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The importance of knowing one's actions and intentions in relation to Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial for proper speech and clear language. The use of hamza in Arabic is discussed, as it is used to describe a person or situation. The importance of learning to stand up for Islam is emphasized, as it is meant to give guidance and help people understand their needs. The use of the Quran is meant to give guidance and help people understand their values, and avoiding double-standing is also key. The importance of providing the best possible experience for a client is emphasized, and the use of Shatkin Marieb as a booster to prevent future malice and chaos is discussed. The concept of happiness is emphasized, and the use of actions and the Day of Judgment are discussed.

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi, you know, have you been a Muhammad Ali he also be a Jemaine or not.

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Today insha Allah and tomorrow we will be like to try and conclude. So let us say that there's only a little bit left. We'll get through a bit of it today and show the rest of it tomorrow

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sort of will sit

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amongst these, within this cluster of solos from refer to off, each tool is going to give us

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a concept

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that will either help our data either something affirmative something to help us

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protect our data, or something that we need to be aware of. And I love this cluster of Suez and Ramadan's, the last maybe seven Ramadan's I've done to the zoo manager Thea within the same cluster, is just to kind of, I really like it, I find it very, very relevant to our, to our, to our times, yeah. Because as Muslims in the West, if we forget our basic

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function or purpose, which is performing Dawa, then it becomes very problematic, explain why it is that you're gonna stay here long term. And, oh, that sounds kind of weird. But when you live in a place where the you're not amongst Muslims, you're not living in a majority place of Muslims and the hokum of Allah subhanaw taala is not forget about being practiced and even respected. It's not like if you went back home, it's going to be practice or anything I lived in the Middle East all my life, they don't practice anything there. But at least there's some respect to the to the rule of the word of Allah subhana wa Tada. So when you live outside of that, then there has to be there has to be

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some intention that's attached to it that allows that to be a 90 acceptable or conceptually permissible. And I think the thing that we we have to bank on is the fact that we are dua, we are those we represent Islam, and we call people to the way of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's, that's our basic function. It's not it is not a religion that is specific to a number of races, or a number of ethnicities, or a number of any backgrounds, or countries or time is designed to be for all, which is what we're going to recite basically today. So understanding that knowing that being here and living here, we need to take, take advantage of the fact that we have, we have a lot of Dawa to

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do there's a lot of people who don't know anything about Islam, or what they do know, is a distorted visual version of it, and they've been given, they've been fed information for a long time, that is just untrue. And that's not fair to them, because you guys made it, they knew the truth of what this faith actually is, or what Islam actually talks about, they may actually be more, they'll be more committed to it than we are. And that if ALLAH SubhanA, Allah guides somebody with just one person, you understand how simple that is. And just one person is guided by you, this is better for you than winning the lottery, right from having whatever it is that you drink to having in your life. So I

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think that's an important that's what I liked. I liked this cluster of suitors. And I tried to choose from them and recite them and teach them and sort of falsely that saying that what has to happen, just remind, remember that with actions, actions speak louder than words. You have to articulate properly, you have to make sure you're saying exactly what needs to be said it has to be clear, it has to be detailed, has to be proper, but then at the end is your your actions that are going to make the biggest difference. And and that just gives opportunity to everybody. I think I think the message here within DeSoto, for all of us is that the opportunity is there for you. Even

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if you because I run to this quite a bit when people ask me like I don't know much about Islam, I don't know. That doesn't matter. It doesn't affect your ability to perform Dawa at all. Like it doesn't affect your ability at all. Do you know that you know today probably more than welcome did on that first, the first 48 hours of Islam. And you probably know more about this done than he did or the Allah who I knew in that first week where he brought in and I needed the mega names. And he brought inside a call center with my name and a phone and and Zubaydah when I was in the fall and the way they learn Satan's aid and be able to unpack he brought in, he brought in the names that

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live on the back dashboard, but he was in the aid of them. That's just his personal effort. There'll be a long line who What do you know about Islam?

