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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother Abraham with another daily Tafseer hamdulillah. We're doing a pseudo day from Jews and man, we're a tool on number 85 which is salted brewed. Salted barrage is one of those sources that has a wonderful coherent message. It's a sort of that has three main themes. The first of them is the mercy of a lot. And that the mercy of Allah is always towards the believers and his mercy can be hidden in the mystery of hardship and difficulty and trial and test. Number two is that there is a severe arity in the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for those who rebel against him and choose to do the vile deeds and sinfulness.

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Number three, is that there will always be an evil consequence for those even if they gain prominence in this worldly life. Those who gain an upper hand and oppress the believers and the innocence. So those are three very important themes that the mercy of Allah is always with the believers even when they have to endure difficulty with patience. Number two, that there will be a severe punishment for those who put the believers to trial. And number three, is that even though there are people who have wickedness who are given ascendancy at different point points in time over the believers, it is nothing that will ever remain long standing and there's a recumbents for it.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says are the real definitions on our team was semer evaton barrage by the heaven and it holds the constellations and the enormous number of stars that are there in the creation of a law. He talks about the stars as being as Xena and the decoration of the heavens. And they are there for a purpose. They're not in chaos, but they're in an organized systematic manner, when the only mode in the same way that you have a trust in the stars being present in their creation. Know that there is a promise day. And that problem is Day is a day where things that were done unjustly in the world will be made just and rightly by the Lord of all that exists. What shall

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he do want the truth by the witnessing and the witnessed. And this is something that's important that the witnessing refers to the day of Joomla there was no better day than the day of Joomla it is the best day that the sun comes up. It's the best day where Muslims gathered together and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and it's a way that is witnessed by Allah subhanaw taala. Some other commentators said that Allium.

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Shadow Masood is the day of autofill where our deeds are witnessed by a law and our repentance is witnessed by Allah subhana wa Tada. And therefore, it's a promise day where a lot of promises to forgive the sins May Allah subhanaw taala accept our deeds on Juma And may Allah carry us to the plains of autofit along I mean, putting aside Buddhahood after a while making those vows he then says cursed are the people of Hadoop, the ditch who dug ditches for the believers, and not is actually a code that they lead it that they lit fuel and fire in those ditches in the home and they have code they sat by it in refinery watching the torment of the believers being burned alive. While

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my lab may have hi Luna mini initio hood, they were witnesses on that day against the believers burning them and

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hurting them in that way. And there's a famous story that is mentioned by the prophets I sell them in Sahih Muslim were the prophets I seldom said that the people have dude, there was a king. And this king, he had, you know, ministers and one of them was you know, a sorcerer and an evil man. And he was growing old. So he wanted a young child that he can teach and give him some of his knowledge so that he can continue to serve the king in an evil sinful way. And as this young boy who has chosen the most elite of their society, as he was passing by going to the, to his lessons, he met a monk and this monk, I began to teach him about faith and faith in God and he preferred to be with a

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monk then and then the wicked,

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sorcerer and so on. And eventually, it comes that this young man develops such insight and such clarity in faith, that it becomes a spiritual healer and he's gifted by Allah soprano to Anna, which causes antagonism and the king pursues to kill him and anyone who believes in the message of truth to the point that a grave is dug ditches or dug dug and all the believers are thrown in and at the very end of this hadith the lengthy had the we don't have time to go through it all now. A woman who was carrying a child got scared and she was going to regain faith and say No, okay, I'd rather disbelieve in God and her baby spoke to her and said mom

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be patient with booty lol Huck Finn, Nicola have remained firm for your upon truth, and she willingly was martyred. And that's a powerful, powerful story about sacrificing for your faith, woman aha moment home in lab. And you know, realizes Mohammed Allah continues to says that these believers were only killed because they believed in Allah the Almighty, so

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I don't want to either I live at home because somehow it will out. Well, law cliche in Shaheed, it is a lot To Him belongs all the dominions of the heavens and the earth. It is a law alone who was witness over everything he saw what had happened. It's not that a law is incapable of helping the believers. And this is a powerful sort of, for those of you and I who see the atrocities that occur in history, and what will continue to occur sadly, in human evolution in history, where we incur such wrath upon each other, and such anger upon each other, and murder upon each other, that we say these people are believers, these people are innocent. Why does the law allow this? No, it's not

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that Allah is incapable of helping. Rather, sometimes there's a test of faith in how much we can move forward in bringing and showing and proving our worth to a law. And there is sometimes an end that is upon being oppressed is better than to live life, in oppression. And sometimes we have to look at it from the way of the next life, not just this life, and live the law homolka somehow it will know that Allah To Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and Allah is a weakness over all things. And then Lavina Fattah Nina will not know those who put to trial the believing men, the believing women through melamine tubal and they don't recant and come back to the

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truth, fella who had them they will be the ones who will be punished in the punishment of jahannam in Hellfire when they will.

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And they will be punished with the same kindling that they did to the believers in the livina. And on the other hand, those who believe and work righteous deeds lounger Nat antigenemia data and how they will be blessed with gardens of delight and rivers that flow that you can focus on career that is ultimately the great success in about sharp delicia deed Don't forget that oh Mohammed that the seizure the punishment of your Lord is severe and painful. Well either the hula hula mule flick when Allah take hold of a person are the people they are not like going like Allah will not let them go. So know that Allah subhanaw taala okay delicate Arabic and know that the seizure of your Lord when

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he takes a people who are oppressive, his punishment is overwhelming and severe May Allah protect us from the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala in now who are you

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know that your Lord is the one who begins and repeats? He's the one who's given you life and he's the one who will repeat it is the one who has given us the origin of creation. He's the one who will bring us back on the day of judgment and make right what was corrupted in this earth. Well, who will have fooled will do with one of my favorite is in the Koran and your Lord is the all forgiving, often Forgiving, the one full of love Subhana Allah May Allah make us of the it's amazing that this area is in a suit of the describes the death in the martyrdom of dozens and hundreds of believers who were put to death by fire in an atrocity. Yet a law refers to himself as a fool, and we're doing

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the one who's all forgiving and the one who is full of love, full of love to those who have

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been executed in that vile way, but also all forgiving an author giving for the ones who seek to turn to him and ask him for forgiveness. vuillaume Shin Majeed, he is the owner the governor of the glorious al Majid, Allah subhana wa tada and the author of a lot is the greatest of his creation subhana wa tada fadli may already know your Lord is capable of doing whatever he intends. No one does anything without his will and permission. Hello attacca de geonode has it reached you the story that reached you the stories of the hosts and the soldiers and and the nations that came before you? Whether you look at fear, I will know what's her mood? Doesn't matter which people you look at

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whatever strength they had, did it help them? Did they event did they live forever? Are they still present is their kingdom still their belly levena capital P tech lead, in fact, the unbelievers the deniers of faith who deny you as well Mohammed's I send them they have always had this attribute of denying the truth, while lahoma wa him hailed and know that your Lord is all encompassing them from all around and from behind them. They'll never be able to go past the law. Their knowledge cannot carry them and hide them from Allah. Their power in their mind cannot save them from a law that eventually they will be held accountable to Allah Bella paula abdul Majeed Filo fooled this quarter

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and is preserved by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, it is in the preserve tablet.

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May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah make us who are from those who are honoring to the book of Allah. Filo hanmer for the May Allah make it engraved in our hearts as well. This was another daily Tafseer the Tafseer of sawtell burrowed surah number 85 was Salam. alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh your brother your hand, Rahim.