.

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Let it be a warning that there is a you know a raiding party about to strike you're in danger. And unless you adjust your life with a law unless you come wholeheartedly to a law unless you prepare yourself for a law for the day well you will be asked about the little and the great, the good and the bad, the halal and haram, the student and the beta. Unless you prepare for that day, you only leave yourself open for injury. Be careful from those seeds that cut through the lines of your protection, where you think life is as good as it gets. Because at any moment you can be penetrated and brought to task by Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the best of this idea. This was

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another daily Tafseer of sort of an idea Surah 100 I hope you'll join me for future episodes and past episodes as you can find them on my YouTube channel. Imam Yahya Ibrahim, your brother your hair was celebrated he can walk not to lie he wabarakatuh