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Not much than why did they listen to him? Was it the information that he shared? No, it's who he was. This was Abdullah bin Ito Kochava. When he spoke people listened to him. This is a person who spent his whole life as a merchant, a businessman, not once. Not once. Did you ever lie? Now once you ever cheat anybody, no one had ever got into an interaction with him and walked away upset. That's the obika soleus because that's his status. So when he said I think this is the right thing they bought in

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this is the effect is the effect of someone who has has that reputation who who lives the values of this stuff. I've heard the Prophet audio salatu salam tells us Hello Can you hear me? Yeah TCL Roku Islami that taco and so many people have innate margin or minerals. But he's talking about he's awesome. So everyone is made of something and deep down inside they just we decide what are what is it is it

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what is it going to be rock or gold and that's something you choose or something that you you build over time. He says the best of you in Islam are the best you were the best of you and Jay Haley if you

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You'll learn if people have great ethics if they learn to stand they'll be the best because because they already have the proper recipe for all of it

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and that's what this sort of basically teach so let's start with number 44 and go through the these verses in Charlottetown not to keep you here longer than I need to be laying him in a shape on your body

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Bismillah your Walkman your walkie

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while I will jump

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in and join me

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look on level four see that to

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Jeremy you our OB

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so take a look at the this word in the Quran in front of you you're gonna find a Hamza and we're gonna find an NF on top of it's a really weird looking dot. It's just yeah, this is the only dot that you'll see that looks like this and the whole Quran at least in our a citation. This is called Hamza Musa Allah. So the way it's supposed it's said in Arabic is a Jimmy Yun So Jimmy is something that is not Arab, not Arabic. And the Hamza that comes with the beginning is for a question of food and

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you ask a question you put 100 out the being of almost anything a verb or a noun and it comes out as a question. So it's I Jimmy YOU but because having two hunters in a row with a Fatah is not very many gentle on the throat. Some different citations have dealt with this differently. Some of them left it the way it is. Some of them actually put a mid and some of them did something called dis heat which is what we did where the second Hamza doesn't really treat it like a Hamza so you don't say you say

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I Jimmy YEAH, so it's like a little bit of a half Ahimsa in and within that house. This is the only thing that is the only example that we got so you don't have to really worry about doing this. But there's the only time that exists Yanni for us so this is how it's written is recited So Jimmy and that's how it's supposed to sound you can go home and listen to me one of the writers do it you'll hear it and it makes sense to you and shell is between a Hamza there was between nothing and a full hammock something in the middle it's got this heelis easing the Hamza so it's not difficult for people to recite what Allahu wali Lavina Manu who then was she

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well Levine Ella you mean oh Nancy, Bernie him walk of

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Oahu our ally him

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Iike Yuna Nam In Mecca and in buried

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so he thinks upon it what's on after the verses that we recited last week. Talking about the Quran, Allah T hillbrow. Human being any day he will I mean, 100 heat and zero and Hakeem hackneyed myocardial laka Ilana cathedral, mausoleum and public all that's being said to you is what was said to all the prophets before you whether it's what is being said to you from the disbelievers in terms of what they're going after, or what it's being sent to you from Allah subhanaw taala in terms of what to do is the same. You're not a special case. So Allah Allah, who I think Savio Salam in every other sense of the manner he is, but he's been told by Allah subhanaw taala that in terms of your

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story, in terms of what it is that you're going through, what you're being told is the same it's nothing new. This is what all the prophets were told before from their peoples, the same thing that they were told by Allah subhanho wa Taala in North Dakota Gumo theologian, what do we call it even deed your Lord is the one that grants forgiveness and he's the one who has the painful punishment. So he says hello Jana who Quran and Allah Jamia and if we made this Quran and we sent it or we revealed it, or you received it in a different language in a language does it mean anything that is not Arabic is our Jimmy basically, this is just the usage of the language anything that's not in the

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Arabic language, because Jimmy any person who's not out OB is Jimmy and that's just us, Nigeria or those who are non natural be any but again, the Quran was revealed and this is the point of this verse. We have sent it in a different language and different tongue, la Carlu, Nola facilita, Yahoo, then their objection would be why wasn't this detailed and properly explained? And this one is called facilite. Something detailed and explain it's still one of the few of sewers in the Quran only to one of two that the name of the surah is a verb. It's not actually a noun. Firstly, that's something that was just detailed and explained. That's what the Quran is, but they're not listening

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to the Quran. The Quran is detailed in their language with their tongue in there trying to understand it, they're not listening, but if we made it we sent it with another language they would have said no, no definitely gotcha to why hasn't this been explained and properly detailed for us? Oh, Jimmy YOU Arabi. You want wants to send it you send you a nine out of Quran to Arab speakers. You want it to be in both languages. This this very known objection Well, why if this is the final

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Message wise in Arabic, what language is it going to be?

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If the Prophet Allah your Sorcerer is Arabi? What language is the Quran that's going to reveal to him this people are going to be in our Jimmy in a different we're going to send to people who speak a language, a different language for them to learn from it's not going to work. It has to be in a language. Like it has to be something that someone can understand or else the concept of Well, why is it that doesn't make any sense. There's at least you know, how many couple of 1000 languages on the planet is going to be in one of them? Allah Subhanallah can make up a new language and then send a book in it and then have everyone learn a new language is going to be in a dialect of a tongue

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that people understand. And the Prophet Allah subhanaw Arabi is going to be in that language. Now, did he make the choice based? Is it just a random choice? Of course not. Of course not. Allah Subhan Allah did not choose the Prophet Allah you saw, those are for no reason. Again, it has nothing to do with the superiority of the race at all. It just has to do with the tongue, the language itself, the dialect, I don't be the language of the Arabic language has something that is specific that Allah subhanaw taala chose the Quran to be and when we talk about learning how to be like, it's not because there has nothing to do with the race has nothing to do with the people it's I think it has

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to do with the Quran, the only value of learning Arabic is the Quran, there's really no nothing else. And just make us want to make that very clear. There's no other value of learning any language. And in my opinion, besides if you're going to be living in that country, or it's just an issue of increasing your knowledge, if you the more tongues you speak, the more cultures you understand, and it does help rewire your brain a little bit in terms of understanding how people go by things, learning out of the the value in it is learning the Quran, because instead of being knowing the Quran, secondhand, or sometimes even third hand, you got to understand it firsthand

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because you actually understand what's being said here. So the argument Allah subhanaw taala is making wisdom is that if it could be sent in a different language, you wouldn't be okay with that your big objection would be watching this detailed and explain so that we can understand it a caveat Jimmy, Jimmy waterbase, doing both, there's going to be something sent in one language to people who speak another one, it's not going to work that way.

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Since this argument is weak, and it's meaningless, because they would make these arguments but only Latina Manu couldn't wash. If I say for the believers, the words that are in this book will be both guidance and cure.

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That's what this book will be for you believe in Allah subhanho wa taala. If you're more head saying that, you know, in the law, then this book for you will be both guidance and a cure. Who don't wish, if that's what it does for you. That's the purpose of it. It was sent for these two things sent to God grant you guidance so that you know where you're going, why you're doing what you're doing, what your final destination is going to look like and how you're going to get there. And is there to cure you is there to rid you of all of the diseases that exist on the inside. These are the two basic functions of this book. If we're not using this book for these two functions, then it's not serving

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his purpose. If the Quran within our societies and our communities and our households inside of you, if you're not using it for that, if you're not seeking guidance within it, if you're not looking within it for cures for yourself, like if you're not acknowledging that you're struggling with things and there are problems and the way that you see the world is not perfect in the way that you see other people and do you deal with yourself and your intentions and how you need to interact with those around you with it with life itself and the ups and downs. If you don't realize that there's an issue there, that it's not happening correctly, and that you're curious within the Quran, then

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you're really not we're not really benefiting from this book, like it's there, you're not taking what you need to take away from it. And that's the biggest fear. In my opinion. The biggest fear is that anything within this is designed to fulfill a specific specific purpose. But we're not using it for that we're using it for something different or, and it's nice to have the Quran on your shelf. It's nice to have like a portrait on your wall. It's nice to have it hanging from the little dashboard or whatever in your car. So it's all fine and dandy is no problem to do all that and it's nice to have a couple of apps on your phone with the Quran. But the Quran is goal is for it to grant

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you guidance that's what you're looking for. Is your Muslim apparently you really like guidance because you seem to ask Allah 17 times for the day, that's a big deal. That's something that's just a high frequency. I'm not really sure that you ask for anything 17 times a day not even a toddler will ask his mother for something 17 times a day as annoying as they can be. But 17 times you're asking Allah subhanaw for the same thing that means in terms of value, you really don't see anything that's more valuable than that to you. And then he's saying Subhana wa Tada this is what it's going to offer you it's in the Quran that's what you're looking for. That's where it is. And if you

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acknowledge that you're struggling and that you need to work on yourself then your cure is also in the Quran. So basically regardless of whether you're looking to improve yourself guidance or looking to cure yourself because of the problem is the both of both answers are gonna exist in this Quran. So when they say well, why isn't this and why isn't that this argument? That is a waste of time. Well Oh, John Doe, Khurana JB Lacan hula force, they came in with a different language. They say why he wasn't explaining this language. We gave them this language. Why isn't that like?

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Jimmy Yarrabah. He just can't it can't be both. There has to be one thing. This is what it is. It's for the believers it will continue to be a source of guidance and source of cure. Well Levine align middle and those who don't believe to Danny him Walker

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Walker we talked about this Jani earlier in the insert foster

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The beginning because if you go back is the cemetery the cemetery the cemetery, the cemetery of of the Quran is in the sutras are always always beautiful if you go to the beginning of the of the sort of Apollo Alright, number five Apollo Apollo Buddha, he kidnapped him at their own elite he Buffy Ninawa Quran remember in our unique a German family in Nana Amina and we don't hear you, there's a veil over our hearts just you just do just do what you're going to do. And you behave the way you're told to behave. And just let the ML be the thing that will affect us which is what the host was talking about. Well if you lie to him, Mako there's deafness in their ears, well, who I lead him,

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I'm a and they're, they're blinded from it, I need him I'm not mean there's not the Quran is causing them to be blind, but there is upon them a blindness that is Allah allowing them to see what the Quran is, they can't see it for what it is or who I am. If there's something that is upon their eyes, they can see they just can't seem to see the Quran for what it actually is. They can't hear it. They hear it but not listen to it. Or they listen to me, they can't hear it. It's not affecting them. It's not they're not allowing it to actually do something for them. And there's a blindness, they put something in front there as you can't see it.

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You don't I mean, McCann embodied those people, you speak to them, you bring them down, it's like you're talking to them from a distance, they can't really hear you. You just can't hear you.

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What are you going to do when someone's like that? What are you going to do?

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When a parent comes in tells me I'd be talking to my son about this thing, or is my daughter both distinct for a very long time, they're not listening? Yeah, because you're speaking to them as if you're in from a distance. That's how it seems to them. If you have the ability, especially for your 30s or 40s, we can go back into your mind a little bit, go back into your past, remember maybe what your mentality was when you were grade nine or 10 or 12. And try to really think about it. Try to remember maybe what he was pieces of advice you were given by specific people that today you inshallah you cherish and you love. But how you received it back then and how you dealt with it back

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then, if you do that, you'll start to remember what you understand what this is talking about. Some people, it's like, you're talking to them from the end of the room,

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or the end of the street, it's like you're, they can't hear you, even though you're standing right in front of them. And you're being very clear, and you're articulating things very, very well. And you're putting you're dotting every i and you're crossing everything and everything is true, but they're just not they just can't hear you. It's like you're talking to them from a distance. And, and it's not hard. I do this all the time. Can I deal with younger people? So I know, I know who's listening and who there's no point this is just, they're just here. That's okay. But that's okay. Because really, you can't control that you can't change that. Some of them don't even walk on

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Hawaii, they have this deafness and they just can't see it for now. What will affect them this is what the suit is trying to explain what will affect them is not the words that you'll see. This is you're saying the Quran is detailed, it's beautiful, isn't the right language is articulate. Everything is but still people won't listen.

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It's still they won't listen, but they'll listen to something different. But the but they will be they will benefit from something different. Even though the words are majestic even they are pure hot lava taking bottle from Allah directly. There is no one in between. And still people can't listen to it. They should not get me wrong, this is not defending them. This is not a defense. I'm not trying to win a case for them in court. But this is what's going this is the reality of it. You know, I don't want to be meconium based, like they just bought away. We've all been that person is what I'm trying to say we've all been that person a certain time in our lives. Who were that person

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who were told this is not helpful for you stop doing this. Do this and we didn't care. Everyone at some point your mother or your father has tried to sway you are telling you this, you have to stop doing this is a waste of your potential. You just i At that time you just didn't listen to it. You didn't care. If you go back and why wouldn't I wasn't listening. This happens all the time. I get to experience this a lot is fun. This is the one of the funnier parts of the job that I do is that when you talk to someone, they're young, and they don't listen to a word you say, for years and years, they come back a couple of years later, and then they will use it. Like yeah, exactly. I know. Tell

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me, I remember very well, what a pain in the you were I remember how difficult was to speak to you because you didn't listen to a word I said, even though if you listened then you would have been so much ahead right now. Like you wouldn't have to you wouldn't have to miss reinventing the wheel for yourself. If you just listened then, but that's not my job. It's not my job to judge them, then it's not my job to judge them. Now. My job is to make sure I just provide them with the best I can. But this is the reality. This is not trying to devalue with a bullet point. It's the opposite. As I say this is perfect. It's exactly what it needs to be. It's exactly what it needs to be. It couldn't be

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Still people won't listen. Some people just have a very humble qawwali him and you know don't even mccannon by this, they won't hear it. Let's see if this is just our problem. We'll go to the verse after one teen Musa kita buffer to leafy

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Walla Walla Kelly Mattoon say

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Abell Pottsville Rob Baker Obeah Boehner whom

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were in whom levy shakin Minh who moody

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because indeed We gave most of the book same thing We gave Musa very clear commandments they were on soil from Allah subhanaw taala directly, but only 50. And then they differed on the commandments that most artisan was given in his own hand, they differed on them, whether the difference came whether the differentiation or the dispute came from URL if your own or came later on from bunny is somebody who later on any manipulated word of Allah subhanaw taala will actually he will Reba canouan, who are more than Sybil about all these diversity to talk about the fact that they were told not to do something because they didn't care. They just went they went and did whatever

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wherever they wanted to do. Doctor leave fe, he's saying if it wasn't for the fact that I had made a previous decree that I wasn't going to punishment, punish them if they if they did this, I would have called the Aveda home I would have judged right then and there and ended it right then in there. But I didn't the decree from Allah subhanaw taala was that go ahead, dispute and disagree and do what you want. And I'll come and talk to you about this, you'll milk BM, we're in Nome, and indeed all of them left a shocking Minho. Marieb they're in a state of don't have real check in Marieb is real doubt is effective. Don't see, too, there's two types of don'ts. Just so you

00:21:25--> 00:21:53

understand. There's a doubt that you carry in your heart but does not affect your behavior, like you're full throttle, doing what you need to do, but there's a little bit somewhere in your heart that you're kind of ignoring, because you know, some part of you knows this is the right thing. And this doubt just has to be dealt with. I just haven't taken the time, but you keep on doing the right thing. You're good. You're okay, if that's the case. But you have to deal with this at some point, or like a cancer will continue to spread and will ruin everything for you. But that's fine. Shatkin Marieb is the dose that will ruin your behavior, the delta that will hold you back, the delta will

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not will not allow you to pray or not allow you to be committed to the word of Allah subhanaw taala, because it's so powerful. And that's what Shatkin Marieb is, and that's where you find this this term, you'll find it across the Quran a couple of different places. So it's about being the buckler in other places, you'll find it repeated check in moody, the concept of doubt that is effective, that actually ruins your ability to be connected, because some people will have some doubt and that's normal. It's normal. If you're if you're an intelligent human being, it's normal for you to run into some doubts as you go through life. It's not normal for you to allow them to manifest and

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just fester there for a long time. It's not It's abnormal. And so what you should do is you should take time and deal with them. If you don't then you come in at some point or catch up to you at some point okay, this simple check that you have will become Shakyamuni later on if you don't deal with it at the right moment. But this is what is Allah saying is you're not you're not alone this young Mohamed Salah Muhammad, I mean, you're not alone. We gave most of the book it was clear and they differed during his life on it. And if it wasn't for the fact that I had given I had said it was gonna give them time I would have punished them right then and there because Musa was right there

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was there was right there. They had their seats were still what from the walking through the seat and they are worshipping Arjun. They hadn't wiped their feet from the sea attender worshipping they're worshipping IG IG IG. They're asking yeah Musa La Ilaha commando earlier. He's like just

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you want to go back to the

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what happened? Just just now like were you not Were you asleep? Just a second ago but I was floating on the didn't see him and everyone with him. What was going on?

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Jonathan, earlier partner in a component Did you Hulu in a motel bedroom MELHEM fee while bathroom mocha and we got Malik What are you doing? What are you talking about? So there's two different during his life but it wasn't for the fact that Allah subhanaw taala decreed he was not punished them they would have been punished right then in there. Were in the home all of them were in a state of real doubt. Even though this

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is the sort of moves if your Quran is not working, and some people can't hear it. We also have a moose that didn't work to like a lot of people didn't listen to this will have a moose audience this is just to give the profit that you saw to some some degree of constantly that don't worry, it's not just it's not you. It's not your book. This has happened to every prophet before we they bring the book they explain it to Allah people just don't listen, because something else makes a difference which is the after. Okay. My Nami la Sol EHang. Tele Neff see

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woman as

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one our bootcamp Yvonne, middle IB the

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LA he wrote during Musa

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one at home in Santa Rosa team mean ACMA me her

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woman deaf mean woman

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Are we ready me

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well young man, the hem ain't sure all

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the way up

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man mean Shaheed

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well ballin who can hear the rumor mill bobble?

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Well, one new man I mean Mahi.

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Miami la sala when it comes down to that it comes down it comes down to Miami la Solly hand those who do those who do the right things, those who perform the deeds that Allah subhanaw taala has created them to perform. That's what I mean Asada means it doesn't mean just doing good deeds any random good deed. No, I mean, assignee means you perform the deeds that Allah actually created you to perform. And that's different. And that's important because that requires you to understand a purpose that requires you to understand why you are creating you have a goal and a destination, and that you have a destiny to fulfill. So you know what it means and what is needed to actually fulfill

00:26:30--> 00:26:57

it. That's different than just doing random good deeds. Sometimes one good deed is actually not the right thing to do. Right. If your mother is calling for you, and you're, you're praying, so now, there's a priority here. If you understand your purpose, then you know which one you need to do and the other which one you don't need to do. And that's important understanding that the deeds that the good deeds that Allah subhanaw taala has asked us to do, they're not they're not all equal. They do have different statuses and different priorities based on where you are in your life and what you're required to do and your destination, your goal and your purpose. So he doesn't want me to slow down

00:26:57--> 00:27:30

he's not talking about doing any good deed. He's talking about doing the right ones, the ones that you should do at this moment to serve your purpose and fulfill your your goal. When I meet I saw your hand funny enough See, anyone who performs the deeds that Allah subhanaw taala created them to perform, they do it for themselves. But enough seeds for you. Never forget that made this beat made this verse live with you for the rest of your life. It is for you. It is for no one else. No one is benefiting from this. Really. Technically speaking, no one really does Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, demon Yasha will illuminate Masha, ALLAH SubhanA wa guide whom He wills and he will misguide whom he

00:27:30--> 00:27:31


00:27:32--> 00:27:50

I just do what I need to do for myself. And if he's going to use me as the tool is going to challenge all channels, some higher through me, he's going to challenge through somebody, well, it might as well be through me through me, then then me being on the site. But it's not a it's not, I'm not doing not doing a favor. When I sit here and talk about this, I'm not doing it for you at all.

00:27:51--> 00:27:54

I know it sounds really ugly, I am not doing it for you.

00:27:55--> 00:28:25

It doesn't matter to me, what matters to me is that I'm just matter to me. I'm doing this for me, because this is important for me. Because doing this is what's going to, it's going to be what I can argue myself through UML PM. So I need to do something, it's for myself. Now if you benefit from it, that's even better. That's Allah subhanaw taala using me to benefit you in a Charleville that will mean something for me on the day of judgment. But to act like this is no this is very selfish. Just like when you attend this, you're not doing this, I need to you're doing this for yourself, that's very selfish for you as well. And a good deed that you do you do selflessly for you, so that you can

00:28:25--> 00:28:42

make it on the Day of Judgment. It's just happens that Allah subhanaw taala has designed this whole story in a way where that you can only actually achieve that selfishness that ultimate selfishness of entering Jana, by doing things that are selfless in dunya is just how he designed it's very interesting. You want to be fully want to be ultimately selfish, okay? You have to be completely selfless before that.

00:28:44--> 00:29:11

That's always that's how you put it. You want to be selfish, you have to be really selfless first, upfront, be selfless upfront, so that you can be fully selfish later on. And there's no other way for this to happen. That's why when I made lasagna and do the dishes you're required to do that's for you. But enough seats only for you know ones but if it's for you, philosopher who wants to benefit you get rid of me in bring someone else to benefit you. If he wants to benefit you He will the punter doesn't need me or anyone else for that matter. But I'm doing this for me as long as he's you choosing me to channel some height of filming. I'm delighted to sit there and hoping that he

00:29:11--> 00:29:49

continues to do that. And you are in the exact same spot. Are you doing some height for some people, then make sure you hold on to that because Allah is channeling some height through you. You're just the tool that he's using, be happy about that be very, very hard because you can take that away and give it to someone else. And then you have nothing to offer anymore. I made a solid parenthesis for them. Woman so if I let you hand those who behave the opposite way, those who misbehave or are sin, they're harming themselves or harming them the harm is coming back to you. Well, I'm out of Buka bill in the lobby and your Lord has never been one to mistreat or treat unfairly or unjustly, any of

00:29:49--> 00:30:00

these tournaments. They'll never treat you unfairly human PM. Just do what you need to do do it for you. This is important so it feels silly because sometimes when we perform data we think we're actually doing

00:30:00--> 00:30:00

people a favor

00:30:01--> 00:30:24

no this is our problem sometimes we think I'm doing no you're not you're doing yourself a favor at the moment you start thinking that you're doing others a favor maybe step aside and think about this for a while and think think long and hard yes you performed well for others but it's not you carry no favor upon anyone. No one owns you owes you anything. You're doing this because this is how you're going to protect yourself. You're welcome and this is how you're going to

00:30:25--> 00:30:48

argue your way through that day. I this is what I did. I did this for you Europe. And obviously I don't know when owes me anything. You're the one who got granted to be the guidance you gave me the opportunity to put in my heart that good intention, so I ended up doing it. When I made a solid handful you know, see this is a is a hallmark verse in the Quran. Woman SFR Allah Yeah, and those who misbehave it's going to harm themselves. And your Lord will not mistreat anyone on the Day of Judgment.

00:30:50--> 00:30:51

Two verses after

00:30:52--> 00:31:33

a little bit of a description of Allah subhanho wa Taala a reminder of the Day of Judgment, ie you will not do any more science to him at the knowledge of that final hour returns to no one knows when human Pm is going to occur only Allah subhanaw taala has that knowledge is no one that God has said it yeah and I'm also happily ill Nana animal and dog be asked what is the Day of Judgment say the knowledge of those my lord that usually highly rocked her in who no one brings it in no one makes it apparent and brings it to the attention of everyone. It is time except him. That bullet is somehow it would have heavy it is in the cosmos on the earth when it does occur. The T equals delta and only

00:31:33--> 00:31:55

comes like that comes like a blink of the eye. It comes it surprises you both jumps at you. Just a normal NACA NACA haffi you and they ask you as if you have the knowledge of it. Well in nama anymore and Allah say indeed exclusively the knowledge of this isn't the hands of Allah, but I can knock that on Seola Jana, what most people don't know.

00:31:56--> 00:32:01

The knowledge of this is with Allah subhanaw taala exclusively. La he wrote to L. Musa

00:32:02--> 00:32:43

McDonald Raju minister, Marathi min ACMA Mia and no fruits will leave their husks when that duck middlemen infant and no female will carry or bear a child. What I tell her I'll never nor will she give birth Ellerbee me except he has the knowledge of all of that. Human not human doesn't make a difference. Everything, every little detail that's happening in this universe, every fruit every every plant as it grows out of his husk and every every every act of recreation reproduction that's occurring in this universe is all within the realm realm of Allah subhanaw taala is knowledge, nothing goes unnoticed. Nothing goes. Undocumented, it's all there. This is a level of knowledge

00:32:43--> 00:33:07

that the human brain does not have the ability to comprehend. We certainly cannot understand what this means. But that's why he's Allah subhanaw taala we are not when he says Omar Abu Dhabi Mala Mala bead right before this. He's saying and indeed your Lord will never mistreat a servant. These verses afterwards are there to so that you are at ease, you're at ease that that's the case because you like well, does he know the struggle that I was going through during that time was this

00:33:09--> 00:33:44

the knowledge of the Day of Judgment is in his hands, that every little detail in this universe is apparent to him. But yes, the details of your struggle in your life and your problems and what was happening beforehand and afterwards and what you thought and what they said to you and how you felt because of it all of that is well documented. Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge. So don't worry, is he will never mistreat you. Because the knowledge of everything is with him. Subhana wa Tada you oh my god him now on that day when he calls upon them. I'm gonna show you where my associates were the ones that you valued more than me. Sure. Oh my god, he doesn't just mean the idol of Oberlin, Rosa

00:33:44--> 00:34:19

and Mina, and all these other things that they worship back in the day. Tanaka is anything that you valued, similarly or more than ALLAH SubhanA what's on anything that you gave more weight in your life than Allah subhanaw taala anything that you listened to or followed, or walked behind when you should have been listening to what Allah subhanaw taala says about ADA, when you tell her that Elijah who helped you see the one who takes his whims and desires as his Lord, as his worship deity isn't the Quran no one worships their dreams desires, no one will come out and say that there's no faith that worships desires exclusively, but that's the wording of the Quran. I mean, a nursing man

00:34:19--> 00:34:21

yet who under the medulla

00:34:23--> 00:34:55

people will take associate with ALLAH you'll hate bonell Hunka have been they love them similar to the love they should have for Allah subhanaw taala letting them and I should do for Belinda but those who believe no they love Allah more than anything Nothing comes close. So when he calls a nice show Okay, he were the ones that you valued similarly to me. Were the ones that you thought were as important as I was to you follow then gather negatively cool word it means like we heard you and we want you to know the following. So I'm not familiar knock me we're telling we're gonna tell you something. That knock means we heard and we're gonna get our response is what you want to say back

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

then NACA. We've heard everything now. And we want to say this man. I mean, I mean sure he

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

Not one of us still believe in any of that. None of us will bear witness to any of these things like the with the other associates and not living with no none of us will do it anymore. We believe that was completely wrong, man I mean I mean Shaheed or Ebola Annamaya can have their own public, everything that they valued and duniya is no longer there for them. Nothing that they value in dunya is still there mean that nothing will actually come see it, see that see it through for them, or come through for them, we're actually be in any form of help for them, you'll milk pm Allah, Allah and home there, they got lost, they're just not there. It hurts your monthly ama when you depended

00:35:33--> 00:35:35

on something and then you don't find it waiting for you.

00:35:37--> 00:35:39

This is a very abstract concept.

00:35:40--> 00:36:17

You don't really know what you depend upon until until that day, unless you do a lot of self analysis and self regulation. You don't really know what it is that you're depending upon until you're Malkia you realize, Oh, my I depended on this I dependent on my job a dependent on my family dependent on my status, my name, the letters before my name or after it a dependent dependent on my bank. And there's something I depended upon that I that I drew, I drew my status, I drew my comfort, I drew my hand in my ability to go walk through the world comfortably. I drew it from this source. I didn't draw it. I didn't. I didn't take it from Allah. I didn't draw from Allah subhanaw taala on

00:36:17--> 00:36:44

the Day of Judgment. Let me see. Where are your associates that you thought were more valuable than NOC I mean me nothing was more valuable than you are the line whom can get their own animal products, which they called upon before will not come through for them on that day. Well, one no mean they and they knew man know who he is, they have nowhere to run. He is a place to hide or place maybe to dodge something that's coming your way. Well, then no matter who he is, and they came to the conclusion that day that there's nowhere to go. It's

00:36:46--> 00:37:20

very difficult to imagine something like that. Whenever you think of evil coming your way, whenever you think of a catastrophe or an earthquake or anything we'll see. But you're always wondering, maybe there's a basement, maybe there's a place I'll hide, I'll take my family, I'll be safe somewhere. There's that's the way we think we're always wondering, there'll be a corner somewhere something I can where I can find I can stay see your milk. Yeah, but there's nothing nowhere to go. It's a feeling of of despair, of weakness, that is overwhelming. There's nowhere to go. There's nowhere to hide. I can't dodge any of this. I can't run. I can't go anywhere. Is it? This is it.

00:37:20--> 00:37:56

This is it. What I depended upon did not come through, and I have nowhere to go. And I'm stuck. And I didn't listen. I didn't listen. He gave me a Quran full slide as to why he didn't listen to it. When they spoke to me it was like they were calling me from a distance just like the people of Musa did to him. However, those who performed the deeds they were asked to perform, they made it and those who didn't, are being held accountable. He's not going to mistreat anybody because he has all the knowledge to pilot with data. But he will ask us on that day. Where are your CIO showing me those who are dependent upon? Let's see what they'll do for you. And all we can say is no, no, we

00:37:56--> 00:38:28

understand no, none of that matters. None of that's important. All of it is just it's all lies. It's all it was all a delusion. We don't know why we even cared about it. But at that point, either you have something to come through for you and they don't or you have nowhere to go. And that's just the sad reality of human pm if you didn't listen to us will end with that and show it tomorrow. We'll read verses that are some of the most interesting ones in the Quran. I really take time today if you have nothing else to do, and recite these out for yourself and listen and think about them a little bit and we'll talk about the Michela tomorrow morning. I hope that was a benefit to you. So Michael

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will be handling Shinola Isla Atlanta Stubblefield go to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Carnaby, you know, have you been on Mahatma Gandhi? Cibus main